Just So We Are Clear – The Paul Ryan Omnibus Spending and Tax Bill Was Passed With Democrat Majority Support…

By now everyone is aware the Omnibus Spending and Tax Provision bills, used by Republicans in lieu of an actual Fiscal Year 2016 budget (Thanks Boehner Inc), have passed today.

However, for the sake of clarity -and because in the current legislative climate so many refuse to believe reality- it must be absolutely noted, WITHOUT DOUBT, what took place.

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryanmcconnell-cornyn

Republicans control the House and Senate – specifically because we supported them into office – however, this spending/tax package was passed with DEMOCRAT SUPPORT.

Stop – Pause – Think.

Republican Majority Speaker of The House Paul Ryan and Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell passed a spending and tax bill supported by more Democrats than Republicans.

Let that sink in.

The “Consolidated Appropriations Act” (AKA Omnibus) was added to HR 2029 (Tax Bill) and sent to the Senate as a single, combined package.  The vote to do this was:

316 Yea, 113 Nay

166 Democrats supported, 150 Republicans supported.  (link)

A spending and tax bill more supported by Democrats than Republicans is passed while Republicans are in control of the House of Representatives.

On the Senate side HR 2029  – A vote in favor was to approve the package and send it to the President for a signature.   So what happened?

65 Yea, 33 Nay

38 Democrats supported, 27 Republicans supported.  (link)

Again, within the Republican Controlled Senate, the spending and tax bill was more supported by Democrats than Republicans.

Summary:  We gave Republicans large majorities in both the House and Senate so they could push-back against ridiculous progressive big government spending.   What did the REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP do with the majority?   Republicans constructed big spending on behalf of the Democrats and voted with them to end up with the same result if Democrats were in control.

….THAT IS A UniParty !!

trump batman 2

trump statement abc 2

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169 Responses to Just So We Are Clear – The Paul Ryan Omnibus Spending and Tax Bill Was Passed With Democrat Majority Support…

  1. NCPatriot says:

    Anyone know how to find out how the Senators voted ? Mine is up for re-election.


  2. MVW says:

    Rand Paul, say what you want, understands the unholy alliance between the the Democans and Republicrats, they always find common ground in spending like a drunken sailor.


  3. MVW says:

    As a young man Alexander Hamilton once wrote, “There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism.”

    It always seems that more money spent by the Uniparty always means more loss of liberty…. and prosperity.


    • MissV says:

      Yes, I always say ‘beware’ of the politician or voter who says they want ‘get something done’ because every time government acts, it deprives us of both liberty and property.


  4. TomW says:

    If I hear one more ‘establishment GOP pundit’, like a Steve Hayes or George Will, rant that The Donald does not stand for Conservatism…..implying that the GOPe does, and by extension its favored candidates…..the TV is going out the window.

    Conservatives, you are not represented by the GOPe. we do not have a political party.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Clc says:

    well john cornyn voted for it. the traitor. there is a reason why sundance always shows that photo of cornyn and McConnell together. that photo always makes me want to throw up. at least louie gohmert voted no. to me, he is the gold standard on how to vote. he still represents the people.


    • optingout says:

      And idiot Texans will keep re-electing the POS. I’m tired of hearing Texas get undeserved kudos or thanks. It’s not what it used to be. Abbot is just a slight variant on Cornyn. None of the repukes here are genuine conservatives.


  6. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    “Journalists’ are extremely dishonest. Republicans have a majority, not control in the two branches of Congress. There is a distinct difference and one has to be deliberately obtuse to keep refuse to recognize the distinction. We are a Constutional Republic, not a demaocracy.


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