Cold Anger Logic – Interview Segment Shows Exactly Why Donald Trump Will Be Next President in Landslide Victory….

The U.S. electorate suffer from such intense media gaslighting it creates a weird disconnect.   Along comes a person (Donald Trump) who speaks common sense truth and immediately media narratives disappear; people say: “hey yeah, what about that”?

Jake Tapper (00:48) says “what about the human rights abuses”?

Donald Trump responds with the atomic sledgehammer of truth – Prepare for ‘Splodey Head moment:

“Human Rights Abuses”?

…”you don’t think they’re happening now? They’re worse now than they ever were. People are getting their heads chopped off, they’re being drowned in cages. Right now they’re far worse off than they ever were under Saddam Hussein or Kadaffi”….

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  1. Someone who boils it down to the truth – BOOM!

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  2. Artist says:

    Donald Trump makes me happyhappyhappy

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    • sundance says:

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      • Trump:

        I may as well show you because the media won;t

        Yeah, he “Gets It”

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          “I may as well show you because the media won’t.”

          Oh, man – that caption with that picture – just genius!

          Trump is so far ahead of the curve, it’s scary. It’s like he realized that the only place hipper than allowed thought was the comments section, where America was banished. So he plagiarizes every one of our disallowed thoughts, ignored by those in charge and their media gimps for 8 years, but then pumps them up with laser energy and fires them back in neon Twitter headlines that the media itself is forced to watch, like they have toothpicks holding up their eyelids.

          Fall mountains – just don’t fall on me. Right on, Mister Businessman, cuz you gonna set us free!

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          • nightmare on k st says:

            The “change up” pitch had to be Carson first brings up religion on Trump, then backs off it, now Trump mentions Presbyterian as middle of the road as to Seventh Day Adventists, it like yeah

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  3. Hillary & Barack thought they were so much smarter than the previous administrations. Thought we’ll just turn these Middle East policies upside down & see what happens. They thought they could just change things up & voila peace would reign. Huh! Turns out the previous U.S. administrations did far better than these dangerous jackasses could ever dream of. Smug, arrogant & ignorant!

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    • LBH says:

      Yes, FW. The trifecta for disaster for those in power: Smug, arrogant and ignorant.

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    • Doodahdaze says:

      We are not too blind to see.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      Just finished reading 13 Hours (the fight in Benghazi) while non-political, one thing became very clear: the HUGE disconnect between those who are the fighters and those who aren’t… but make the decisions. The CIA Annex boss was…an arse. Multiple times.

      Take that attitude and add to it the Clinton/Obama antipathy for the military. They don’t like them, don’t trust them, and certainly don’t listen to them. I believe their lunatic policy path was made more so, due to their built in bias.

      Frankly, it should be just the opposite: listen to the people who do the fighting, because they are NOT going to want a quagmire, nor fight battles they can’t win, nor fall for idiotic ‘moderate’ crap, nor believe that tossing a dictator and replacing w/ a ‘free and fair’ vote is going to come up roses. That same ‘moderate’ crap was part of the issue in Benghazi. Which ‘rebel’ groups were ‘good’? Who the F really knows?

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Totally, totally, totally. Obama and the Dems had complete disdain for Bush in Iraq, but they failed as critics, because they learned nothing. Add to that their eagerness to do military things without involving the military in the decisions (dumb, dumb, unimaginably dumb – and so “60’s radical”, to be blunt), and they got themselves into a whole lot of trouble.

        (1) You break it, you own it – and if you don’t, it will own you.

        (2) When your own military suggests things, you had better listen.

        (3) Nation-rebuilding is expensive, difficult, and painful, but worst of all, necessary.

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        • SharonKinDC says:

          Would disagree w/ #3, in that we shouldn’t have gone in in the first place and expecting, as Trump said in 2007 that they’d all go vote and have a US styled system was unrealistic. Too many tribal/sectarian issues to revert so quickly. Sadly, imo, Syria had the best chance to gradually change to a freer society. That’s now gone.

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          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            Every case is different, to be frank. Iraq, Libya and Syria are all quite different.

            To begin with, as far as Iraq – yes – why go in if you don’t have to? And even if you do, there are ways to get in, get out, and let the situation self-heal to a less pathological state – i.e., NOT do nation-(re)building (or more accurately, let it rebuild itself). I think that’s actually part of the Powell doctrine, or at least derivable. But the Bush people made the rule that no Baathists could go back into the government – a really bad idea, in retrospect – and basically forced the nation into a MORE pathological state. At that point, nation-rebuilding was required, IMO, because they’d already done too much damage, for it to self-heal. I think it was the idea of nation-BUILDING (in a desired political image) that was wrong – not the idea of trying to make the place better or less toxic for the people who live there, which should be the goal of basic rebuilding after war.

            And THAT is where the lesson was learned by our military, but not by Hillary, and thus we arrive at Libya. Clearly the situation was already breaking apart – already NOT capable of self-healing. It’s a legitimate question whether we should have gotten involved at all. Khadafy wanted some kind of option to get out alive, and from what I understand, our military was interested in taking that option. Cankles and Sid were not. Cankles went into full breaking-things mode, and cackled afterwards over Khadafy’s body. But worse still, after the Benghazi attack, when the right thing to do would have been to admit the problems in Libya, and commit to helping stabilize Libya (possibly losing the 2012 election because of it), Cankles and Obama chose to pretend it wasn’t their fault, and walk away. And thus we are now ALL paying the price for them NOT rebuilding when the HAD to do it.

            The relatively successful aftermath of WWII was the result of being serious about rebuilding. And note, also, that I’ve never said “building” – only “rebuilding”. I think that there is a distinction to be made, even if it’s rather fine. The Bush version of “nation-building” is almost like corporate takeover, wrecking, building anew, and installing new management. It was almost like “occiforming” the Middle East. Not a good idea.

            And agreed about Syria. They blew it. But the secretive, irresponsible Obama/Clinton foreign policy never had a chance, because they always tell and never listen. The only thing they realized is that an all-out war in Syria to take out Assad had no support, so Obama never tried to take it there. However, they remained fully on board their laughable idea of arming jihadis to take out Assad for them – long after it was clear that was what they were doing, and long after it was far, far worse than an ordinary fail.

            So ironic that the Obama-Clinton foreign policy, supposedly motivated by human rights, resulted in such massive turmoil and loss of human rights in Libya, Syria and Iraq. This is why it’s critical that Hillary Clinton not be elected President. She does not have any sense of outcome. ANY. Trump, on the other hand, is instinctive and unerring in his sense of outcome.

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            • SharonKinDC says:

              I’ve never believed in any of that Human RIghts claptrap, or saving the planet, etc. All of these warm, fuzzy appeals conceal a cold blooded desire for more control and power. Voters on the left, trebling in fear at ‘bitter clingers’ and railing against ‘corporate greed’ put blinders on at the ideology being backed in MENA/ME and the select power brokers and their corporate functionaries designated to benefit from feel good globull governance. Ugh.

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              • wolfmoon1776 says:

                Yes – absolutely. Cankles / Power / Rice / Jarrett / Obama feel free to use humanitarianism as an excuse when they want to – and drop it like a hot potato when is means the slightest political damage or accepting of responsibility. Their only true motivators are money, power, and political gain.

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          • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

            Same thing with Kenya…..too many tribes……too many Obamas there too…….


      • geoffb5 says:

        Good book. I hope the movie does it justice.

        It matches up well IMO with the older book “Benghazi: The Definitive Report” but has details that the other one elided over, perhaps due to security concerns or maybe pressure from on high. Both are tactical level accounts.

        About 3 years ago I worked up a timeline, using several sources which has held up pretty well.

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      • Louis miller says:

        They are afraid of the military, and rightly so.


    • ZurichMike says:

      And remember, Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and all . . . .

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    • djmarcone says:

      that’s assuming they didn’t WANT this to happen just they way it has.

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  4. Nanny G says:

    CNN should be ashamed of themselves.
    Back when Saddam was in power CNN kept our public from learning about his human rights abuses all in exchange for ”access.”
    If I recall correctly CNN knew there were rape rooms where women who had a death penalty were raped so ”allah” wouldn’t accidentally allow them into paradise.
    CNN knew there were two sons of Saddam who were out-&-out sadists, picking out little girls off the streets for their sexual games.
    CNN knew people were being fed to wild animals at Saddam’s private zoo.
    CNN may have even known about the large plastic shredder that one of Saddam’s sons used as a way to torture kill people by putting them feet-first into the thing.
    IF Trump didn’t know about all that, it is CNN’s fault.
    Their reporters did but wouldn’t tell.

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    • Mr.Right says:

      Nothing compared to what is being done then and now in Saudi Arabia.
      Do you see CNN talking about this day in days out ? no
      CNN get paid by a fortune by Qatar, saudis etc…

      Also Sadam had to run with an Iron Fist because islamic terrorisy where trying to take over the country. they where attacking the goverment.
      Sadam was executed for killing 148 shiite…. Saudi Arabia behead that many people (gay, adulterer, etc,,) TODAY.
      Look at the kids they recently crusified because he had a blog…

      Look at the mount of death after the US declared war on sadam ?
      The entire country went to crap, and we killed way, way more children and women then Sadam did in his lifetime.

      Trump is 100% correct. Sadam was a bad guy.. but in a place like the middle east, their no place for a nice guy.

      Little reminder… 9/11 ZERO iraqi… 90% where saudi national. Bin laden is a saudi familly, not iraqi.

      Trump is very well educated in this middle east situation, just listen to his position on Kuwait… (the type of stuff that WILL get him killed by the oil cartel)

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      • coltlending says:

        Spot on.

        For the ages, the Shites have been batshit crazy and the Sunni not falling very far behind.

        The old U.S. oil money is all-in in the Middle East. They are too old and content to get back on that old horse and build a fortune in keeping America strong. Their heirs are soft and liberals, cringing at the thought of human rights abuses in the Middle East. For g-ds sake, it wouldn’t be the Middle East if human rights abuses weren’t a way of life over there. It’s cultural. It’s who they are. It’s what they do. WE are never going to change that. And, the fact is a lot of them want to kill us because we are Judeo Christian.

        The late King Hussein of Jordan, like Saddam and every other Middle Eastern ruler that lasted longer then a New York minute, also ruled with an Iron fist. His son, King Abdullah is no idiot. You mess with that bull; you get the horn.

        For anyone paying attention, it’s obvious listening to Tapper and his the sky is falling human rights abuses cries is going to kresult in the death of Western Civilization.

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  5. Dean Douthat says:

    Trump says our current leaders are stupid and ensues gasps, pearl clutching and fainting; one just doesn’t disrespect high offices such as president and sec. of state like that. In fact, this is the kindest and most respectful that can be said about them; the alternative is that they know what they are doing.

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  6. John Galt says:

    Putin pointed out the same thing when announcing Operation Salvation. I wouldn’t object to extraditing Obozo & Crew somewhere for war crimes trials.

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  7. truthandjustice says:

    Ha – strange – before coming here I saw an old interview Trump had with Wolf Blitzer in 2007 about Iraq, saying about the same things —-

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    • Sentient says:

      So the establishment tells us:

      If you didn’t back W’s Ill-fated entry into Iraq, you’re “not a conservative”.
      If you don’t currently hold that the war was good, you’re “not a conservative”.
      If you don’t want to back Al Qaeda-affiliated “rebels” in Syria, you’re “not a conservative”.
      If you don’t want unfettered, unregulated “free trade”, you’re “not a conservative”.
      If you oppose outsourcing American jobs, you’re “not a conservative”.
      If you don’t want the US-Mexico border left wide open, you’re “not a conservative”.
      If you don’t want unimpeded illegal immigration, you’re “not a conservative”.

      Whatever. Go Trump!!

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      • Eskie Mom says:

        This is starting to have the same affect on me as being a “racist”. Fine. I’m not a “conservative”. But I am a red blooded patriotic American woman who LOVES my country & grieves for the life we had stolen out from under us. God Bless Donald Trump!

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        • R-C says:

          Very well said, Eskie.

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        • amjean says:

          Did you notice that whenever a republican runs for office they
          label themselves conservative?

          Trump is more commonsense conservative than any other
          candidate we have had for decades in any position.

          And the ones in office are a bunch of crooked losers.

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          • truthandjustice says:

            Yes, agree. It’s just another one of their strategies – like using the race card, etc. – they’re trying to change the idea of what a “Conservative” is in hopes it will help their evil cause. I’ve noticed the clueless bunch on TV, whether by design or not, call people like Ryan a “Conservative” and the real ones that are patriots they call “Extremists”, “Fringe”, “Troublemakers” like those in the Freedom Caucus or Cruz.

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    • WoW! That interview from 2007 could’ve easily been recent Trump is saying basically the same things today! Trump says it outright on going to war in Iraq, same words TOTAL DISASTER, TOTAL CATASTOPHRE, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq “It’s all a lie. It’s all a BIG LIE!” And shows he is compassionate mentions hundreds of thousands lost their lives even the Iraquis. Even questions George W Bush’s religion over that! Great video.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        This guy is extremely clear-thinking. I’m always impressed how he trips up the media by immediately chain-sawing himself out of whatever primrose path they put in front of him.

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      • jello333 says:

        But, but…. the Iraqi people were LIBERATED! Surely if you were the parent of a little boy or girl who was killed during that war and its aftermath, you’d at least have the satisfaction of knowing it was for a good cause, right? At least your dead (or maybe maimed) son or daughter wouldn’t be forced to live under a dictator like Saddam, right?

        (By the way, just in case it wasn’t obvious to anyone… complete sarcasm.)

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        • amjean says:

          Whether it was a good cause is not the main issue.
          There are other issues which are far more important:
          1. It took too many lives.
          2. It took too long.
          3. It cost too much.

          And here we are today with the situation worse than it
          ever was before Bush and his pal, other brother,


  8. tz says:

    Something about the one eyed man in the land of the blind…
    The MSM is about narratives, “the index card of allowable opinion” (as Tom Woods put it), cronyism, toadyism.
    History repeats, first as tragedy, then as farce. Ron Paul was honest, trustworthy, and for smaller government, and the GOPe insured he wouldn’t be allowed. Twice. Even if you didn’t like him you knew he was honorable. Trump is farce – I’ve already compared him to the most recent “Joker from Batman” – and I hope he wins.
    I’ve mentioned Carson – Others complained, but I can trust him to do what he thinks is right just as I can Trump. I’m split here and the primaries/caucuses are delayed. I don’t trust the rest.
    Cruz? Reagan. Reagan promised to eliminate the Dept. of Energy and education, and failed. He appointed Sandy the (killer – see “Casey”) clown to the bench. He traded tax increases to spending cuts that never happened. Cruz would have to torch a number of things for me to believe him.
    Paul? Prodigal son. Sing along with Mitch (McConnell). Maybe. He should be but isn’t my first choice.
    The rest? I’ll sit out or vote libertarian, constitution, reform, or 3rd party.
    Speaking of which, Ross Perot or Pat Buchanan would have fixed things. And broke (the right) things. Trump is in that vein.
    Trump – he may make mistakes, declare bankruptcy, then rise from the ashes. Bureaucracy isn’t greatness. Globalism isn’t greatness. Diversity is weakness – except for “Hybrid Vigor”.
    Cold anger? That is what you get when hell freezes over.


    • I guess that I’m a bad person, but I simply cannot bring myself to feel sorry for those people. Let them go back to their homelands and fight for their own freedom, instead of invading Europe or the US to demand something that others (some even with their very lives) paid for. I do not care.

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  9. NJF says:

    Every time we hear DT give an honest assessment on ANYTHING and splody heads ensue, I hear in my head Jack Nicholson assert, “you can’t handle the truth!”

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  10. Bluto says:

    Did y’all catch this exciting bit of news?

    Trump successfully pressures Ford to move Mexican plant to Ohio

    “CNN Money reports that Ford is moving its facility, originally slated
    for Mexico, back to the United States, where it will employ 1,000
    factory workers in struggling Youngstown, Ohio.”


    CNN Money Article here:

    Holy crap, he’s not even President. Imagine what he could do in office?

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  11. I’ve seen in the last couple weeks:

    Men hanging, hog-tied, from playground swingsets, and then burned after they watched the trail of flame coming toward them.

    Men being led, blindfolded, into a field — after more than likely being lied to about what was to occur — and forced to kneel, each of them on top of a buried explosive, and then, as Robin Williams said in Stripes, “Blown up, Sir!”

    And just yesterday, a man being run over by a tank.

    And that’s about a thousandth of what I’ve seen these Uruk-Hai do and proudly broadcast.

    To top it all off, the headlines we see, that say “People are Outraged!” like one on Drudge right now, I think, are lies.

    No. They. Are. Not.

    They don’t even know about it. I work with a lot of people. As far as I can tell, maybe one of them also reads instead of watching TV or listening to NPR. And nobody I know knows anything besides their jobs. And barely that.

    WB Yeats is spinning in his grave, faster even than an Iranian centrifuge.

    Amazing prescience on Yeats’ part. Should be Canon.

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  12. WeeWeed says:

    God willing, I hope he gets the farce called the UN tossed outta the country as well.

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  13. BenY says:

    Their plan to create the Caliphate is well on it’s way. They are doing ot all over Europe, infiltrating all over here, and I would not be surprised if there is not a massive uprising before the next election. Lock and load, hide your arsenal.

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  14. taqiyyologist says:

    Tom Kratman wrote a book called Caliphate a while back, SF/F genre, that detailed a future EU as a Muslim Caliphate. Although kinda a good read, it contains a whole lot of rape-porn. So I put it up there on the shelf with GRR Martin’s books. And poke it with the fire-poker every so often as it glows and burns.

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  15. taqiyyologist says:

    Re: my earlier statement that nobody is Outraged!!

    Quiet rage it is, then.

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    • Michael Dixon says:

      We’re so jaded from all of the torture, murder, rape and pillage that it’s hard to feel genuine outrage anymore. Inhumanity is the new norm. Try to express outrage to your government and you’ll be tagged a dissident, a troublemaker. The worst thing you can be in post-democratic America is a white Christian male. You go to the top of the list of domestic terrorists.

      Yes, maybe it’s quiet rage. Maybe it’s the first stirrings of the counter-revolution. We are currently in a revolution in this country, and we have passed the tipping point.

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  16. Michael Dixon says:

    But dare to suggest that today’s turmoil in the Middle East followed U.S. military intervention in Iraq (twice), Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere and you will be excoriated as an enemy of the State, you will be persona non grata among fellow conservatives, and your comment will be censored.

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  17. Betty says:

    I am listening to a book this weekend. I thought it would be light listening it is called Maisie Dobbs and it was written by Jacqueline Winspear. Maisie is a young girl in pre-WWI England, during WWI she enlists as a nurse in France. I’ll not say any more but if your tempted to read or listen to it – do.

    Anyway in conversation someone says to her: “Terrible isn’t it, we like our heroes out in the open, when they are in uniform all spit and polished, but not when they are showing us the price they paid for us.”

    Then I watched Donald Trump telling about his work with veterans and got a peak at how great a heart Donald Trump has and what a complex man he is.

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  18. Ivehadit says:

    Ok, some levity from our FAVORITE SISTERS! August debate throwback…

    Because I can’t get enough of these two!! Or Donald!

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  19. NHVoter says:

    He’s right.

    As bad as Gadaffi was, he was largely the ‘gatekeeper’ who stopped a lot of migration from North Africa to Europe. Now look at what’s happening.

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  20. NHVoter says:

    Do you all really think Jeb will drop out?

    My thinking is:
    A) Jeb will drop out and endorse his protégé Rubio. If Jeb chooses this path he will go all out in attacking Trump.
    B) Jeb will stay in but will attack his protégé. If Jeb really wants to be the nominee he needs to first get rid of Rubio. Jeb has to be angry that Rubio ran & is currently doing better than him.
    Personally I hope Jeb does us all a favor & takes out Rubio before dropping out.

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    • Cameraman says:

      Would Rubio want a Jeb! endorsement? It would be the kiss of death for any political campaign. As for the all-out attack from Jeb!, if what we have seen so far is any guide that would be like being mauled by a hamster – not pleasant but mostly harmless.

      Jeb! will stay in. Not because he wants to, it’s because he’s not allowed to leave. That’s why he appears so sad.

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      • LBH says:

        Cameraman, a bit a la Hotel California?
        Honestly, I’ve seen more exuberance from a middle schooler running for student council than I have seen from Yeb?. I don’t believe he wants the job. I don’t think he ever did.

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  21. amjean says:

    Does anyone know who the big money is that supports Rubio
    and likewise for Jeb Bush?

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    • NHVoter says:

      We’re getting a lot pro Rubio of ads here from this group:

      Norman Braman, Sheldon Adelson & Larry Ellison all support Rubio.

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    • Nanny G says:
      Nice graphic.
      I hadn’t heard of most of these super-rich donors, but Bush’d TOP donor has an Hispanic name: Miguel Fernandez, a private equity executive who chipped in $3 million, the largest contribution to the Bush super-PAC.
      Hushang Ansary was the Iranian ambassador to the US before the Iranian Revolution; he and his wife each donated $1 million.

      Florida’s electric utility donated $1 million to the Bush super-PAC.

      One $1 million donation came from a shell corporation called Jasper Reserve LLC. The company appears to be registered in Delaware, effectively blocking any information about who founded it or runs it.

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  22. NHVoter says:

    Apologies for the multiple posts but why do some see this as a bad thing?

    Forgive my ignorance – I just haven’t heard of a good alternative to SS or Medicare & it doesn’t seem very popular to talk about gutting such programs. I’m seeing some call Trump a liberal Democrat because of his views on this issue.

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    • TheTorch says:

      This clarifies the issue that was raised earlier about this. Apparently there was some confusion.

      He is right on this. Although there are perfectly sound conservative reasons for looking at Health Savings Accounts etc. the thing is that is a debate for another day and the American people need to buy into this idea, at the moment it would only be a minority that do. So it makes perfect sense to support the status quo on this for now, until a proper debate can be had, and people convinced something more radical needs to be done at a later stage.

      Otherwise it would be creating an unnecessary distraction and leave Trump open to attacks from a number of candidates including the democrats, so why give them any opportunity.

      There are far more important things that need to be addressed first.

      This is what I am liking about Trumps campaign, he is radical where it is absolutely required, like illegal immigration compared to the others, on the economy and tax he is less radical but still offering something much better than the others, and on other things which are arguably less important but very controversial, he is supporting the status quo. I think that is extremely smart. Also remember if he becomes the next President of the USA, then due to his policies, he is likely to be a successful one, so a 2nd term would be highly likely, so these other things can be looked at then.

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      • PatriotKate says:

        Trump always stresses that “WE” have a CONTRACT with Medicare and Social Security. He’s right and you know how he believes about the value of contracts – whether it’s business or social. We cannot suddenly go back (if ever) to what would be an original system that eliminates many of the social safety nets that have been put in over the decades. It is actually the Elite who want to PRIVATIZE — always a dangerous word — many of these things, which would not be good for us. Trump says we have to take care of people and that’s right. We have a broken system and do need reform of all social programs. You want to run for the hills when you hear them talking about “public-private partnerships.” That’s code for Fascism.

        Trump understands that we need a proper balance. He’s just a common sense pragmatist.

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    • Jack Long says:

      Trump, when I’ve heard him questioned about this, says it’s a contract that’s been made and people have paid into it for a long time.

      He views it as a contract that has to be honored. if it’s a money loser than cuts will have to be made in other places to make up for it.

      That’s my take.

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    • jello333 says:

      That tweet is from just today? GOOD! Trump needs to push that big time. Not just Carson’s views, but his own views too… “Carson wants to abolish Medicare, I want to save it and Social Security” Unless you’re filthy rich, and you don’t care about people who AREN’T filthy rich, how could you POSSIBLY argue with that?

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    • Rene says:

      There is another aspect to this everyone forgets. We forget this because we are so used to recessions and no jobs. Trump intends to get people working again. There will be infrastructure, factories, the energy economy, ect to build. Jobs mean money going to fund social security and medicare. That is how he intends to save it. Hard for some to get their head around because we are used to people not working.

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  23. NHVoter says:

    If he hates the Senate so much then he should resign & stop taking taxpayer money.

    You know who else hated being in the Senate? Obama. The parallels are frightening.

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    • sandraopines says:

      Rubes is making it easier for the Trump man. WOW So we Floridians elected Rubeo and send him to DC… poor baby doesn’t like it so he decides he will run for Prez and he might like that better. Never mind the constituents he mislead…. O M Gosh this should be fun… I will make popcorn.

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  24. TycheSD says:

    This article goes alone with Trump’s remarks – amazing! Fall of Qaddafi created migrant crisis.

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  25. labrat says:

    Dear Donald,
    Keep talking like that and for the first time in my life I might actually vote FOR someone.

    Thank you.

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  26. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Prntly’s blog – basically a Russian immigrant version of Drudge. Interesting. Let’s hope he’s not another Merkel! 😉

    Anyway, if this item about Jeb is true….

    Jeb’s reality realignment timeframe was clearly greater than that needed for a White House run. When he could not understand why Common Core was bad, despite 2 years of conservatives unearthing one horrifying example after another – and then a year later was STILL boosting Common Core – I knew he was not going to catch the train that America was taking.

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  27. mpmp2015 says:

    Trump is essentially a “regular” staple on the Sunday morning talk shows. LOL!!!

    It’s also one BIG advertisement for his properties. He’s done so much interviews at Trump Tower, it’s becoming a YUGE tourist attraction in NYC. More foot traffic for the commercial tenants means higher rents! Now, he’s doing a few at Trump National Doral….one big fat advertisement for one of prime properties. He can walk and chew gum at the same time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • jello333 says:

      Just realized something. If Trump is elected, isn’t he gonna have to relinquish control of most of his businesses while he’s in office? If so, that’s gotta be emotionally REALLY hard for a guy like him to do. And yet he’s willing to do it. Isn’t this proof that the only reason he’s running really IS to help the country and the world?

      Liked by 1 person

  28. 22227z says:

    Iraq, the Harvard of Terrorists! Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. 22227z says:

    Apparently the moderate Syrian rebels are none too happy either. LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  30. joshua says:

    laughing about Ben Carson and his “calm and quiet demeanor” that everyone thinks just MAKES him so likeable.

    Watch Putin put on the same “act”…then think about Carson trying to stab someone when he was a teenager and throw rocks and bricks at folks…..looks like PUTIN became tough, and CARSON became meek and maybe a druggie.


  31. TwoLaine says:

    This is the new TRUMP Headline (STORY) today.

    Trump Says Career Started With ‘Small’ $1m Loan From Dad


    I don’t think they want to go down this rabbit hole! I can’t even fit on this Comment the amount of links to WASTE at the WH and in Congress.

    Obama clean energy loans leave taxpayers in $2.2 billion hole

    Emanuel Cleaver’s Congressional Salary to Be Garnished
    Live from The Roasterie
    March 21, 2014

    “The Jackson County court clerk issued a wage garnishment order against Cleaver’s employer — the U.S. House — on behalf of Bank of America. The order instructs the House to withhold part of Cleaver’s salary to help repay more than $1.3 million he and his wife now owe the bank. It’s the second time the bank has asked the court to garnish Cleaver’s wages for the debt, first incurred more than a decade ago….”

    Remember when Shriillary said she and Bill were broke with their 3 houses, etc., after the WH. Without any honest work since then, from EITHER of them, they are Swimmin’ in Clinton Cash from every country and entity the HILL & BILL did favors for!

    McClaire McCaskill is an absentee slumlord.
    SnakeFace SharpTongue owes the U.S. HOW MANY MILLIONS?

    The list of losers that the gubt has picked is endless.

    The question should be, did you pay it back?
    What have you done since then?

    Armor Up!


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