Driving While White – Racially Inspired “Random” Shooting – Black Male Opens Fire On Woman With Baby Because…

… apparently she was white, with a southern confederate sticker on her window.  He couldn’t help himself.  And, oh yeah, you’d have to read the entire construct of the article to gain the understanding of the racial element… as customary, it wouldn’t be, well, PC to publish it.

A Bradenton mother and her one-year-old daughter are lucky to be alive after investigators say an angry driver shot at their car.

bradenton 1

The bullet holes are just inches away from one-year-old Leola’s car seat. Her mother, Amanda Frey, is dazed and confused after she says a driver fired shots at her car Friday morning.

“It didn’t even register to me that it was even gunshots until I smelled it,” Frey said.

Thankfully she and her baby weren’t hit. But one of the bullets is still lodged in the door and you can still hear it rattling inside.

Frey says it all started in the parking lot at the Labor Ready employment center in Bradenton.  She says a man parked illegally attacked her out of nowhere.

“He wasn’t even in his car when I was reversing at the time,” she said. “He jumped in his car and pulled into a spot to get next to me and he was mouthing so I rolled my window down about three inches to hear what he had to say.”

Frey said the man yelled racial slurs and then flipped out, firing three shots at her as she pulled away.

Angel of Death - Demonic False PurityOne of the bullets hit her little boy’s backpack and her little girl’s pants that were hanging in the trunk.

So was this road rage or racially-motivated?

Frey says she believes the Southern Confederate sticker on her windshield may have provoked the attack. She says now she plans to take it down. But in the meantime she’s just thankful she and her baby made it out alive.

“That’s the thing I was, you know, most, I don’t know, excited, happy, relieved that I had my baby because I almost lost her,” Frey said.

As for the shooter, investigators won’t have to look far. Sources say he worked jobs for Labor Ready and was headed to a job just before the shooting happened. And his information was handed over to authorities.  (link)

nothing to see here

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104 Responses to Driving While White – Racially Inspired “Random” Shooting – Black Male Opens Fire On Woman With Baby Because…

  1. Beeblebrox says:

    I believe the penalty for attempting to kill a raycis mother and her equally raycis daughter is the same as the penalty for shutting down tea party groups using the IRS.

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    • archer52 says:

      If she were black, and the shooter white- Black clad FBI agents would be fast roping from black helicopters onto the dummy that did it!

      It would look like a Tom Clancy novel with NSA satellites real time following him.

      Y’know. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. They know what they have done and what they are doing to us. And we take it. Soon the DHS will saddle up with the UN and start making lists.

      You don’t like Hillary- you’re on the list. You don’t like Barry- you are on the list. You think the states should be stronger than the federal government- You are on the top of the list!

      And everybody up there is Capitol City know it.


  2. joshua says:

    If Obama had a son……..

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  3. Garrison Hall says:

    He was “triggered” by the symbolic force of the racist image so it really wasn’t his fault at all. It was her fault for having such a hateful confederate image on her car in the first place. It means the she was a white racist. So, really, she got what she deserved. Actually, you see, he was striking a blow for freedom and protesting white people’s history of hegemonic oppression of people of color.

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    • The Boss says:

      Thanks Eric AssHolder too.

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    • Doodahdaze says:

      The educations system has rendered them unemployable. The political system has rendered them dependents. They are mad not because of being wrongfully convicted. They are mad because they get caught. They think social justice, justifies black crime. Yes, it is that bad and they are that misguided.

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      • Saying they are misguided implies that someone else is guilty for misguiding them.
        THEY are guilty. No one else.

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        • nimrodman says:


          Not as an excuse, but some pundit on TV had a good observation about the “unemployable” and “dependent” aspect. He said that without employment and the self-worth that comes from hard work and supporting your own family with your own effort, that the males are left with little option other than …

          … “loitering on the street corner and trying to appear manly.” (emphasis on “appear”)

          Or words to that effect. Hence the hyper-aggressiveness and posturing and quick-trigger violence.

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          • harleyone says:

            Unfortunately for Black lives, the liberals who designed and control the education and dysfunctional political system really just don’t care. The simple fact that places, any city, municipality, school system, voting district controlled by Democrats is demonstrably unhealthy for Blacks is indisputable. The libs just can’t comprehend. My question is always why don’t the Blacks? Why do they continue to put libs in positions of power?

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            • nimrodman says:

              “Why do they continue to put libs in positions of power?”

              Flattery. Blacks flatter themselves that nothing’s ever their fault, that they’re equally capable as others, that any failure to achieve is of course others’ fault, and that it’s ebil whitey who’s keeping them down.

              Libs don’t disabuse blacks of these notions, in fact Libs promote and amplify them – for votes.

              That’s why.


      • Attorney says:

        Yes, it is that bad and they are that misguided. Even some judges by into the concept – consider, e.g. Fulton County, Georgia.


    • lorac says:

      She didn’t give him a trigger warning, so it’s her fault….

      I’m so tired of people blaming other people for their own actions (this guy hasn’t said anything yet, but you know it will be HER fault).

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    • helene says:

      She did nothing wrong.


  4. hocuspocus13 says:

    What was this guy doing with a gun while he was at Labor Ready and then on his way to a job?

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    • Made in USA says:

      Hey in Baltimore’s criminal re-entry/thug outreach office that police raided recently cops found over a half dozen handguns, crack, heroin, and pot in the desk drawers the best part is ALL the employees and supervisors are CONVICTED FELONS. So far NO ONE has been charged thanks to “mayor” Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and cop persecutor Marilyn Mosby.

      Notice anything about the link? Bay News 9 is NOT allowing ANY comments, funny how that works.

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    • 2bn3mr says:

      If it’s anything like the Labor Ready office near me, the majority of the
      workers are not able to legally possess guns.

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    • PatriotUSA says:

      Labor Ready is a a day labor type of agency. I would not go near one ever again. I interviewed at one locally and politely declined the job offer a couple of days later. This was a few years ago.


      • joshua says:

        all the local Hispanics go stand in a day labor line know commonly to contractors as to location…no paperwork, just grab a strong guy and pay him 10 bucks an hour and he or they will work their guts out….


  5. dsp says:

    One reason I’ve moved away from conservatism is that conservatives — a few courageous and honorable exceptions aside (ahem) — can’t or won’t do anything to fight back against anti-white hate.

    There are more radical alternatives out there. I’ve been greatly enjoying Richard B Spencer’s Twitter feed commentary apart from the criticisms of Christianity.

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    • Doodahdaze says:

      They are the Obama civilian army he spouts off about. It will get worse before we are rid of him. Another year to go.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        I’m still not so sure there’s gonna be an election. Three years ago, I thought that idea was pure tin foil, but that was before I was fully educated on what, exactly, is in the White House.

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        • 1american1st says:

          And “what exactly” is a Soros sponsored unknown entity with more fake IDs than a Russian spy in a 007 movie… real life is scarier than movies, just look at our WH, the Clintons’ body count & an open Socialist running for prez.
          I feel like I’m not in Kansas anymore. I think I’m living in the Twilight Zone. At?nyone else feel like tha

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    • lastConservinIllinois? says:

      So you’re a bigger coward than the “Conservatives” you cite, then?

      And what exactly are YOU doing to fight back, tough guy?

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      • michellc says:

        I guess we could riot and loot, that is what black lives matter would be doing, but then we follow the law and don’t steal or destroy what belongs to others, not to mention if we got together with white lives matter signs even joking about rioting we’d probably get shot.

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  6. JeremyR says:

    Whats the big deal? They shoot other blacks more often than they shoot whites. /sarc

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  7. JAS says:

    If that happened to my wife and kids the end of the earth wouldn’t be far enough.,,,

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  8. Made in USA says:

    What was that saying? Oh yeah “When around Blacks (especially ‘urban-types” that vote for Democrats) NEVER, EVER, relax!”. Follow the same rule around White Liberals, LGBTG agitators, and mouthy Mestizos too and ALWAYS either Concealed or Open Carry a firearm, even in your own home..

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  9. justfactsplz says:

    Obama built this escalation of racial tension starting with the Trayvon Martin case and continuing on to the Mike Brown Case, etc. He also started the Hate We can’t get rid of him soon enough. Come on Jan. 2017!

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  10. JunieG says:

    I checked for updates in the story, as it seems they knew who the suspected shooter was, but didn’t see one.

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  11. angryduc says:

    more fake agitprop from Holder


  12. czarowniczy says:

    Wish I could generate surprise – any number of white women with children in their vehicles I can remember being shot at in New Orleans by aggrieved innercity men taking out their frustrations at the lack of opportunity (i.e., jobs that pay school dropouts $400-an-hour or better). In their defense though these shootings in the city were due to the vehicles they were trying to carjack pulling away/refuing to stop and forcing the jackers to shoot, so technically the drivers were at fault and the shooters were victims.

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    • Sam says:

      Didn’t carjacking slow waaay down when motorists could legally shoot a carjacker? It is self defense.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        They largely hit women driving SUVs or guys who don’t look like they’ll resist. Yet to heart of a 4-wheel drive pickup with a gun rack and Confederate flag bumper sticker being jacked but them the news wouldn’t report that unless they could prove that somehow the driver provoked the incident by…welll…existing.


  13. Daniel says:

    When white people and some black people do a shooting which has a larger public profile, it’s almost always a deranged person almost always on psycho drugs.

    But what of these black people who are apparently not on these drugs? In the absense of such drugs, what is there?

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  14. Sandra says:

    Does this seem odd? In an article in a post above, it says “Deputies said Averette pulled out a handgun and fired three bullets at Frey’s vehicle.”. But the mug shot web site says the charge is “SHOOT/THROW MISSILE INTO DWELL/VEH/BLDG/AIRCFT / ARREST WARRANT” A missile? The guy didn’t fire a slingshot, he fired a gun. Surely Florida has gun crime statutes and bullets aren’t considered generic missiles. I would have charged him with attempted murder.

    Here’s the missile statute. I cannot see how gun/bullet qualify for this:


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  15. Like A Boss says:

    Dont talk about fight club. Geeez


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  17. yakmaster2 says:

    So if the victim of a shooter says he yelled racial slurs at her in her car in a PARKING LOT, not on a road, then he wheels up to shoot her, the idiot media (newspaper) still needs to ask the question: “racially motivated” or “road” rage? How
    f—ing stupid is the reporter and, more importantly, how stupid does he/she think White people are?? Yeah, good thing there’s no comment section on this asinine piece.


    • thesouthwasrght says:

      That would be the reason for not having a comment section, can’t have the unwashed masses thinking there are others with their same view.

      Just last week I attempted to illustrate the failings of the Democrat party and Obama to a black woman I have known for a long time. Even down to Margaret Sanger and PP, more black babies aborted in NY in 2014 than born, etc. I would have gotten further with a light pole.

      After that conversation it became blatantly apparent there will never be a coming together collectively of white and black. Ever.


  18. shirley49 says:

    I am so glad that since the first so called Black Pres was voted in, we have such unity between the blacks and whites.


  19. dissapointed says:

    Where is the cry for gun control ?


  20. amwick says:

    Seems to me that Amanda and little Leola Frey are lucky to be alive. Well, it could be more than luck. I don’t blame her for taking down the Confederate Flag sticker, she absolutely needs to protect her children. What a world we live in. I would like to know if this brutal thug will be charged with a hate crime.


  21. gueppebarre says:

    Oh, shucks – I hadn’t heard this in the “news.” I guess it’s not newsworthy…


  22. sidenote, the university of Mississippi (ole miss) removed/took down the OFFICIAL MISSISSIPPI STATE FLAG from the school grounds this morning, no need to guess the reason why….


  23. Cali says:

    No surprises. Just more black on white assaults and crime that you never hear about. The news is too full of blacks complaining that their criminals went to jail to discuss truly innocent violent crime. Demographics and crime stats should be mandatory for everyone to learn, before they comment.


  24. gwsjr425 says:

    “She says now she plans to take it down.”

    They win.


  25. hightechjunkie says:

    This angry young man has been angry for some time. This is his 4th arrest, according to state records. He is also a registered Democrat. http://flvoters.com/by_number/1167/58823_gelasius_k_averett.html

    The burning question is… who taught this man to be racist? He, not the young woman, was taught to react adversely to the Confederate Battle Emblem. Come to think of it, no generation would ever have a problem with it if it was not passed down from the previous. If we are going to blame, let’s start with the people that raised him, or failed to, whichever is more relevant.


  26. uscca says:

    Too bad she wasn’t carrying; this story may have had a very different ending. The incident also infringed on her freedom of expression as she is now fearful to display her flag. Yet somehow she is going to be portrayed as the perpetrator or instigator here.


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