Nevada Poll: Donald Trump 33%, Ted Cruz 20%, Marco Rubio 11%…

A new poll from Nevada conducted by Gravis Marketing shows a similar trend to other early state polls, and is in alignment with recent national polls:

Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan research and political marketing firm, conducted a random survey of 909 registered, likely voters using a registered voter database  in Nevada.

The poll was conducted from December 23th to the 27st and includes 406 Republican Caucus participants, 326 Democratic Caucus participants, and the remainder not planning on participating in the caucus, but are planning to vote in the regular elections. (read more)

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86 Responses to Nevada Poll: Donald Trump 33%, Ted Cruz 20%, Marco Rubio 11%…

  1. Martin says:

    I thought Trump would be way higher there.


    • TAS says:

      Too many people falling for Pastor Ted’s lies….he needs to be taken out soon!!!

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      • Martin says:

        Agreed. Cruz should drop out after he loses in Iowa along with Carson, Santorum and Huckabee (he said he would if he doesn’t finish in the top 3 there).


        • longiron2 says:

          As a TRUMP fan and supporter TC is a good guy and trying to cater to the religious voting bloc. We need him in the race if you want TRUMP to win. Except for a few things which could be worked out over a cup of coffee that both are very close as what needs to be done to make this country GREAT again. JMO


      • Bren says:

        Ted Cruz is a man far from ‘lies’ as you say it. The exact reason why he’s surging is because he’s doing the exact opposite: telling the truth, and doing it with a smile on his face. There’s a reason the establishment and elites in Washington hate him, because he tells the truth and exposes the cronyism with the games they play to try and line their pockets with corporate pork and corporate well fare campaign checks. Cruz exposes them and their hypocrisy, just like he did with Marco Rubio and his gang of eight bill back in 2013 he exposed the truth, and the bill was defeated. That’s why he’s surging, not because he lies, but because he’s being honest and telling the truth, not just spewing rhetoric that the people want to hear like Donald Trump does. Trump mine as well be a Barack Obama 2.0 in that regard…all key lines that people want to hear with little to no substance at all…plus he repeats himself over and over again because he has no substance so he just uses fillers all the the time, what a joke.


  2. BenY says:

    I believe Nevada has a large Mormon population and Beck is really pushing Cruz. I don’t think it will not help him.

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  3. ajbenius says:

    If Ted Cruz loses in Iowa then he’s going to have to wait for South Carolina. Sick Willy in 1992 lost both Iowa and New Hampshire but ended up winning in South Carolina, but the truth is Me-Too-Ted isn’t as charismatic as Sick Willy. If Me-Too-Ted loses Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, then his campaign might as well be over.

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    • Kaiser Roll says:

      If Ted Cruz loses in Iowa, he’s done. In Iowa, neck and neck with Trump. In South Carolina, Trump has a double digit lead.

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      • WeThePeople2016 says:

        Trump keeps pointing out that CNN has Trump at 33% and Cruz at 20% in Iowa. He also points out that no other media outlet will tell you that. They just keep saying that Trump is behind Cruz in Iowa. I think that Trump is ahead of Cruz in Iowa and that the polls will reflect that as we get closer to the Iowa caucus day.

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        • John Galt says:

          Cruz has almost no social media support compared to Trump. Maybe Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet in Iowa yet, I dunno.

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          • Kaiser Roll says:

            Ron Paul had the most intense social media support, but it did not translate to the ballot box. He did have the most dedicated activists, which helps in caucus states.


            • TheFenian says:

              Kaiser, while I will grant you that Paul had an “intense” social media presence (though “intense” is never my word for them), his support at the real polls, on voting day, mirrored his true support level.
              The Paulbot Internet Army of Trolls was quite small. An unemployed little gaggle of pot smoking, video game players who posted repeatedly under scores of account names. (ah, the glories of living in mom’s house !) That’s why virtually all of their comments followed the same script;
              1) The Constitution !
              2) Quote a Founding Father (usually out of context)
              3) End the Fed !
              4) Blame the Jews for everything and anything
              5) Ron Paul 2012 !
              6) Link to an Alex Jones video
              Then they all voted for Obama. This year the ones that didn’t grow up are all in for Bernie because they want free medicinal pot. It’s all that pot smoking that is the reason not a single one of them ever got around to building their bug out shelter that would save them from the coming end caused by . . . the Jews.


              • Kaiser Roll says:

                On the substance, you’ve figured out why he finished third in Iowa. Too much of his base was “blame America first”, and RP himself fed that narrative. They presumed they’d win Iowa and NH from liberal crossover votes. After winning delegates at the end of the caucus stage, they ran into a mess at the Republican National Convention, that managed to embarrass themselves and the Committee.

                Bot is distinct from Troll. A bot repeats the same message over and over again. A troll attempts to cleverly create dissent within phora. A troll favoring Ron Paul would have actually made unique neoconservative arguments, but done so from “reductio ad absurdum”.

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              • Trumped says:

                Ron Paul’s campaign ended when he had an “informational” meeting at the FED during the primaries and chickened when when fistfights and stuff happened at caucuses(“somethign worse could happen)

                Nevada caucus was horrible and outright criminal by the GOPe.

                While true that there were some “bots”, who are also around this time in a bit smaller percentage with Rand, most of his supporters were people fed up with politicians.
                The whole liberty aspect, keeping politics out of the way, back to basics, was what msot peopel were hooked on.

                Many R.Paul supporters did the whole fight vs. the establishment already in ’12.
                There is a whole treasure trove of experiences within that grassroots effort that you would be glad to have at any establishment venue around the country coming elections..
                It will be a bit easier this time as I expect Trump to have lawyers around and we will have the numbers in manpower..

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      • Bren says:

        Trump and Cruz aren’t neck and neck in Iowa….Cruz is crushing him in Iowa. The gold standard of Iowa polling the Des Monies Register rated Cruz 10 points above Trump, along with many other polls for the last month or so which has Cruz beating out Trump. If it wasn’t already enough of a point to say that Cruz has the same HEAVILY WEIGHTED endorsement in Iowa (Bob Vander Plaats) which literally lifted Huckabee’s and Santorum’s campaigns from single digits to winning the state less than a few weeks out, only difference here is Ted Cruz got the backing of Vander Plaats over 2 months before hand and was at double digits. Cruz has Iowa wrapped up, even the liberals know that. You’re very in denial about this if you believe him not to.


    • Doodahdaze says:

      The last standing splitter.


    • tz says:

      Especially with his “narwhal” big data targeting. You need to appreciate he is running a very intelligent, efficient, targeted campaign. However if with all that the people still won’t buy the product, then it can only go downhill. I’m glad he is showing well in Iowa because if he loses even with all the laser focus stuff, he’s toast.
      Trump is likely to win both Iowa and New Hampshire and by reasonable margins (1/3+ – either going 1/2 means Trump is guaranteed to be the nominee).
      I’ve noted Cruz’s efficiency, but not him on the issues. There he’s in a box. The advantage of “Make America Great Again” is that it is flexible. It can be done by increasing, leaving, or reducing ethanol subsidies. Cruz said he wants them gone (maybe TPP?). Cruz doesn’t differ much on policy from Trump as far as I can tell, but where he does his careful parsing, nuance, etc.will lose him support. I hope someone asks about “gay marriage” – a practical question. Trump would say it’s wrong and he won’t recognize it and will act appropriately. Cruz is likely to give some technical or procedural thing which no one will believe since it will depend on the courts or something else out of his control. Question for Cruz – would you have pardoned Kim Davis before she arrived at the county jail? Simple yes or now. The pardon power of the President is totally constitutional and absolute. No question he could do so. But would he do so?


    • Toronto Tonto says:

      Just read a former Trump aide Sam Nunberg, who had a been fired earlier this year, says Cruz will win Iowa and New Hampshire. The Daily Beast and The Daily Mail ran his story.

      He was brought on with Roger Stone, and he had been fired before for writing a Buzzfeed story called 36 Hours On the Fake Campaign Trail with Donald Trump. When racist posts on Facebook were uncovered by Mark Halperin, that was the last straw. I wonder if he wasn’t always a saboteur. Remember there had been a tweet that Trump denounced and blamed on a staffer? I think this was the guy.

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    • Bren says:

      He won’t.


  4. agent provocateur says:

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel WATCH.


  5. tz says:

    Jeb, Carly, and Christie are tied at 5%.
    Nevada is Sheldon Adleson(?) territory and Trump has not kissed his ring.
    The interesting thing is still even at 33% (one in three!), the rest is divided – Cruz at 20% is rising but if he doesn’t sustain the advance he’ll lose.
    And there’s time. I had a feeling Trump would become the choice of the outsiders, I didn’t expect the Reagan Democrats to join in, at least not this soon. But he ascended, is drifting slowly but steadily higher, and shows no sign of fading.
    Cruz might be his only significant threat, but a lot depends on how he plays it. Cruz can’t afford to go mushy or evasive, but if he’s honest many won’t like where he stands, and he has to explain his totally establishment, globalist, bankster wife. He sounds like he is lying with the “it was a poison pill” on the gang of 8 immigration bill – it would be better if he admitted it and said he changed his mind.


  6. H Hutto says:

    Only 360 shopping days till Christmas, so between now and then, don’t just stand around mumbling, get yer Red Hat on and call somebody in Iowa. Helps if you actually know them. ha.
    Time to chip in and let the man know we are behind him.

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    • seekingthetruth2 says:

      I ordered 4 red hats from Trump site. One for me, my wife is a Trumpette, but doesn’t wear ball caps. Two are for neighbors up the street. The last one is for a potential convert up the street. The plan is for the three of us to go to this guys house wearing our hats and go from there. He is as conservative as the three of us but hates Trump and wants Rubio? He doesn’t like the fact that Trump has had 4 BK’s and that Trump is a “womanizer”. I counter with Rubio has no, nada, zero experience in anything, is open borders/amnesty guy and has a woman problem that is not yet out there. The other two have know this guy for 40 years and says he is stubborn as all hell, but we will continue to work on him!

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  7. Doodahdaze says:

    Cruz will….plunge. Everyone is getting antsy about him.

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  8. DMorgan says:

    In poll after poll it’s shaking down to only three contenders…Trump the Vulgarian disrupter, Cruz the “conservative”, and Rubio for the GOPe. Cruz is still performing as a blocker to Rubio and this is got the establishment in a bind and they are running out of time…they have to decide soon to drop the splitters and even push Jeb to the side in order to boost Rubio closer to Cruz. Then they have to pound away at Cruz and knock him back so they can bring all their super PAC money and ads to bear on Trump before super Tuesday….but time is running out!


  9. Doodahdaze says:

    Áhe Obama Proclomation tomorrow. HE WILL PROCLAIM INSANITY.


  10. dick8johnson says:

    Come on Chicago 499 murders, one more day left, hurry you can do it!!!!!!

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  11. Trent Telenko says:

    Presidential candidate Marco Rubio just proposed the states hold an Article V Constitutional Convention. This appeared in the Washington Post today.

    Rubio endorses a new constitutional convention, winning praise from the right

    Mark Levin tweeted this immediately after Rubio’s announcement —

    Rubio endorses Convention of States! Will the other GOP contenders support it as well?
    — Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) December 30, 2015

    The pressure of a really competitive presidential campaign is finally starting to bubble up meaningful policy proposals.

    This was one of the comments at the Washington Post article, and somebody needs to get it to Trump ASAP —

    1:48 PM PST

    If we want state legislatures to pass resolutions authorizing an Article V Constitution Convention, we must give them some almighty powerful incentives. That is not difficult. We proponents of an Article V Convention should offer them some proposed amendments that will be of immense benefits to individual state legislators, and to state legislatures overall. Here are two such:

    Throw the entire Congress out of office, and bar them from ever returning, so state legislators can replace them and get the much more lucrative graft available to Congressmen and Senators. The wording of such an amendment would be simple:

    “No person who, as of the effective date of this Amendment, is now serving, or has served, all or any portion of a term in the Senate or House of Representatives may be elected to, appointed to, or sworn in as a Senator or Representative.”

    Wording of the next Amendment would be tricky, and getting it right will require a lot of work by lawyers, politicians and scholars. My idea is to eliminate unfunded federal mandates, which I define as those required only by federal statutes and regulations as opposed to compliance with the US Constitution. That would free up (my guess, but it isn’t wild-eyed) about 20-30% of all present state budgets for state legislators to happily boon-doggle.

    Plus this proposed amendment should require the federal government to reimburse the states for the 5-10 years of unfunded federal mandates prior to the effective date of this amendment. Put a cap on that of about a trillion dollars.

    My idea here is to also offer state legislatures a trillion dollar bribe to pass Article V Constitutional Convention resolutions. We’d save a lot more than that in a few years if such a Convention is held and actually proposes amendments for the states to ratify.”


    • Kaiser Roll says:

      The convention is Mark Levin’s hobbyhorse. No article V convention should occur until legislation is passed detailing the following:

      Who are the delegates
      How are they selected
      What percentage of the delegates are needed to approve an amendment
      Will the proceedings be open, or secret as in the original convention

      While there have been conventions at the state level, there is usually a procedure already in statue detailing how delegates are selected.

      It should also be remembered that 3/4ths of the states must approve any amendments, no matter if they come from Congress or the Convention.

      I find it unlikely that any amendments will pass. Only 13 states are needed to block ratification. Liberals know this too, which is why they focus on SCOTUS.

      Far too many activists are looking for a magic bullet that will somehow restore the system of government to the pre-1913 era. The reality is that our society does not want that, and would have voted for it if they did. There is more to America than Utah.

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      • singtune says:

        Right Now we all have Reason to DOUBT “Everything” & all politicians.~~! That is, until we get some Sanity Restored in this Country, & can SEE Clearly~~! First Trump needs to FIX ., all the Damage, then the Path will Start to be cleared~~~ to FORGE ahead~!

        I am from Florida ~~& ~~DISTRUST ~~everything Marco Rubio Touches. He is NOT for “American Sovereignty”~!

        .TRUMP 2016

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      • Trent Telenko says:

        All those process steps are for the states, not the Feds to determine.

        Article V is about cutting the Federal government out of the loop completely on constitutional changes, as the founded intended

        The point this WP commenter made was that the first amendment proposed for the Article V convention should be to give the state legislatures skin in the game worth doing the deed.

        Upward mobility into the Federal Legislature and Judiciary, control of all the currently Federally mandated state budget spending plus a couple of trillion dollars up front is skin.


        • Kaiser Roll says:

          It is untested as to how the Article V convention would work. The text of the Constitution says “Congress shall call…”, but it doesn’t say the mechanism of selecting the delegates.

          It has been postulated that the resolution submitted by the states could specify what the convention would do, and even how to select delegates. The reality is that the federal courts would surely see a multitude of lawsuits testing the constitutionality of this. Since Article V has never been tested, it is a black box to figure out how the courts would rule.

          Most federal politicians start their careers in the state legislatures, and the tradition in the Senate is to give partial veto power to home state senators regarding judicial nominations. The only needed reform is to submit Appeals Court nominations to approval by a majority of the state Governors in the Circuit.

          In my experience, the state legislatures are pigs at the trough for federal money. Most people don’t know that Medicaid is voluntary. A state could withdraw if it so chose, but there is too much electoral cost.

          The main problem is the voters.

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        For quite a while progressives have been ready for a Constitutional Convention.

        If you are a conservative, I would be very scared to have one, since in my opinion I believe the Marxists are much more ready to dominate the procedural complexities, and they have already drafted up their wish list, and they have developed this, like a spoonful of sugar in medicine, to be palatable to everyday citizens (having invented and seriously studied the social sciences, they know attitude formation, attitude change, persuasion, and so have craftfully developed multiple bumper-sticker-level slogans for everything they want, and have already been actively seeding these ideas into the populace, largely through the media and public education).

        For starters, look here:

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    • Look, Squirrel …. Who cares about this right now? Let’s talk Gang of 8 instead, Rubio..


    • PatriotKate says:

      NOT A GOOD IDEA. If you have never heard of Publius Huldah to learn why an Article V could be quite dangerous. I heard her in person at a local conservative group last year. If you want to really understand it, she’s amazing – and, just a precious little lady.

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  12. Doodahdaze says:

    Bildo Reilly and his Butt Boy Dennis Miller should be sacrificed to Bernie. As they make fun of our dire straights, They Suck!


  13. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Trump is ahead still but I was listening to Hugh Hewitt tonight on the radio and he was talking with Fred Barns from the Weekly Standard and they were talking like Trump had no chance of winning any primaries except maybe South Carolina. It was as if he wasn’t even in the race. What is going on with them are they that much in with the GOPe?

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    • singtune says:

      Absolutely~! i have been aware of this for 8 years, at least~! {But, i am 78 and have studied all about why this country has been going down hill for 20 years, since i retired from teaching.} I have “HAD” the time.

      TRUMP 2016 He WILL ~~”Make America Great Again”~!

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    • Trent Telenko says:

      Hugh Hewitt was a Romney man from the get go in the 2011-2012 election cycle

      He did an “Obama is going to lose” on his talk show in 2008 and 2012 right up to election day both times when he knew darned well McCain and Romney were losers.

      Hugh Hewitt is GOPe to a fault.

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  14. KitKat says:

    I just read a depressing link at HotAir where a former Trump aide that says he’s doomed, will not win Iowa, will not win NH and all the Trump followers will go to Cruz. If that prognostication is true, there is not a snowball’s chance in hades that Cruz will win the general.

    “First, to Iowa. Nunberg says Trump has a natural disadvantage among caucus-goers in the state: a majority of caucus-goers hold college degrees, a demographic which tends not to support Donald Trump. Combined with a net favorability of +17 percent, compared to Sen. Ted Cruz’s net favorability of +55 percent, Trump has very little room to grow. blah blah blah

    Has this already been dealt with by TCT?


  15. NHVoter says:

    How the heck does Carly have 5%?


  16. Rick says:

    I’m getting a little tired of everyone giving legitimacy to Cruz by saying they want a Trump/Cruz ticket. I prefer Trump selects someone else. There is no other choice than Trump.

    TRUMP 2016

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  17. redsequin4 says:

    Trump repeated his line at the Iowa rally the other night that there aren’t many Evangelicals in Cuba, his shot across the bow at Cruz’s father. He also brought the bible his mother gave him when he was a boy, which I thought was very endearing.

    I’ve said this before but I think he needs to start hitting Cruz harder, because Cruz is working furiously to beat Trump in Iowa and he has lots of support from talk radio, specifically Levin and Beck.

    I hope DT has a good ground game in Iowa to help get out the vote because he’s going to need it. One thing that was brought out at his last Iowa rally, was how many Nebraskans attended, which I think surprised DT as well. It kind of worried me because you want Iowans at Iowa rallies. It’s great Nebraskans came but they’re not going to be voting on February 1st. Did that concern anyone else?

    I was also surprised DT’s lead in Nevada wasn’t larger over Cruz. He used to have a much bigger lead. Beck must really be promoting Cruz and pounding Trump. Beck has been vicious in his attacks against Trump.

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  18. mad3703 says:

    I am not concerned at all. You shouldn’t be either. Cruz is having his momentary surge like Carson and is beginning to trend down.

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  19. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    My sister is in Nevada and she loves Trump!

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  20. blognificentbee says:

    Trump’s Las Vegas office is constantly holding Caucus Education seminars that are ALWAYS sold out. I think the ground organization is good. However, with the NV GOP holding the caucus on a Tuesday instead of a Saturday may hinder turn-out among first timers.

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