Yes, Actually Hillary Clinton Does Own The Libyan War…

A recent article at Real Clear Politics hits on one of the key aspects of the Benghazi fiasco that recent media are hell-bent on hiding; Hillary Clinton, not President Obama, is actually the person responsible for the crisis in Libya.

Watching the House Select Committee on Benghazi hearings, it was interesting to note how no-one really went ‘there’ to give Clinton full ownership of the 2011 Libyan Intervention.  So let’s review Clinton’s ownership.

Sarkosy with Clinton - whatz weeth you americanz nowIt’s as if both congress and the media have forgotten those ridiculous 19-days in 2011 when Hillary was flying back-and-forth to meet with French Prime-Minister Sarkozy and plan their endeavors.

In the U.S. presidential adviser Samantha Power was  bending Obama’s ear with declarations of a “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) the Eastern Libyan citizens from the boogie man narrative assigned to Gadaffi.

Meanwhile in New York,  U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was answering calls from her British and French counterparts who were similarly selling an interventionist message.  Back in the White House, President Obama was reluctant to engage.  It was Secretary Clinton working overtime to bring the President into the same line of thinking as herself.

In a moment of rare bi-partisanship many Democrats and Republicans were aligned with the White House in not wanting to intervene in Libya.  Of course, there was John McCain and Lindsey Graham who joined with Team Clinton to bomb yet another nation into civil war.  But too his initial credit, Obama was reluctant.

February 2011 France’s Sarkozy almost immediately began calling for the ouster of Kaddaffi and requesting Western nations to get involved to insure Kaddaffi fell. Sarkozy was quite passionate about it – which struck many observers as odd because he was ‘so far out’ ahead of any nation on this position.

However, unlike Egypt, as the fighting intensified in February 2011 President Obama was curiously silent around Libya.

This initial non-reaction was played by the adoring U.S. media as Obama being calm under pressure. However, this calm was beset by the reality of what was actually reported to be taking place on the ground in Libya. The word “slaughter” was in almost every article.

Meanwhile President Obama seemed unfazed, and strangely quiet. So much so that Sarkozy was demanding President Obama say something, anything. This U.S. silence went on for over two full weeks until eventually the media headlines began to question the Obama strategy, or, well actually, the lack thereof.

This culminated in a weekend around February 24, 25 and 26th, 2011, when headlines began to read that Kaddaffi “strafes” while Obama “golfs”. and astoundingly enough the Libyan Ambassador to the U.S. went on national television and begged for Obama to do something, ANYTHING.

Then a seemingly innocuous event transpired which actually summarized the lack of U.S. leadership quite well. This became the origin of the “leading from behind” sentiment.

It is important to understand that under President Obama the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations is actually a cabinet level position.

In 2011 Ambassador Susan Rice and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, were essentially equal peers.

power-rice-rodham-clinton-2Ambassador Rice representing Obama to the U.N. in New York, and Secretary Clinton representing Obama to nations while “on-the-road” so to speak. Under the leadership structure of Obama’s cabinet both held equal and equivocal rank.

During that critical February weekend when the world was desperately demanding some form of action around the civil war in Libya, Sarkozy was having visible fits on EU television and trying to put together a European coalition.

In direct response to Sarkozy’s pleas the U.N. announced an emergency Security Council meeting of the six prominent nations to determine what, if any, action could be taken to stop what was described as the “pending slaughter in Libya”.

However, instead of attending that emergency U.N. Security Council meeting February 25th, 2011, Ambassador Rice went to South Africa to attend a global warming summit where they were discussing the danger of bovine flatulence (cow farts) as it relates to harming the environment.

Back in Washington DC the optics were even worse.

After ignoring cries for opinion, let alone involvement, and with Ambassador Rice blowing off the U.N. Security council meeting, and against the backdrop of media beginning to sense a detached president more interested in golf than Libya, the whole optical mess exploded.

Because on that very night when the U.N. Security Council met, a detached President Obama and his wife Michelle held a Motown Review Concert in the East Room of the White House.

Talk about a bad optic – You can’t make this stuff up !!

By itself the White House Motown Review Party seemed a bit detached, but against the backdrop of Hillary proclaiming hundreds of women and children are being strafed in the streets, the optic was horrendous.

The contrast was so bold, and so stark, and happened so fast, and was seen by Europe and the United Nations as, well, unfathomable. The proverbial water-carrying media couldn’t ignore it if they wanted to.

Recognizing what was unfolding a rapid White House team scrambled with a crisis response…..

Obama - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestAgainst two weeks of silence in February 2011, and a fawning U.S. media beginning to doubt their own beliefs in the administration, the White House begins damage control for their earlier detachment.

When Susan Rice skipped a Feb 25, 2011 emergency weekend U.N. Security Council meeting, the Obama administration was compromised in their ability to influence any real outcome in Libya.

Without the U.S. seated at the policy table the U.N. made two strategic resolutions/decisions which were brutally short-sighted.

The first mistake was a resolution banning the sale or transfer of arms or weaponry into Libya during the civil war. On it’s face the ban might sound like a generally good idea; however, in reality it was exceptionally self-defeating. After all, it banned all weapons from entering Libya, including weapons for the opposition – which most thought would be needed for the “rebels” to defend themselves.

The second mistake was criminal charges brought about by the ICC (International Criminal Court) against the Kaddaffi regime. Nothing tells a dictator to double down on his position like telling him you as soon as this is over we will lock you and your family up for life.

Essentially those charges filed by the ICC solidified the certainty that Kaddaffi would never compromise. He was forced into a singular position – either he would win the civil war, or he would die trying. Losing the war would mean death or a life in prison – one of these was now certain.  What did Kaddaffi have to lose by fighting?

This Security Council resolution highlights the emotional short-sighted outcome of most U.N. determinations. However, historically the U.S. has tempered logic to the 6 nation table of stupidity. But not this time. This time, at the specific direction of President Obama and his policy team, the U.S. did not even participate.

Obama and Hillary - The French Foreign LegionHowever, while the White House may have been annoyingly quiet, Hillary Clinton certainly was not.

This lack of synergy led to multiple instances where Clinton’s publicly voiced opinion ran exactly opposite to the Obama administration’s position she was supposedly representing.

The international optic was a completely out of sync with the White House and State Department.

Sometimes embarrassingly so.

The U.S. government came under fire today for chartering a rescue boat for Americans stuck in Libya that is too small to cope with the rough Mediterranean sea.

Hundreds of American citizens were finally set to depart Tripoli harbour aboard the Maria Dolores, a small passenger ferry chartered by the U.S., trapped there by rough seas.

At the same time larger Greek and Turkish vessels have transported thousands of their own citizens to safety, crossing the choppy water to mainland Europe. (link)

The State Department was struggling with multiple plates spinning simultaneously.

Secretary Clinton was noticeably unprepared to handle the heavy lifting and President Obama was not in the mood to initially bail her out.  From the botched messaging, to the failure to evacuate American citizens from Western Libya, we watched as it almost seemed President Obama was enjoying Hillary being overwhelmed.

While Hillary had been trying to fill the February 2011 void left by Obama’s silence, another key player was working policy structure behind the scenes.

One of Obama’s little known advisors named Samantha Power began to play a more important role.

Power is the wife of Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein, in 2011 she was a foreign policy advisor to President Obama along with Denis McDonough and Tom Donilon.

Samantha Power Leaving White House West WingHowever, Power increasingly held a sway when it came to Libya, and her influence was soon noted with the introduction of the “Responsibility to Protect” Doctrine, or as it became known R2P.

Essentially her approach was to frame the possibility of defeat upon the Libyan Rebels in a similar venue as the historical Rwanda genocide. The potential slaughter of the Libyan Benghazi uprising was framed around a need for Humanitarian Intervention.

Despite the U.N Security Council resolution banning weapon distribution into Libya, the broad outline of a reason for U.S. intervention became visible. NATO would arm the rebellion and NATO would take action to “protect” the Benghazi rebels as Kaddaffi’s army moved ever closer to their weakly held positions.

Samantha Power – Susan Rice – President Obama – May 2011 during the decision to arm the Libyan “rebels”.

However, there was one big problem – WE HAD NO IDEA WHO THE REBELS WERE. The administration had no idea what the ideology behind the Benghazi Rebels actually was.

Some analysts believe the administration actually did know, but chose not to recognize the rebels’ affiliation with al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and armed them anyway.

Others, namely CNN analysts, said there was no real way to identify the ideology and we were just going to have to take a chance on them.

Personally I think there is profoundly enough visible evidence to state the administration ‘had to know’.  Why?

Because there were hundreds of on-the-ground reports from the region which accurately identified individually very specific people within the rebels as radical islamists. There is no intellectually honest way to believe the administration did not know they were supporting al-Qaeda affiliates and the Muslim Brotherhood. The signs were just too obvious.

Mustafa Abdel-Jalil (Picture taken Feb. 27th) Leader of Benghazi Opposition Council

Mustafa Abdel-Jalil (Picture taken Feb. 27th, 2011) Leader of Benghazi Opposition Council

One of the first signs was the very first Kaddaffi politician who defected from the regime and joined the rebellion. Interior Justice Minister, Mustafa Abdel Jalil.

Within 48 hours of Justice Abdel Jalil surfacing as the first defector, and becoming the defacto leader of the rebels, it was easily identifiable his ideology was for a sharia compliant Libya.

But the reality of the “rebels” being al-Qaeda affiliated made things complex. In essence the CIA and DoD knew if Kaddaffi fell the most likely scenario would be a rise of Islamic extremism.


The compounding problem was the massive stockpiles of weapons that were at stake in the equation.

If Kaddaffi fell, decades of weapons built up in hundreds of warehouses were going to be up for grabs. Weapons that included surface-to-air missiles, MANPADS, shoulder fired stinger missiles and tons of mustard gas and WMD.

Kaddaffi had built up massive amounts of arms over a period of three decades as the worlds most notorious international terrorist.

Very soon those weapons and missiles would go missing;  and it was the retrieval of those missiles that led to a joint State Dept./CIA operation putting Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, Eastern Libya where he was assassinated in September the following year….

So, yeah – she owns this:

Hillary - orange is the new black

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82 Responses to Yes, Actually Hillary Clinton Does Own The Libyan War…

  1. SharonKinDC says:

    Excellent piece. The 3-headed cabal of the ignorant, Clinton, Rice, Powers, has much blood on their hands.

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    • Sentient says:

      Don’t forget McCain , Graham and the rest of the neocons.

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    • The Boss says:

      And she-dog Powers who won’t use her husband’s name because she is so liberated.

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    • President Obama is at the top of this heap of stupidity!

      What’s obvious is that Hillary Clinton and Nicolas Sarkozy were in cahoots to oust Kaddaffi and then establish lucrative business deals to personally enrich themselves. That blew up in both their faces, did it not?

      I still don’t understand what the purpose of the Arab Spring uprisings were for, they accomplished nothing for any Western nations.

      How can anyone do business with nations in violent, murderous, dangerous chaos? What am I missing?


      • bertdilbert says:

        If only the multi billion dollar dictator had given to the Clinton foundation….

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      • zephyrbreeze says:

        My understanding was to rid the middle east of more secular muslims like Mubarrak and Ghadaffi, and Assad who is actually an Alawite an obscure form of Shia Islam, which makes up less than 12% of the Syrian population. But the grand goal was to replace them with MusBros Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia compliant, theocrats. Obama dumped Mubarrak in spite of a 30 year US partnership. That was insane, and illogical unless the MusBro ideology was more important to O-Bro, which it was. One middle east policy expert explaind: Obama switched sides in the war on terror.


    • Garrison Hall says:

      Yes. Well done, Sundance. There’s a bright line stretching from Libya—to the “Arab Spring”—to ISIS—and now the Iranian hegemony. And the person who helped pull the levers to create that outcome is our own little happy progressive/fascist Samantha Powers.
      BTW: the photo tells an interesting story. Note the excessive social distance between Powers, Rice, and the Prezzy? Powers is obviously afraid to approach further as evidenced by her odd, tilted-toward-the-source posture. Seeing that photo, and realizing what was going on—and what was to follow—is a bit sickening. GO TRUMP!!

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  2. Sporty says:

    Who gave the stand down order?

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    • Jack Long says:

      I mentioned this the other day.

      For assets waiting outside Libya’s borders there did not need to be a ‘stand down’ order. Absence of an order; specifically, the Cross Border Authority, meant those missions could not engage.

      The Cross Border Authority can come from only one person. POTUS.

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      • Chewbarkah says:

        Thankfully, the Benghazi Committee asked penetrating questions, such as: did we have CBA in advance for emergencies; did we request it on 9-11-2001, did Libya deny it; should we have had CBA in advance; if we didn’t have CBA, why were we putting our personnel at such great risk; how exactly was anyone punished for such a huge oversight; names? You mean they forgot to ask? D’oh.

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      • AghastInFL says:

        That is true, a Hold in Place which they will admit to is effectively the same thing devoid CBA, all the administration need do is what they have always done, nothing. It has been addressed here previously semantics aside a Hold in Place is / was equivalent to a Stand Down order.

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        • greenmirror says:

          Reminds me of the new tactic of “Shelter In Place”!

          If operation zero footprint was/(and whats left of the syria plan)is run by NATO and AFRICOM/Carter Ham was left/pushed out, the Stand Down order had to come from James Stavridis? I would like to know if Hillary and/or Obama Talked with Stavridis that night.

          No doubt Hillary spent the next days on the phone with her lawyers and Obama spent it partying with Beyonce and Jay-Z(having already filled out his get out of jail card earlier with NATO).

          Other than that Benghazi is actually Obama, Rice, Powers, Clinton, The Gang of Eight…. drawn into the war of Gadaffi and the United States of Africa vs IMF/FED/Fiat Currency Banks. The “ridiculous 19-days in 2011 when Hillary was flying back-and-forth to meet with French Prime-Minister Sarkozy and plan their endeavors” part Hillary owned by whom needs investigated.


        • You don’t need a stand down order if no orders to go were issued.


    • Sentient says:

      Denis McDonough.


  3. Hillary Clinton will never be president

    International reactions to the death of Muammar Gaddafi:

    USA: “Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton upon initially hearing of the death laughed and jubilantly stated ‘We Came, We Saw, He Died’ while appearing in a televised interview…”

    Compare with Putin (who Hillary calls the bogeyman, when she herself is the real monster) :
    RUSSIA: “Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said ‘All the world saw him being killed, all bloodied. Is that democracy? And who did it? Drones, including American ones, delivered a strike on his motorcade. Then commandos, who were not supposed to be there, brought in so-called opposition and militants. And killed him without trial.””

    International reactions to the death of Muammar Gaddafi

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  4. I am not surprised sadist Hillary laughed during the serious and gut-wrenching account of Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ last hours. Many interviews of other serious issues she also laughs. She is actually a very sick person. Like the people that laugh at disabled folks or helpless animals caught in traps or aborted babies slowly dying. She has a streak of SADISM in her. People all over the nation were shocked at her jolly and hardy laughter at such an inappropriate time and seriously delicate subject.

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    • platypus says:

      Not to say you’re wrong but there is another explanation for the laughing. Some personality types learned to use laughing as a message of ridiculing the premise or accusation. The more personally threatening the accusation is (existential threat), the more likely it is to produce laughter in these types of people. This is especially so when there seems to be no escape route (valid excuse).

      I don’t know if BOTH of these explanations can co-exist but I wouldn’t be surprised.


      • wanthetruth says:

        Doesn’t really matter in any case, IMO. Both the deflecting laugh or a laugh out of sadism are from a root of evil. There is no need to deflect if events the laughing concerns, were/are based on truth and honest motivation. Hillary has no truth or honest motivation in her as far as I have ever seen.


      • haypa2haypa2 says:

        I found that laughter very offensive, not a sign of a serious person or respect for a serious matter. I’ve not considered what it means, but I am responding on a gut level. Maybe I was raised to be respectful.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Hillary’s moral compass is out of calibration and does not point to True North (Truth). This is due to her long-time support of Abortion, her hiding truth about Bill’s rapes, her ambition, greed and other sins. In the Bible, this condition is called ‘darkness’ or sin-blindness, sin-sickness and being drunk on sin, blood, evil.

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    • KBR says:

      Time to get the pc out: she is not, repeat not a “sick” person.
      PC “that poor person (murderer, rapist, serial killer, mass murderer take your pick) is sick, what she/he did was sick. She/he needs mental healthcare, a sympathetic psychiatrist, an expensive evaluation to understand her/his motives, our help…
      Reality, without the PC: that person is evil. She/he needs arrest, indictment, prison, punishment, permanent removal from our culture and society, execution.
      Words matter.
      “Sick” evokes compassion. “Evil” evokes outrage.
      So, “sick” or “evil?”
      You decide.

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  5. conservalicious says:

    Reading the History of how the whole Libya fiasco got started brought back so many memories. The one from this account that struck me the most was sending that unbearably small charter boat to rescue our citizens while the Greeks sent a vessel 4 times the size. Did you ever notice how many embarrassing and cringe worthy moments we have to bear with this administration? One of my favorite lines from Trumps announcement speech on Jun 16, 2015 was “I will say this, this is going to be an election, in my opinion, that’s based on competence.”

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    • wondering999 says:

      Yes. Yes. Yes. …and this has been going on a long time. It’s as if the management of New Orleans during Katrina, somehow transferred up to the White House. These “leaders” don’t analyze, prepare appropriately, take appropriate action or consider the many people who are left vulnerable in the wake of their actions.

      There is some level of unavoidable misery in human life. I accept that. But when leaders carelessly bungle, and leave other people to suffer the consequences of their poor planning, that’s not leadership. That’s exploitation, and our leadership has exploited us for a long time now for personal gain over good of the country.


      • Dixie says:

        It’s as though this country is being run by a bunch of bumbling idiots. Childish, immature, self-centered, shortsighted and totally lacking the intelligence, honor and stature required to hold such high offices. Unfortunately, those four reflect poorly on all of us. I am so ashamed of what they have done to our country.

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        • SharonKinDC says:

          Because it IS being run by bumbling idiots. It’s all BO’s ‘inner circle’ making the decisions and none of them have ever run squat, much less well. So no matter what a seasoned professional at an agency says, it’s one of the cronies saying yea or nay…and they invariably pick the worst choice!

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  6. tappin52 says:

    Thank you for putting this piece of history together. So many new eyes here have been properly educated by you, Professor Sundance. You are truly a brilliant Patriot.

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  7. southernsue says:

    hillary has a lot on the line

    if she loses this election then she will be irrelevant as bill
    they will not be able to do favors for money any longer

    bill and hillary have made a nice living out of their clinton foundation

    bill and hillary out of power with for money is a horrible thought for the two of them

    i pray she doesn’t become prez

    power and money hungry people are more dangerous than a wild animal coming for you

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  8. NCPatrick says:

    Sundance, thank you so much for refreshing my memory and putting the pieces together in such an understandable fashion. I do remember it all now and wondering why the great urgency to topple another Middle Eastern chief who didn’t seem to be making that much trouble at the time. And also interesting to note the cabal of witches (Clinton, Rice, Powers) Obama put together to tell him what to do, along with the always blood thirsty Graham and McCain. Talk about irrelevant and incompetent! The entire Libyan disaster needs to be hung on all of their heads very soon because Hillary is sure she got away with it again.

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    • spacette55 says:

      I think she had visions of a Nobel Peace Prize for her Libyan “diplomacy,” much like Kerry with the Iran Treaty.

      Aside from Libya, all I remember of Hill’s SoS sojourn is photos of her dancing the boogaloo with native women wearing funny hats in 3rd world countries.


  9. Mr. Haney, Pixley Penciltucky says:

    This isn’t over by a long shot. The real damage to the Clintons will be the Judicial Watch RICO trial already approved and scheduled for trial in Florida this January. I highly recommend turning the focus to their efforts which, to date, have been highly successful. You have not heard the last about Benghazi. Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch will not be an easy hurdle to get over. Although I am not holding my breath, Comley at the FBI has a reputation for being non-political. If the people believe the FBI is in the Clinton/Obama camp, and justice was not served, be prepared to the fecal matter to hit the oscillating wind generator. Perhaps the numerous militia in the country have a valid point. The government may have to be forced to uphold the law or the government and laws no longer have any authority. Once that happens, anything goes.

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    • MissV says:

      Thanks for this comment.
      JW is at the top of my list of freedom-protecters fighting the good fight. I’ll be sure and pay attention.


    • Jill says:

      Gorelick is a wretched human being… from the building of the wall between the CIA and FBI, to her scandalous bonuses and pay ( $26,466,834 in salary, bonuses, performance pay and stock options from 1998 to 2003) based on fraudulent booking, and her time at Schlumberger while the company was aiding Sudan and Iran to avoid US sanctions.

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      • lastConservinIllinois? says:

        Great post Jill.
        I am one who tries to keep the name “Gorelick” out in the open, as seemingly for a few years it faded into the deep background.

        Gorelick is filthy.


      • rashamon says:

        Yes, and she was VP of Fannie Mae from 1997 – 2003 while $10 billion disappeared from the books. Her bonuses were to tied to meeting certain targets, so cooking the cooks benefitted those in charge, including Frank Raines and Rahm Emanuel. Obviously, when the $10 billion error was revealed, she did not pay back her bonuses (a good part of the $26,466,834 noted above by Jill) nor did she end up in jail for assuring stockholders that all was well. Fannie paid $400 million in fines and tanked thereafter. The stockholders thank her.

        Search her name. She is non-discriminatory when it comes to fields for scandal: from firewalls between the FBI and CIA that led to 9/11…to the defense of Duke University against their lacrosse team. Geeez.

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  10. Chewbarkah says:

    This is an excellent retrospective that raises some questions.
    Why was Sarkozy so determined to go after Kaddafi? Was it genuinely his initiative, or was he playing an assigned role?
    Did Hillary’s operatives assert control of the US big media to cheerlead for intervention, pushing aside Obama’s own optical shop? (Motive: create a broom for the witch to ride into the WH. Like TR and San Juan Hill. Notice how she took gleeful credit for Kaddafi’s murder). This would explain how Obama’s glorification was sidetracked, albeit briefly, during this period.
    Or did Obama set up Hillary so she would be stuck to the tar-baby instead of him in case of failure, yet leave him free to participate in case of success?


  11. JoeS says:

    Another great article Sundance.

    All of these uprisings happened at the exact same time during the Arab Spring and were bolstered by social media. There was Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, and Yemen. There must be a Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda common thread. I think, fundamentally, that it is the political philosophy of Obama that the goals and objectives of the brotherhood are good. It is difficult to explain his actions otherwise.

    Israel needs to be on high alert and must resist any Obama 2 state solution during his final year in office with he hope that a republican president will support them. One of the main goals of the MB is the annihilation of Israel.



    • rashamon says:

      Outstanding summary of events, Sundance, with great additions and questions by The Treepers.

      Many political hound dogs discussed the entry of the Muslim Brotherhood into advisory positions during Bill Clinton’s administration — not spots that required the perusal of Congress, but on the fringes. Career statesmen, degreed in languages and diplomacy with families noted for generations of service to the U.S., were replaced by foreigners under various excuses, one being that the newcomers were more familiar with the nuances of the language and culture. Some were even academics with degrees from American universities, holding chairs underwritten by the largess of Islamic dollars, mostly from the House of Saud.

      Now it smacks of a set-up for the Arab Spring across, first, northern Africa to re-empower the Muslim Brotherhood. Hindsight makes one want to kick oneself around the block a few times. Obviously, the PTB thought Gore would take the presidency and the plot could continue uninterrupted. We wondered why Geo. H. Bush didn’t dismiss those pro-Arab advisors (infiltrators) during his administration, but now it’s apparent there was “A Plan” that crossed party lines.

      The evil appears to be in endless supply.


  12. Clc says:

    thanks sundance for your work. any idea what happened to the 140+ tons of gold that Libya had? my whole view of our country changed when I listened to the F the EU video on youtube. the Russians released that tape of Victoria nuland discussing with the Ukraine ambassador about who they were going to put in to run that country after their coup. the U.S. has destroyed that country too. their gold was the first thing taken out. their is a dark evil force in the world now bigger than Hillary or the u.s., makes me think the antichrist is not far off.


  13. JunieG says:

    Notes: Sarkozy sent communist philosopher Bernard Henri Levi to Libya to meet the anti Qaddafi leaders. He returned with glowing reports of their greatness, their aspiration for western democracy, and advised supporting them. BTW, this guy has never been right about anything….

    Libya also possesses the largest resources of fresh water in Africa. Someone wanted to obtain control of this.

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  14. cali says:

    Judicial Watch used FOIA over two years ago to receive documents for the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) which they subsequently ignored – for obvious reasons. JW took their case to court and just recently succeeded getting these docs.
    These docs paint a damning picture about Libya, Clinton, Obama, Panetta and the DOD.
    These docs expose the many attempts made by Ghaddafi, his sons and other government authorities to find a peaceful solution when calling the DOD.
    As the docs also expose how Hillary ‘ORDERED’ a General to refuse answering calls from the Ghaddafi government and to refuse finding a ‘peaceful’ solution. It also contradicted Hillary and her posse’s claim of ‘humanitarian crises which was joined by the UN’s own Humanitarian investigative team. Even after Ghaddfi was assassinated – the Red Cross being told they would discover ‘mass graves’ turned out to be a lie – 700 fatalities is all they found.
    It was AQ and the MB and their various affiliates who were causing the humanitarian crises. The DOD – then led by Sec of Defense Gates – laid out the consequences where Hillary to succeed in her goal of removing Ghaddafi on behalf of the MB (Huma Abedin).
    Making a long story short – Hillary and her fabricated intelligence, her demand to bomb and remove Ghaddafi, her many lies, her personal involvement ‘ordering’ high rank and file military generals what to do and not to do and many other issues and concoction by her – caused the resignation of Sec of Defense Gates.
    She is the reason that Gates quit but was replaced by Panetta who transferred from the CIA into the DOD. (All also by intent due to Panetta’s conspiring with Hillary in Libya).

    This is far more then just telling lies by Hillary – its about conspiracy and war crimes involving the US government; Obama’s reluctance can be understood but not his actions after being bamboozled to get involved.

    I would recommend anyone interested to go to JW and read up on these DIA released documents as well as their courageous effort and success in bringing us the truth despite being such ugly and heinous truth at times. They deserve more than respect!
    I do not believe Gowdy was aware of these documents at the hearing as Hillary appeared at the hearing.

    To this day nobody ever answered any questions regarding Goldman Sachs and the criminality on their part towards Ghaddafi. He gave 3.5 billion dollars to invest – only to ‘disappear/lose’ his money while refusing to explain and answer his many requests and explanation to the whereabouts of his money which was shortly before his country was bombed.

    Surely – his plans and efforts to dump the Petro dollar and use Gold as currency played a role in his assassination. It ruffled feathers and induced panic in globalist circles because he was to introduce that plan together with others wanting to join him – also not long before his country was destroyed.

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    • rashamon says:

      I forgot about the Goldman Sachs issue. Is there nothing that company doesn’t manipulate?


    • Dixie says:

      very informative. thank you for your comment. always have been a supporter of Judicial Watch.


    • Sam says:

      Cali, yes, I too think that Qhaddafi’s plans to put Libya and all of OPEC on a gold standard was part of the reason Sarkozy and Hillary decided he had to go. The potentially disastrous consequences of OPEC on a gold standard were intolerable. Add to this the Goldman-Sachs debacle and the pro-Muslim Brotherhood bent of Hillary and Obama and you wind up with exactly what happened.


  15. czarowniczy says:

    Politicians only own what sticks to them and Hillary’s a great Teflon Donna. We’re no longer asking ‘who lost Europe’, where we allowed the Russians to suck up half of Europe post-Yalta. A few irritating Moslem-filled countries with nothing much to offer us except oil and great beach potential, countries most Americans can’t even find on a map, shouldn’t be that much of an issue. As for the dead Americans, we lose that many in New Orleans on a good weekend without a squeak from the public so why should dead American thousands of miles away distract the public’s attention from the various bits of shiny things thrown in front of it daily?
    The pols know that the longer they draw out any issue the more the public’s limited attention span stays with it. Some help, at the calculated moment, by late-night network comedians who’ll gladly make the deaths the brunt of comedy and it goes away even more. Hillary’s supporters who see her as a source of things they want that the Hillary government will give them wouldn’t care if she pulled the trigger herself.
    The question of Libya’s gold’s interesting – there’s been a lot of quite international gold movement over the last 10 years or so, lost of gold the US Fed has been ‘holding’ for foreign countries is being repatriated and/or moved to other non-US repositories. Countries like Russia, China and even Mexico have been quietly buying up tones of gold as European countries who thought their gold was safer in the US than at home are now moving much of that gold home. Hmmmmmmm – what do they know about our pols that we don’t?

    Liked by 1 person

  16. BobNoxious says:

    Nice write up. Although I think it’s more that the Administration chose to ignore the history of Benghazi, Derna & Eastern Libya, and in the spirt of the Cairo Speech & the first inaugural, they convinced themselves that if we offered to help the “oppressed” determine their own destiny (from a distance) then they would change their view of us as evil imperialists.

    The reason I say “chose to ignore” rather than passing it off as naïveté, or wishful thinking, is that in 2007 US Army Rangers raided an al Qaeda compound near Sinjar on the Syria-Iraq border and discovered what became known as the “al-Qaeda Rolodex” for foreign fighters entering Iraq.

    Analysis of the Rolodex proved that outside of Saudi Arabia, Benghazi and Derna- the two biggest cities in Eastern Libya- were responsible for sending the largest number of foreign fighters into Iraq during the Insurgency. The Sinjar raid also provided evidence of Derna serving as logistics hub for AQ recruits coming in from all over the world. Once arriving in Derna, they would be shippe via rat lines to Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Somalia, Kenya, Yemen, etc.

    Given that information, the only reasonable conclusion is that the Obama Administration willfully ignored what should’ve been clear warnings about the intentions of many of the anti Qaddafi fighters in Eastern Libya.


    • peachteachr says:

      The saddest part of this story you have just described is that all of the bad guys were meeting up in Libya, being armed or rearmed, and going to Afghanistan and Iraq to kill our military.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. BobNoxious says:

    One other point to add is the question of why Europe suddenly turned on Qaddafi after all the concessions he made in the aftermath of the Iraq invasion in 2003…. From my understanding, all of Libya’s energy export companies are located in Eastern Libya, whereas Qaddafi’s power was centered in the western half of Libya- Tripoli.

    Europe depends on Libyan oil for a large amount of its energy needs. It seems that once Qaddafi was challenged they immediately focused on defending their energy interests above all else. That meant abandoning Gaddafi in the hopes of gaining favor w/ the east & maintaining the energy interests. There is surely a lot more to that story to come out in the years to come.


  18. beaujest says:

    France pushing for attacks on Libya but would not let our planes use their airspace when President Reagan bombed them !


  19. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    The Libyan debacle is Mostly Hillary’s but also Barack’s responsibility since it started with the Arab spring (Obama) then Libya (Hillary) and the CIA State Department gun running operation that lead directly to Hillary as Stevens was coordinating it with all the parties involved in Benghazi. The video was the cover for the CIA operation and Obama wanting a second term. So the four that died were sacrificed to get Obama elected; so Hillary was right this is political. Only it was made so by her and Barack not the Republicans.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. spacette55 says:

    The video Hillary emailed Huma about on the morning of Sept 11, 2012 was a French documentary called, “Le Serment du Tobrouk,” shown at the Cannes Film festival the previous May. Her buddy, Harvey Weinstein, bought the English rights and planned to use it to glorify Hillary’s triumph in Libya.

    Hillary is featured at the 46 second mark in this trailer for the film that has been suppressed since the massacre of our people in Benghazi.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Chris says:

    What I have noticed is that the difference in what liberals expected out of the hearing. They expected her to slip up and admit that it was her fault. Short of that, they see her coming out well. They completely ignore the substance of what came to light during the hearings and have no idea what was really discussed and what conclusions must be drawn from the facts presented and what she stated.
    This is willful ignorance and its very tough to combat.
    Same thing goes for Trumps “racist statements”. If one listens to the media and ignore what he actually said, then one would totally think that he’s racist scum.
    This is today’s voting class and it exemplifies the power of the biased media and the ignorance of folks that consume only the mainstream media or their “brand” of media.


  22. kallibella says:

    I agree that HRC is responsible for the death of the four Americans in Benghazi, but she was SOS under Oevil. And though he was initially not seeing things her way, he went along under the pretense of R2P. The buck does stop with the Commander-In-Chief.

    The whole lot had been emboldened with his election and sought to fundamentally transform America. He didn’t have to be very explicit in his “orders” or desires for certain outcomes that fall under his radical left/Comminist/Anti-American ideology for his ilk and executors to feel called upon to advance their shared ideology.

    He must have known that HRC had always had her own WH ambitions, which he cut short with his own occupation of our WH; unstated agreements/understandings sometimes are just as “spoken” as plainly stated ones. All are culpable, the head of the lot being Oevil and her SOS White House-frustrated, first woman-president-wanna-be corrupt HRC, along with the rest of the players whom they so cleverly had positioned.

    This is why I think that no justice will ever be done under this administration. The DoJ and the FBI and the CIA and all other bodies/agencies that could bring up charges, have in a way told to “stand down.”

    I know it sounds very difficult to believe. But let’s realize that all levels of our vastly overgrow government have been infiltrated by people who hold the same ideology as Oevil and had for many decades started to oppose basic principles of government, and with the election of Oevil they had their ‘master’ at the helm and though he was not going to bark certain orders, they intuitively knew what his proclivities and preferences were. The moment these underlings heard the phrase the “fundamental transformation of America,” they heard it clearly and had, as it were, there marching orders.

    I am actually concerned that as things get more clear that this administration is culpable of many, many crimes they will try to deflect and find ways out. I just don’t even want to say it, but marshal law is not a far fetched tool in the hand of Oevil and his ilk. I pray I am wrong. I really do.
    Please tell me I am wrong on this marshal law possibility. Please.


  23. peachteachr says:

    Well, congratulations are in order to sundance and the Conservative Treehouse. This story is the lede on Lucianne. Top of the page and story # 1. WOOT WOOT!


  24. Muskrat says:

    I write a little patriotic blurb which I send to a small group of like-minded “domestic terrorists” each week. This week’s offering was “20 Questions,” #18 of which was: “18. Did you know that in March, 2011, when Obama was on a long, taxpayer-funded vacation with his extended family (yes, Mrs. Robinson was along) through South and Central America, he “phoned in” the start of the “Women’s War” (Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and probably Valerie Jarrett) against Libya by phoning in a $1 Billion + Tomahawk missile strike from Rio de Janeiro? [He then continued the vacation.]”. Seems timely, non? [P.S. My Trump hat came in yesterday.]

    Liked by 1 person

  25. patrickhenryrevisited says:

    And it shouldn’t be over………..

    Until the fat lady swings.


  26. msMS says:

    I am so amused by the pic of Hill and Sarkozy. She is a piece of work! Almost too much PDA. Putty in his hands.


  27. warmac9999 says:

    Nixon was forced to resign for far less than what happened here. Obama should be forced to resign/impeached/removed from office and Hillary should be treated like Liddy with a jail term.


  28. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    Womanizers Bill and Hillary Clinton have used the refined skills of deceit common to the promiscuous to lead this country down to their level of complete amorality. Just where The Left wants us to be. Thus their worship and vigilant protection of the clintons.

    No couple will ever approach their degree of destruction to national interests.

    Look at how calmly she continues to lie when cornered by bold truths.


    But then they’ve gotten away with so countless many times through the decades.

    Liked by 2 people

  29. Jett Black says:

    So who bought Sarkozy? Is he a Soros puppet, too?


  30. zephyrbreeze says:

    It wasn’t just the 4 men. It was all the people at the compound and the annex who she left to die like dogs in a hot car on a summer’s day. Life is cheap to leftists. It is either useful, or not useful with no inherent value. Abort it, euthanize it, they don’t care. Hillary’s “friend’s” usefulness had come to an end. The rest were collateral damage, oh well. The Ice Queen cackles on.


  31. jakeandcrew says:

    More insight into the mess in the Middle East…

    “Directive 11: Obama’s Secret Islamist Plan”, by Daniel Greenfield (June, 2015)

    Behind the rise of ISIS, the Libyan Civil War, the unrest in Egypt, Yemen and across the region may be a single classified document.

    That document is Presidential Study Directive 11.

    Sundance’s post on PSD-11 from June, 2014…

    Remember, back in 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was continually saying “we’re not sure who these rebels are“. She said they were continuing to try and identify their ideology. What these FOIA Documents reveal is that both President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton knew EXACTLY who the “rebels” were when they chose to support them.

    The administration had been studying them (Presidential Study Directive 11 – 2010) for over a year and even had meetings with them prior to the eruption of the Libyan crisis on Feb 14th of 2011. In the mind of the administration the Muslim Brotherhood was “moderate“.

    Article highlighted in Sundance’s post…

    The Obama administration conducted an assessment of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2010 and 2011, beginning even before the events known as the “Arab Spring” erupted in Tunisia and in Egypt. The President personally issued Presidential Study Directive 11 (PSD-11) in 2010, ordering an assessment of the Muslim Brotherhood and other “political Islamist” movements, including the ruling AKP in Turkey, ultimately concluding that the United States should shift from its longstanding policy of supporting “stability” in the Middle East and North Africa (that is, support for “stable regimes” even if they were authoritarian), to a policy of backing “moderate” Islamic political movements.


  32. Pingback: Libya is Hillary's War Released emails Show Depth of Hillary … | Kit4Security

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