Carl Icahn Creates #YUGE Pro-American Business Super-PAC $150 Million…

Wow.  Carl Icahn is putting $150 million toward creating his Super-PAC which will target political policy aimed to stop U.S. corporate business inversions, and promote repatriation of money held offshore.

carl icahnIcahn is a very good friend of Candidate Donald Trump and one of the few pro-U.S. billionaires who believe in American exceptionalism. 

Icahn and Trump are part of a rare club of business leaders who, while being part of the billionaire investor class, are more Pro-Main Street than Wall Street.

(VIA REUTERS)  Billionaire investor activist Carl Icahn tweeted on Wednesday that he is forming a Super PAC with an initial commitment of $150 million, representing the biggest one-time injection of money in the history of such political action committees.

Icahn, who supports presidential candidate Donald Trump, said he is targeting “inversions,” which occur when a company changes its domicile, often outside the United States, to take advantage of lower tax rates elsewhere.

“Right now, as we speak, there are many companies planning to leave this country,” Icahn said in an interview with CNBC. “It’s so simple to do something about it, it’s a no-brainer.”

Icahn said on CNBC that the incentive for companies to leave the U.S. via inversion deals could be eliminated by legislation allowing big companies to repatriate funds held offshore at a discounted tax rate – an approach also favored by Trump.

In a letter, released Wednesday and sent to several leading members of Congress, Icahn said as many as 50 companies have left the U.S. over the past few years, representing more than a half-trillion dollars in market value, costing hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes and lost jobs.  (read more)

The timing of this announcement, against the backdrop of Wall Street going “all in” to support Hillary Clinton, is most-likely not coincidence.

Donald Trump suit


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111 Responses to Carl Icahn Creates #YUGE Pro-American Business Super-PAC $150 Million…

  1. canadacan says:

    He looks like that guy with a beard in the ad “the most interesting man in the world”.
    That mexican beer ad, I think.:-)😄

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  2. prescient11 says:

    This is, how you say, throwing the gauntlet down. Finally AMERICA is seeing some CHAMPIONS emerge who are up to the fight!!! No more hand holding with the commies and corporate sellouts.

    Destroy them all. Delenda est.

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    • canadacan says:

      Delenda est indeed

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      • prescient11 says:

        I would upvote you but I’m not on disqus. Our people need to understand what a MAJOR move this is. Jeb! was supposed to be unstoppable because of his warchest. Well Icahn, a vocal Trump supporter, just said screw you Jeb! and the rest of the GOPe and frankly the dems too and put the marker down. Finally, AMERICAN interests might be front and center this election.

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        • The fascinating thing to me is that the Hillary/Obama/Merkel/Trudeau globalists have just proven to the world that their myopic “global focus” is far more dangerous to the planet, than even the old neocon-tainted Reagan policies, to say nothing of what a strong-but-peaceful, neo-con-free Trump policy could be. With awareness of the dangers of both the trigger-happy neocons and the spaced-out, hippie-dippy neoprogs, America could be a leader in global thinking, instead of a mindless follower.

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      • GOPe delenda est, indeed

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  3. stringy theory says:

    I think this is a major and positive development and will be helpful to Trump–at least I hope so. We really need Trump who is the only one who can take care of the wicked witch the dumbocraps will be running. It looks like Hillary ‘s dossiers on Barry, Biden and the rest of her challengers have ensured old Joe won’t run and Barry won’t indict her.

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    • Rurik says:

      When Trump wins, he will need a significant number of supporters in congress. Even he cannot do all that by himself. Icahn and others like him can help encourage and support other pro-Trump candidates. Thank you Donald, and now Thank you Carl.

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      • Dixie says:

        Maybe Icahn can make some of them beholden to him and then put pressure on them to vote his way. Since he and Trump have the same goals (it seems), it won’t be him pressuring Trump but Trump and Icahn pressuring the elites in congress. What a switcheroo that would be and a welcome thing indeed.

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    • your tour guide says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Obama was in office around the time that
      Hillary was scrounging FBI files. I think that it’s one of the reasons that he managed to
      get as far as he did. Everybody else that was in office while Bill was in the white house
      had to worry about what kind of dirt Hillary could deal on them should they get out of line.


  4. sunspots7 says:

    Woo hoo! The Wall Street Class’ civil war! May there be much blood.

    In this photo, Ichan looks like “the most interesting man in the world”.

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  5. So the battle starts, conservatives and pseudo conservatives, pick your side. Wall Street (CoC) vs Joe and Josephine 6 pack.

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  6. Ursula says:

    I feel much gratitude towards these two patriotic billionaires.
    Finally push back against Soros and the others of his ilk.

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  7. Sentient says:

    This is great news. Hopefully this PAC also works on behalf of securing the US-Mexico border and limiting immigration from countries with wildly disparate cultures (as in, acceptance of female genital mutilation). Stupid libtards would try to “outlaw” corporate inversions. That will never work. Cut the corporate tax rate and not only will “inversions” end, but they’ll be reversed. Since the GOPe is going to break the bank spending negative ads against Trump, hopefully Icahn’s PAC will spend equal amounts targeting Jeb (& Rubio).

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  8. boutis says:

    Icahn is the king of hostile takeovers. He targeted poorly run and managed companies. I think he has been advising Trump on the hostile takeover of the Republican party who like poorly run companies run it as a private ATM for executives, officeholders, lobbyists, consultants, and hacks.

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  9. Just_me says:

    This is exciting news. Thanks for posting it, Sundance.

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  10. TheTorch says:

    Well well what an announcement…

    So just for arguments sake, Trump has not spent any money yet, but could easily kick in $100 million when required. Already has small donations coming in which are around the $4 million mark, without even soliciting for them! and now we have Carl Icahn creating a super pac to the tune of (intially) $150 million.

    and this is after we heard the news of the massive AD campaign being prepared by the GOPe to take down Trump.

    Is it just me, or is this simply too glorious for words 😀

    This is a massive, gigantic, YUGE middle finger to the GOPe 😀

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    • kallibella says:

      I think that Trump has inspired many patriots among the People; but as we read now, he also has inspired some among his peers!!!!
      Awesome! America is worth fighting for. Enough of RINO/globalists destroying America.

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    • Raffaella says:

      It is absolutely a middle finger to the stablishment. Now they know what they are up against. Icahn and Trump together are worth 32 billion. Jeb, Rove and the stablishment should be shaking in their boots.

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  11. yohio says:

    This is unbelievably great news, and again shows the major influence and help Trump has from and over people. He is trying to change things and influence policies and he hasn’t even won yet. Trump is amazing and truly wants to make America great again.

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  12. Eskie Mom says:

    Pray that this is only the beginning. (I would be willing to bet that TRUMP- & maybe Carl Icahn, too, has/ have been & is/ are, lobbying among friends & business associates for this kind of involvement.)
    There’s another person- Steve Wynn, maybe? that TRUMP has spoken with recently… & those guys who show up at his rallies who are always in the front row. MAYbe this will catch on. If that happens, hold onto y’all’s hats & get ready to rock & roll. America will be BACK!

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    • PremAmerica says:

      It is Phil Ruffin you are thinking of in Las Vegas…. Superb gentleman. Trump was his best man at his wedding.

      Steve Wynn is a heel and Hillary supporter…


    • facebkwallflower says:

      You know, I am going to trust Trump on this one. He talks all the time about the candidates knowing and running, indirectly, their SuperPacs and does not approve. So, I trust him and trust he is not involved in this AT ALL. Your bet is really a smear by insinuating Trump is involved and even planned this PAC. I bet (and believe I have better odds than your bet) Trump is clean on this one. The only window of maybe is if this is something they discussed doing a long, long time ago and he backed out of when decided to run. “…lobbying among friends & business associates for this kind of involvement.” sets the image of Trump working behind the scenes, in secret, and in “a good ole boys’ manner similar to DDC (Dirty DC).

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      • Eskie Mom says:

        No, no- not at all. I wasn’t really addressing the SuperPac thing as much as TRUMP wanting other business leaders to pitch in & give back to their country; who made their success possible. I don’t imagine he’s trying to micromanage what they do to help, but he has mentioned corporate inversions, himself. That said, this is Icahn’s baby.

        I DO trust TRUMP. Implicitly! He is the only person running that I do trust. There is nothing underhanded, ”back room”, or ”dirty/ clean” about this. We have a major problem with corporations saying ”I got mine. So long, America.” It’s the main reason America is bleeding jobs.

        I’m not at all sure why you took my comment this way.

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  13. Boudicarides says:

    Incoming lands….BOOM! And the war is ON! It’s about time!!!

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  14. jackphatz says:

    Soooo, what are the chances of Carl Icahn being named as Trump’s VP?


  15. NCPatrick says:

    I continue to be thrilled and amazed to watch the Trump team just warming up! Woooohoooo! What exciting news which Trump has known all along was coming, and I’m confident many more surprises along the way. It is going to be the most exciting election season of our lifetime.

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    • TheTorch says:

      It is going to be one heck of a ride! The GOPe have never faced anything like this. This is to delicious for words! 😀

      It is like someone just coming along and nicking all their marbles one by one. 😀

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    • charliewalksonwater says:

      This political season has been the best for us for years. Great men stepping up to bring our country back from the brink. American voters are awakening from their slumber and indifference because of the Trump candidacy. His and his alone, no one excites the populace like a man with backbone and a plan. God Bless Trump. He is driven to win, and I pray he does.

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  16. hocuspocus13 says:

    Show Your Support…do your Christmas shopping on Main Street…🎅

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  17. neilmdunn says:

    This is a link to an article by Straight Line Logic who agrees with Sundance that the GOPe and the rest of Wall Street will be supporting Hillary. SLL is neither R or D but is totally free market. We should be prepared for a bloody, lying anti-Trump smear extravaganza. Hopefully, it will get T some more votes.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      One good thing is that Trump has been such a celebrity most of his life is recorded on video, in books, and pictures. It should be easy to refute a lot of the lies.


  18. kallibella says:

    Very exciting to read this. Trump is truly a leader.

    This is what leaders do; they cast a vision for the future of an organization, in this case our beautiful blessed land, and they inspire others to follow.

    The followers become invested in the project and go at it with zeal and passion. This is what great CEO’s do for their companies. This is so wonderful to behold.

    Trump has been saying more and more lately, in his events, how good he feels to see the filled venues and overflowing crowds cheering him on to voice our concerns and ideas for this country.

    I am sure that he is getting energized all the more by that, as well as the support that is being expressed by the great poll numbers. He knows the movement is growing and I think that inspires him. A great leader will see the feedback and capitalize on that energy.
    It’s team work! That is great leadership!
    Go Trump!

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  19. Awesome!
    Go Trump!!
    Go Billionaire investor activist Carl Icahn!!
    Go all the way to the White House!!

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  20. TheTorch says:


    Donald Trump Rally in Burlington, Iowa
    Wednesday, October 21, 2015

    Make America Great Again Rally
    Event Begins at 6:00 pm (ET)


    FOX 10 News Now (HD)


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    • Thanks Torch! Gosh I go to the gym for a few hours and already such news and events for Trump! It’s so hard to keep up with it all. Just today the new polls, then Ichan news and now the Iowa event! I’m afraid to go have dinner I will be completely be so behind, Trump news comes hard and fast and furious! No one can keep up with Trump and Trump News!!! Google searches aren’t even capturing even half of it!


      • TheTorch says:

        I agree he certainly keeps us busy trying to following everything! 🙂

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        • TheTorch says:

          Apologies it will be 7 PM (ET) I forgot that IOWA is 1 hour behind!


          • but the youtube link says 6:30 EST. i will alert the chatters waiting for Trump to the 7pm.
            in any case we are all waiting on youtube. a lot of commenters on the youtube chat waiting for Trump. more are now PRO TRUMP. earlier i was at the liberal children’s hour they were talking about his HAIR (or were they Jeb supporters? hard to tell the difference these days!). but now a lot of Trump supporters on there.


            • ok we got the podium up now. playing music rolling stones. the chat has so many people on it it cannot even take all the incoming messages. OH LoL! new song on: Adele THERE’S A FIRE STARTING IN MY HEART looooool! 🙂
              there are many non-Trumpsters on the chat waiting to watch Trump too.


              would even one Trump supporter bother to be watching any live rally of HILLARY?
              literally thousands of non-Trump supporters are tuned in to watch Trump though. a lot of bernie people too.

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        • LOL! i feel like a reporter running to and fro to get the next new scoop!

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        • i am even starting to skip my daily gym class to keep up! Like TODAY! and that is caused also by staying up til the wee h0urs to catch up on everything, by the morning am sometimes just too tired to exercise! so it’s up late and up early in morn just to stay afloat! and those daily naps? LoL! i stopped doing those as well. but i think that has to change, tonight i will go to bed at 10pm!! Trump needs us to be in tip top shape and sharp! and lack of sleep causes me to feel mentally drained.


  21. regedit says:

    I dont know what to make of it


    • bertdilbert says:

      The only guy running talking about inversions is Trump. Supporting Trump is anti inversion. It is a Trump PAC without Trump attached. LOL

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      • bertdilbert says:

        Trump gets more free press out of the announcement because he is the only one making an issue out of inversions.

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      • facebkwallflower says:

        Actually, Ichan may not have a history of Super PACs (don’t really know) but he has been a heavy hitter and advocate for promotion of inversions and such for a long time.


    • Raffaella says:

      Chris Wallace just mentioned it as a Trump supper pack on Fox.

      The impact of this is a warning to the GOPe from Icahn: are you sure you want to play dirty and hit Trump with your war chest? Are you really really sure?

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  22. Libertas says:

    Look Icahn is a shark, but can be in a good way. He has millions of not a billion tied up in two fine American energy related companies, Chesapeake and Cheniere. As usual Odumbo is stifling not just some natural gas development but crushing the domestic oil business by not allowing them to export any oil at all, zero. Even a little bit will help our domestic producers in Tx, Ok, & ND. It’s not personal it is just business, but it is good business for America and American workers. God bless the USA.

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  23. pyromancer76 says:

    My hope has been that we will see peeling off of (individuals) centers of income and productivity from the (outskirts of the?) GOPe to Trump. I understand that Icahn has been there probably from the beginning. But I imagine there are more, maybe even many more, who might make the jump if they believe Trump’s is the winning side. Eight-one corporations are supporting Obama’s “support” for the UN Global Warming “deal”, supporting absolutely fraudulent so-called science and everyone of their CEO’s know exactly what the fraud is about (see Jonova’s blog for more details). I am hoping that as some of them wake up and see the economic disaster in front of them — debt substituting for equity????– they might want to help turn the ship around before the worst of the worst strikes. I am looking and counting. This country is the only hope. Help me Obi-Wan-allies-of-Donald-Trump. Now if some of them can fund a jazzy national news-and-info organization with some real investigative journalism so we can deep-six Fox and all the rest….

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  24. joshua says:

    Now, when Trump gets Businesses to PARTNER with him on purchases of their ADVERTISING on the MSM….feature Trump in Ad, but force MEDIA CARRIER to deep discount their AIR TIME due to the attraction of Trump, and the offer to LEAVE that MEDIA if they do not do business the TRUMP way…..lots of ways to see how a BUSINESSMAN makes the MEDIA learn how, (as we say in TEXAS) how the cow eats the cabbage……

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  25. joshua says:

    posts disappearing now…..limbo?


  26. charliewalksonwater says:

    NOOoooOOooOOO!!! gasp NOOooOOOoOoOo!


    Karl Rove
    Jeb Bush
    Ben Carson
    Mike Huckabee
    Carly Fiorina
    Ted Cruz
    Rand Paul
    Bobby Jindal
    Lindsay Graham

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  27. facebkwallflower says:

    I am glad Ichan’s company, Oshkosh Corp, was awarded the 6.7 Billion contract for the AMGeneral Humvee tactical vehicle replacement before Trump became president. He is a hard-core capitalist from what I have gathered. Hard-core capitalists are the ones with a heart, by the way.

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  28. rsmith1776 says:

    Sundance, I cannot thank you enough, again.

    With admitted hubris, I take pride in not being a (complete) moron myself but, without your website, I likely wouldn’t have been tuned in so early into the fundamentally miraculous phenomenon that the Trump decision to enter politics at this level represents. I might have even bought into the thoughtless/malicious anti-Trump propaganda memes.

    Perhaps God still loves us then!

    It was a little early in the day for a glass of champagne, but I confess I dropped a tear at this latest marvelous piece of news. I am not a naïve youngster and I understand men of this level of wealth and power are not saints, are not monks, are not an epitome of moral purity and consistency. At the same time, God placed enough CORE virtues in their heart, enough fire, enough Common Sense (which in this day and age represents True Genius), enough “when chips come down” discrimination to understand that it is NOW or NEVER, if the blessed experiment which The United States represent is to be saved from itself, and the paradoxical consequences of its fundamental goodness.

    They savor their success and the inherent luxuries and “Satan’s pomps” that worldly power affords them, but that did not stultify their souls, they understand that it is their turn to give back, to take care of the fairy tale land that made them possible, and turn it to its endangered health, prosperity, and sublime functionality which we came to take for granted.

    Trump 2016/2020!

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  29. R.T. says:


    Icahn will support TRUMP with that $150 million in pro-Trump ads and pro-Trump ideas.

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    • PatriotKate says:

      It sounds like a lot of it will be to get companies to return their profits to the U.S. and influencing legislation to make that happen. Maybe not necessarily a typical campaign PAC. He could start working right now to defeat the TPP, which is probably his main driving force to prevent further erosion.


    • Meyer says:

      This stream of funds can off set the $30 MILLION 0zero gave La Raza (The Race) last year. Can you say funnel much?

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  30. snaggletooths says:

    this sure is good news and will strengthen trumps message.


  31. Betty says:

    Trump and Icahn those two faces will belong on Mount Rushmore, even if we have to carve them ourselves.

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  32. smcmull2 says:

    Don’t forget Andy Beal of Texas, he likes Trump and Trump likes him. Very low key, but has the money to back something like this…

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  33. tballard56 says:

    I’m not sure I always trust Icahn given his background as a fairly ruthless corporate raider and, back in the eighties, a big user of junk bonds to finance his corporate take overs. Still, people can change and his recent track record seems to indicate that is the case. Trust, but verify, I guess.

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    • Betty says:

      Go Icahn !!!

      ” fairly ruthless” is just what I am looking for. Sig him on the alphabets, Donald, expose their waste and fraud, send them to jail even. Remember how easily that IRS woman coordinated attacks on us ? Remember how they persecuted the people of “True the Vote”. There should be huge show trials, jail time, public disgrace, what ever we can throw at them, so that their life stories are a caution tale for generations.

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  34. flawesttexas says:

    Nothing more troubling to the US than the redistribution of wealth from the US to overseas

    Why I oppose Free Traders. Their support of wealth redistribution, especially with Communist China, would make Lenin, Stalin, and Mao red with envy

    Why I support Trump, and Icahn. American wealth returning to America would truly make America great again

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  35. wondering999 says:

    Carl Icahn is a good citizen in several other ways, too. Icahn sponsors a number of charter schools (which parents review with enthusiasm and gratitude), also sponsors homeless shelters for families in NYC, some of which are near the schools.

    Thank you Mr. Icahn! I am starting to feel alive and hopeful once again because of you and Mr. Trump. …and should anyone close to you happen to read this….The Hirsch Core Curriculum is awesome! Great choice!! 🙂 (not to be confused with Common Core)
    May you be honored and blessed for your good work that helps so many people.

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  36. “We expect the ultimate outcome of Carl Icahn’s Super PAC will be to make it easier for activists to pressure management teams into buying back even more of their shares – perhaps by granting them a tax amnesty on repatriating some of the $2 trillion in offshore cash if used for shareholder friendly activity – but then again we tend to be cynical.”
    (From Zero Hedge, hated by many around here.)

    Ichan is known for greenmail : “One of his earliest ventures was in Trans World Airlines, one of the largest airliners in the United States. Icahn took over the company in 1985 and went on a shopping spree, purchasing regional carriers that helped it to streamline operations. Long a public company, Icahn made it private three years after his original purchase, drafting a share buyback program that helped him to regain most of his original investment, valued at almost $500 million. Although Trans World ultimately filed for bankruptcy, Icahn made a big profit.”


  37. rhobin8301 says:

    Is this the part in chess where you say “checkmate”? I know what the term is in rook :). I think Batman has his Robin, and we the people have an American Icon, and the Trump card.

    God bless and keep Trump safe!

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  38. tz says:

    If the corporations want to leave, don’t let them back in – let them keep a billion “outside”, but then alter things so if something goes wrong they have to liquidate the US assets in bankruptcy even if they have cash outside. Let them strangle being unable to pay wages or taxes here with current revenue diverted to foreign countries.


  39. lovely says:

    Patriotic billionaires going to war with the overlord billionaires. If there is a future for our world, our great great great grandchildren will read about these days with awe, pride and wonder.

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  40. wodiej says:

    whoa, whoa, whoa!! Good news for main st. America.


  41. Southern Son says:

    The Pedulum is starting to swing back our way. It has been far long swinging to the left, and as it gains momentum, it will become increasingly hard to stop. May God Bless America Again! Thank You DT, CI, and All Patriots!! Ride to the sound of the guns, boys.

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  42. Reblogged this on lisaandrews1968 and commented:

    The timing of this announcement, against the backdrop of Wall Street going “all in” to support Hillary Clinton, is most-likely not coincidence.


  43. Born conservative says:

    Look up Carl Icahn’s early days. It’s a game to Icahn, it’s not about patriotism. Icahn is right about most C.E.O.’s. Look up Green mail and Karabu. Great book written about Icahn in the 90’s. Icahn recently bailed Trump out of casino woes in New Jersey. Super Pac of a different color. They say they will create jobs, when Icahn could care less. Icahn is a corporate raider. Icahn decimated Ozark and TWA. Icahn said he would buy the airlines with their own assets by selling them off. A plane is no good if the airline no longer owns the rights to land in cities like Heathrow. Icahn sold the gates to American. Icahn Weaseled out of the employee pensions. Now the PBGC (a government agency) has to handle what little money the employees will get. A lot of people are too young to have even heard of Icahn. I was ready to finally vote because Trump seemed impressive. With the likes of Icahn and others Trump is eager to have working with him, we will all be in trouble!


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