The Sunday Talk Circuit – Donald Trump and Sunday Media – W/ Pictures from Muscatine Iowa…

Donald Trump was interviewed on several Sunday talk shows via phone or pre-taped location interviews.

Fox News Media Buzz:

CBS Face the Nation:

NBC Meet the Progs:

And here’s pictures from the Trump Rally in Muscatine Iowa this morning:

trump rally iowa 2

trump rally iowa 3

trump rally iowa 4

trump rally iowa 5

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271 Responses to The Sunday Talk Circuit – Donald Trump and Sunday Media – W/ Pictures from Muscatine Iowa…

  1. Finalage says:

    Trump is a closer. He’s still acting like he’s ten points behind! Still ripping into Ted Cruz. He keeps this up Cruz will be lucky to get 20% of the vote.

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    • Don’t want to become complacent. I like that Trump is out there all the time, every day, earning our support, earning our votes.

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    • WenMaMa says:

      TRUMP is the “Chosen One”. He will get the job done for us. Glad to see all major media cover him.

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    • margarite1 says:

      I thought I noticed a dead serious look on his face a couple of times in the last day or so…something I don’t think I’ve seen before. No one will outwork Trump and it looks like it’s about to pay off. He is absolutely incredible!

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    • Bull Durham says:

      If he keeps this up on Cruz, Ted will have to surrender his Senate seat and go home to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, change his name to Rafael the Preacher, launch a Dominionist crusade to dominate the world. Glenn Beck will hook him up on Blaze once a week. Levin will give him a ten minute spot once a month and National Review will let him write a brief article for 2020 Election (Don’t Re-Elect Donald Trump).

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      • margarite1 says:

        I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone more determined NOT to LOSE.

        I can say this…I would never want to be between him and something he really wants. I’d get bulldozed and not even know what hit me. In a class by himself.

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        • Pepperjelly says:

          THAT is Presidential material!

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        • shallbe4 says:

          When you look at the dead heads we have running this nation now and see how nothing ever gets done — its a pleasure to see someone understand you don’t win the big prize unless you you work your butt off. Trump’s work ethic is one of the reasons I admire him so much. May it pay off for him and us. It will be a pleasure to utter the words Mr. President.

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      • hocuspocus13 says:

        Cruz is a person without a Country…he denounced his Canadian Citizenship

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        • Bert Darrell says:

          He renounced it (at least that’s what he said. I can’t believe anything he says now), not denounced it

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        • Mike H says:

          The fact that the “Crying Hemorrhoid” endorsed him will be the kiss of death for Ted’s campaign. No one may like Ted, but a whole bunch of the republican and democrat base HATES cry-baby Beck.

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          • love the description the “crying Hemorrhoid”.. fits beck perfectly !

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              • YoJoLo says:

                It keeps her from having to endorse Cruz. She probably knows she’s not getting anywhere by endorsing Rubio but it also saves her the embarrassment of saying to Cruz “I can’t support you.”


                • flova says:

                  Cruz is becoming a pariah.

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                • R-C says:

                  “…is becoming…”?

                  Cruz has been a full-on pariah in the Senate since the day he got there and started swinging his pointy elbows around.

                  Ernst’s non-endorsement is just another example of how Cruz alienated the entire Senate. Don’t forget that he could not muster even ONE colleague to stand by his side during his ill-fated, foolish filibuster. Not even Mike Lee. And this guy is supposed to be able to run a government? Not possible. We’ve already seen what happens when a loner sits in the Oval Office. I give you President “Executive Order” Obama, “The Loner’s Loner”.

                  Cruz has NO leadership skills whatsoever. Off-putting personality; abrasive voice; no charisma; awful ‘bearing’ (‘body English’)–you name it, Cruz doesn’t have it.

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                • amjean says:

                  I read that she stated she is not endorsing anyone
                  prior to the primary. However, attending a rally with Rubio
                  certainly gives the impression that she is endorsing him.

                  Learned the political double speak very quickly, didn’t she?

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                • bpk1300 says:

                  Ernst did show promise but she has soon become GOPe. I too am disappointed

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                • yy4u says:

                  A smart politician would endorse whomever the people choose. That way s/he can’t lose. But the GOPee is all in to defeat Trump and they are sending out their pawns to try to stop the Trump train even if the pawns have to step on the people who elected them.
                  Rubio is a punk. Just like Jeb. No way would I ever vote for either one of them.


              • ecmarsh says:

                Lloyd, I am also very angry at Ms. Ernst. She RINOed right up as soon as we worked hard for and elected her. She will never get my vote again and I don’t care who she is running against.

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              • The Boss says:

                Joni is over-rated. She won’t give Rubio much of a lift.

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                • I was very underwhelmed by her when I saw her interviewed after she was elected and I have not seen or heard anything to change my mind since.

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                • Summer says:

                  Well, suppose Rubio gets a boost after that. Whose votes is he going to steal? Trump’s or Cruz’s? Ms. Ernst surely realizes that Rubio is not going to win Iowa.


              • Del Parker says:

                I saw that, too. Sarah Palin endorsed Joni Ernst, and pulled her from 3rd in her Primary to winning it. She then sent a check for $5K to Cochran. But, by not endorsing Cruz, maybe she thinks she might avoid Gov. Palin endorsing her opponent in the future.

                The power of the Palin Endorsement is that the spread between Trump and Cruz spread 13.0 points from the day Palin landed in IA on the 19th, and the 23rd, on the Reuters Rolling 5 day.

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              • parallax says:

                Joni who???

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              • yy4u says:

                This election cycle ripped the masks off a lot of politicians. Joni Ernst is one, Nikki Haley is another.

                These people use us to get elected, then when they win, begin to represent Washington, NOT the people who sent them there.

                If Trump does nothing else, he has exposed these people for who and what they are.

                The scales came off my eyes in 2015 when delivering the Senate to the GOPee delivered the Senate to Barack Obama. I don’t what if anything can be done, but at least we won’t be fooled by them in the future.


        • Three questions:

          1) Cruz does have a US Passport. What documentation was used to apply for that Passport?

          2) Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship. Would Canada have accepted this if Cruz did not hold citizenship in another country?

          3) Did Canada accept his renunciation since it wasn’t in the presence of a Canadian official (don’t know which type of official)?


        • shallbe4 says:

          Cruz is a person without a reason to run for President. He wants the job for the power and the money. Its not about the people. Trump said about Cruz — he is a great debater, he is a great talker but he sounds like he’s debating when he speaks. Cruz needs to learn to speak to people. That is definitely a skill Cruz does not possess.

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      • Canada has a real liberal Prime Minister. Canadian Cruz could turn Canada around!

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      • knotpeesea says:

        he can be like plankton from spongebob


    • jello333 says:

      He’s Rickey Henderson with his team up 10 runs in the top of the 9th… and stealing 2nd, then 3rd base. Might make his opponents hate him, but he’ll just say “Hey, anything can happen. It ain’t over till it’s over.”

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    • Trump gets the coffee and the GlenGarry leads!

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    • When Trump first called Cruz “nasty” I have to admit it gave me a bit of a pause. Then I reminded my self that Trump does not say anything or do anything without being able to back it up . A week or so after Trump first called Cruz nasty, Glen Beck endorsed Cruz. A few days after that, Beck was in Iowa giving endorsement speeches that were absolutely idiotic and call Trump names. Beck is a nasty man. And Cruz is right up there beside him, grinning and shaking Beck’s hand. Waving, and waving. Grinning and grinning.

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      • Rene says:

        I reacted the same way about that word. The I read some articles about him and realized it was an accurate description.

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      • shallbe4 says:

        Cruz said something today I found really irritating. He said giggling that no one has asked me about my citizenship. This is the same thing that Hillary said about her e-mail scandal. Does Cruz consider himself a crook and liar like Hillary?

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      • GiGizMe says:

        I recall Beck saying he doesn’t like to disparage other candidates during his endorsement of Cruz. That was shocking considering he’s made a living off of destroying other people’s names.

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      • He was quite irritable with his intern during the speech to the Senate where he used the ‘pie charts’ to demonstrate how the Dems win on major issues with just enough Repub votes to leave sufficient Repubs remaining for opposing, meaningless ‘show votes’ that follow.
        An excellent presentation, but one of his interns displayed a chart out of consecutive order and Cruz became briefly and quickly irate. I wondered about this at the time.

        It does seem there is truth to the belief that he is unpleasant, else he might have – should have – been able to mount an effective counter to GOP complicity. He seems to like the role of the ‘good cop’ in the Good Cop/Bad Cop scenario, playing his disagreements and failures with his colleagues to the conservative base as strengths of character.


  2. jedimastertrump says:

    If 1/5 of the people who have come to his rallies in Iowa show up to caucus…it is going to blow the minds of the entire political landscape

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  3. mariner says:

    Thank you, Sundance.

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  4. NCPatriot says:

    Incredible! Our man never stops, does he ?
    Trump 2016

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  5. sandraopines says:

    I survived Kurtz interview………….. without medication. Trump did very well and set Kurtz straight.

    Good grief I hate having to watch these Sunday Circuit shows. I do it for you, Trump. Only because I love you!

    Trump is absolutely fearless!

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  6. Racine Thyme says:

    Woo hoo

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  7. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Sundance wrote an extensive article on Cruz a month or so ago predicting this would happen. He wrote about how those that know Cruz and/or have worked with him do not like him or have said that people do not like him. Sundance also pointed out that Cruz’s ego in the Senate with his stunts on the Senate floor etc. would alienate him and that he will not accomplish anything here on out. I believe he also said that Cruz is lucky if he will get re-elected as Senator. It looks like all of this is coming to fruition right before our eyes.

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  8. hocuspocus13 says:

    As far as that “bulldozed down house” in Atlantic City NJ

    Rumor has it…it still stands 🏡

    It would be a kick if someone took a picture of it for Ted Cruz… 😉

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  9. John Doe says:

    Sundance and fellow Treepers, I’ve been hovering around for several months. Finally figured out how to post. Thank you for being who you are.
    I really enjoyed watching the rally on C-SPAN. I hate to admit it, but I got a little teary watching him interact with the line of Americans after his speech. He is a good man. He will be a great President.

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  10. Bobbi D says:

    What is there NOT to like about Trump? I am so proud right now to see the crowds every where Trump goes, the media hates him, but they can’t stay away (he’s in their heads) The way he out smarts everyone both the candidates and the media and talking heads…

    I could go on forever why Trump is going to be our next President, but you already know!!!

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  11. marierogers says:

    i looove these guys…can always pick em out..they were really scanning this crowd!

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  12. I’m annoyed that Megyn Kelly will be one of the 3 moderators for this week’s debate. I’m sure she will try to pull some dirty tricks.

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  13. Rev21v3n4 says:

    Look at all those men in dark suits! Gotta love the seriousness of the protection he’s getting.

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  14. Brad says:

    Lol. Mark Levin is cowering like a little Bich from Roger Stone and his twitter. He is scared to debate him. Pathetic.

    Levin and Cruz sitting in a tree K I S S I N G

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    • Mo says:

      Stone’s twitter feed today has been hilarious. Called hum a gonif (Yiddish word). Classic.

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    • WackoBird McCrazyPants says:

      I’ve listen to Mark Levin solidly since 2008 & it’s only this week I realised just what a whiny, childish & hypocritical guy he is.
      His show last Friday was appalling…arguing against himself at times, attacking & belittling with no substance. I fear he is no better than the “gang of 22″…jealous of Trump’s effectiveness and worried for his rating$.
      Deep down he knows he’s making a d*ck out of himself…you could hear it in his voice.
      Then I hear about his shenanigans on Twitter…
      He goes on about principles yet doesn’t have the integrity to stand up & endorse Cruz. That’s after spending the last 3 years telling everyone who listened, that this time we should choose our candidate early so as not to split the base vote and let in the Rino.
      In 2012 Levin ended up endorsing Santorum who, like everybody else, supported Ethanol. Funny how those subsidies & mandates didn’t seem to matter to him back then.
      Way to go Mark.

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    • That probably means Stone has some info on Levin. He doesn’t want Stone to write a book about him!

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      • Roger giving Levin a real bich slapping! Roger is brutal. Looks like Levin definitely in TRUMP SAND!

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        • wondering999 says:

          Stone’s kinda crude with that tweet, but still… I love history, and this kind of meanness reminds me of old-fashioned 1800s campaigns which were absolutely down and dirty, and unabashed Americana.

          The other thing I love about this campaign is the Trump poems. (We haven’t had many for days….They are absolutely corny, but so totally American that I want to do a happy dance even if the poem is not first-rate… where are our poems and songs?)

          This is making me think about one of the Trump poems that WAS first-rate… does anyone have a copy? Would it do to re-post it just for fun? Somebody did a good job with one poem in particular. I don’t even remember the poster’s name, but it was long and really, really good, especially when you read it out loud. There was widespread popular acclaim.


  15. giddyup says:

    sundance-read on dcwhispers that the elitists in davos this week will come up with something to try to humiliate trump.

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  16. Skip says:

    Kelly is going to continue to go after Trump to make a name for herself. Hopefully this will only ratchet down her viewer base along with Fox News. She has been to full of herself for quite a while.

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  17. inspiredbytrump says:

    I believe it was the RNC that disinvited The National Review from the debate. I am hoping that Fox (Wallace, Brier and Kelly) has been advised not to pull any shenanigans or the RNC will stop the debate. No doubt in my mind that Mr. Trump has a strategy all figured out to handle those three.

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    • amjean says:

      I doubt if they were told that. Its all for ratings; they would love
      a dust up.


    • yy4u says:

      If Reince Priebus wants to salvage his career and not watch the GOP go the way of the Whigs in the 19th century, then he will have done what you suggest and informed the FOX RUBUSHIOS that they should not try to undermine ANY of the candidates. Why not just ask substantive questions? Why go for the “gotchas” on any of them. Do they think we’re so stupid we can see that they ask Trump if he’s stopped beating his wife and kids and Bush what makes him so wonderful.

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  18. sundance says:

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    • jello333 says:

      Bernie, I still like you. But if you REALLY wanted to make a difference, REALLY wanted to fight the powers-that-be, you would have ran against Obama in 2012! But you didn’t, probably because you were afraid you’d be called rayyyccciiiissss! The fact that you have now felt the need to grovel to BLM tells me that was probably your main reason.

      Regardless, you missed your chance. It’s nice that you’re challenging Idiot Hillary, but Trump is the guy we really need right now. So please, Bernie, just get out of the way and let Donald do his thing.

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  19. WSB says:

    Thrilled to see Mr. Trump’s rally in Iowa. I am always amused by the crowd afterward, asking for autographs, waving and speaking to Mr. Trump directly. He is always thoroughly engaged with ‘his people’!

    I would like to share a link to a compaign services consultant who wrote an open letter to Mark Levin on January 21, 2016 about the underhandedness of Ted Cruz and the GOPe.

    It’s really quite stunning:

    Please accept my apologies if this has already been shared on this site. I try to read all I can.

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  20. Jill says:

    Polling over at the Instapundit blog. Please vote:


  21. Backspin says:

    I truly hope Donald Trump goes rogue and lets Faux twist in the wind without him at ‘ their ‘ debate.
    Let each candidate choose a moderator instead of powder puff punditry.
    As many here have stated , no matter what dribble they spout , we recognize we DON’T NEED them at all . Fox reporters are no more credible with me than the ‘ Chattering 22 ‘. Talk radio has been trounced and discredited.
    Time for a real debate , instead of a stage managed ‘ production’.

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  22. sunspots7 says:

    “Trump kill shot” — I just read this on DC Whispers about the people planning something maybe even at Thursday’s debate. Now I see why Trump is threatening to avoid the debate and hold a Town Hall instead. These elitist, globalist scum just make me BROIL!!!!

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    • lmg says:

      Sounds like hype/clickbait to me. Trump supporters will not abandon him. They call us stupid, they call us racists, and we don’t care, because we know they’re liars only interested in money. So many people are fed up with the globalist elites who are destroying the western world that anything they do against Trump will probably increase his support.

      In fact, people are so fed up with the establishment and the elites that I predict not only an Iowa win for Trump, but an Iowa win for Sanders over Hillary.

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    • Cameraman says:

      I wonder why they waited 7 months?

      Maybe it’s because there is no ‘kill shot’. Never was, never will be.

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    • R-C says:

      If that’s the case, then the STILL don’t get it.

      To ‘get’ Trump, they have to ‘get’ all of US. Can’t be done.

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    • yy4u says:

      Whether FOX realizes it or not, they are putting their reputation on the line. I suspect a lot of people (and I am one of them) already believe this debate was stuck in at the last minute as a collusion between FOX and the GOPee in an effort to take down Trump. If they can manage without exposing themselves (and the GOPee), they’ll be fine. But if they telegraph that’s what they’re up to, then the network is finished so far as trust. They seriously damaged themselves in the first debate.

      I can only speak for myself, but I knew nothing of Megyn Kelly prior to the first debate other than she was a beautiful young woman who had a show I didn’t watch. Within the first ten minutes, I perceived her as a harpy with an agenda. No chance I’d ever watch her show.

      I knew Chris Wallace was a Lefty who was a pretty good interviewer and very tough on Righties while a suck up to Lefties. I watch Fox News Sunday but without any enthusiasm. No surprise there.

      I thought Bret Baier was a sweet looking lightweight anchor who did a pretty good job but wasn’t Brit Hume so far as gravitas. I now view him as a wannabe Brit Hume who sucks up to the GOPee.

      If any of these told me the earth was round, I’d immediately join the Flat Earth Society.


  23. runthetable says:

    OH knoes!! Another barrel from the NR lovers! What are they gonna do, hit him with their stuffed shirt?

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  24. Liked by 3 people

    • R-C says:

      Wow…a full career in the military speaking, here. And I can tell you every single unit I EVER served with, right down to the smallest sub-unit; where the buildings were; what the buildings looked like, and a good portion of the soldiers with whom I served. (Sometimes only a last name and home town, and so forth.)

      This guy’s a LIAR. He’s working with Cruz? “Birds of a Feather”, say I.

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      • sandraopines says:

        Totally agree with R-C

        My husband, Retired Navy Officer can tell you every ship he was on, who the Captain and most of the other officers names were. He often tells the tales to our kids, something like this “We were in the Persian Gulf and Capt ______ was on the loudspeaker screaming for me to get to…” Every detail so vivid. So vivid in fact…

        I had enough info to track down one of his favorites who had retired and they had not seen each other in 20 years. I gave hubby his phone number so they could chat. They had a grand time catching up. It was a special birthday gift from me to hubby

        This guy is a liar just like Cruz!

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      • redlegleader68 says:

        R-C’s on it. If you notice my screen name, you might have a hint.

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    • AdukeLAXobserver says:

      Ted sure knows how to pick em.

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  25. brcajun says:


    Either this person Sundance has a very keen perception or 2 other possibilities are:
    1.This is the Donald or
    2.This is someone who connected to the Donald (very close) This is all guesswork. I am more curious than a kid wondering what the present at Christmas is!

    Either scenario is possible. As of now, this person is female, male, or part of a close knit group to the “Donald”.

    I have noticed that Sundance telegraphs ahead of time what will occur in the near future. Either way, it is very helpful how this playbook is working for the time being. I am very happy to be a part of this honorable group.

    I am a veteran but would never want to be called one in front of that gentleman hero that the Donald is greeting and touching his face. That is a bona-fide HERO!

    Just my thoughts!

    One of many Vietnam veterans!

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Sundance has had this site for a long time, long before the Donald announced. Sundance has researched and predicted on many many topics, it’s not all politics. I’ve been here for about four years and Sundance never ceases to amaze me with his expertise. You should see how he works on criminal trials.

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      • pyromancer76 says:

        My thought is that Donald Trump read Sundance and realized that this was the time! (Just kidding, but there is a truth here.) There both were realizing that something was truly rotten in Demark/America throughout the last number of years. Eight years of egregious nonsense and destructiveness is way more than enough. Sundance has the gift of articulation and Donald that for action.

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        • justfactsplz says:

          I do believe someone from the Trump camp reads here. I think there was a calling involved for what is transpiring. May God be with Trump and all of the Vulgarians.


  26. ezpz says:

    Oh good, Thank you for posting this.
    “Face The Nation” was preempted by our local news for snow blizzard and aftermath coverage.


  27. David Emery says:

    Are YOU registered as a Republican so you can vote in the primaries?

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