Reuters Poll – Donald Trump Extends National Lead…

The latest Reuters Running Poll shows Donald Trump extending his overall lead significantly over the field of candidates.  Ben Carson remains second, and Marco Rubio is in third place with 10%:

In addition to polling, there is another aspect that needs to be discussed regarding espoused views of “conservative media”.  Everyone should pay attention to the Super-PAC spending, and campaign spending, as it relates to opinions that ultimately come from those media entities. 

There is massive campaign spending taking place particularly amid talk radio formats (Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, and Salem Media Networks as examples), it is disingenuous in the extreme not to notice the espoused views from punditry are impacted by the financial benefits afforded them via campaign, and special interest, ad revenues.

They are not going to cut off their nose and spite their pocketbooks.  Period.

Earlier today we highlighted how Fox News specifically modified their broadcast and punditry coverage to facilitate the selling of a specific agenda regarding immigration.  Fox broadcasting does not hold a monopoly at broadcasting messages based on their own vested-financial-interests.


$350,000 for ads on the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity national talk radio shows. Those early ads played a critical role in giving credibility to the candidacy of Dr. Carson and in persuading Dr. Carson to run. (link)

In addition to vested financial interests – there are ideological interests embedded within the corporate media networks and everything coming from punditry and employees within that media entity are bound to espouse an aligning view.

Never confuse the overlay of media news/current events, with modern corporate media political ideology.   Ted Turner did not start CNN just to broadcast current events, he was creating a media platform.

Evolution of this approach extends beyond broadcast into social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.  When you engage on those platforms you are engaging with a venue controlled by a set of ‘filters’ and objectives you may or may not agree with.

Various media platforms have ideologies behind them.  The intersection of politics with that platform creates the influence – hence, Facebook Mark Zuckerburg and the left-wing social media machine.

merkel zuckerberg

Controlling information, controlling the platform, especially in conjunction with corporate political interests, is an ever increasing quest for those who need to influence opinion in order to advance their collective goals.

Sometimes those goals are purely political:

mccarthy cantor zuck

Sometimes those collective goals have a specific motive and intent:

megyn kelly 2 rupert murdoch

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox's Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox’s Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

…But the bottom line is all of the participants have a vested interest in influencing our opinions, and, as a consequence, our actions:

salem media communications

Salem Media Group

Stuart W. EppersonChairman of the Board – A High-Fidelity Messenger – Long before Rush Limbaugh proved that radio listeners would flock to unapologetically opinionated chat, 10-year-old Stuart Epperson was reading Bible verses from a radio station his brother built in their family’s Virginia farmhouse. By age 36, Epperson had bought an AM station in Roanoke, Va., that would be the beginning of a religious and political broadcasting powerhouse.

Salem Communications, the company Epperson, now 69, later founded with his brother-in-law Edward Atsinger, owns 104 radio stations in 24 of the top 25 U.S. markets and reaches an estimated 5 million listeners a week. The broadcaster’s stations offer Christian music and teaching, as well as conservative talk shows that engage listeners not just to consider hot-button issues like abortion and stem-cell research but also to weigh in with letter-writing campaigns and phone calls to politicians. (Time Magazine 2005 Profile link)

This is why it is important to see how challenging it is for any American Patriot, as a candidate, to break through the concentric walls of special interest and get their genuine message to the electorate.

Tea Party Recon



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129 Responses to Reuters Poll – Donald Trump Extends National Lead…

  1. Teddi says:

    Trump will go higher after these attacks in France – this is exactly what he has been talking about…

    Throw out illegals, build a wall and protect our borders or these attacks will be daily events in America.

    Trump 2016 & 2020

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    • robertnotsowise says:


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    • FireAm 85 says:


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    • msdonnal says:

      My thoughts too!! We can’t really afford to wait to close our borders!

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    • Mr.Right says:

      Yes, but lets not use one bag here.

      This was religious, maybe even done by legal immigrant or even second generation French citizens.

      This attack is not related to some illegal immigration, but ISLAM

      Now, would Trump use this to bring the danger of muslim in America ? that would be bold.

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      • tempo150101 says:

        This attack is not related to some illegal immigration, but ISLAM

        How do you think the terrorists snuck into France?

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        • nimrodman says:

          They may not even have had to “sneak” into France.

          We don’t yet know whether these were:
          1. Legal immigrants, radicalized in France

          Legal immigrants, radicalized and then gone off to fight in Syria or elsewhere, then returned legally under valid French passports.
          Recent illegal aliens from the “refugee” / migrant swarm and intentionally using that as cover to sneak in for intended terrorism.

          Only #3 entails sneaking.

          I’ve read article after article of handwringing over what to do about re-entry of homegrown jihadis gone off to fight and then returning. What a quandary, what to do, what to do?

          I’ll tell you what to do: refuse re-entry. Or straight to prison, 20 years minimum.

          At our end, I think our visa-waiver program has to end for Europeans.

          Europeans aren’t Europeans any more.


      • Not religious. Islam is a cult, even so-called ‘moderates’ won’t buck the “radicals”


    • DelAware says:

      Trump bump


    • These savage attacks will absolutely solidify support for Trump. He’s the only candidate who has any credibility when it comes to protecting American citizens.

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    • I would say, the events in Paris, just made Donald Trump president.

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      • Curly Dave says:

        In the months immediately after 9/11 G.W. Bush had 90% approval. Over the course of the next year his approval plummeted under the ceaseless attacks of the traitorous media.

        I think Trump is going to get a huge boost from the paris attacks, but he is going to have to be on the ball to parlay thins into a lasting advantage.

        OTOH, I think he is up to the job.


    • nimrodman says:

      Teddi said: “Throw out illegals, build a wall and protect our borders …”

      Agreed. And after the recent Indianapolis home-invasion and murder of a young mother, I’d say:

      “Mexicans back to Mexico, Mid-Easterners back to the Mideast, Africans back to Africa.”

      Yes, that’s crude.

      But is it too much to ask that we not have to endure neighbors who’ll slit our throats, shoot us in home invasions, and plunder our working wages for free-stuff gov’t handouts?


    • Danette Gerardin says:

      Shame on anyone who still supports Trump after his display of pride and malice in denigrating the Christian testimony of Dr. Carson. Whoever respects low blows is diminished because God himself says that he will bring down the proud and raise up the humble. The jihadis are being allowed in as ‘Brownshirts”. I would rather a president with godly discernment than one with a whole lot of bombast.


  2. FireAm 85 says:

    I said in the “Paris thread” Trump won the Presidency today, IMO.

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  3. 300 says:

    Exactly Teddi he will soar tomorrow. Close the borders now.

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  4. FireAm 85 says:

    Correction: I wrote in the “Paris thread”

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  5. don welch says:

    down goes obama. down goes the crats. down goes hillaary. trumps jumps 10 points tomorrow.

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  6. 300 says:

    Fox just said confirmed 140 dead, at least. Reporter said appears to be a terrorist attack, Really!!

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    • Southern Son says:

      Aw, come on 300. You know these were indivual episodes of Entertainment Violence Not related in any way with ISIS or Islamism or Terrorism. Obeyme just said today that ISIS is in containment. The story line now, will be fire bombings of Syrian refugee camps in France. Now that is what they call Terrorism. The Refugees!!!

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  7. sam says:

    These attacks will give Trump a big boost in the polls. This will also drown out the news for a couple of weeks and keep Trump in the lead.

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  8. 300 says:

    Sundance have we heard from Trump yet?

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  9. El Torito says:

    Has POTUS spoke on the Paris workplace violence yet?

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  10. 300 says:

    Arsonists attacking refugee camp in Paris in retaliation. as per fox

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  11. TwoLaine says:


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  12. Doodahdaze says:

    Wonderful essay. I only hope more and more people will have their eyes opened. Commercial media, well it is commercial. Bought and paid. When you view or listen please, please, do so with a critical eye and ear. Trained communicators all. Any media personality could just as easily argue the “other” so called side.

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  13. craigusc says:

    Check out @realDonaldTrump’s Tweet:

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  14. sam says:

    This is what happen with mass immigration into Europe and Germany. This will happen in Germany, it’s only a matter of time.

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  15. mickie says:

    After Trump is elected, we need to start working on abolishing term limit. Let’s keep him in!

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  16. daughnworks247 says:

    Soo much for doubting Trump’s Trojan Horse argument.
    The Paris attacks are awful. Is this considered an Act of War?

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  17. yohio says:

    They just attacked TRUMP for telling the truth on msnbc because he tweeted that France one of the most gun controlled countries. MSM sucks and sad.

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  18. manickernel says:

    National Review is looking more like Daily Kos every day. It is shameless how they are coming out to destroy Trump. So much for the pledge.

    Trump ought to make copies, frame it with his picture, and send it to all his “friends” in the GOPe.

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    • NVA Patriot says:

      NRO backed rubio!, now they have to live supporting sweaty man child. Reuters will show Trump up 5-10 points inside of 2 weeks.

      I am guessing Thanksgiving is going to have an edge this year.

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    • jackphatz says:

      They’ve ticked off so many people by the derogatory name calling, they will be like Time mag in a few short years, worth a $1.


    • Prothonotary Warbler says:

      I liked a few National Review columnists before the rise of Trump forced them to reveal themselves as being ultimately on Team Them, in order to oppose the standard-bearer of Team Us.

      Go, Trump! Williamson and Goldberg can suck it.

      By the way… William F. Buckley was wrong, wrong, wrong, in so many of his most confident assertions. His disciples take the adage of “the most conservative candidate who can win” to mean the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney, who, uh, aren’t conservative at all and also didn’t, you know, win.

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      • manickernel says:

        Those were different times. Sadly we live in a strange new world that is becoming more bizarre each day.

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        • Prothonotary Warbler says:

          I don’t think those times were all that different. Buckley spearheaded the process of driving the Birchers out of the “mainstream conservative movement”, but, well, it looks to me like the Birchers were ultimately right about a lot of things.

          I feel like we’ve suffered today for the lack of their input.


  19. zephyrbreeze says:

    I hope Trump mentions that there was a massive terror suicide bombing in Lebanon today: around 50 dead and 248 wounded. See a pattern??

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  20. NYGuy54 says:

    Takes Trump’s comments on Carson last night right out of the news cycle.

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  21. Maybe Trump should also buy some ads with Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, and Salem Media Networks, etc. If it helps in media coverage why not? Might help even out the playing field.

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  22. timmihendrix says:

    Hollande says France will retaliate without remorse.

    Something tells me that doesn’t scare the dudes who just bragged about bombing Putin’s passenger jet.

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  23. manickernel says:

    How could the police stand by while 140 hostages (latest count) were murdered one by one in that theater by two guys? That is what one report is saying. I find it unbelievable.

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  24. fred says:

    lets see Trump said he would bomb the s___t out of ISIS. CNN had a general saying the army would revolt….Bill Cristol said he was crazy and on and on… Like he knew it was Friday the 13th. So now what…. open borders guys like Jeb abd Rubio should just go home after Paris and Trump comes out as the man not the nut case… These guys have a bad case of karma hitting them….. Imagine what’s gonna happen to merkel and all the other lefty radicals….Karma….

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  25. flyanddive says:

    Trump is right about everything so far, including Carson.

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  26. As horrible as these Paris attacks are, mark my words, these Muslims are saving the Big Guns for us!

    And when they do come for us again, it won’t be with bomb vests and AK’s. It will be with a nuke or a dirty bomb so potent that it could render a major US city uninhabitable for a generation.

    I’ve lost friends for saying this, but every time something like this happens I know I’m right: the problem IS Islam. Until we admit that, accept the fact it will only get worse, and act accordingly, Muslim slaughter will only escalate.

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    • zephyrbreeze says:

      Progressive cowardice won’t allow them to admit it. None are so blind, than those who refuse to see.

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      • irvingtwosmokes says:

        They’ll admit it when they realize for a brief second that they left the house with out their 10,000 SPF sunblock on a canned sunshine day.


    • flyanddive says:

      Islam in a nutshell: Lie through your teeth about how peaceful you are until you get the majority, then take over by any means necessary.


    • folma says:

      Infidels and unbelievers have no right to exist according to Muhammad’s teachings. This is Islam. There is no way around the foundation of their teaching. Like Israel should be wiped off the map–they also believe we non -Muslims should be exterminated. This ‘moderate’ Muslim religion of peace is not true. The root of this tree are rotten and the poisonous fruits of the Koran infect every Muslim. Some are just more ‘active’ than others.

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    • Piper says:

      Tommy- that is exactly what is going to happen- and it will be Obamas muslim brotherhood cronies that are all positioned in high places in OUR GOVERNMENT who make it happen! Obama will NEVER leave office willingly! He is going to try it- just wait and watch! The military will have to revolt, stage a coup and put Trump up as the popular vote candidate- or something like that… Obama will never give it up!!


  27. derks says:

    Time for Trump to take off the kid gloves and really let some people have it. Let the truth fly!

    In my opinion, he has been WAY too soft spoken.


  28. sheridan says:

    The whole world wants Donald Trump to be President right now.
    People need a strong leader like Trump in times like these.
    Heartbreaking news for Paris and so much anger at Holland, Merkel, Obama,Hilary and EU leaders for there responsibility in allowing this to happen.

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  29. MissV says:

    Seems there’s no media not beholden to a political agenda; likewise the candidates. Except for one…
    TRUMP 2016!!!

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  30. manickernel says:

    Get a load of this crap.


  31. spacette55 says:

    Salem Communications’ Atsinger and Epperson are both charter members of the Council for National Policy.
    Google it for more info.


  32. trump reads a lot to keep up with things

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  33. TwoLaine says:

    Where’s the ceiling when you need it? 😉
    I think TRUMP just crashed it! Again!


  34. TheTorch says:

    Well this is just amazing what is unfolding here on Fox News, every expert that has come on to discuss the problem and what to do about it is echoing what Trump has been saying! Open Borders are the problem, illegal immigration, one even said no Syrian refugees should be allowed in, another said there are no lone wolves they are all connected by a common ideology etc. etc.

    100% the opposite to the agenda the uni-party and this president are FOR and advancing.

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  35. Various media platforms have ideologies behind them. The intersection of politics with that platform creates the influence – hence, Facebook Mark Zuckerburg and the left-wing social media machine.

    Yet everyone on here has a Facebook page. If you feed the beast, you can’t complain about its size.


  36. sam says:

    Trump will have a Rally tomorrow, lets see if this effect the crowds he’s getting. It’s good that they have secret service there now and Team Trump should let his supporters know.

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  37. NJF says:

    Go trump!


  38. jeans2nd says:

    May I also point out SRN is Salem Radio Network. SRN News is used by Moody Radio. Their stable also includes Lou Dobbs, Cal Thomas, Armed American radio, and many others. They are aimed towards Christians. Their Wikipedia page –


  39. runthetable says:

    TRUMP killed it yet again last evening at the Sunshine Summit.


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