FBI Officially Declares San Bernadino Attack an Act of “Terrorism”…

90% of Americans sigh: “DUH” !

San Bern syed farookmystery man

♦ QUESTION: Why is FBI telling people publicly they have recovered “crushed” cell phones, but “data is retrievable”?  and “they tried to erase their digital footprint” etc.

♦ ANSWER:  They are kicking the nest.  FBI wants San Bernadino terror connections to begin moving, chattering, etc…  “Terror Cells“.



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451 Responses to FBI Officially Declares San Bernadino Attack an Act of “Terrorism”…

  1. wyntre says:

    I hope someone taped that presser.

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  2. angryduc says:

    They are apparently going to run with the angle these people had just as much right as you or I to carry. Which is fine w me. I do think the lawyer will have a bit of trouble explaining actual ballistics that match to a shooting scene. If there was one earlier that day. Either the bullets match or they don’t. They need to do weight check on the girl in the street because if she is less than a buck I am less than two. (and I’m not)

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  3. QuadGMoto says:

    I just have to point out that it is possible to damage a phone without damaging the chip(s) containing the data. Even if you break every other part of a phone, if the chip is intact the data is recoverable.

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    • BobNoxious says:

      They destroyed the SIM card to at least one phone & it was the type that stores all the info in that card as opposed to a separate memory system built in to the phone- at least according to one report.

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  4. JoeS says:

    If we were not already ENRAGED as Americans, we were just treated to a press conference by 2 “attorneys” for the family who seemed like high school kids whose friends just got caught smoking in the bathroom! We have 14 dead American’s and 21 seriously injured with gunshots!

    This has been characterized as a terrorist event. I FEEL NO SYMPATHY for theses people! When a workplace dispute occurs, most people go to the personnel department to report it! ESPECIALLY IN CALI government, believe me, the personnel department would have taken action.

    We have rifles, dead people, pipe bombs, and brazen police shootouts here Aholes! WTF?

    The “family,” it appears, has been treated extraordinarily well under the circumstances.

    Who are these idiot reporters asking the questions? Is that the best they can do? They were cowering under political correctness! I would have prefaced ANY question with, “in light of the 14 dead and INNOCENT victims and the 21 SERIOUSLY injured, ………….!”

    Just my PRELIMINARY ANGER over this charade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. wyntre says:

    Obama/Jarrett Warn FBI Director Over Anti-Muslim Tone

    UPDATE: Rumors now circulating that Barack Obama recently stood over Director Comey, who was seated at the time, and inquired whose side the FBI Director was on. Apparently the two men have been at odds for months, including Comey’s repeated repudiation of the Black Lives Matter movement and its highly negative impact upon law enforcement morale.

    UPDATE #2: Watch the video below and see how tense FBI Director Comey appears at the outset. Then watch at the end of the video (app 6:00 mark) as the live feed is abruptly cut off when it gets to the question and answer portion. Both Lynch and Comey give their Jarrett -approved statements on the San Bernardino terror attack, and then the transmission is terminated thus ensuring no Americans can hear Mr. Comey’s non-Jarrett approved commentary.


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  6. Mist'ears Mom says:

    OMG the Fox 5 are all cracking up after those 2 baboons ended that farce. So what we have just been told is that we all need to slow down and wait until Monday or Tuesday before we make any conclusions. Ohkayyyyyyy

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  7. maggiemoowho says:

    Ahhhh heck no, not terrorism!!! The family attorneys came out and said that Syed’s wittle feeling were hurt because some big bad Islamophobe bullies at work were picking on his beard and poor wittle Syed didn’t like that he was being picked on.

    That press conf. was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen so far. I question if the whole family isn’t involved now.

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    • watcher says:

      CAIR hired these clowns.
      Their spinning this so much, I need to put on my chains.

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      • maggiemoowho says:

        Did you notice how they tried to make Mrs. Terrorist into a conservative. Those idiots had zero sympathy for the victims. The MSM should have cut that presser off and not let those clowns disrespect the victims the way they did. Shame on them, they sounded like a Tap dancing John Kerry who thought ISIS was justified to kill people over a cartoon. I’m surprised the clowns didn’t blame it on the weather, maybe climate change will be the topic of their next news conf.


  8. Mist'ears Mom says:

    Pure propaganda…So we are to believe that the little snowflake wifey was so meek and mild mannered that she barely spoke and was soft spoken when she did, wore a burka evidently 24/7, couldn’t/didn’t drive and hardly left her house because she was afraid….but she could handle an AK-47 shooting out the back window of a fleeing moving car in a police chase at said police?
    Smile you are on candid camera-

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  9. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    Note to David Brooks: America has two options to choose from for the future. Choice 1: bowing down on a moslem prayer rug. Choice 2: Donald J. Trump. This is A Time For Choosing.



  10. John Hall says:

    So Syek’s mom lived with them, and Syek called his sister to go pick up their mom and baby?

    The attorneys said the mother didn’t know anything, but I recall a LE briefing where they said there was a bomb on the kitchen table.

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    • lastConservinIllinois?ami says:

      Maybe she thought it was a canoli ?

      She seems to be very stupid:
      She don’t know her son was making bombs,
      She didn’t know her son was a murderer,
      She didn’t know her daughter in law was a murderess …….


  11. Justice_099 says:

    It’s getting to the point where even my coworkers are openly discussing conspiracy theories about this. And I work with highly-educated engineers and executives.

    We cannot simply look the other way as a nation right now, folks.

    Imagine on 9/13/2001, our President and his administration telling us that the 19 hijackers were victims or that it had nothing to do with terrorism.

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  12. feralcatsblog says:

    An act of Islam.

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  13. Monroe says:

    While we are watching this cluster, who is watching the Baltimore trial cluster?


  14. Concerned says:

    I’ve decided the theory that Tashfeen radicalized Syed is nonsense. He changed before he met Tashfeen. http://www.ocregister.com/articles/farook-694761-couple-health.html

    If Farook left much of a public trace of his personal life, it was in his quest for a wife. Five years ago, on a site called Dubaimatrimonial.com, Farook described himself as a Sunni Muslim of Pakistani descent open to dating women from other religious backgrounds. But he started to change his requirements. On another site, in 2013, Farook described himself as a devout Muslim who was looking for the same in a mate, “someone who takes her religion very seriously and is always trying to improve her religion and encouraging others to do the same.”


    • Concerned says:

      This attorney is soooo bad: When asked to explain possible motivations for the attack, Chesley said at a news conference Friday that co-workers made fun of Farook for his beard and said he was isolated with few friends. (Chesley is Farook family attorney David Chesley who was on TV earlier today claiming that Tashfeen weighed 90 pounds.) Made fun of Syed’s beard? Seriously? How would be know this? Syed is dead. Tashfeen is dead. Did Syed tell someone else that his coworkers made fun of his beard??? This is pathetic. Please DHS remove all of the family members ASAP.

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      • Concerned says:

        By the way, how did the attorney know that Tashfeen was a 90 pounder if she never spoke to any men and she always wore a burka? I know, I know, don’t try to make sense of this. It’s all BS. It’s not going to make sense.


  15. Doodahdaze says:

    So bad. it is so bad we can not trust our own Federal Government in cases of terrorism in America. I never thought it could ever get this bad in the USA.


  16. TexasRanger says:

    The Politicization of Terror and Mass Shootings

    Fox News Video Dec=03-2015:


  17. moe ham head says:

    umm sorry but obozo still says workplace violence


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