“The Ziiggii Theory” – The Go-Pro Camera Footage as a Possible Motive….

San Bern syed farooksan bern Tashfeen farook 2

San Bernadino Terrorists: Syed Farook – Tashfeen Malik

I’m calling this “The Ziiggii Theory” because early on contributor Ziiggii was instrumental in showing how the FBI and USMS (US Marshals) were using Stingray Flights in/around the San Bernadino area during the terrorist attack.

san bern 6 killerVictims of the terror attack reported seeing the shooters with a Go-Pro camera during the shooting/massacre.

When questioned by media at a press conference the local LEO spokesperson said “no Go-Pro” camera’s were recovered at the point of final disposition – the shootout at the SUV.

However, the Go-Pro angle is confirmed within this seemingly innocuous article from the LA Times:

….”Other seemingly more mundane items removed from the home included Christmas lights, an iPhone, a bank receipt, audio cassettes and a notebook with foreign language writing. From a black Lexus parked nearby the agents took shooting targets, a U-Haul receipt, packaging for a Go Pro camera, legal documents and other items.

The weapons invoices came from Cheaper Than Dirt and Budsgunshop.com, but the document left at the home did not say what purchases the invoices were for”….. (link)

It would be obtuse to think a victim would be mistaken -with such specificity- to note a camera being used during the massacre, and then accept as coincidental packaging for such a camera was found in the terrorist’s vehicle at the residence.

So if we accept the witness, and we accept the police statement about the final contents at the SUV shootout, then where’s the camera?

Further – when you consider there is approximately a three hour unaccounted for window between the attack at the Inland Regional Center and the SUV chase that led to the shootout, there’s more than a strong possibility Syed and Tashfeen went somewhere – possibly met with a co-conspirator [terror cell member(s)] for a debrief and/or hand off of the camera footage.

Question:  Was footage of a Christmas party massacre part of the “motive”?

The first arriving officer stated the venue was surreal in part because it was decorated for Christmas with a Christmas Tree, Christmas Decorations and festive holiday adornments.

Was this an intended backdrop scene for propaganda purposes?  All part of the visual for carnage ?  ISIS (writ large) has shown a great propensity for using media to promote their terror campaign.

Also, when you take the action of the FBI into consideration, and you accept the FBI is not a bunch of bumbling idiots – ie. everything is done for a purpose, then why would the FBI even publicly state they have retrieved Syed and Tashfeen’s cell phones?   Let alone allow the media to enter the home of the terrorists and begin broadcasting the contents therein.

My hunch, knowing the tracking that Ziiggii has put into the Stingray Flights, is that the FBI is trying to spur other members into visible “concern chatter” in an effort to identify who they are, and where they are.


When you compare FBI press conferences, and the information they are releasing, with DHS FBI/USMS Stingray Flights (aircraft) you find specific geographic areas being a focus of attention.

This has been going on for several days.  Here’s another example from today’s presser:

circling the area of Muscoy – the location of the mosque Syed Farook was reportedly attending. "Friday Prayers"

Circling the area of Muscoy – the location of the mosque Syed Farook was reportedly attending. “Friday Prayers”

Simultaneous to the media broadcasting the contents of the townhouse, and simultaneous with the press conference highlighting the FBI was in possession of their “crushed cell phones”, yet able to “recover data” we see stingray flights TODAY over/near the Mosque where Syed Farook and Tashfeen Farook were reportedly to be in attendance.

SUMMARY:  ♦ The FBI found Go-Pro camera packaging. ♦ Shooting witnesses say terrorist were using Go-Pro. ♦ Yet no camera(s) found at scene of final disposition (SUV shootout).

So where did the camera(s) go? Did they deliver to someone?

What were Syed/Tashfeen doing in the three hours between the initial attack at IRC and the SUV shootout?

A reasonable assumption would be Syed and Tashfeen met with some other member(s) of their “group”, gave them footage (cameras) then debriefed and took off.  Mission accomplished!

They would be armed, prepped and ready for any further opportune encounters, but the essential element of their jihad mission complete.

Footage of a CHRISTmas massacre would be ideological gold for ISIS propaganda this time of year.   These are modern terrorists striking fear into the heart of the infidels at their most holy of times, Christmas.

Obviously any cohort(s) can’t activate the footage while remaining “in country”, because immediately that would prove there are more active terrorists involved and the west coast would go into “full lock down” (transport hub) to locate them.  It also needs to be given some editing and enhancement for promotional value.  Just a hunch.

It could be they are supportive sleeper agent(s) currently laying low, playing normal, waiting to exit the country before we’ll see anything – and the FBI is trying to kick them to act now – force them to act or take action, or attempt to hasten their timeline.

That’s why the FBI is trying to stimulate chatter – force them to action – force them to expose themselves – force them to attempt escape….

Your thoughts ?

San Bern syed farook san bern Tashfeen farook 2

Islam Demonstration


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606 Responses to “The Ziiggii Theory” – The Go-Pro Camera Footage as a Possible Motive….

  1. Totally Domestic says:

    Just an observation: the pic of wife above looks way heaver than the face plant pic of woman in shorts dead in street.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ursula says:

    That photo looks like a man in a head scarf.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Steve says:

      Either way, a dead MUSLIM terrorist.
      We need thousands more like it.

      BTW – I concur about that being a man. The pic is near a driveway, across the street from the SUV where the woman was dragged out of the vehicle. The man was killed fleeing the scene and killed there.


  3. this shit with the wife is crazy. i’m still not sold that the latest “this is the wife pic” is really her. i’ve probably seen a dozen head shots of different looking burqa wearing females with captions saying “this is the wife”– accompanied by numerous reports and interviews with (supposed) friends/family of “the husband” where they say that THEY don’t even know WTF she looked like because she was always in the FULL head wrap and rarely if ever spoke a word to them. with the spin coming from all sides i’m wondering if its possible that “the wife” actually had man parts….and was the mother of all trojan horses that was allowed entry into this country under the guise of being a “female” bride complete with a living breathing baby used as a prop to complete the disguise. suppose that scenario were true…to what depths would obama go to cover THAT level of islamic insanity up?


  4. grain says:

    The Jim Hanson interview on O’Reilly was TAME compared to Michael Savage’s interview friday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUOfshiJxO0


  5. Doodahdaze says:

    Todays FOX Headline. FBI now investigating act of terrorism, as act of terrorism. What? Yougottabekiddingme.


  6. skies says:

    I think the point of shooting the go-pro footage was so that IF the official story became that this was workplace violence or something else other than terrorism (such as mental illness) the GO PRO footage would be released to the public proving the American government is lying. The terrorists want the credit for the terrorist acts they create. It is their jihad, their holy war, the thing they dedicate their lives to doing, for their god. They don’t like the US government lying and saying it happened because of some isolated person with mental problems which has nothing to do with Islam. They want the public to know the American government is LYING to them and what their true intentions were. And now, the FBI had to OFFICIALLY declare that it is TERRORISM.


    Would the FBI have done so if they didn’t know there was IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE out there someplace which would come back to be egg on their faces if they mislabel this incident? Didn’t Obama say NO TERRORIST INCIDENTS ON US SOIL while he was in the Whitehouse? Wasn’t that a campaign promise of the Nobel prize winner in chief? The Administration didn’t want him looking bad and IF they could have labeled it something else, they would have. Look at the previous incidences of TERRORISM on US soil.. Fort Hood, for instance – such things have been mislabeled in the past.. but the terrorists wanted to make sure it would not be on this one.. this one they forced them to say the word TERRORISM. It was the go-pro which forced them to admit it, IMHO. THAT was why they used it, and they will do so in the future, also, to make sure the Government tells it like it is and doesn’t hide behind false excuses like “mental illness” or “workplace violence.”


  7. Slightly old news, but ICYMI:


    Apparently ABC News got this one wrong. They issued this correction:

    Correction (Dec. 5): An earlier version of this report said Tashfeen provided a nonexistent address to U.S. officials when she applied for a fiance visa. Local residents say the version of the address provided is not precise, but the family does own a house in the neighborhood. This report was also updated Friday evening with new information from the Farook family attorney about how Malik and Farook met.



    • auscitizenmom says:

      Yeah, riigggghhhtt!


    • boballab says:

      Lets put it this way: If I gave to the authorities the address of an empty field but I had a house “in the neighborhood” would they call that giving a false address? Yes they would. Also that information is coming from the Attorney the family hired that believes Sandy Hook never happened. If you take that source as gospel I got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale…real cheap.


      • I don’t make the news bob, I just got a tweet from Mark Levin, and shared it.

        FWIW… as someone who has performed numerous background checks on potential employees, my experience has been that “Close Doesn’t Count” when listing home addresses. So, I don’t think this “revelation” lets our government”off the hook” for blundering while vetting this jihadist.


  8. Rico Estrada says:

    I love that picture at the top of the page.


  9. azfederalist says:

    “Footage of a CHRISTmas massacre would be ideological gold for ISIS propaganda this time of year. These are modern terrorists striking fear into the heart of the infidels at their most holy of times, Christmas.”

    See, this is where ISIS under-estimates their enemy. It will not make many of us in the US fearful, it will make us angry and ready to take the fight to the enemy. They will not like it when the American people, independent of the limp-wristed leadership of this country, start playing cowboys and muslims.

    Liked by 2 people

    • barrymc10 says:

      Agree completely!


    • Ellie says:

      That’s exactly what they want though. That will fulfill their prophecy of the end time when they defeat the Infidels in the caliphate. They are purposely egging us on to push us into a ground war over there. They don’t under-estimate us. They are trying to piss us off enough to get us to invade. I’m not advocating for a ground-war or saying we shouldn’t — just pointing out the fact that everything ISIS does is for a reason and that reason is to bring about the end-time prophecy.


  10. ScruffyLeon says:

    I am reminded of the second movie of the series Aliens w/ Segourney Weaver: ” The only way to be sure is to nuke them.”


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