New National Poll – Donald Trump Holds Wide Lead Amid All Demographics…

A disconnected media apparatus says: “Donald Trump doesn’t like losing” as if it’s a bad thing.  The electorate say: “Good, we’re Americans and shouldn’t like losing, we never have” !!

A new poll today showing Trump on top amid all demographics:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets a supporter following her address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University in New York

(YouGov) The Republicans horserace continues to be dominated by businessman Donald Trump and neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

Trump is still the leader in the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, with Carson in second place. Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the highest ranked Republican elected official. Those three are the only Republican candidates who score in double digits with registered voters who think of themselves as Republicans. 

YouGov Poll 10-28

(Click To Enlarge)

YouGov LinkFull Poll Data Link (pdf)

Trump thumbs up



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95 Responses to New National Poll – Donald Trump Holds Wide Lead Amid All Demographics…

  1. conservalicious says:

    Another poll that deconstructs the GOPe/Club for Growth narrative that Mr Trump is on the way down. Truth!

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  2. stringy theory says:

    Hot dog! Now, you’re talking. These polls are showing just what a sham those phony agenda polls showing Carson in the lead really were. There aren’t enough levers for the poll-meisters to pull to keep The Donald down. Go Trump and kick some arse tonight!

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  3. conservalicious says:

    Notice that Mr Trump has almost as much African American support as Ben Carson.

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  4. yohio says:

    I think we all knew this and polls manipulated but it’s nice to see, go Trump

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  5. Suzy Kiprien says:

    When all is said and done, at the end, it will be the best candidate to handle the economy and that is Donald Trump.

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  6. stringy theory says:

    I see iCarly has crashed and burned and yebito is falling behind the sweaty pool boy.

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  7. JoeS says:

    The FUNNY aspect of this poll is that Jeb Bush gets 3% of the Hispanic support, one of the LOWEST in the poll! All that pandering for NOTHING! Trump is 3rd with 13%!

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    • Jett Black says:

      Hispanic legal immigrants/citizens should be 100% for Trump–everyone else is 100% selling them out. Same for African Americans–blacks are taking the hardest hits from <0’s and the globalists’ policies, especially illegal alien shamnesty. Same for young people across all demographics. Again, it’s entry level jobs, where young people can get started in the labor force, that are being hit hardest by illegal alien invasion.

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      • JoeS says:

        Here is the misconception about the Hispanic population: it is NOT so much about the immigration issue, it is that many of them just believe in liberal/socialist policy. That is why the GOP narrative of trying to win the Hispanic vote through immigration reform will not produce the numbers, some say 60-70% needed to sway an election. It might yield some votes, but not many. It is a false narrative by the eGOP! I would like to see the hispanic vote sorted by income and education! Show me cross tabs also with the hispanic population sorted by immigration views. I suspect the eGOP knows those numbers already! I suspect the narrative FALLS APART with those numbers.

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        • JoeS says:

          It will be very interesting to see how Rubio’s numbers go when his immigration views are exposed (maybe as early as tonight, come to think of it). Rubio, I suspect, has strong Cuban support and his name being Hispanic probably carries some weight.

          I suspect that Jeb’s numbers went DOWN as a result of his pandering by speaking in Spanish and pushing the immigration issue. I suspect that those who came here legally and are republicans are not much different than the average conservative voter. They are probably hard working, law-abiding, and, yes, religious-catholic-evangelical. It would also be interesting to see Hispanics by religion/evangelical in cross tabs.

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    • facebkwallflower says:

      People do not like to be pandered to.

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  8. NHVoter says:


    This is absolutely disgusting. Typical heinous rhetoric from a Rubio fanboy:

    Remember the loyalty pledge? What a bunch of malarkey.

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  9. rsmith1776 says:

    One thing about Dr. Carson: he will never be POTUS and he will never be even the GOP nominee. Donald J. Trump is “only” one thousand times more qualified for the job.

    My somewhat marginal take: there is no need to get all negative on Dr. Ben – he is a good man, a brave man who, instead of blaming Da Man, accounted for his sins with remarkable honesty and truly made something special of himself. Being a good neurosurgeon… there is no space for fakery.

    What’s my point? Ben Carson will be out of the present race anyway but he needs to be “helped out” with respect, gentleness, and genuine appreciation for what he accomplished and what he is, which are not small things.

    Think big image, keep emotion low. Five months from now, Ben Carson will not be in the race, but the optics of the successful black neurosurgeon supporting the inevitable GOP nominee and offering a personal model as to how black youngsters can overcome stereotypes and racial hang-ups might prove useful in a genuine way to the successful Donald J Trump For President Campaign.


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    • I used to think Carson was one of the good guys. However I have seen him not only take un-called for hits at Trump, but also give very hypocritical flip flopping speeches. His hypocritical excuses for what he says and does is too much like the RINOs that we are currently trying to get out of office
      I have been very disappointed in Carson’s campaign and the few speeches that he has given. (Just my two cents).

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      • BenY says:

        You are not wrong.

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      • anthonydog says:

        6 months ago he was a Dem.

        This appears to be part of the splitter agenda…to move the Evangelical–cannot tolerate fighting–class away from TRUMP.


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      • Big Picture says:

        I support Trump, but was fascinated to see Carson admit his previous position about regulation was wrong. Will he be accused of flip-flopping, pandering, or naïvity? It struck me as honest and thoughtful, but probably bad politics. At least he is not petulant. Can you believe that Bush keeps telling us to vote for the other guy! What a fool!


    • pochas says:

      Ben Carson has Surgeon General written all over him.


    • Jett Black says:

      Agreed, RSmith–though Carson is just as much of a tool of GOPe as the others, he’s a tool with some real usefulness and edge that can help Trump and the overall conservative cause. Further, his substantial support (if the polls are at all believable) is probably based more on his gentle, respectful demeanor than anything else–that is something that is sorely lacking in our society and should be respected. Trump doesn’t need to go for his jugular–he can win by just emphasizing practical executive experience, the specialized, business-related issues that face the nation and the need for tough, no holds barred responses to threats. Gentility is to be nurtured and respected, but at this time, it is a luxury, not a basis for election of a POTUS.

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  10. bofh says:

    Time to chose sides, America:

    “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.” – Vince Lombardi

    “But… but… but if we’re not good little losers, the Hispanics will never vote for us. And we won’t get invited back to all those great those cocktail parties in DC. And the newspapers will make fun of us and call us names! ” – GOP


  11. The best part, they blew the narrative way too fast. Even the tenor at Hot Air is different today. Perhaps the GOPe, should have waited until the day of the debate to put out those weighed polls showing Carson in the lead.

    But of course, the Establishment is not has bright as it portrays itself.

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    • stringy theory says:

      Well stated Rodney. They did indeed get out ahead of themselves and now look increasingly like the idiots they are. As you say, they’re not as bright as they claim to be.

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    • FireAm 85 says:

      Good point, that was an error.
      They could have carried that narrative for a solid week if the polls starting coming out later on Friday. Think they tried to get into Trump’s head before tonight’s debate and that Iowa rally last night really broke the GOPe’s nose.
      Trump’s been playing them since he announced, what tools.

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  12. JRD says:

    Corrupt gopE degenerate political consultant Rick Wilson: Donor Class Must ‘Put a Bullet in Donald Trump’

    This corrupt clown is way “out of line.” This is beyond the pale.

    I hope the Donald goes after Wilson’s sorry azz for this comment.
    His comments have been so repulsive but this is over the top.

    If anyone said this about Ben Carson or 0bama there would be hell to pay.

    It’s time to put this punk OUT OF BUSINESS.

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  13. Raj-V says:

    Carson would be a good pick to deconstruct obamacare and/or the VA in Trump administration.


    • onsu says:

      by getting rid of medicare?


    • mcfyre2012 says:

      Carson would be decent for Surgeon General, but that’s about all.


      • michellc says:

        Besides a lot of troubling things about Carson that’s trickling out, I honestly do not know how anyone listens to him. For several days now we’ve been getting these toll free calls, all from the same number; 855-696-2074. I rarely answer toll free calls, but as this same number is calling several times a day and night up to about 9 p.m., I finally answered it a few minutes ago.
        It was a recorded call from Carson. I can’t tell you exactly what was said because of the monotone, stuff about his poll numbers, terrorism and Obamacare and finished with press 1 if you support Carson, which I did not do. I was waiting for the press this number if you don’t want to receive these calls and instead got press 1 if you wish to donate to Dr. Carson’s campaign. Then it was if you do not want to receive these calls dial this number, ……, which after the slow and clear this is a call from Dr. Carson and his slow monotone voice and the slow and clear press 1 to make sure you understood, the number was said fast and not clear at all and was not repeated.

        You want to turn me off in a heartbeat, call me over and over and then ask me for money and don’t give me an easy way to stop your calls.


  14. rsmith1776 says:

    President Donald J. Trump – 2017-2025!

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  15. mrscribbler says:

    This poll is bogus! I mean, how did Kasich get 4%?

    Pretty sure the support for Carson will fade fairly soon. A lot of it is plain ol’ Identity Politics — which got us Choom Boy — and I think reality will set in.

    With a couple of exceptions, Trump shows consistent strength in the polls. But I think he has more support than any have indicated.


    • stringy theory says:

      Who’s Kasich?

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      • mrscribbler says:

        If he wasn’t running a bunch of TV ads here in MA (and NH), I wouldn’t know. Heck, all we get are Kashich, Heb! and Shrillery. Over and over and over. I’m sick of ’em all; even when I leave out their politics, they don’t make a good impression. Sort of like the constant Toyota “this is our biggest sale yet!” ads.

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  16. TheTorch says:

    Not surprising the article confirms pretty much what we all think regarding what the GOPe is up to but it is also in line with something I mentioned previously about the importance the GOPe are likely putting on this debate. It really is there last chance this year, the other debates will not have the audience this one will have due to when they will be and/or what channel they are on.

    DC whispers has a story which is quite telling:

    and this nugget:

    John Harwood is the one the Mainstream Media has chosen to control the content/direction of tomorrow night’s Republican primary debate. Rumors suggest the Jeb Bush campaign sees this as quite possibly their last hurrah to regain some semblance of relevance, while the Rubio campaign is fully on board and with the plan referenced above. The question that remains is if Ben Carson will allow himself to be used by those who certainly don’t have his own best interests in mind, and if Donald Trump will finally do what so many have been saying he would do for so long – collapse under the forces being brought against him and his bid for the White House.


    • Raffaella says:

      All these forces against Trump is breathtaking. It is becoming unbearable for his supporters.

      I agree with this article that if they don’t take him down and don’t achieve their goals tonight, it will be almost too late. Then we are into holidays and Trump will consolidate his support/lead.


    • Mike says:

      John Harwood was deep into Soviet style lies and rewriting history. In-cred-ible.


  17. winky says:

    HAVE A THEORY ABOUT …….what is going on. It all started with nominating Ryan who most hate and I heard Beck say that would destroy the GOP race. Next thing you hear is that instead of going after Lois Lerner they go after the Head guy at the IRS…..I hear AB Stoddard comment that if they lose on that it will not be good for the Republicans party…So I am thinking to myself…their guy Jeb is not working out and none of their other guys are taking Trump out so they bring Ryan to destroy Trumps agenda and I believe they will try to do a lot od stuff to destroy the party so Hillary can win. So before I write this I go to Drudge and in big bold caps Rush Limbaugh says…..REBUPLICANS WANT HILLARY IN THE WHITE HOUSE…I have not read what it is about but these guys are so predictable that little old me can even figure it out!!

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  18. We need Colombo to find out who has been fixing the Polls.
    Trump losing 15-20% in the polls in a week is not believable.

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  19. TycheSD says:

    Best argument for Trump against Cruz though is electability. Ted Cruz cannot beat Hillary. People in the conservative political pundit world think Trump and Carson will somehow drop out leaving their supporters to go to Cruz or Rubio – who they think will be the last people standing.

    Personally, after hearing Rubio’s explanation for why he doesn’t care if he misses votes, and that he hates the Senate, I would think a skillful debater could take him out tonight! He’s knowledgeable about policy, but he’s a terrible candidate! The support he gets from that auto guy in Florida is just creepy.

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  20. NHVoter says:



  21. could you just imagine having used those choice of words for OBAMA in ANY article back when he was a candidate in 2008? the Secret Circus would be knocking at your door for sure. i do NOT like their little tricky subliminal threat. WORDS ARE POWERFUL and just to have that go out into the atmosphere is OUT!!

    i speak LIFE and CONTINUAL VICTORY over Trump. Trump is faster than a speeding bullet!

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  22. Raffaella says:

    Unknown pollsters are coming out of the woods and polling states like Texas and Oklahoma showing Carsom is leading Trump in the south. Really I am serious.

    Let me LMAO. These people are such jokes when they try to cheat and mislead people. They don’t even try to Make it believable.


    • Rick says:

      Yeah, and Real Clear Politics is posting those OK & TX polls….anyone can make a poll today and you create exposure for yourself by showing Carson over Trump. The MSM is so corrupt. All Lying POS’s! They couldn’t report Fair & Balanced if their life depended on it!


    • Saw that- or tried, on FR. They’re going through some kind of cyber attack so only saw the headline, a line or 2. That is complete crap.

      What worries me is that they could setting up for election fraud. All these years & months, we’ve been fiddling like the grasshopper, while the ants are building up their fraud (voting machines, PACs & SuperPACs, rule changes, no voter ID….)


    • Mike says:

      You pay for it, they’ll get it and swear to it. Total wrecks in media and political integrity.


  23. anthonydog says:

    TRUMP is a display of unabashed ALL AMERICAN MANHOOD….an unapologetic display of testosterone and hard work–HE is, who WE are,
    –man, woman, black, white, brown, yellow –Who cares about melanin–

    WE care about and CALL For FREEEEEDOM…freedom to work, freedom to achieve, freedom to build….and FREEDOM TO WIN in our own country….


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  24. I don’t know what to make of Ace of Spades. He clearly hates, or at least thinks he hates the GOPe. Yet, I always get the feeling, he’s one of those ‘But the rebel is doing it the wrong way’ types.

    On the other hand he posted this fairly fair post:


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  26. NHVoter says:

    I think the Hillary is 44 crew is spying on us. This is a great article from them about the state of the race (but not nearly as great as anything written here :). Try to read it before the 8pm debate especially the last couple of paragraphs:


  27. NHVoter says:

    Time to make popcorn


  28. PatriotKate says:

    Just received a push poll phone call from Carson’s campaign. “As you probably know, Dr. Ben Carson is now topping ALL the polls and I’m sure ….” At that point, I said, no that’s all a lie and I hung up.

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  29. Wish the guys ”running the board” would shut up.


  30. Alexandra Greeley says:

    Go, Trump, go!!! Bring our country back from the political idiots….


  31. JohnBoy says:

    Someone should tell Donald Trump to offer Carson the Vice President slot. Seal the deal.


  32. Amazed Human says:

    Thar would be because Trump speaks for ALL demographics – people who want their nation back, who want a strong, respected America again. The only reason the media seems so surprised is because they all belong to Obama and Hillary at this point. It’s all part iof the dumbing down of America- and it started with the media- folks who USED to be professional but have lost that ability and skill.


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