FBN Prime-Time GOP Debate – Open Discussion Thread

The Prime-Time Republican Debate is presented by Fox Business News in conjunction with Rupert Murdoch’s The Wall Street Journal.  Broadcast on FBN.

The FNB debate(s) are supposed to focus on jobs, taxes and the general health of the economy, as well as domestic and international policy issues. The prime-time debate airs at 9PM/ET – Live Stream Link AVAILABLE HERE

FNB debate 2

Open Discussion Thread

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2,042 Responses to FBN Prime-Time GOP Debate – Open Discussion Thread

  1. Rene says:

    You know what this illustrates? How we the people are so played by the media and politicians. It was clear to me there was only one person on that stage who was real. Donald Trump. The rest were memorizing, rote, say anything to get elected, do nothing, money grabbing, disingenuous, politicians. Without Trump we would be screwed as usual. With him we might have a fighting chance.

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  2. chuffed-beyond-words says:

    Re-watching the 2nd half of the debate w/ my mother (she paused it and so I went into another room to finish.), and how hilarious is it that these established republicans (kasich and bush respectively) ‘attacking’ Wallstreet when we the people (treepers specifically) know the real truth. It’s incredibly eye opening to the long stem of corruption and lies we have been spoon fed since the 1910s. :/

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  3. Voltaire's Crack says:

    Rove is saying Bush had a good night, “Certainly the night he needed”. Goes on to say that Trump didn’t.

    Could have made a great SNL skit if the debate was a week earlier.

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  4. TheTorch says:

    GOPe major fail!

    Rove trying to boost Bush!
    and tried to say Trump hurt himself on substance but stuttered!
    Says Rubio did better than Cruz (predictable from Rove)

    Rove does not look happy 🙂


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    • Trump won in the Time poll as well and one of the fox polls believe it or not.. These people and their games.. I am sick of them.Cruz and Carly went way over their times. I know many like Cruz and wasn’t that he was not good, but he just talked and talked and talked and no one stopped him and Carly kept interrupting over and over and over.


      • archer52 says:

        Chess and checkers. Big picture vs wonky details.

        Reagan “We win, they lose.”

        Jeb “Well, if Syrian rebel force ‘A’ holds these fourteen views, and Syrian rebel force ‘B’ holds eleven views, but has three token Christians and a midget, the overall weighted factor of the sum of ‘x’ is….”

        Trump “let Putin kill them all. They aren’t our friends.”


  5. Snarly reminds me of the HOA terrorist (home owner associations we have them in arizona), residential terrorists. i think she is qualified for that, but not president.

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    • lastConservinIllinois? says:

      Oh you just nailed it MoniQue.
      She is the neighborhood busy body walking around looking for new rules that need to be written.

      I know those HOA terrorists all too well.

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    • Haha that’s a good one..my friends call her Snarly..

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      Perfect description! We had one here (she either moved, or perhaps died and went to the hot place) who WALKED the neighborhood w/ a clipboard looking for infractions. Notably, the neighborhood was new in 2004-6 when she was on her rounds. The homes then ranged from 500k-1.4M. There were no real infractions. People received ‘notices’ for the most petty things… with threats of fines per day. What was wrong w/ a friendly letter reminding them of the rule, noting it needed to be corrected. Most people would do so. Those that didn’t could receive a follow up letter rolling out the threats.

      Carly likes to go for the jugular first, imo. Which is why she’s usually hated.

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    • archer52 says:

      Right to the point.

      “Yes, I’m sure you feel it is your right. Buuuuut here at the Rancho Mesa development HOA, of which I chair, we have a different view. I’m sure you can agree that we must all get along, so fall in line and we can all get back to our lives. Alrighty then? Here, have a cookie, Barbara baked them. She resisted at first because she didn’t see the wonder of our way of life, but that’s changed hasn’t it Barb? Such a sweet girl.”

      Whole SyFI movies about that. She creeps me out more and more.

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  6. Mr. Haney says:

    Probably all the people in a call center in India.


  7. Like A Boss says:

    Jebby baby , you no fix – U still broken !!


  8. Please everyone vote in this poll, so far i think cruz is catching up withTrump


  9. lastConservinIllinois? says:


    Watching CNN, Dana Bash interviewing Fiorina – reminded of the Sleestaks from “Land of the Lost”.

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  10. stillhopeful says:

    Why did Carson go first in post debate interview? Someone help me understand! I thought Trump was ahead.

    Carson sat there, smug and smiling, bragging about how he put MSM in their place. Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh.

    Poor Trump has so much to overcome.

    Just before debate, I caught a little of Craphammer, telling BOR that Trump isn’t a serious candidate, that the media doesn’t even vet what he says (so now, vetting is needed. Who vetted O?) I didn’t even hear Trump’s name mentioned re poll standing in this conversation. FOX is not conservative. I’m sick of people telling me I’m wrong.


  11. TheTorch says:

    Good point Bill Mitchell was trying to say on Twitter. If Carson has all these face book fans and does well on the social media, then how come he does so badly in the Drudge Online Poll ? Surely they would all be boosting him…

    My question, could they be phantom face bookers… Hmm

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  12. Mr.Right says:

    To me Cruz had some of the best moments on immigration.

    Him mentioning that the talk on immigration would be very different if millions of bankers & journalist where crossing the border was another Cruz missile.
    Its a great exposure of the downplayed illegal unskilled immigration by the press and wallstreet.

    Now a part that I laughed at out loud was when Bush & kasich said its impossible to “deport 11 million people” … Because you wonder, was it also impossible to “import 11 million people” ?
    1 million people a year (without 1 cents of us tax payer involved) comes here illegally, but they cant go back to their home town because of some magical barrier?

    And just as note: in saudi arabia 2 million people… yes 2 million people, go and go in 1 week during the hajj. 2 million people in 7 days. in and out.

    Bush & Kasich talk to us like we are morons… they have NO solutions to fix a well identified problem.

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    • a financial guy was on and said he was amazed that both bush and kasick worked for banks and they were so clueless about the financial and economic questions ESPECIALLY on the bank questions. he said this really hurt bush tonight.

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      • Kasick was talking as if there is no FDIC insurance
        “Can’t let the banks fail!!”
        What a moron.

        Saw Dick Morris after the debate. He said he has no idea how Carson’s polling numbers stay up. Says Carson is making the whole thing up as he goes. Knows nothing about jobs or State affairs.

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      • Crystal says:

        That was Charlie Gasparino of FOX Business who said that he’s covered the banks for years and that he had no idea what Kasich and Bush were talking about, especially given that they were the two candidates that worked for banks in the past.


    • Crystal says:

      Kasich said 11 million illegals; Bush said 12 million. I remember in the recent past a pro-immigration organization said it was closer to 40 million.

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    • archer52 says:

      Yes, but the Muslims left on their own accord!! That is the key!! You can’t force them out, you have to make them want to leave.

      We can’t deport 11 million, but we can encourage them to identify themselves. In the end, IF Trump is serious, he’ll go after the businesses that employ them. Short of that, this is a throwaway political line.

      First off, eleven million is not an accurate number, it is double that. Second, there are not enough courts or ICE or immigration or enforcement tools available to handle the influx. If we are a “country of laws” then the law is each illegal gets a hearing. That’s the law. A hearing is paperwork filings and court time. Let’s say we do it as fast as we can. Each hearing is an hour (been in a thousand). Court starts at 9am, lunch at noon, back at one, closes at five. Unless the judge has a tee time.

      seven hours- seven people. times five. How many judges do we have currently handling this mess? A thousand? Two? One judge, doing nothing else 140 people a month. Say times a thousand, 140,000 a month. But they have the right (under the law) to appeals…so… Who knows, they will all immediately appeal I would assume.

      Even if they didn’t. Now you have 140,000 humans deemed exportable. How do they get from here to there? (Wherever “there” is? Not all come from Mexico, some countries won’t want them back) ICE has twenty thousand employees- five to one ratio I’m betting. So how many actually lay hands on the illegal and move them around, and by what means? Rail? Air? Bus? Car?

      Here is an interesting look at what they do.


      So if nothing gets jammed up, 140,000 people a month out of here. There are eleven million plus, not including the ones returning illegally or new ones coming over. How many months? Rounding up, one hundred months. Or 8.333 years. Two terms of one President. Who BTW, won’t be a two term president, because the idiot weepy voters would be subjected to video after video of adults and children crying and screaming as they are separated or shoved back across the border as a whole.

      That’s the reality.

      Make them ID themselves by stopping their ability to earn a living or get benefits. If no criminal background give them a guest worker visa good for five years. No paperwork, no job. The ones coming in will stop, because there is no more food at the picnic.


  13. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    Caputo is having post interviews with all the candidates. I’m happy that Fox is still streaming the interviews.


  14. here’s my take on tonight: Rand Paul helped himself the most. Trump solidified himself as executive and presidential and even raising his hands to ask questions instead of butting in, Trump also completely reversed any clown image they were trying to put on him after doing SNL. Cruz had some good moments.

    Snarly, Bush, Kasick, Rubio did horrible. however, the media will paint Rubio & Snarly as winning based on their fast speech and ability to spout things off rapid fire. I KNOW Rubio was hopped up on something. so they may get a bump in polls, taking away from Carson and Bush.
    Kasick, really so sour grapes and hurt himself i think tonight. bush too.

    Carson just so clueless, i don’t think he did much for himself tonight. he did not look presidential at all. he comes across as a bumbling professor. and worse, looks unintelligent when it comes to economic and finance. he likes to should words like REGULATIONS all the time. i guess he heard financial folks use that word and although he doesn’t understand its context likes to use it, unfortunately the audience eats this up cuz they don’t understand it either.

    i think Levin will be on Rand and leave Carson camp for a while. Rand singing Levin’s tune tonight. Carson will keep his group but i don’t see him climbing anymore.

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    • archer52 says:

      I agree except on Paul. He is his father’s son. The only voice in the wilderness screaming “fire!”.

      He’s right on the substance, wrong on the approach. First of all, as we have learned in the Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, Iraq, Libya etc, if we leave, evil enters. Then we have to deal with what that causes. The world is too small for us to check out of it. The Pauls don’t want to accept that.

      Carson is a nice guy wondering how in the world he got roped into running. He’s going to be someone’s surgeon general if a Republican wins.

      The rest is right on point. Trump was smart enough to let the wonks beat on each other with wonky bats. Then he summed it up clearly. It was a brilliant chess move.

      His only, ONLY failure that will get him not elected is his stubborn adherence to the illegals must go out of the country meme. Like the border fence, it is an unworkable solution. I’m waiting for him to morph into something more doable. The courts alone would tie him up for all his time in office if he tries to deport 11 million.

      They are here, like cancer in your body. You can’t will it away. You have to treat it with something that works. I’m betting in time, he will switch to the secure borders/guest worker visa approach a number of people are using. They want to use the U.S. for income? Then I want to use them as a tax revenue stream.

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      • yes true, and i was so relieved to hear Rand tell it like it is on the economy and foreign policy citing how utterly dangerous Snarly & Rubio and the others warmongering is. OUTSTANDING! And like his father.

        But he is not his father and Rand could just not help himself in trying to swat at Trump but used twisting the facts of TPP to do it. That’s why i was so disappointed to see Rand Paul use deception of such an important issue for the sole purpose of trying to make Trump look like he didn’t know what he was talking about.

        Those issues are extremely important and shouldn’t be used to distort the very facts of TPP.


        • archer52 says:

          It seems Rand was right. I’m not an expert, but everyone who is, says Paul was right.

          However, Trump wasn’t trying to be accurate, he was looking for an opening to bash China’s currency manipulation. What I have read about that is that China did do it, but the economics of it is killing them so they backed away.

          Also CM is done by all nations to shore up their currency and trading ability.

          I’m sure they dog cuss us over the same thing in Europe when we do it.

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  15. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    OMG. Jeb! doesn’t even have the balls to appear on the Caputo post debate show. Sends a campaign staffer.

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  16. Tom Bucher says:

    I would have liked to see Trump have a better answer on the 11 million illegals when challenged and told it can’t happen by Kasich? and Paul? I personally believe a lot of them would “self deport” when there’s nothing here for them. Romney’s point so you can’t say it.


  17. mpmp2015 says:

    Here are my thoughts:

    Trump – he did well in a few exchanges, but no knockouts. He purposely acted a bit more presidential and didn’t interrupt. Though I wished he did interrupt a bit more and given more jabs. Trump will maintain his lead.

    Carson – did well in putting away the recent stories about the credibility of his personal story. That’s he needed to accomplished and he did that. Carson will maintain is top tier status.

    Rubio – did very well as expected. The audience was definitely on his side. I think this debate solidified his status as the preferred GOPe candidate. This may help him in the polls, but in a year were non-politicians are preferred, you don’t want to be the establishment candidate. He will gain some points from Bush and other establishment candidates to solidify third position in the polls.

    Cruz – like the last debate, he had one great answer, this time on illegal immigration. However, he almost had a Rick Perry moment when he could not name 5 agencies he would cut and named the Commerce Dept twice, but forgot the Dept of Education. I think this will settle it for all candidates not to start naming agencies, PERIOD. Because, it is just a minefield if you forget one. Cruz will gain a point or two on this debate.

    Bush – He had a great first two answers in the beginning, almost looking like he was going for a strong comeback, but he fizzled at the end and it was obvious that there was no breakout for him, this means, he’s toast and donors will now switch to Rubio. Bush will continue to weaken in the polls, may be at the kiddie table debate next time….

    Paul – one of his strongest performance. One of his answers on Syria actually helped Trump’s position. But I think it is too late for a comeback for him. Paul will either stay in the same position or weaken by one point.

    Fiorina – did well, mostly rehearsed lines. Made a strong case for VP slot, but not going to have a chance versus stronger first tier candidates. She will maintain her position.

    Kasich – well, no need for me to pile on. He’s done. Question is which candidates(s) will benefit from his supporters.

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  18. I agree with most of what you said here.. I think Trump will stay at the top, but I think Cruz will gain on Carson.. I think people will see that Carson is out of his league.. but he will probably stay a weak second with Cruz creeping up…Rubio is stay in the teens and then start to fall.. Fiorina..will soon disappear..she is way too scripted.. sounds like she is a recording. Katich is a plant..Paul did very well tonight, but a day late and a dollar short.

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    • MouseTheLuckyDog says:

      Fiorina sounds like a CEO who doesn’t understand what her business does and thinks that things will work out if she tells her minions to fix things without actually telling them what to do.

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  19. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    Missed the first half, relistening…
    Something that struck me about Rubio’s first answer.

    I believe we should not raise the minimum wage. In 1998 the minimum wage was around $7 but you could not find a job that paid less then $10 in Chicago. Why? Because the economy was booming, and workers were hard to find. Moral of the story, make the economy good and you don’t need a minimum wage. A minimum wage is just a way to hide failed economic policies.

    I also believe in automation. Given a choice between hiring Kelley Osborne’s illegal to clean my toilet, or a machine I would chose the machine everytime. Let the illegal do something better.

    But at the same time, estimates of unemployment due to automation.are as high as 50%. This could be bad, but this could be very good if handled correctly. That is something that has to be dealt with but that is another topic.

    The thing we should not be doing is lowering wages to prevent machines from taking out jobs. Ok, not raising wages. That just puts us in the John Henry category.


    • The thing we should not be doing is lowering wages to prevent machines from taking out jobs.


      There will always be a “competition” between manual labor vs automation because producers will always seek cheaper ways to produce better goods. That’s called “progress” and, like it or not, it’s inevitable. And, as Robert Heinlein once noted: Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something. (or by manufacturers seeking more profitable ways to make products).

      The problem, for labor, is that trying to compete with automation (for “jobs”) by lowering wages is a dead-end street, since new technology and economies of scale will constantly drive down the costs of mechanized production. The only hope for labor is to constantly “reinvent” itself through education (which includes vocational training). Face it… someone has to build, operate,and maintain the factory robots that replace production line workers.

      And, at the same time, we have to recognize that some low-skilled, service industry jobs that can go either way, such as those in the fast-food industry are excellent positions for youthful, first-time job seekers. Those type of jobs shouldn’t be priced out of existence by people who simply refuse to understand that those aren’t “career opportunities” that should garner a “Living Wage” (as they love to call it). Once we upset the natural forces that determine the wages for those jobs, businesses will either automate, or fold entirely.

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      • stella says:

        The fact is that many repetitive jobs (even well-paid jobs) are better done via automation. Automation is also safer for the workers in many cases.

        I used to work for a company that provides automated inspection equipment for use in production of engines, transmissions, etc. When our equipment was installed in a Caterpillar plant years ago, it was used to control robots that machined and segregated/transported engine parts. The robots were sabotaged by union workers, who put sand into the lubrication reservoirs. What they didn’t realize is that they attacked the least important part of the automated system.

        The bottom line is that production of a crankshaft or camshaft or piston – parts that cost a lot to produce – is better controlled by automated inspection and segregation. They make fewer mistakes than humans. The humans were trained to support the machines instead of handling the parts themselves, if they were willing and able to upgrade their skills. A worker in a plant like this needs good skills from day one. A person can’t walk out of high school and into a plant these days, in most cases.

        Watching a production line in a plant producing cars, trucks, and tractors, is fascinating.

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        • Nightcrawler says:

          How It’s Made:

          Yes, I agree, Stella. The application of science and creative engineering on the factory floor somehow, in my mind, rivals the brush strokes of Monet and the melodies of Paul Simon. All of it a testimony to the creativity and ingenuity of the human race.

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  20. getfitnow says:

    It’s early morning PST. Just voted. Trump running away – TIME and DRUDGE; tied for first with Paul on Blaze


  21. Marie Rogers says:

    think they limited questions for TRUMP..purposely!!
    of course now cavuto and bartoroma have swelled heads..heck, they just read the questions
    which were probably scripted by others!


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