Senator Cruz Says “Donald Trump Won’t Be Nominee” and “Lions Share of Trump Voters” Will Vote For Cruz…

Mr. 5% Cruz says Mr. 35% Trump “won’t be the republican nominee” and the “lions share” of Trump’s supporters will become supporters of Ted Cruz.

Washington (CNN)Ted Cruz said Thursday that he did not think Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee, his harshest criticism yet of a candidate he has assiduously avoided even brushing with judgment.

Asked by WABC Radio’s Rita Cosby whether he believed that “eventually, you could beat him, based on your principles,” Cruz said he could.

(Cruz discussing Trump supporters is around 12:00 min point)

“I think that’s right. I think that, in time, I don’t believe Donald is going to be the nominee and I think, in time, the lion’s share of his supporters end up with us,” Cruz said in an interview taped Thursday that will air in full on Sunday.

Cruz, a generally cautious candidate and public speaker, has made no bones about courting the supporters of Trump, who has won over many fans of the conservative right. He has repeatedly needled his opponents for hitting Trump — wisdom he again shared in the interview Thursday — but Cruz has treated Trump as a serious, viable candidate.

And he has long maintained that Trump’s rise would benefit the Cruz campaign, saying that Trump has encouraged voters to use a certain set of criteria to evaluate candidates that is favorable to Cruz.  (read more)

“Donald Trump will not be the nominee of the republican party” ~ Ted Cruz

“Donald Trump will never be the nominee of the republican party” ~ Mitt Romney

“The republican party will never nominate Donald Trump” ~ Jeb Bush

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483 Responses to Senator Cruz Says “Donald Trump Won’t Be Nominee” and “Lions Share of Trump Voters” Will Vote For Cruz…

  1. tychesd says:

    If Trump doesn’t get the nomination, I will vote 3rd party – not going to support status quo. I might vote for Gary Johnson, who says he’s running as a libertarian.

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  2. I love Ted Cruz for social issues and fighting Obamacare. But, he’s also for increasing H1-B visas fivefold and was for Obamatrade before he was against it, even disparaging Jeff Sessions in the process. Wife Heidi was a director of Goldman Sachs and, as a member of the CFR, coauthored a paper calling for the creation of the North American Union. To top it all off, he was one of the 99 geniuses in the Senate who voted for the Corker amendment.

    Up to this point, I’ve viewed Cruz as the most likely running mate for Trump. I’m wondering if word has come down that he won’t be. Or, perhaps the four billionaires who are bankrolling Cruz’s entire campaign have handed him orders to start attacking Trump.

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  3. chiavarm says:

    Sorry that I cannot see the video, but what do you expect him to say to the viewing audience? “I am going to lose?” I mean really. That would be campaign suicide.


  4. Freelancer1787 says:

    I’m deeply disappointed in both the blog and many of the comments I see here. Did most of you not bother to listen to the interview? As has already been pointed out by fair-minded individuals, Cruz absolutely did not attack Trump or treat him with disrespect. He only stated, when pressed and with a bit of reluctance to tackle the subject, that he believes Trump supporters will choose him in the end. He didn’t say Trump would drop out, just that he believes his own record is enough to win him support from staunch conservatives. I really expected better from sundance than this kind of purposeful mischaracterization of Cruz’s statements. It’s fine to be all in for your candidate. It’s fine to criticize another candidate based on the facts. But do it honestly.

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    • ediegrey says:

      Well, already the New York TImes is using Cruz’s words to push the Trump won’t stay in the race meme: “From Donald Trump, Hints of a Campaign Exit Strategy” today posted. It is one thing to say I’m going to win, etc. etc. but Cruz said the magic words the GOPe love: Donald Trump is not going to win the nomination, dismissing him as not serious and not going anywhere. Personally, I am insulted by his words – Cruz has way too much baggage – and is dull as dishwater too. He is just showing his true colors, that’s all.

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    • ImpeachEmAll says:

      So, tell us, when did Cruz return his PAC money?

      Yeah, right, Thought so. Cruz is owned, you know it.

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    • amjean says:

      Perhaps you are the one who has misinterpreted Cruz’s
      words. Watch it again.


  5. TheTorch says:

    I actually like Cruz, and thought he would make a great president, but with his recent free trade nonsense, supporting what is a truly terrible deal for America. Certainly gives one second thoughts.

    But it is a bit rich for someone around the 5% mark, who can’t seem to get any traction at all, to suggest he would get the lion’s share of Trumps support!

    I have some bad news for you Ted. You have as much chance of winning the nomination as I do and I am not running.


  6. Well, TRUMP won’t win the nomination is the dumbest thing CRUZ has said. I kind of liked CRUZ from all the politicians because he seemed like a fighter and quick learner and would have been a good VP but now, he has reverted to just another politician. I got news for all of those running against TRUMP. If he drops out, you will not be getting my vote. It transfers to nobody because to vote for the GOP or democratic – doesn’t make any difference. America will be AMERIKA.

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  7. manickernel says:

    I actually have to feel some sympathy for politicians. When a politician states that he is for or against “Something”, he has to consider not only what that “Something” is, but what voters think that “Something” is.


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  9. Doodahdaze says:

    Time for the Cruz Surge. ZZZZZ


  10. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    If the establishment succeeds in their plan to destroy Donald then I will vote CONSTITUTION PARTY.
    (I saw someone mention Libertarian Party – I used to be a libertarian, but if you REALLY LOOK at libertarianism you will find that it is a terrible ideology. It looks good on the surface but, trust me, the core of libertarianism is absolutely rotten.)

    TRUMP 2016!!!!!


  11. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    I called Cruz to tell them that I’m a TRUMP supporter and I used to like Cruz but not anymore after his comments. Told them I would NOT switch from TRUMP to Cruz. I am voting TRUMP in the primaries and if The Donald doesn’t get the nomination I will vote Constitution Party in the general election.

    You can call Cruz and give his people an ear-full too: 713-353-4330


    • Beeblebrox says:

      Right, how dare a candidate say that he is going to win! Candidates really should go out and say, “I think the other guy is going to be the nominee so there’s really no point in me even running. But I will hang around anyway just in case.”

      Does that really sound like the fighter we all know is Ted Cruz? C’mon, there is no one with more courage and honesty in the Senate than Cruz and he is also the classiest guy on the campaign trail save Carson. And maybe not even Then.

      Cruz has the best CR rating of any candidate. He is the most conservative candidate with any chance of winning. If Trump were not in the race he WOULD have the bulk of the Trump voters (except for the liberal ones who mysteriously still like Trump.)

      So Crz is right.

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      • JRD says:

        “If Trump were not in the race he WOULD have the bulk of the Trump voters”


        You want to replace an Ivy League lawyer who was a freshman senator with NO EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE who trashed this country with an Ivy League lawyer who is a freshman senator with NO EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE and you this he is capable of cleaning up 0bama’s mess.


        I want a well seasoned executive who is a proven financial genius and outstanding negotiator who gets outstanding results.

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        • Jasper says:

          A well seasoned executive… hmmm… like Herbert Hoover, right?


          • JRD says:

            No, not like a freshman senator with no executive experience who has accomplished nothing.

            Hoover was a RINO. Cruz is a conservative without executive experience. In other words, he is an apprentice.

            You don’t send a boy to do a man’s job.

            If you thought 0bama was an empty suit you are a hypocrite to think that Cruz isn’t.


  12. gary lacey says:

    What is it you know that we don’t know Ted? If trump loses by hook, or by crook I will not vote!
    Let me repeat, if the election is fixed I won’t vote.
    If that is the case, this country is yesterday’s news.


  13. Eskyman says:

    I’m amazed that at the time of this posting, there are already 457 comments on this thread. Over what seems to me to be a big nothing at all! (After this I will go back & read them all, but I’ve read enough to be disgusted already.)

    As Beeblebrox says above,

    Right, how dare a candidate say that he is going to win! Candidates really should go out and say, “I think the other guy is going to be the nominee so there’s really no point in me even running. But I will hang around anyway just in case.”

    That’s it in a nutshell!

    So Cruz is pressed about Trump, and says that he believes that he, Cruz, will win; and that The Donald won’t get the nomination. Big whoop. This is what has so many knickers all knotted up?

    Well, I do respect Ted Cruz, and think he has done as well as he could; I’m also thinking of all the support that he has NOT got in Congress, and think further that he has tremendous courage to have withstood all the brickbats coming his way from all those “fair weather” so-called “conservatives” that fight so well on the internet but somehow don’t ever appear in the flesh.

    I’m all in for Trump; but I’m sorry to have so many sad sacks that are theoretically “on my side.” Way to misrepresent things, guys! I like Trump because he tells the truth, not because he finds little nits to pick. Good grief, some of you really need to man up & get a life!

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    • Ziiggii says:

      Eskyman, I’m almost inclined to think the CTH is under a psyop attack. The Treehouse has been infiltrated with sock puppets and plants to further the meme that all Trump supporters are vulgar low-info hateful people. I’ve noticed a real change in quality and quantity of comments over the last week or so.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        We have an interesting mix of new people, including many operatives of different stripes. But there will always be a core of real Treepers, and I think the “regulars” and “real folks” know who is who.

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        • ColtLending says:


          This site is, for the most part, is visited by well read, independent thinking people who have most likely been thru a few rodeos.

          The shills are pissing up a rope.

          I don’t mind reading thru their posts…no pain, no gain.

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  14. standingpat says:

    If you are in the race, you have to say you’re going to win. It just strains credibility to say the guy out-polling you 5-1 will lose and you will pick up his supporters.


  15. Cameraman says:

    Watch this for Trump’s view on this topic.


  16. Greg Linden says:

    Honestly, I didn’t think Ted Cruz was so stupid. He remembers everything alearns nothing apparently. Everyone who’s alienated the Donald has become irrelevant. Bye, Ted.


  17. Yeb4Mexico says:

    Yeah, Trump is going nowhere. Now please, all media and political hacks repeat so he’ll go up another 10 points.


  18. Al Lee says:

    Ted Cruz has not attacked any other candidate, including Trump. When he is asked why, he cites Reagan’s 11th Amendment. I have been to Trump events and to Cruz events and I like both of them. To read Trump supporters nastily attacking Cruz is very disappointing. It actually makes your candidate appear to be threatened bu the guy you are attacking.


  19. varangia says:

    Why not say instead, “Trump has ran a heck of a campaign but I think we’re catching fire and can match and surpass Trumps numbers in time”

    Saying that Trump will not be the nominee is dismissive and disrespectful, and implies that he knows something the rest of us don’t.


  20. Notsothoreau says:

    I’d like to know what drugs he is on. Courting Trump supporters? He called Trump supporters low information voters. If I post on blogs run by Cruz supporters, I get attacked. It’s not possible any more to have a polite discussion any more.

    I will not vote for Cruz, period. If Cruz supporters want to vote for Hillary if Trump is the nominee, I see no reason to support Cruz if he wins. I have tried, multiple posts, to let Cruz supporters know that they might need the votes from Trump supporters. I am just done with it. Trump has a broad enough appeal that he can win by bringing in Democrats and Libertarians. Cruz has nothing but his very narrow base.


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