Weasels Gonna Wheez – Jeb Bush Gives Donors Excuse To Bail Out….

Jeb Bush appeared on State of The Union with Jake Tapper, stuttering and stammering his way around some push back presentations. If donors needed an excuse to bail out on this campaign, Jeb just gave it to them:

bush seriousness
Screen Shot @01:31

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144 Responses to Weasels Gonna Wheez – Jeb Bush Gives Donors Excuse To Bail Out….

  1. 1hear2learn says:

    I’m no fan of Jeb, and he certainly didn’t handle that response well, but for Tapper to take his response and say it’s the same as Benghazi is ridiculous. Now I don’t pretend to know what, if any, warnings GW received prior to 9/11, but we do know that Ambassador Stevens requested additional security that was denied. We also know that once the attacks began we did not immediately respond to try and protect / save all those people… even if they thought the threat was possibly over. We also know this administration then embarked on a shameful cover up. For all if his faults, I believe GW gave his all to try and protect and lead us through that tragedy. I don’t agree with his every move, but I don’t doubt he did what he thought was best… and … he honored and respected our troops – unlike the current President, or Hillary would ever come close to doing.


    • archer52 says:

      Well said. And Jeb Bush is right.

      The fact Tapper is dumb enough to try to equate the two events- or partisan enough (you pick)- is just silly to the point where if you try to answer an idiot like that you stumble. That’s because part of your brain is trying to assemble an answer, while the other part of your brain is struggling with the question “why am I dealing with such an idiot?”

      Just the other day, I had a friend send me, once again, the tired, old, foolish “conspiracy theory” of how GWB was involved in 9/11 in order to knock down the WTC (and building #7) with controlled demolition so to destroy some government secrets.

      It took an hour of my time assembling the facts, asking the obvious questions, showing the physical evidence and even linking to video of actual demolitions of large buildings and how that is done -with A LOT of prior planning and a lot of explosives- then showed her how the WTC buildings were designed and the flaw in that design.

      It was mind numbing. And the motive… either to start a war or to destroy government documents. I said, “Presidents start wars with far less to work with. And if they wanted to destroy documents, they could have bought a shredder from Staples and a fire pit from Lowes. They owned and stored the documents. They didn’t need to kill 3,000 people to do that.”

      Here, Tapper wants to say that an event GWB couldn’t see coming accurately- for a myriad of reasons- driven by an evil, intelligent, well funded, focused, long planning organization bent on striking the U.S.- is the same as a crazy arrogant woman operating a private war, on the sly, arming terrorists (the same terrorists I might add) and hiding evidence of malfeasance , all which blew up in her face in Benghazi.

      Then she actively lies to cover it all up- and thinks it is her right to be a government leader and lie to us because she is more important than any of us.

      How does Jeb Bush- who I do not like or want to be President but is an intelligent guy- put that in a 3 minute response?? To an idiot??

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