BOLO – Missing Afghan Military Trainees Still on Loose – Names and Passport Photo’s Released…

They’ve now been ‘MISSING’ four days !!

The police and FBI would NOT be releasing their identities if this was NOT a security threat.  This release increases the likelihood there is something very sketchy afoot…

(Via AJC) The names and passport photos of two missing Afghan national air force students were released Thursday. But there’s still no sign of the two men, last seen Friday on Moody Air Force Base.

afghan passports

The men have been identified as Mirwais Kohistani and Shirzad Rohullah, Channel 2 Action News reported. The two are among a group of 23 from Afghanistan who have been at the base since February and both are assigned to the 81st Fighter Squadron.

But a federal investigation was launched when Kohistani and Rohullah but did not show up for work Monday, Moody said in an emailed statement.

“The students have trained alongside American counterparts for the entirety of 2015 and do not pose any apparent threat,” Moody said Tuesday. “There is a well-coordinated process among federal agencies to locate the individuals as quickly as possible and return them accordingly to the proper authorities to manage their present situation.”

The 81st Fighter Squadron was re-activated in January and charged with training Afghan airmen, who arrived the following month. The squadron will grow to 20 A-29 Super Tucano aircraft that will be used to train 30 Afghan pilots and 90 maintainers at Moody through 2018, the Air Force previously said.  (read more w/ video)




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217 Responses to BOLO – Missing Afghan Military Trainees Still on Loose – Names and Passport Photo’s Released…

  1. Backspin says:

    Regarding hundreds of Cell Phones being activated , Wall Mart has its purchase info , serial # ‘ s , model # ‘ S , the manufacturer could supply SIM card info , SOO……. What about G . P . S . locating ? Can GPS be disabled ? Surly the Feds are working this angle …. I hope . What if several dozen phones show up at mosques ?? – Will PC Win ?


  2. Josh says:

    “Air Force officials said the men were two of 23 Afghan air force personnel at the base learning to fly and maintain an A-29 fighter plane, Mirwais Kohistani and Shirzad Rohullah.”
    Deport the other 21 – NOW!!!!!

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  3. Am I to assume they have been unable to track the GPS on the rental car?

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  4. Why are we still training Afghans, and why HERE? That we haven’t learned our lessons about training and arming Muslims to fight “our battles” (if you even agree we need to fight these battles) frustrates me to no end. From arming and training Osama Bin Laden and his cohorts to fight “our battle” with the Soviets, to arming and training Saddam’s troops to fight “our battle” with Iran, to arming and training the treacherous Afghans and Iraqis in their respective armies who flee or switch sides at the sound of the first gunshot to let the enemy have our armaments or who just shoot our soldiers point blank while posing as “friendlies” …to entering into multi-BILLION arms deals with Muslim nations who fund terrorists to strike us, to spending $500BILLION to arm and train Syrian “moderates” to get maybe five guys out of it who’ll probably also switch sides at the first sign of ISIS or Assad’s troops….it’s INSANITY fed by the constant push to sell our armaments and technical knowledge to whoever the hell wants them. And the constant push to ARM THE KURDS! Um, yeah. The Kurds appear as “friendlies” because we took Saddam off their backs. They aren’t fighting ISIS because ISIS is ISIS…the Kurds are fighting for TERRITORY. Has anyone paid attention to the terrorism KURDS have been engaging in? Not just in Turkey, but in Australia (the 15 year old that shot the police IT guy..Iraqi Kurd), and Europe…just a couple weeks before the Paris massacre, there was a huge bust of a terrorist ring intent on murdering a British diplomat and other innocents…all KURDS.

    Can we finally realize it’s eventually SUICIDAL to arm and train Muslims of any sect?

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    • Les says:

      I would fight for territory. If you are going to continue to exist, you need to have a place to do that. Where else are they going to go? Nobody really wants them. They need to settle the “property lines” disputes. We can’t empty out those countries and absorb them into white countries (they seem to all go to white countries, China doesn’t seem to take very many and they could easily walk to India, but they aren’t).


  5. shipley130 says:

    They both look like they could be in television episodes of 24.


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