Donald Trump Lowell Massachusetts Rally – 7:00pm EST Live Stream

Candidate Donald J. Trump holds a rally tonight 7:00pm Eastern at the Paul E. Tsongas Center in Lowell, Massachusetts. Live Stream Link #1 and Alternate Live stream Link #2 HERE and Alternate Live Stream #3 HERE:

trump rally texas 3

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320 Responses to Donald Trump Lowell Massachusetts Rally – 7:00pm EST Live Stream

  1. keebler AC says:

    Lol @ remnant. When there was a puny straggling protestor left in the crowd, Trump said “oh…look a remnant. Get him out!”

    Next time there are protestors, the crowd should shout at them in chorus “Brainwashed! Get out!” or “Wake Up!” or “Sheep!” while security escorts them out,

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    • keebler AC says:

      The other I like is “Loser!” and throw the loser three-finger on forehead gesture at them in tandem – guarantee ya the protestors will hate that so much they will not return.


    • jello333 says:

      My favorite was in another rally, where Donald said to the protester something like, “Oh, you have such a weak little voice. That makes me sad.”

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  2. bleep21k says:

    As I usually do, I’ve read the responses and comments here in this particular “Trump Rally” section, and feel compelled to post my own “punditry” – bear with me:

    I personally am not a journalist, nor an essayist, nor “intellectual”. I’m not “ivy” league educated and would be never be mistaken for the “established” expertise concerning anything political. My opinion is my own, mostly based on the eye and ear test and what information I can glean from “various” sources (which DO include MSM sources, national and local talk radio, and local rags and blogs, etc.).

    There are those unfortunate souls that are still unable to differentiate between “narrative” driven reporting, and honest thought provoking opinion based on known facts – then discern actual, useful, information – specifically concerning the Donald Trump candidacy.

    The crowd didn’t react or “love” Trump as expected – dude, Trump might just be a bit tired from the day to day siege from the MSM, and he’s “pacing” himself and his energy output by only doing 2-3-4 rallies a week. Folks are different and so reactions. STILL sounds and looks better than ANY OTHER uni-party candidate! Polling data also says that Trump has a few supporters…

    “….he just repeated old subject matter and made no real new points, and finished as quickly as possible.” – Yeah, we need more “political” promises and meanderings from politicians, that will make us feel better lol..

    Not “very conservative” – meaning what? Ted Cruz, the anointed “King” according to his father…?

    “My feelings are hurt, I support Trump and my family and friends just dont understand ! – F’en wimp I say – SHUT UP!!

    Folks! Donald Trump is a “racist” “-phobe” (take your pick), “nativist” “womanizer” (for being married more than a few times), “bankrupt”, gun-toting, “pandering”, baffonish, billionaire VULGARIAN!! OK?!? TRUMP 2016!!

    I told the missus my goal this year is to have more FUN! One thing I find enjoyable is sharing my opinions on TCTH, been a long time since I’ve felt so energized by politics and particularly a political candidate – Donald Trump! PC is over (O V A as we say in the hood)! This in and of itself will help transform our country – GOOD or BAD lol, No more beating around the bush!

    I am voting for Donald Trump for President of the United States of America!

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    • keebler AC says:


      And we enjoy your opinions on TCTH!

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    • daveinsocal says:

      Welcome to the party (said with utmost respect). My advice is take a seat on the Trump express train and hold on for dear life because this is going to be one helluva wild, tumultuous, ne’er before seen crazy ride. Then again, I always did like roller coasters.

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    • NC Patriot says:

      I am the one who said “he just repeated old subject matter—-etc” That was NOT a criticism. I have watched all of his rallies. I was comparing the audience (not the speaker) To many audiences it seems he can feel the vibes and the warmth, but tonight I sensed he felt that was not quite there and I could tell, especially when I see so many. It was just an observation. He was in deep blue territory with a very mixed audience and more protestors than usual.

      I am also voting for Donald Trump ! No question !

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    • yohio says:

      As I have said before bleep love your commentaries, participate more you add great incite to the threads and discussions. As for your comments couldnt agree more. You may have seen I commented earlier that I felt to many people being so critical for no reason. I just don’t get it, they look for stuff just like the media to find fault and point out (key) their perception to be critical. If going to be critical fine support with facts not opinion. This he was tired, short speech, he was upset, same material. Where are facts he was tired, had other short speeches, where facts he was upset, and finally same material, it was first time these people hearing him live so not to them. (NCPatriot others said it too know you support Trump 🙂 Constructive Criticism is great, so are opposing views, but to all those being critical for no reason it’s silly. Of course my opinion.

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    • tempo150101 says:

      Much of your perception has to do with the acoustics of the room. If you go to the Grand Rapids or Reno rallies (the best, in my opinion), the crowd is raucous because of the acoustics in the room. Because of the hard surfaces in those rooms, there is a lot of echo and reverb and it helps create the mood and get people fired up. This room either has softer acoustics like a theater or maybe his sound guys don’t have these insights from previous rallies.

      Trump is not such a great speaker that he can overcome the bad acoustics, but when the acoustics are right, he hits them out of the ballpark.


    • jello333 says:

      Sorry, but I think you ARE a journalist and intellectual… in the Edward R. Murrow, Will Rogers tradition. 😉 And I’m 100% with you on the “having more fun” front. I’m sick of trying to explain things to supposed friends who won’t even ATTEMPT to open their minds enough to let in something new and different. Not gonna waste much more time dealing with them. Instead, I’ll hang out here with people like you and ENJOY what’s coming over the course of the new year… practicing my best “Told you so!” for early November.

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    • NCPatrick says:

      Yes, Bleep, I’m voting for Mr. Trump as well … is there anyone else even running? Not that I can see. I really enjoy your comments and thoughts and you are absolutely right. Thank goodness we all found the Treehouse to help us through this historic year. God bless!

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      • Paul Henry says:

        I agree NCPatrick, this site is very informative. It gives me some hope that with Mr. Trump’s leadership, America can reverse its decline.


    • You bring up an excellent observation that escaped my usual self evaluation…I too have NEVER, and I mean NEVER have been so excited about anything political or had so much excitement about the upcoming series of primaries. Up until now nothing has ever survived the ‘sniff test’ as it always smelled like a pile of excrement. My voting prowess has always been to try to find the smaller of the two or more piles to step in. I did vote for Reagan though but even then (for those of you who were not around then) the news was nothing but negative about him every day (voodoo economics, war mongerer, divider, will get nothing done) all the time 24/7. When I cast that vote it was with extreme anxiety.

      What is different about this cycle? Folks, it is not just Trump that is different today. Today we have Drudge, Project Veritas, WND, Daily Caller, Breitbart News, Conservative Treehouse, and a host of other fantabulous places bringing out the real story on the internet. All we had in the 1980’s was pretty much Rush standing alone on the hill in the wind naked (not a pretty picture).

      Between the ‘real story’ coming out of the cracks from these alternative news sources and the campaign blunders tracked by news aggregators (looking at you Drudge!) you can see why the politicians want to regulate bloggers and news aggregators off the internet. Consider Hillary campaigning in Iowa last Fall and then going to New Hampshire the following week and promising something 180 degrees from what she said in Iowa (this is the political blunders I noted; purposeful pandering and getting caught at it). In 1985 nobody would even know she did that because not many people get the local paper in Iowa from New Hampshire. Drudge, however, linked the two local news stories and exposed the pandering. When Hillary was later questioned about the flip-flop she got horribly angry…not at the question or the error, she got angry at Drudge!

      As ugly as it gets just remember, it has always been this ugly…there has just never been anyone out there to show it to us! Thank you Sundance!

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  3. Wiggy says:

    How ironic he spoke at the Paul Tsongas Center. His wife Nikki and I graduated from the same school, Tokyo American High School – Narimasu , in Tokyo Japan. Only she was 11 years behind me. I don’t know why but it bothers me when children of men and women who fought for our country and the Constitution decide to join the Liberal Democrat Party. Nikki and many others I knew from Japan also became Liberals.

    I wonder if Nikki, a Democrat, attended the Trump Rally at the stadium named for her husband?


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