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GOPe Leadership and Democrats Preparing To Support Paul Ryan and Wage War Against Conservative Base…

It really is stunning how open the republican leadership in both the House and Senate are with their disdain for the base of their own party. Reports now surfacing that the GOPe has entered negotiations with Nancy Pelosi to support … Continue reading

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Why Hillary’s Upcoming Congressional Testimony is a Total Farce, a Charade To Shield Congress…

Hillary Clinton is scheduled to appear before congress and testify before the House Select Committee on Benghazi this week.  Everything about this hearing is a total sham. ♦ When we first completed the 11,000 word research paper in 2013 called … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz Speaks With Chuck Todd – Meet The Press Interview…

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Hot Commodities…

If you purchase Trump signs and rally gear, watch out – Everyone Wants It !!

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Weasels Gonna Wheez – Jeb Bush Gives Donors Excuse To Bail Out….

Jeb Bush appeared on State of The Union with Jake Tapper, stuttering and stammering his way around some push back presentations. If donors needed an excuse to bail out on this campaign, Jeb just gave it to them:

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Donald Trump Appears On Fox News Sunday – The Customary Pundit Heads Explode…

When Donald Trump appears on any Fox broadcast two predictable things happen now. First, he’s questioned to paint him into a corner on various issues – they’re looking for headlines. Second, the Fox pundit class lose their collective minds because … Continue reading

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Why Was Hillary Clinton Transferring Secret Historical State Department Documents To Her Private Server?…

An interesting, and perhaps bigger, story within a Daily Mail article which outlines previously unknown communication between Secretary of State Colin Powell and the White House regarding British support for specific action in Iraq. The essence of the Daily Mail … Continue reading

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