Mark Steyn Also Notices WSJ/FNB Avoid Contrasting Rubio…

Mark Steyn also notices how Fox Business News and the Wall Street Journal were in no hurry to compare or contrast Marco Rubio with Donald Trump on the issue of immigration enforcement, borders, deportation and Rubio’s gang-of-eight affiliations. 

fnb debate 5

The debate?

Well, I thought the most interesting moment came when Donald Trump brought up Eisenhower:

Let me just tell you that Dwight Eisenhower—a good president, great president, people liked him. ‘I Like Ike’, right? The expression ‘I Like Ike’? – moved a million and a half illegal immigrants out of this country, moved them just beyond the border: They came back. Moved them again, beyond the border: They came back. Then moved them way south. They never came back.

To the establishments of both parties and the media, Trump is beyond the pale. Yet he keeps, confidently, moving beyonder. And, as he does so, he’s moving the pale. NBC News.

At this point in the evening, the candidates were arguing not whether it was disgraceful but whether it was do-able. Trump’s response is that not only is it do-able but it’s already been done – by a two-term Republican president. Eisenhower, by the way, was the last non-politician to be drafted as presidential nominee (and “I Like Ike” came from Irving Berlin’s Call Me Madam). His sudden reappearance in the GOP pantheon is a fine example of the difference Trump’s made to this primary season: without his presence in the race, no-one would be talking about the practicalities of mass deportation of illegal aliens.

Whether that’s a good thing is a matter of opinion. But, considering that the erasing of America’s borders is the signature issue that propelled Trump to the top of the polls and has kept him there for six months, there’s been a curious reluctance on the part of all four debate-hosting networks to get into the subject.

Wouldn’t it be appropriate, in the present atmosphere, to question Marco Rubio on the Gang of Eight business and get a bit of a ding-dong going between him and Trump? Apparently not.

So two minutes of Wetback Revisited is apparently the closest we’ll get. It arose in the context of John Kasich and Jeb Bush’s objections to Trump’s views on the armies of the undocumented. Kasich actually said, “Think about the families. Think about the children.” Then he scoffed, “Come on, folks. We all know you can’t pick them up and ship them back across the border. It’s a silly argument. It is not an adult argument.”

Bush, on the other hand, thought that even talking about this stuff was a mistake that would work only to Hillary’s benefit: “They’re doing high-fives in the Clinton campaign right now when they hear this.”

How pitiful a candidate is Jeb? This pitiful: He’s not even competitive in the bleeding-heart compassionate establishment squish sub-section of the primary. Kasich offered sentimentalist pabulum – “Think about the children” – and elite condescension: Trump’s position isn’t “adult”. But Jeb basically previewed his general-election fetal position: We can’t talk about this because we have to play this game on the Democrats’ terms.

So I’m less persuaded than other pundits that Jeb has staunched the bleeding. He’s at four per cent in the most recent Fox and Quinnipiac polls, so there’s a limit to how much more he can bleed anyway. But did he reverse his fortunes? No.

He and Ben Carson both began the debate with something to prove – Bush that he isn’t just a legacy pick who’s not up to it, Carson that he wasn’t damaged by the sudden forensic attention to his autobiography. I confess I don’t quite get the good doctor’s appeal, but a mild-mannered man insisting that he attacked his mother with his hammer is certainly a novel kind of candidacy and there seems to be a market for it. He shored up his support far better than Jeb did his. (read more)

grubering us 2


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143 Responses to Mark Steyn Also Notices WSJ/FNB Avoid Contrasting Rubio…

  1. Doodahdaze says:

    Trump unveils Operation Wetback 2. Establishment has psychotic reaction. Similar to this.

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    • 1american1st says:

      Good one, Doodah!

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    • freeperjim says:

      The photo is a leftist reacting to the Constitution and the fact our rights come from our Creator – not a commie/muzzie in the White House.

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    • NewOrleans says:

      LMFAO! Doodah wins!

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      • Doodahdaze says:

        What we have here is an electorate that is stupified….As people of all colors and stripes, discover the Last Refuge. Even those with….gasp….Tatoo’s and Brand’s. Don’t count them out IMO.

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    • PremAmerica says:

      Remember when Trump first said “We are going to build a wall?” The media went nuts, and Trump responded with, “and Mexico will pay for it!” Last night O’Reilly said, “I’m with you on the wall.” Earlier this week even Hillary talked about her support for a “barrier.” Ya think a wall might make a good barrier?

      Trump won that round didn’t he? He will win this one too!

      The best moment of the debate didn’t happen during the debate. It was an ad that followed the immigration exchange. An elderly black woman telling a gut wrenching story of devastated black neighborhoods… Devastated by jobs lost to illegal immigration. The woman was Barbara Jordan, an icon of the civil rights movement.

      I’ll tell you guys, I’ve lived in this country for 30 years. I’ve learnt that African American women have a finely tuned BS-meter… There is a very strong sense in that community that they’ve been had. They get Trump. Diamond and Silk are just the tip of the iceberg.

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      • PreNanny says:

        Prem is this the ad you speak of?

        I pricked my ears when you said Barbara Jordan who will b.e gone from this great earth 10 years this January. Thank you for heads up was great to see/hear her again.

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        • PremAmerica says:

          That’s the one!! Interesting, I wrote based on what I remembered… The actual ad, when I see it now says a lot less than what I took from it!! That is the DEFINITION of a great ad!!

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      • Last night on Mark Levin show, Trump was interviewed. He still said he would build the wall and Mexico would pay for it but now he says it doesn’t have to be along the entire border, They will be able to use natural barriers. I went to his website and stated the wall has to be the ENTIRE length of our southern border


        • WSB says:

          I think he means continuous surveillance – after his trip to the border, he realized that there are just areas where a physical wall doesn’t need to be built.


        • BigMamaTEA says:

          conservativeinny, it doesn’t quite work that way. I like in Oklahoma. Been there lots of times. There are areas where there are mountain(for this part of the country)terrain, then there is of the course the Rio Grande River, etc. etc. But the vast majority can be fenced with the appropriate fencing (double wide meaning a wall with a space to drive a vehicle,another equal wall, 40 -50 feet high, flat non-grip surface etc) There are some area where drone , and camera surveillance with BP Troops on the ground monitoring works well. Um, and there won’t be a lot of “eminent domain” issues. There are areas in Texas where Ranchers would gladly donate to stop from having to rescue the sick, the rape victims, and bury dead, who die nearby just from their journey, or what happened to them on the way. And they also are fighting off Mexican Drug cartels, who like to intimidate the land owners, by placing the heads of their victims on the land owners fence posts. How’d you like to walk up on that every morning, while walking your property?

          A wall is not a total panacea, but it would certainly limit a lot of the entry points, and help narrow them down to more controlled areas.

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        • Skylight says:

          Trump has always said that we only need about 1,000 miles of wall because there are places where a wall cannot be built, but there are also natural barriers.


  2. Artist says:

    I have a huge crush on Mark Steyn’s brain.
    I like Ike
    I like Mark
    I love The Donald

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  3. tappin52 says:

    I’ve read that Maria Bartiromo opined to Laura Ingraham that Rubio should have been asked those questions about immigration. So Maria, why wasn’t it asked?

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  4. JoeS says:

    Trump should have stopped and asked Jeb if it would be alright to talk about the immigration issue if the Democrats were not listening.

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  5. NHVoter says:

    The establishment should take a look at this:

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  6. mcfyre2012 says:

    “I don’t quite get the good doctor’s appeal…”

    Love it.

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  7. NJF says:

    Trump’s position isn’t “adult”. But Jeb basically previewed his general-election fetal position


    love him ❤️

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  8. pageoturner says:

    I am no longer using the word “deportation”. Taking a page from the left wing community organizer’s book I now use a word with unicorn and skittles connotations “repatriation”.

    How evil can leftists be to stand in the way of repatriating people here illegally to their legal homeland?

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  9. amjean says:

    Decades ago, trucks from ICE would show up unannounced
    at factories and other work places illegals were and haul them
    off to be deported.

    We can do it again.

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    • pageoturner says:

      Actually I seem to remember them going to chicken processing plants in the Iowa area not more than 10 years ago. Did anyone rounded up get deported is the question.

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      • Notmeagain says:

        Heck, I’ve seen the sheriff in action and what the ilegales get is a trip to the border where they take a few days to go visit the family before they come back, and our sheriff gets sued and slandered daily. I’ve had one tell me all the ins and outs of crossing, not over the desert, but through the ports. Apparently Juarez is much better than Nogales.
        And as to all those people in the shadows, yes, it’s true. They are down at Home Depot every day sucking up the shade next to Carl’s Jr. because no one in his right mind would hang out in the killing sun.


    • Bill says:

      The establishment and the media are ripping their clothes, setting their hair on fire, shrieking about “the chilllllllllldruuuuuuuuuuun” and saying it’s “impossible” to deport that many criminals, because it would “cost too much.” But the cost of letting them STAY is incalculably MORE than the cost of getting rid of them. I would love to hear Trump speak this truth.

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      • Notmeagain says:

        Good point, he should start throwing out a few cost figures. At least it ought to lure a few competitors into an argument and that keeps the ball rolling.


        • PatriotKate says:

          Trump has mentioned the cost. I believe he says it’s around $200 Billion per year cost to the U.S. taxpayers. I’ll bet it’s higher.


      • Coast says:

        The truth is that the establishment does not want to get rid of the illegals. Trump needs to say “Let’s have a show of hands…who thinks that illegals in America should get American jobs and government benefits”? “Who thinks that illegals should stay”? That would kill Jeb, Rubio, and most of the others.

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      • NHVoter says:

        He said something similar to this tonight on Bret Baier.


    • PreNanny says:

      Offer a bonus to any tipster equal to 1 month cost of the illegals welfare etc booty.
      That will flush them out quick.

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    • annieoakley says:

      Oh yes! ICE raided a construction site in maybe 2000, 1998 in the Aspen area and hundreds of illegals tried to swim across the Roaring Fork River. The ‘Mountain Mothers for Social Justice’ threw a fit. I knew we were doomed then. (only a few were ‘caught’ and the River was cold but easy to wade).


    • WSB says:

      They did it in MA a few years ago…then lines of Americans showed up for interviews.

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  10. hocuspocus13 says:

    🇺🇸Let’s Take Back Our Country 🇺🇸

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  11. pageoturner says:

    Rush asked a great question today: If 12 million people said they weren’t going to pay taxes anymore would politicians say “There’s nothing we can do about it”? When they tax scofflaws are identified and sentenced would the politicians cry “How can you tear apart families”?

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    • yohio says:

      Beat me to it

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    • When they tax scofflaws are identified and sentenced would the politicians cry “How can you tear apart families”?

      Well, when Jesse Jackson Jr (or is he III?) and his wife were both convicted for misuse of campaign funds (think furs and fancy vacations) the judge obliged them with staggered sentences. She got to stay home with the kids while he went to prison, and when he got released, she got sent off to her stint at the GreyBar Hotel.

      So, yeah… they probably WOULD cry about it…


  12. yohio says:

    They brought out Newt to trash trump as nuts, and the routine of rounding people up and stuff. Then they protect Rubio, everything is so transparent who these people are anymore. The uniparty of can’t be done, perfect example of why we don’t win anymore. I loved Rushs response today, someone should get this to Trump. If 12,000 average citizens decided to not pay their taxes do you think the IRS would hunt them down? Find them at all cost, make them pay. Would they careless whether had families and hurt those kids, your damn right they wouldn’t care. A great answer and analogy.

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  13. folma says:

    Our grandparents defeated Hitler AFTER surviving the Great Depression. The silent majority movement is reviving this kind of courage deep in the hearts of Americans across this nation.We can manage a deportation of 11 million with a real organizer like Trump!

    They shouldn’t be worried about Trump’s plan, they should be worried about the cold anger welling up in the vulgarians’ very souls.

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    • keebler AC says:

      No jobs and no welfare, they’ll self-deport and take children with them. The excuse that the children don’t speak Mexican is not true because we know they cling to their language when here. Maybe the deported can do some good back in their home country and modify it to match opportunities here having learned (hopefully) the difference. I say, time to deport them back, they’ve had opportunities the legal immigrants never got because American couldn’t bring them here for lack of jobs. Jobs that businesses can’t find to fill with labor here, hire legal immigrants.

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      • NJF says:

        When Trump first came up with his plan, a good friend of mine said, “even if they could be deported, how would he even find all these people?”

        My response, ” are you kidding me? The majority are getting welfare, do you honestly think the govt doesn’t know where they are?”

        Such is the mindset of the uninformed. I love this woman, we’re basically sisters, but she exemplifies uninformed. She thinks b/c she watches BOTH CN&N & FOX she’s well informed. SMH

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        • yheitman says:

          Yeah, at the hospital where I work (Catholic) they’re getting full care and not paying a penny. They don’t speak English and we ask them to fill out Financial Information forms so they can receive charity care but they don’t do it because of fear of being deported. We usually hire almost daily translators for non-English speaking Mexicans, Koreans, and people from every other country you can think of. They just don’t assimilate. People who have been for 20 years and still don’t understand or speak a word of English. So we just keep giving them hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of treatment and who do you think is paying for it. We, the taxpayers.

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      • WSB says:

        Perfect! Just think of them as experienced ambassadors for democracy! Spread the love!


  14. Nanny G says:

    Not at the debate, but on the Mark Levin radio show Trump explained and expanded about how so many illegals could get removed from this country.
    As employers can no longer hire them legally, and as families can no longer be ”reunified,” as well as visas being enforced strictly and as Sanctuary Cities are shut down (all the law today, btw) the illegals will leave of their own accord.
    I believe this is true.
    Most will leave.
    Only a minority rump of the illegals will need force applied to get them out.
    And they will deserve everything they get.

    Obama could take this issue away from Trump by enforcing these laws right now!
    Of course he won’t. Wouldn’t dream of it.

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  15. keebler AC says:

    Also, why do the legal immigrants have to be Mexican? Anyone who can do the labor not desired or unfulfilled by Americans, with good standards and proven ethics, should have fair chance to opportunities here as Mexicans. America has to populated with those who aspire to American and Constitutional ethics. I bet some Ukrainians would work hard if not more.

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  16. Doodahdaze says:

    So called talk radio is getting a paycheck from somewhere…..not here.


  17. joshua says:

    Donald Trump Interview With Maria Bartiromo 11-12-2015
    Regards removing the illegals from our country
    “won’t that cause disruptions?’ she asks.

    My Lord in Heaven…what kind of stupid question is that? Everything that has to be done is going to cause MASSIVE disruptions….that is the PURPOSE of taking our Nation back from the brink of disaster.
    None of these TV people understand PROCESS…they only think of EVENTS.
    (I was taught that God invented Time so that everything that happens doesn’t all bang together at once)

    One. Build a fence at the border. Stop going AND coming in and out on the USA…anyone who leaves has to be recorded as well as anyone entering…and a NATIONAL VISITORS DATA BASE maintained on ALL of these.

    Two.Take charge of VISAs for eveyone IN THE NATION. ANYONE THAT HAS OVERSTAYED their visa…..locate them via LAW ENFORCEMENT…and REMOVE them no matter what they are doing….they are ILLEGALS….(this is not about some poor family unless they brought their family in on their visa)….then go and reapply for new visas…some will not be coming back…all of these are entered into the NATIONAL VISITOR data base…..and all border locations MUST have access to anyone attempting to enter or leave illegally and dealt with RIGHT THEN AND THERE….no release to come back for court hearing. Use Administrative Judges, not elected or appointed officials. Go to holding facility, and they PAY FOR ROOM AND BOARD while there. No Free lodging and Food or entertainment for people violating or attempting to break the law.

    Three. Set up massive enforcement for eVerify with jail for CEO and HR execs who violate the hiring of illegals…JAIL, and massive fine. You have to inflict PAIN and COST on the top people…without special considerations….

    Four. Impose funds transfer restrictions and audit for all funds entering and exiting the country electronically….ALL funds leaving to go outside the country that are NOT bank to bank audited corporate transfers must be taxes and held to prevent illegal aliens from sending money home while staying in the USA.

    Five. All rented housing MUST be registered as to legality of the tenant, and cities must enforce real estate OCCUPANCY laws and code enforcement to prevent groups staying together as a clump or family sheltering illegals….Violators will be taken THEN to the Enforcement Route to determine deportation means and timing.

    Six. All schools will be required to register all kids by birth certificate and parent citizenship and legality of being in the country. If the kids are in school, even if the kids are anchor babies by birth, if the PARENTS who are legally responsible for the wellbeing and maintenance of Under Age Kids are illegally here, the group must return to the parents’ country of origin and taken out of public schooling.

    Seven. All Department of Motor Vehicles departments must verify legality of a person’s status in the country as well as criminal background checks before issuing any driver’s licenses…and ALL auto Insurance companies must verify legality of anyone seeking to purchase auto insurance, and all financing institutions loaning money for purchase of a motor vehicle must verify legality of the person being in the country….and no insurance can be issued nor vehicle title sold to anyone not legally in the USA.

    Eight. Any social assistance program that has any money, food, housing, clothing, healthcare assistance, or counseling must verify and validate the legality of anyone using these services in order for the services to be rendered. All Emergency Room services rendered must not allow the patient to LEAVE until they are detained along with family members who might accompany them until the legal status is determined and they must be bound by law to pay for any services they USE at these facilities.

    Nine. Any section 8 or HUD housing must determine the legal immigration or visa status of recipients of such services and assets prior to them gaining any such living quarters.

    So if we close the borders, prevent employers from hiring illegals, stop money being sent back to their country of citizenship, prevent social service without legality, prevent illegal ingress and egress to the borders and transportation hubs, stop housing, food, welfare, healthcare service and limit ability to obtain transportation and insurance….and close schools to kids whose parents are not legally here….

    Guess what…no kicking in doors in the middle of the night with armed jackbooted military folks rounding up illegals and putting them into cattle cars to ship off like a totalitarian dictatorship will happen at all.

    The illegals will HAVE TO LEAVE on their own…they will be OUTED when they attempt to get or use services created for US CITIZENS to which they are NOT ENTITLED, but have gotten used to having……

    These DISRUPTIONS are clear cut, methodical, easily procedurized, most using existing organizations and institutions, and the INS and Border Security we are paying for but not getting much use from.


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    • Bill says:

      Give them 6 months to self-deport. After they self deport, they can get at the end of the line for legal immigration.

      AFTER the 6 month grace period, if they are found in the country, they are permanently deported and BANNED, with no chance ever to return legally.

      IF they come back again, illegally, after being banned, put them in t-shirt that says “F-CK A-LAH” in huge letters, super-glue AK47s in their hands, and parachute them into Syria. I don’t think they would be coming back again.

      The US is experiencing hostile invasion and attack. 21st Century, Politically Correct Warfare. We are being financially and culturally violated by this invasion.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      The US needs a national ID like a US passport. If you can’t get one because you are here illegally (undocumented as the PC police like to say) , no job, no voting, no drivers license…bye bye!

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      • annieoakley says:

        No way it will just track citizens and the illegals will have a fake (like The Birth Certificate) and citizens will endure even further punishment.

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        • BigMamaTEA says:

          Totally agree annieoakley. No national ID. Track the visa entry/exit. They come here on a 6 month, or 1 year Visa to work, or study, and we never see them again.

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    • mossomo says:

      “No Free lodging and food or entertainment for people violating or attempting to break the law.”

      You know what’s rich, if you find yourself in a Mexican jail or in any jail of a country south of us, there’s no free food or lodging. The below outtake is very kind to the Mexican/Hispanic criminal justice systems.

      From the Tijuana US Consulate’s website:

      Mexican jails usually do not provide all the amenities that U.S. jails do.
      [The following was bolded] Depending on how long you are going to be incarcerated, you should consider making arrangements with friends or family to have money,
      food, and other necessities delivered to you. [/bold] Many prisons supply only the
      very minimum of basic necessities. In others, prisoners may have to
      purchase their own food, clothing, bedding and even pay rent on their cell.


  18. Athena the Warrior says:

    Too bad the moderators don’t ask Kasich or anyone else crying about illegals, what about the American families being torn apart from the crimes of illegal invaders.

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  19. Carolyn McD says:

    The sh*t is hitting the fan on Rubio. Cruz and Rand Paul are double-teaming him on Gang of 8. I love it!! Rubio fans are in total defense mode.

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  20. Trumped says:

    They are all in it. All in the anti trump coalition. Maria, Cavuto, they seem nice towards Trump but they do everything they can to help the establishment.


    I suspect Trump supporters are about at least 50% of republicans right now and huge chunks of the independents(!!!).
    The most important thing now is to get ready to vote in your primary and take over the GOP wherever you can. This is crucial!

    The rest is Trumps job!
    Trump is clear on his positions and will get even better as a “politician”. This B.S made him only stronger.

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  21. pageoturner says:

    GOP Debate was stuffed with Rubio supporters
    Rumors are circulating of significant influence by the Wisconsin State Republican Party and Scott Walker loyalists who manipulated the ticket selection process to ensure the audience was of a, “more Mainstream Republican” variety, a process believed to have been quietly endorsed by RNC Chair, Reince Priebus.

    This manipulation is said to have given particular attention to Rubio supporters.

    It is well known in Republican circles that Governor Walker has very little regard for the campaigns of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

    “Expose Trump.”

    So went the repeated mantra as Republican Party operatives set out to manipulate the audience leanings.

    It is not known if the Rubio campaign knew of the manipulation but is yet further evidence of the Republican Establishment now more directly invested in the success of Marco Rubio’s bid for the White House.

    Whispers are also circulating of a far more aggressive anti-Trump and Cruz approach being readied for the next GOP debate to be held December 15th in Las Vegas.


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  22. Dan Schwartz says:

    MSNBC Bias: Katie Tur Forgets We Deport People Every Day When She Questioned Trump
    [In this article I skewer both Tur and Chris Matthews, using quotes from JFK and Barbara Jordan!]

    We’ve seen some biased journalists over the years, but MSNBC’s Katie Tur sunk to new lows last night on Hardball with Chris Matthews when she viciously interrogated Donald Trump over his immigration reform plan to humanely deport 11 million illegal migrants, conjuring up images of JFK’s and Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback” of over a half-century ago, a successful law enforcement program we extensively documented 3 weeks ago. Despite the fact ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) humanely deports up to several thousand people per day — many by airplane to Asia, Africa, and Central America — Keith Olbermann’s former girlfriend kept obnoxiously insisting his immigration reform plan, of which she obviously disagrees, is inhumane because 60 years ago the Border Patrol dumped repeat offenders in the desert town of Mexicali, about 100 miles east of Tijuana. In the interview Tur repugnantly insisted ICE’s ERO would use the same deportation methods the Border Patrol used six decades ago, when it’s just not done that way any longer.


    • pageoturner says:

      Tur failed to mention those dumped in Mexicali came back so they had to be put on ships to Veracruz. Anyone who’s so dense they don’t understand “illegal” and returns after being repatriated over the border to their own country is not needed in this country,

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      • lorac says:

        Mexicali is literally right on the border. I hope Trump’s deportation efforts send them south, really south – not just over the border.


    • Doodahdaze says:

      Why be humane?


      • PreNanny says:

        I would make sure they left the same way they arrived, it was humane enough for themselves right?
        Also, I would confiscate any assets they had property, auto and money and send them packing. Use the money from sale of any assets to pay for any costs associated
        with Law Enforcement. Furthermore I would not allow any bank to take possession of
        through loan defaults. They took a risk giving auto loans and mortgages to illegals
        I want them to have consequences for doing so.

        Reminder after the American revolution British sympathizers lost their property and assets.

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  23. Alfred E. Neuman says:

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

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  24. Doodahdaze says:

    Misfits, the conservative kine. Kick Ass! Rag Tag Republicans you won’t find at the Rotary Club Picnic. Nahhhh! We are not who they thinks we are. We rock! Up theirs.

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  25. Betty says:

    There are some sentences that should go down in history, this is one:

    I confess I don’t quite get the good doctor’s appeal, but a mild-mannered man insisting that he attacked his mother with his hammer is certainly a novel kind of candidacy and there seems to be a market for it.

    there was another one a few days ago about a 10 foot pole but I didn’t archive it, so I don’t remember exactly.

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  26. Jim says:

    I love that Murdoch tweet you keep putting up. It implies Trump did well in all four debates, standing out as the winner in the first three, with nobody else doing well in those debates.

    How hopeless do you have to be to argue that your guy does well only 25% of the time?

    And he can only do that because he won’t let his reporters press his guys on their disingenuous statements.

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  27. NHVoter says:

    Trump’s Twitter timeline is full of gems today.

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  28. Trent Telenko says:

    The thing that Trump needs to surface with open borders illegal immigration is the destructive effect it is having on American public health. Specifically it is importing America’s impending Tuberculosis (TB) epidemic.

    This Obama Administration policy of having TB positive illegal alien children released to illegal immigrant parents scares the heck out of me from the point of view of epidemiology.

    In the 1920s TB was the eighth leading cause of death for children 1-to-4 years old. Since then American public health has been so effective in preventing it that the USA no longer has any “herd immunity” to TB.

    This “catch and release” illegal alien policy is horrible from the infectious disease point of view in that phlegm or aerosolized sputum that are contaminated with Mycobacterium tuberculosis are active biohazards that have long latent infection periods. This makes “exposure” very easy. The clinical definition of TB Exposure — which I found in a University of Vanderbilt student medical file PDF — is the following:

    “A person is considered to be exposed if there is shared breathing space with someone with infectious pulmonary or laryngeal tuberculosis at a time when the infectious person is not wearing a mask and the other person is not wearing an N95 respirator. Usually a person has to be in close contact with someone with infectious tuberculosis for a long period of time to become infected; however, some people do become infected after short periods, especially if the contact is in a closed or poorly ventilated space.

    The “Uniparty” political elites — as Sundance calls them — are statistical and epidemiological illiterates.

    They are playing a game of “hiding the TB Spike” via spreading out the illegal kids the way the Obama operatives at the US Census played with employment data in the fall of 2012 to help reelect Obama.

    They have no real idea what that means for public institutions, our kids and other immune impaired. All they want is a US Amnesty to seal their power the way open borders sealed the Left’s power in California.

    It is magical thinking all the way.

    Testable anti-bodies to TB infection appear in two to 12 weeks for skin and blood tests and the incubation period for full blown active TB is six months to two(+) years.

    While active TB can be found by chest X-rays, screening for latent TB infection (LTBI) can only be found by two tests that screen blood and skin. The problem for screening these illegal alien immigrants is, strangely enough, that they are from countries with wide scale TB vaccinations.

    The TB vaccine is called BCG (Bacille Calmette-Guérin). It is considered controversial because it isn’t “very effective” in countries with a low incidence of TB, like the USA.

    However, that isn’t the biggest reason BCG isn’t usually given in the United States. Mass inoculation with BCG would remove both latent TB skin tests from the public health arsenal and increase the false positive rates from blood tests because those treated with BCG vaccinations all have the anti-bodies that current skin and blood tests look for.

    The American public health system would lose most of its ability to track the spread of latent TB in the American population. The current public health paradigm of track, isolate and treat TB is about to come to a horrible end for the American public health system.

    A LTBI individual represents a 5% risk of developing active TB in the first 2 years of infection and is at a cumulative 10% risk of active TB over his or her lifetime. The US Army medical community estimates 1/3 of the world population has LTBI, with World Health Organization (WHO) data showing 9.2 million active TB cases and 1.7 million deaths annually.

    By way of contrast, the 2010 estimate for the US LTBI population was at 4.2% (11 million people).

    That 1/3 LTBI infection number for foreigners means that adding one million new illegal aliens results in 300,000(+) new people with LTBI, or a 3% increase in America’s pool of LTBI people over that 2010 estimate. Some 30,000 of these people will have an active TB in their lifetime, and if we are talking recently infected children, up to 15,000 of that may happen in the next 2-years.

    As a parent of young kids, this plain terrifies me.

    Trump should use that information to terrify the public at the price of the Uniparty elites.

    See this for the details:

    America’s Impending Tuberculosis Epidemic
    Posted by Trent Telenko on July 10th, 2014

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    • Helen says:

      In 1983 or 1984 while going to school, I worked at a restaurant in Houston, TX. A cook from India or that part of the world anyway, came down w/ TB. About half the staff was born in Mexico or Latin American. They tested all employees for TB and all American born tested negative. However, the majority of the foreign born tested positive. Think about that next time you eat out.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ivehadit says:

      Hi Trent! Long time no see…


  29. TexasRanger says:

    Eisenhower’s Operation Wetback 1954

    Brief narration of the events of Operation Wetback, a 1954 campaign that involved the forced mass deportation of over one million Mexican Illegal Aliens back to Mexico.

    Video Dec-10-2012

    Donald Trump’s immigration plan for Illegal Aliens immigration enforcement, borders, deportation, and the Wall to keep illegal immigrants from entering the US illegally.

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  30. cardinalmike says:

    The Donald will be on with Bret Baier (FNC) and Erin Burnett (CNN) and he has a speech in Fort Dodge, Iowa starting at 6:00 (CST). Busy, busy, and busy!


  31. keebler AC says:

    Macy’s had their worst stock performance yesterday since 2008.

    Meanwhile, J.C. Penney’s performance has increased – despite Macy’s hot weather and tourist troubles. Amazing isn’t it?

    I put a link here at the Macy’s thread, have a read and enjoy!!!


  32. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    Mark Steyn is great.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. keebler AC says:

    Macy’s stock was doing well up until after July 2015. You’ll see an incredibly steep drop off at that point. Go to this link which shows stock prices through out time, and click on “YEAR” to see a year’s worth of stock date for Macy’s.

    Meanwhile, Kohl’s is doing well in addition to J.C. Penney. So we know where Macy’s business is going.

    What happened to Macy’s is what will happen to Rupert’s Fox too. It takes time and grit determination by Vulgarians to spread the grassroots word and boycott Fox for their disloyalty to America. Fox is owned by an Australian, does he even have dual citizenship? I think maybe not because Murdoch would be double taxed. Will have to check this out about Rupert.

    Go Trump!!!!!! We’re in it for the long haul, but as Eric Trump said, imagine we’re only 4 months into his father’s candidacy. Wasn’t Donald the proud papa tho, listening to his sons speak!


  34. Paul Killinger says:

    I was only a kid when General Eisenhower was elected president. But I recall the buttons my parents and our neighbors wore well. They read, “I Like Ike.”

    And America was a far different place then. People never heard from the Govt except at tax time. Husbands worked, wives stayed home or worked part time, and Ike liked to play golf.

    Actually, his biggest legislative accomplishment was the advent of our Interstate Highway system. Having seen the German Autobahn in person, he immediately understood its value in expanding commerce. (Can we even imagine where our nation would be today without it?)

    And, yes, knowing the importance of national borders from his time in Europe, Ike did remove people who were here illegally from our country. But the way I heard it, he only actually had to deport about 50,000, and the rest of the million or so who departed got the hint and left.

    Of course, this problem will be much more difficult to resolve now, as the numbers of people here illegally have swelled since we’ve allowed it to fester. And that’s not to mention the 40% or so of the total who flew in on tourist or education visas and melted into the crowd.

    But allowing this mass disregard for America’s sovereignty to continue isn’t an answer either. It’s just like the stupid trade deals we’ve entered into as the result of our politicians lying to us. We have to go back and make it right!

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  35. Phooey says:

    I like that Trump is setting people straight on history. We have lived in bizarro world where there are no borders and no immigration enforcement for so long, that a huge percentage of the legal population has no clue that this is WRONG and terrible for them and for the country!

    So tired of the “but you can’t break up the families” hollow argument. Typical Democrat-speak, when confronted with irrefutable facts, ignore it and launch into an appeal for emotion.

    No families are breaking up. Each family can and will drag Grandma Esmeralda, Jorge Jr., Maria, and their 6 other anchor siblings back where they came from, driving their new American-taxpayer-funded Escalades back across the border instead of hoofing it on foot or hiding in the back of a truck like they did on entry. They’ll be returning with a lot of illegally obtained wealth, I don’t see how that’s a net loss for them.

    When Kasick and Jeb-ita were whining that you can’t physically deport 11M people (and they’re wrong, it’s way more than that), I do wish Trump would have had the chance to counter with “We won’t need to deport that many people, they’ll leave on their own.” Watch the heads explode for days afterward, just like when he said Mexico would pay for the Wall. Shut down the feeding trough for illegals in-country and cut the Western Union firehose blasting hundreds of billions of dollars out-of-country. Frank Luntz’s stupid little graphs would blow through the top of the TV screen (‘course that wouldn’t get aired on Fox, would it). Maybe Trump can get to that next time…

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  36. Pingback: FOX News is Marco Rubio's Unofficial Super PAC and Using Megyn Kelly to Sell It...

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