Presidential Candidate Senator Lindsey Graham Drops Out – Video…

lindsey_grahamFacing the reality of diminished usefulness as a South Carolina splitter, Senator Lindsey Graham has announced he is “suspending” (ie. dropping out) his campaign to run for President.  He is the fourth candidate to exit the race. (Perry, Walker and Jindal prior)

Unfortunately this disrupts our previously unblemished record of successfully naming the drop-outs before they occur, RATTS!! (We thought Rand Paul was going to be next). Here’s Senator Grahams’ announcement:

With Donald Trump and Ted Cruz/Marco Rubio holding such severe polling majority positions in South Carolina the usefulness of Lindsey was essentially nil. Lindsey quitting now allows candidates Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush a little more space to gobble up some South Carolina voters.

iowa cbs 3 south carolina

The CBS graphic above shows the YouGov “Panel-Poll” result from South Carolina as presented by CBS over the past weekend.

Fox News also conducted a poll (see below) of South Carolina recently –December 9th– with more reliable results.  However, in either poll Lindsey Graham was barely making any impact.

It should be anticipated the small supporter base held by Graham will most likely flow toward Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush – providing a minimal assist.


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99 Responses to Presidential Candidate Senator Lindsey Graham Drops Out – Video…

  1. Jo McIntyre says:

    Wow. Talk about clickbait. I just got an email from Ted Cruz with subject line: “campaign suspended.” Is that dishonest, or what? Of course, I deleted w/o opening.

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  2. moe ham head says:

    lindsey who
    maybe he go take some course on being less feminine


  3. Southern Son says:

    Sundance calls it, we just admire and enjoy.


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