Ted Cruz and Mark Zuckerberg Monitoring YOU – Cruz Donation Requests and Campaign Surveillance Programs…

Matt Drudge Was RIGHT – “Stay off Their Platforms

Last month we revealed that Breitbart.com was data-mining for the Ted Cruz campaign. Now, another report shows how Ted Cruz is using a Zuckerberg assisted Facebook Surveillance program to track, monitor and target YOU.

( Via Veterans Today ) Ted Cruz using firm that harvested data on millions of unwitting Facebook users Exclusive: Documents reveal donor-funded US startup embedded in Republican’s campaign paid UK university academics to collect psychological profiles on potential voters.


Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign is using psychological data based on research spanning tens of millions of Facebook users, harvested largely without their permission, to boost his surging White House run and gain an edge over Donald Trump and other Republican rivals, the Guardian can reveal.

A little-known data company, now embedded within Cruz’s campaign and indirectly financed by his primary billionaire benefactor, paid researchers at Cambridge University to gather detailed psychological profiles about the US electorate using a massive pool of mainly unwitting US Facebook users built with an online survey.

As part of an aggressive new voter-targeting operation, Cambridge Analytica – financially supported by reclusive hedge fund magnate and leading Republican donor Robert Mercer – is now using so-called “psychographic profiles” of US citizens in order to help win Cruz votes, despite earlier concerns and red flags from potential survey-takers.

Documents seen by the Guardian have uncovered longstanding ethical and privacy issues about the way academics hoovered up personal data by accessing a vast set of US Facebook profiles, in order to build sophisticated models of users’ personalities without their knowledge.

It means you have a wild west, where the campaigns can do whatever they want and get away with it  Christopher Soghoian, ACLU

obama-toasting-the-technocrats1-550x310[…] Analysis of Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings shows Cruz’s campaign has paid Cambridge Analytica at least $750,000 this year. The “behavioural microtargeting” company has also received around $2.5m over the past two years from conservative Super Pacs to which Mercer or members of his family have donated.

In an interview with the Guardian last month, Cruz said his funding and outreach apparatus “is very much the Obama model – a data-driven, grassroots-driven campaign – and it is a reason why our campaign is steadily gathering strength”.

Cruz is increasingly seen as a leading Republican contender, uniting factions within the party beyond his evangelical and Tea Party base. In Iowa – the first state to vote in the presidential primary, in less than two months – the outspoken Texas senator dethroned Trump in a poll for the first time this week as the mogul became ensnared in yet more controversy.

[…] Having donated $11m to the main pro-Cruz Super Pac, Keep the Promise I, Mercer is Cruz’s top financier – and the largest individual donor to Super Pacs or outside groups during the presidential election cycle thus far, according to data compiled by the political transparency website Open Secrets.

Mercer’s connections to both the Cruz campaign and the data firm that is apparently helping to power the senator’s advantages were previously reported by Politico and Bloomberg. But political strategists and privacy advocates agreed that Mercer’s parallel funding channels, combined with concerns over the surreptitious, commodified Facebook data – reported here for the first time – represented an intensified collision of billionaire financing and digital targeting on the campaign trail (continue reading)

This builds upon what we previously shared – – – BELOW – – –

This is apparently one of those things that is an open, and yet non-discussed, secret.

Several people have queried why they would be getting Ted Cruz campaign donation requests/solicitation directly from Breitbart, and/or getting donation requests from Ted Cruz on Breitbart letterhead.

ted cruz breitbart message

ted cruz large

The answer is simple, yet perhaps like me you never knew.

The Breitbart Media Group is financially backed and funded by Hedge-fund billionaire Robert Mercer. Mercer was/is the originating financial backer for the Ted CruzKeep the Promise” (KtP 1, KtP2 and KtP3) Super-PACs. Mercer is also the financial backing behind Cambridge Analytica.

Cambridge Analytica is the receiver of the contact information provided to Breitbart when you participate in their on-line Presidential Poll.

In essence, when you participate the Breitbart poll, you are sending your personal information into a data-base controlled by the proprietary interests of Robert Mercer, Cambridge Analytica. The Ted Cruz campaign then uses the data collected to fund-raise on behalf of the Campaign.

Perhaps I’m the last person to discover that Breitbart is essentially a political operation of the Cruz campaign – but this is akin to realizing the Clinton Global Initiative is the financial underwriter for the New York Times.

While all the dots have never been fully assembled, the facts around relationship have been discussed in various articles, yet never connected:

♦ Politico outlines the Robert Mercer financial underwriting/ownership of Breitbart HERE

♦ Christian Science Monitor article showing how much Mercer is invested in Ted Cruz HERE The New York Times goes into greater detail HERE

♦ Politico July article outlining Robert Mercer’s financial underwriting of Cambridge Analytica to collect: “psychographic” analyses of voters to try to win them over with narrowly targeted micro-messages” – HERE

♦ FEC distribution showing Ted Cruz Leadership PAC – Pre-Presidential Bid – Paying Cambridge Analytica HERE

It would appear the entire reason for Breitbart.Com to put their Presidential Preference Poll together was to gather information on visitors for later distribution to the Ted Cruz campaign, with the expressed intention of micro-targeting those participating visitors…

Knowing all of this, it certainly makes sense now why so many people have noted that Breitbart goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid any critical mentions of their candidate, Ted Cruz.

After all, this unique and unconventional relationship means Breitbart Media has a vested financial interest in Ted Cruz’s candidacy, and a profound conflict of interest for any political editorial surrounding the ongoing 2016 Presidential Primary.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and now you know…..


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57 Responses to Ted Cruz and Mark Zuckerberg Monitoring YOU – Cruz Donation Requests and Campaign Surveillance Programs…

  1. Backspin says:

    ” Psychographic Profile ” ?? Really , You need a study to tell people are Mad As Hell … Pissed Off ..
    and quite ready to feed you to the dogs ? Arrogant & Stupid bastards . the bloody lot.

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    • R-C says:

      Profile THIS, Rafael Cruz: I am an American citizen. My race, age, gender and creed are immaterial. I am sick and tired of being lied to by slimy politicians of your ilk.

      You can ‘data mine’ to your heart’s content, but understand this; hear it loud and clear: I will never, ever be enticed to vote for you, under any circumstances. In this I am not alone. Your supporters are narrow-based, single-issue voters. While we are legion.

      You have dishonored yourself with these smarmy political manipulations. I am disgusted.

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  2. The Boss says:

    Time for people to give up Facebook. I’ve never used it, and I’m very glad after reading this.

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    • Dixie says:

      Facebook is and always has been the scourge of the earth.


    • bertdilbert says:

      Heh, I guess we can say that all this makes Cruz the NSA candidate… Uh Cruz, where do you stand on NSA? Oh, you support psychological profiling on all Americans? I see…

      Liked by 2 people

    • Bobbi D says:

      I deleted mine and boy that wasn’t as easy as it should have been, they don’t want to lose you, to much info on there, and no telling who’s looking into who now days..lol….


    • Sam says:

      Same here. I don’t use Facebook even though most of my relatives do. And I don’t answer those annoying pop-up surveys on Breitbart because I figured I’d get advertising if I did. The more I learn about Ted Cruz, the less I like him.


  3. Shucks. If I had known this sooner I would have been more overt about my pro-Trump stance on Facebook.

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  4. jetstream says:

    Fantastic research Sundance but extremely infuriating that these people presume to invade our privacy while jealously guarding their own. The “reclusive” Robert Mercer deserves a thorough investigation along with Mark Zuckerberg. I smell something in Zuckerberg’s recent decision to “donate” most of his money to his own foundation.

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    • rashamon says:

      Well, you might search for multiple opinions on how many ways he might have set this up solely to avoid taxes…but then that would ruin the whole aura of generosity. ; )

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      • jetstream says:

        There is that…ha : ) But I was thinking more along the lines of secretive (SuperPAC style) billionaire-bundling for worldwide influence like the Gates Foundation or Ford Foundation. An autonomous Foundation takes a lot of the heat off the “reclusive” individual or corporation who might receive blow-back for those projects and goals they are quietly funding.


  5. Trent Telenko says:

    Considering the fibs people tell about themselves on Facebook…Garbage in, Garbage out.

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  6. TravelChic1984 says:

    How timely. I just received a call from Cruz’ campaign today asking if I signed up at TedCruz.org, and if so, to sign and fax/scan/take a snapshot of a one-page document from their headquarters showing endorsement/acknowledgement so they can keep it on file. I don’t feel comfortable with any organization that plays this way. The caller also said that 99% of those they have called said they did sign up at the above mentioned website for Cruz’ campaign. Who knows for sure. Regardless, I’m not signing my name. Trump 2016.

    Liked by 3 people

    • jetstream says:

      Good call not signing. What would they possibly need that for anyway?
      Are fingerprints and DNA next? Creepy is right.

      Liked by 4 people

      • moogey says:

        Let’s say that Jetstream signs a benign document, that declares you have intent to vote for Cruz. When votes are tallied, and just one of those names shows up as voting for a Democrat, there is cause to open an investigation into voting fraud……That’s just one reason that might exist, but I’m with you, no signing, no DNA and no fingerprints.

        Left a job back in the 80’s because banks put in regulations wherein individuals were required to provide fingerprints when depositing funds, taking out money or cashing checks. My job was to do the company banking so I had to decide whether the job or the principle was more important.

        It’s pretty sad, but the only two pieces of my identity, that the government does not yet have access to, are my DNA & my fingerprints.

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  7. kinthenorthwest says:

    So our private FB groups are probably not really that private.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Notmeagain says:

      Anything you say on line might as well be on the evening news, if someone wanted to know.

      Liked by 2 people

      • kinthenorthwest says:

        Kind of figured that, but its really scary in a way.
        Reminds me when I was 10 and lived way in the woods with nearest neighbor about 15 miles away. We had one of those crank phones with a about 15 or so party line. When my mom called the fire department cause our house was burning, a couple of dozen households showed up to help. Was really neat, however they all showed up before the fire truck which broke down about 5 miles away.. 😮 😮

        Liked by 1 person

        • moogey says:

          As a teenager, the best gossip in the world was earned through listening in on the “party line”. :0)

          Liked by 1 person

          • kinthenorthwest says:

            Remember my sister complaining about one person telling her “Get off the line or I’ll tell your mother what you did”

            Liked by 1 person

            • moogey says:

              LOL, my sister sneezed during one of our covert listening sessions. The neighbors never did find out who the culprit was, but for about three months, that one little sneeze was quite the topic of conversation.

              Liked by 1 person

              • kpm58 says:

                How many different people said “Bless You”?


                • moogey says:

                  Not a one…these were not two of the nicest neighbors. The two ladies stopped their conversation in mid-word and the line went dead quiet. My sister and I waited to hear the clicks of them hanging up before we hung up the phone. :0) Childhood logic- we thought if they hung up first and didn’t hear us hang up, maybe, just maybe, they would think they imagined the sneeze.


  8. Notmeagain says:

    Facebook is so evil–unfortunately for business reasons I have to have an account which I will take great joy in deleting some day. Data mining is hardly a new thing with them, or as low as their unethical “research” in manipulating people’s feelings. This is another nice little aspect of Cruz to shout out, although in my experience trying to warn people about FB is very difficult because they are addicted to sharing their lives publicly. Being targeted by ads doesn’t register as a problem.

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  9. Brett says:

    I have always despised Zuckerberg and Facebook, but I like Ted Cruz, or I did until I read some of the articles here. I fear for America, the one that is and the one that my children will inherit.

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  10. Creepy Business- Doctor Phil… Ted Cruz father was a member of the Cuban Communist Party now a Preacher in Iowa…Preaching to the Evangelic for donation for his son Ted Cruz campaign. Cruz Father Rafael is telling the Evangelic that his son is the “annointed” one that he was chosen to take control of society…referred to his son Ted Cruz as a King. Ted Cruz father, I found it interesting that he lives and preaches in Iowa. He is also known for being a con-artist. Ted Cruz and his banking lawyer wife Heidi. If President his agenda One World Government. Ted Cruz lied he supports the Trans-Pacific-Partnership. Ted Cruz born or raised in Canada, had carried a Canadian dual citizenship for years. His allegiance is to Canada. Since 2011 Cruz has been taking money from Club for Growth. He also supported and signed Obamas bill for H-1B Visa’s for illegals by 500%. Ted Cruz is threaten and jealous of Donald Trump. Made a comment, when I see my competitor stepping onto a G-4 private jet and I’m sitting in the middle seat of the exit row on Southwest Airline, I grin ear to ear! Devious sums it up for Ted Cruz! Creepy!! wp.me/pk21w-snq via @ the last refug 2

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    • doreen sala says:

      Is this true??? How can I confirm this for my own info?? I’m a Mark Levin fan and I know he likes Cruz. Mark investigates everything…he says…I wonder if he will look into this if its true. He has a tweet asking our thoughts on a positive Conservative Review article written to defend Cruz’s being “caught’ speaking against Carson and Trump to donors on the sly. I just want to know the TRUTH!!!!!


      • bethjsmith says:

        Levin lied. Period. He knowS that Cruz is NOT eligible. But, he’s Israel First, not America First. Teddy’s first trip, after becoming Senator was to Israel with Mitch McConnell to , you guessed it, Israel. For his marching orders from the Zionists? Cruz is a Globalist actor and illusions of becoming the annointed King of the World. He’s nuts. And , back to Levin. Did I mention that his future stepson works for Cruz? I have not one shrewd of respect for Levin. And less for Canadian Cruz!


  11. BobW462 says:

    Seems like this kind of thing would be another driving force behind “their” ever-growing effort to “manage” the Internet. Can’t let the opposition have the ability to mine data at-will like this.

    I can hear them all now screaming: “See what happens when those damn Vulgarians and rogue candidates have too much free access to the net!??”


  12. Chance says:

    Who in their right mind thinks they can gain an understanding of the average American psyche by studying the completely self-absorbed and insufferably narcissistic flotsam and jetsam frequenting the loser’s lounge that is Facebook? Those are Hillary’s people you fool.

    Liked by 1 person

    • R-C says:

      That was basically my thought; I was scrolling down the comments and would have posted it unless someone beat me to it.

      Facebook is no kind of serious analytical tool–superficial at best. Unless you’re tracking photos of what people had for dinner, I mean. Superficial.

      (But by all means Rafael Cruz, be my guest and surf Facebook all you want. Spend MILLIONS in the effort. And you will still lose the presidency along with your honor.)


  13. screwauger says:

    On many levels this creeps me out. On many levels I also think “who gives a crap.” They can send me a bazillion emails and solicitations, they all go to spam and I don’t care if I have to put them there. How many Trump supporters are going to say “oh looky here, TC wants me to send him a few dollars, honey ,get me the checkbook?”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Linden says:

      I keep wondering if he has an ever-changing sender address that gets past my spam filter, because I have not only asked to be “unsubscribed” from the email list, I have also set his campaign as “spam” in the auto-spam filter. But I keep getting solicitations that come into my inbox. Sneakey sh_t.

      Liked by 1 person

      • nameless58710 says:

        It isn’t fool-proof but I like to use throw-away email addresses, (I use Blur – dnt.abine.com but there are others like that one.) I give a website the junk address and if I start getting spam I delete the email address from my account.

        I’ve had far less headaches from spam and pushy sale operations.

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    • Betty says:

      I think we should not be too dismissive of this. Ted Cruz in climbing in the polls for no reason.


  14. lecombatblog says:

    I use to comment at Breitbart now apparently my comments are being moderated & are not being allowed to post.

    I respond in the same way I respond here.

    No all caps or endless links just my support for Trump.

    Cruz supporters attack me. I did mention for the first time Cruz and TPA & TPP and now I’m being moderated.


    Liked by 1 person

  15. lecombatblog says:

    This is comment that was removed by Breitbart:

    “Discussion on Breitbart News Network 1844 comments
    Why Trump Will Win
    Le Combat
    Le Combat TrajanOptimus 8 hours ago Removed

    Thank you for saying that. Many pundits & talking heads keep saying Americans are scared – I’m angry.
    I want shit to get done – problems solved. And Trump is the man to do it.
    It’s time to make America great again – it’s long overdue.”

    Liked by 2 people

  16. Homer Yates says:

    Hey Ted go screw yourself. If you feel that this is right and you are not even the president, what will you do to the American people if you win the office. Just admitt it you are a power hunger DC prick like the rest of your buddies.


  17. CoffeeBreak says:

    Another data mining operation was the sickening, “I want everyone to take out your smartphones and text _ _ _ _ to tell Washington blah blah blah ” Cruz is what Good Guy Glenn would call, “Spooky Dude” if they weren’t bros.


  18. texan59 says:

    Has anyone asked Mitt how much money he’s made selling his old list to every candidate so far except Cruz and Trump. I even got an email today from our incumbent Railroad Commissioner begging for money and she got my name from the same Romney list. Keep an eye on that crazy mormon. He’s out there lurking around, making money, and waiting for favors to be repaid.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. auscitizenmom says:

    I saw this on Lou Dobbs tonight: “If pigs could vote, the man with the slop bucket would be elected swineherd every time, no matter how much slaughtering he did on the side.” Orson Scott Card


  20. JRD says:

    It’s impossible to run against the cartel when a hedge fund magnate owns you, Mr. Sanctimonious.

    It’s impossible to win without a coalition especially when your only supporters are evangelicals.

    Evangelical leaders are frantically looking for ways to defeat Donald Trump


  21. bkennedy86 says:

    Anybody who thinks Trump, the owner of an enterprise worth billions, is not doing the same kind of data mining for his own company’s bottom line (and now voters) is delusional.

    Do a little googling about the kind of data large corporations and especially credit card companies collect. It will make your hair stand on end, but at the same time it’s pure free market capitalism – the entrepreneur always wants the best information to make the best decisions.


  22. Michael says:

    That explains, why on a daily basis I have to delete all those Ted Cruz requests for money from my in box. Don’t mind doing it, and going to keep my FB page filled with Trump. Don’t think they will get the message though.


  23. djaz says:

    Really. Most of you don’t already know that when you sign a petition, or, give a donation, or, do anything on the net, you’re not being data mined? Pretty weak to try to align Cruz with a far-left lib like Zuckerberg. Silly, really.


  24. spacette55 says:

    Re: Ted Cruz – The bottom line for me is that I just do NOT like his looks. I liked a lot of the things he was reported to have said when he first ran for the senate; but, when I actually saw him I thought, uh oh. I don’t trust him.

    The lines from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar come to mind every time I see his face. Whenever I see Ted Cruz I think of Cassius:

    CAESAR (aside to ANTONY) Let me have men about me that are fat, Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.


  25. Reblogged this on THE MARSHALL REPORT and commented:

    Conservative Treehouse


  26. Beverly Thorpe says:

    Now there’s the proof of him being ANOTHER OBAMA having lots of money to go through our facebook accounts and privacy. Wonder who is backing him other than voters he has fooled. Big money want this hard right conservative phoney evangelical as president. Just like the crooks backed OBAMA.


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