Army Forces Command Overrides White House – Will Charge Bowe Bergdahl With Desertion…

The unwritten aspect to this story (NPR delivery below) is that the Army Forces Command is overriding the White House who didn’t want Bergdahl charged due to political issues, ie. embarrassment.

Numerous previous outlines have evidenced pressure from inside the political apparatus to dismiss charges against the deserter who was praised in the Rose Garden by President Obama – Today the Army said, nope, the guy is going to face the charges.

Bergdahls with Obama

(Via NPR) […]  Overriding the recommended punishment by an Army officer, head of Army Forces Command Gen. Robert B. Abrams ordered that Bergdahl, now the subject of the Serial podcast, face a court-martial for desertion.

In a statement, The Forces Command described the charges, which they brought against Bergdahl in March:

“The two specific charges referred under the U.S. Armed Forces’ Uniform Code of Military Justice are: (1) Article 85: ‘Desertion with Intent to Shirk Important or Hazardous Duty;’ and (2) Article 99: ‘Misbehavior before the Enemy by Endangering the Safety of a Command, Unit or Place.'”

BoweBergdahlThe Army held a hearing in September to decide if Bergdahl should face a court-martial. The Army lawyer who presided over that hearing, Lt. Col. Mark Visger, sent his recommendation to Abrams, who had the final say.

The New York Times reports that Visger recommended “the sergeant face neither jail time nor a punitive discharge and that he go before an intermediate tribunal known as a ‘special court-martial’ where the most severe penalty possible would be a year of confinement.”

The statement from Forces Command says that the date of the arraignment hearing will be announced later.  (read more)

robert and bowe bergdahl

(left) Robert Bergdahl – dad (right) PFC Bowe Bergdahl – deserter

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161 Responses to Army Forces Command Overrides White House – Will Charge Bowe Bergdahl With Desertion…

  1. Jimmie says:

    He is guilty, therefore he should be expected via firing squad.
    I’ve have been faced with this with this situation.
    Result, three Marines lost their lives due an individual leaving their assigned post.
    Now you liberals, what’s your opinion?

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  2. casey says:

    Good , stradegy of the puppet following administration has backfired and their lead puppet has egg all over his face . He should have cuffs on his wrists as well

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  3. Darrell says:

    Never knew the White House was standing in the way. I was thinking this dude was in a Court Martial and that is the United States because The President is the Commander in Chief. I’m confused how it’s different for him than any other soldier. Our orders from from the US?

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  4. Bob S. says:

    There is no way he can avoid a court marshal, but what his final charges will be, will still have to be addressed. Obama his egg on his face on this one so who knows what if any influence will be considered due to his involvement.


  5. Patrick Pursifull says:

    What part of the story says that the White House/POTUS put any kind of pressure on the chain of command of any kind pro or con for the disposition of this case????


  6. Ed says:

    He is a deserter and a trader. He literally went on the enemies side then praised by our sorry excuse of Commander in Chief. He should be left in prison for the rest of his life. Who knows what kind of information he gave the terrorist.

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  7. Jeff "The Patriot" Shank says:

    After this is over, obama should be charged with high Treason, for releasing the most dangerous terrorists in captivity. He is a Traitor, and I hope President Trump has his sorry sorry ass thrown in prison.

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  8. The top of the chain of command is the President. There’s no pressure put on the military because the commander-in-chief (CIC) of all U.S. military forces is the President and the generals under him have their duty to enforce the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Army Forces Command Gen. Robert B. Abrams is doing his job by enforcing the UCMJ. The President has the right as CIC to overrule Gen. Abrams and the verdict of the court martial. The commitment made by the President to trade Robert Bowdrie Bergdahl in a prisoner exchange was made and whether or not the President violated his office by not seeking approval from Congress prior to making the prisoner exchange, he nevertheless made the decision to proceed with the prisoner exchange and it’s the right of the President to make such a decision to seek the freedom of a U.S. Army soldier who was being held by the Taliban for over five years, most of which were spent in solitary confinement in a cage and being tortured and beaten numerous times by his captors. President Obama sought the release of Sgt. Bergdahl and President Obama will pardon Sgt. Bergdahl and restore all benefits afforded a prisoner of war to Sgt. Bergdahl because President Obama is a man of his word as well as a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Were the court martial not to be completed prior to President Obama leaving office, and Hillary Clinton to be elected President, she will also pardon Sgt. Bergdahl.


    • roger neal says:

      What about the six soldiers that lost their lives looking for his sorry ass when he walked away from his post. He was not captured at his post he walked away from it. Tell their families that he don’t need punishment

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    • Thomas says:

      Just another Demarat


    • Robert Fritts says:

      Apparently you know nothing of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMC) or the Armed Forces Manual of Courts Martial.
      Both of these, the UCMJ and the MCM have specific protections to prevent meddling, influencing or politicizing of Military Law cases by all levels of the Chain of Command including the Commander in Chief. By assigning levels of responsibilty over charging authority and actual Courts Martial authority these two documents prevent President Obama from interfering with this case.
      You see General Robert Abrams is a much more intelligent and courageous man than Barack Hussein Obama. He knew the Manual of Court’s Martial much better than the Attorney General, the entire Department of Justice, a 74 lawyer White House legal staff, the Solicitor General of the United States and Barack Hussein Obama.
      Of course he is smarter than that Gagglefuck of Liberal Vermin, he is a General, but he is a Cavalry Trooper first. So even in peacetime at home in the USA General George S. Patton’s words still ring true, “Pilots, Marines and Paratroopers make headlines, Armor and Cavalry Troopers make HISTORY!”.
      Making the entire Administration, the entire Democratic party and Barack Hussein Obama look as unpatriotic and incompetent as they really are, that’s HISTORIC!

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    • marty rice says:

      Peter, you want to fall back on Hussein Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize? Awarded on what basis and how many days after he assumed office? That’s the lamest argument you & throws a wet blanket on everything else you have to say about this…


    • Tehran444 says:

      Obviously you’ve never served and as so liberal bent you can’t see the fire for the flames. He not only needs his courts marshal someone need to take him apart piece by piece with a straight razor over a 365 day period. That way we can ascertain what makes him tick. I’ll be first to volunteer as I have such skills. Then you incinerate the remaining pieces and spread them to the four corners of Iran!!!!


  9. Kevin Curl says:

    Life in prison for this deserter wouldn’t be enough punishment . To bad we don’t shoot deserter’s or hang them anymore !


  10. 2brknot2b says:

    How many men died so he could get out in a year?


  11. agnes patrick says:

    Obama should receive same punishment. Both are guilty. Men lost their lives looking for this scum bag. Both should face firing squad. Rose garden has never been the same since Obama took this scum bags parents to it. Filthy lying @$!%&^**


  12. Jim McGowan says:

    I am not American but I am retired Australian military and Desertion is Desertion. he place his comrades lives in danger so he should face the FULL weight of Military Justice. No special privileges.


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