Donald Trump Clear Lake Iowa Rally – Live Stream 5:00pm EST

The second of today’s Trump Rallies in Iowa is in Clear Lake, Iowa at 5:00pm Eastern (Alternate Live Stream HERE)

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175 Responses to Donald Trump Clear Lake Iowa Rally – Live Stream 5:00pm EST

  1. Sanj says:

    While waiting I’ve been trolling over at Breitbart dropping stuff like this which makes Cruzbot heads go splodey

    Just because Cruz loves maple syrup, the Calgary Flames, Molson Beer, and says ‘eh a lot Does not make him Canadian..I repeat, just because his favorite song is O’Canada, Does not make him Canadian.

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    • margarite1 says:

      I’ve been hammered and even called “worse than Obama” over at FR today – all because I was asking for Cruz’s accomplishments. Well, I found some – here actually. His NumbersUSA rating is quite good. At FR I was told that the 350k visas were a “poison pill” (were they?). People make excuses for his Corker bill vote and I’m not sure I buy them and then he changed when it was too late to matter. He was for it before he was against it.

      But, if you buy into his explanations and accept his positioning on issues as sincere and not just strategy, his flaw is the same as all the others except one – he needs BIG money to carry on. Not only that, something about the guy bugs me.

      Trump is the chance of a lifetime and I hope for the chance to vote for him.

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  2. Martin says:

    Trump is killing Cruz right now. Love it.

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    • He has me frightened to vote for Cruz, I mean really Hillary could and will sue him or Rubio, as Cruz’ own law professor Laurence Tribe said “It’s not settled yet.”
      How could Cruz or Rubio or ANY VOTER take such a chance at a dangerous time like this when the Republic is in danger.

      Much better and safer for them to vote Trump. Otherwise we may just get Hildabeast by default!

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    • Athena the Warrior says:

      I’m watching the rally right now. He put on a clinic of the slimy strategy that will be employed by not only the Democrats but Karl Rove.

      Honest Cruz supporters and the not the operatives being used to trash Trump, surely have to realize this.


  3. sundance says:

    It is also possible that Donald Trump is framing the natural born citizen question in advance of Hillary Clinton naming Julian Castro as her VP.

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    • yohio says:

      Great great point SD, to bad Cruz people so t see it that way

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      • yohio says:

        oops won’t see it that way.
        Oh who cares what Cruzbots think any way. He knew would have problem with this, and Cruz needs to take care of it. Why would anyone consider Cruz, Country doesn’t need this now. To many problems.
        Amazing two speeches today if you combine them, he has covered everything we have been saying. What a great message and man. I have such great confidence in him, and so believe he can change things and build this country back to what it was. Screw the globalist Uniparty and rinos.

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        • georgiafl says:

          Both Cruz and Levin are without excuse/defense – they know the LAW and definition of Natural Born Citizen and the d4mn good reasons for it full well.

          They are deceivers and weasels.

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    • NJF says:

      Oh I like it.

      I posted a link yesterday )not sure where I picked it up from) that makes very, very clear that Cruz isn’t a NBC. Nor is Rubio & Obozzo.

      While on American soil, 2 American parents (either born or naturalized) procreate to give us a NBC, Obviously children born “outside” the country on its territories or military bases or consulates by 2 American parents are also considered NBC as well.

      Natural born was specifically added due to the concern of foreign influence. Is Cruz a citizen? of course. But he’s not a NNC cRubio is an anchor baby. I’m not suggesting his parents were here illegally but they certainly weren’t naturalized citizens either.

      Who the hell knows what Obozzo is.

      I don’t understand the willful refusal to accept this.

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    • Sanj says:

      I think Hillary, given DEM politics, is looking for a BLM..Syrian refugee..cross dressing…gender neutral….non English speaking…homeless..false rape accusing..Carbon neutral…non-person.

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    • Patty says:

      From a speech I read, the Castro brothers appear to be from a single mother whose mother was born in Mexico. Their mother seemed to be a founding member of La Raza. That’s their pedigree.

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    • Mrs. Clinton may tab Fidel Jr. for veep, but my instincts tell me Mr. Trump will blow everyone away with Allen West by his side. Just saying.


  4. PatriotKate says:

    Loved the Kill Shots on the Natural Born Citizen issue. Bravo!

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  5. TheFenian says:

    It’s live on the C-Span channel

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  6. sundance says:

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  7. sundance says:

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  8. robertnotsowise says:

    Clear Lake Iowa — the day the music died……

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  9. Bluto says:

    What? Another Livestream event from The Donald? That’s two in one day! What? Five just this week, right?

    And I still can’t get anybody to give me a Ted Cruz livestream event link or a youtube replay of his rally. Forget Cruz, I can’t find anybody to volunteer a livestream event for ANY other candidate!

    Good grief. My prediction that none of them (other that Trump) are REALLY campaigning is actually true. Hilarious.

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  10. sundance says:

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  11. sundance says:

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    • KBR says:

      If they wanted to die, all they would have to do is make sure they are under the bombs. They could run toward the guns. They could ask to be drowned in those cages. They could request their own beheadings.

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    • yohio says:

      Now the media will spend the next two or three days interviewing terrorists and trying to convince us no they do want to die. Trump a liar. Moronic and silly.

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  12. LoreneTN says:

    WOW! What a close on this event. Trump is FIRED UP and the crowd is eating it up!

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  13. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    Please please, President Trump, stop giving us all these victories! I can’t take all this winning, it’s too much winning, you’re making our country too great!

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  14. TheFenian says:

    “Your gonna beg me ‘Please, please Mr President, No more victories. We can’t take it!’ And I’m gonna say NO !”

    Hahahaha I love this man

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  15. Pops says:

    Trump is on fire tonight. Jeb! is just a candle in the wind compared. As for Cruz?. He’s a spent match.

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  16. Trumped says:

    That were the two biggest, rawest and most intense political events in Iowa history!
    He rolled through everybody and everything.
    Almost got carried away himself in his last ending it was so intense 😀
    Tomorrow the Ballroom in Reno. WILL BE HUGE numberwise… then the next weeks Iowa until they cant see him anymore…

    And Raffael Cruz can take his bus home?

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  17. hocuspocus13 says:

    Keeping “we the people” pumped up 🇺🇸

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  18. lilbirdee'12 says:

    Truth right here ! Go Trump !

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  19. PatriotKate says:

    i watched on C-Span and stayed on to listen to the callers afterwards. Every single caller, whether they were Republican, Democrat or Independent said they were voting for him. Three said they had been lifelong Democrats and they were voting Republican to vote for Trump.

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  20. KitKat says:

    So in Ottumwa, he hit Cruz on his ethanol flip-flop, and in Clear Lake he hit him on the NBC issue

    Is that what is called in boxing a one-two punch?

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    • KitKat says:

      Mark Levin is going to have to take a pill.

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      • jackmac says:

        He will be blowing up speakers on peoples radios.

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        • parteagirl says:

          Levin will eventually come around. I remember when he couldn’t stop laughing when Trump had Jorge Ramos deported from his press conference. Levin could barely say the words “Nobody knows what to do with this guy” referring to Trump, while he was gasping for air he was laughing so hard.

          There was a thread at Ace of Spades yesterday about the Vermont “take their coats” rally. Though most of them there have supported Cruz, but there was much shadenfreude about Trump’s chutzpa. He may not be people’s first choice, but Trump eventually seems to charm, if not elicit admiration from almost everyone, friend or foe.

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      • mariner says:

        He could take a cup of hemlock for all I care.


      • ZurichMike says:

        Mark Levin always needs to take a pill. His normally high-pitched voice is a perpetual shriek on air. Cant’ listen to him (when I am in the US, that is).


    • Martin says:

      Very well done, Trump!

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    • It’s called a Televangelical COUNTER PUNCH for Cruz stealing Trump’s ideas and not giving him the credit. The Wall and “many other things come to mind.”

      It’s only fair. If it was a business Pastor Ted woulda been SUED.

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  21. grainofsalt says:

    West Coast time replay of the rally in Clear Lake is at 9:00pm tonight on CSPAN.

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  22. NCPatrick says:

    Nephew in Iowa wrote me that he and his wife had received a personalized letter from Trump organization asking for their support — not their money — which he said “was a first.” I don’t know where they got his name and address, but likely either NRA membership or registered Republican voters, but it made an impression on him.

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  23. IMO says:

    Cavalry Charge 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺

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  24. yohio says:

    If you haven’t watched both Speeches together do it, he covered everything he needed to and was brilliant. It is amazing to watch him Speak with both Speeches together with nothing pre written. Coming from someone who will admit to you that I have an extreme fear of public speaking, it would be terrifying for me to read it right off a paper. I have still managed to be very successful, but I find what he does with nothing written down extraordinary!!!

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  25. don welch says:

    he isn’t nailing hillary. not doing it much.


  26. Sanj says:

    You never hear him say um during a 60 min free wheeling off the cuff speech. It truly is amazing

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  27. Trump is Maestro! There’s none other like him.
    The others are like his back up singers LOL!

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  28. Bull Durham says:

    Donald is riding high, firing with both guns, and fun. This is the most entertaining political event in history. George Carlin must be applauding.

    The language Trump speaks is called Middle America. Everyone understands it.

    He actually got better than the earlier one, and that was great.

    These rallies are like Rock Concerts. No music but he rocks and rolls the hell out of everyone and everything.

    Smarts and Energy. High Energy.

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    • Reality Wins says:

      The great thing is that when President Trump wins Iowa the momentum will not be contained. Progressive voters especially will not want to be on the losing side. Most are losers in real life and don’t need a reminder – so jump on board they will!

      The TRUMP TRAIN is leaving the station – get on board or forever be left on the Progressive Loser Station of life!

      (Although something tells me that just like Woodstock, years later they will claim that they did vote for President Trump!)

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  29. sundance says:

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  30. WeeWeed says:

    He’s in Reno tomorrow, and somewhere every day until the debate. I know all the 3%-ers are gnashing their teeth…… ’cause they don’t have a plane that says TRUMP.

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  31. Sanj says:

    Is there a 12 step program for Trump addiction?

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  32. bertdilbert says:

    Holy crap Trump was on fire tonight! Knocked it out of the park.

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  33. feralcatsblog says:

    Too bad Canada. Possession is 9/10 of the law. And besides, Mark Levin says that Ted’s being a Natural Born American is, like Global Warming and the Emperor’s New Clothes, settled science. Do not be a Ted Cruz Natural Born Denier or a Tedonatophobe. Maybe after Ted is American President for 8 years, he can then move back to his native soil of Canada and be your Prime Minister. Long Live The Queen!


  34. Just when you think he can’t get any better, he knocks another one out of the park. He was on FIRE in Iowa! …..3 more weeks….we are counting on you folks in Iowa to start the Trump Train rolling out of the station on the way to DC 🙂

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    • R-C says:

      Yeah, and Iowans–we only need a little ‘nudge’ from you: say, a 20-point margin or so, and we’ll take it from there, one state at a time.


  35. winky says:

    Trump is so funny…watching him in that rally today he talks like he is sitting down having a beer or a drink with people …..he drops these hints about stuff without actually coming out and saying things…he is sooooooooooo hilarious…..but he knows exactly what he is doing at all times. Incredible!!

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    • winky says:

      PS…I loved it when he said he was going to be in Iowa so much he hoped people don’t get sick of him….I think he was trying to tell the other candidates not to waste their time cause he was going to be there so much no one would want to go see them!!

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  36. feralcatsblog says:

    Slick Willy and now Two-step Teddy, Brothers-from-another-mother.


  37. Just finished watching couple hours ago, then did some reading. After sitting on this for awhile here’s my synopsis. I thought this was the best speech he’s made yet and I think I have seen them all.

    He was less braggadocio and seemed to be subtly moving to a more Presidential posture. He came across more serious, more determined and more focussed. He has no intent on losing Iowa or the nomination.

    His close was fantastic. Folks, WE HAVE A WINNER. Onward and upward. Trump2016 and beyond.

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  38. In the What If department: Clinton wins nomination and is indicted. Cruz wins nomination and is found ineligible. Then what?


  39. wodiej says:

    Wow….he was on FIRE……


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