CNN Tracks Down Latino Trump Supporter To Question Her About Las Vegas Event…

Trump fan

This just happened, so video is not available yet – (Video Now Available)  CNN just aired a live interview with the Latino Trump Supporter, Myriam Witcher, from Las Vegas yesterday.

Yes, apparently, based on the interview questioning, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin couldn’t believe the Hispanic supporter was genuine. Brooke Baldwin began to question her about whether the Trump Campaign “put her up to it”. Baldwin continuing pressuring the lady about how the event took place.

Of course the lady (Myriam Witcher)  said everything was just spontaneous and wonderful and she loves Donald Trump; and no, no-one from Trump’s campaign or organization had anything to do with it.


LAS VEGAS –  With some gathering as early as 4 a.m., a crowd of hundreds of supporters gathered at the Mystere Theater at Treasure Island on the Las Vegas Strip to hear Republican frontrunner Donald Trump deliver a speech in what The New York Times is calling a “High Noon Out West” showdown between Trump and Florida Senator Marco Rubio, both of whom are in town today in campaign appearances.

Standing in line to see Trump, Stan Vaughn, a Republican candidate for the state Assembly, said that Trump was “the only one who can create jobs for 95 million Americans.” One Las Vegas business student echoed the sentiments, saying, “Trump is the most trustworthy and honest candidate.”

Several Latino supporters were present in the crowd. Colombian immigrant Myriam Witcher praised the real estate mogul’s opposition to illegal immigration, saying, “He needs to send illegal (immigrants) out of the country. I came here legally.” She added that since she had waited five years to receive a visa that other immigrants ought to wait as well.

“I’m Hispanic, Latina and I love me some Trump,” she said. “He’s the perfect man, a businessman.”  (link)

trump muslim questionerHowever, there’s something else interesting when you think about how the media tracked down the supporter, took her to a media outlet for a live-feed and then began the inquisition.

“Interesting” not only because CNN has an agenda, but interesting when you contrast against how no-one could/would expend the same level of energy tracking down the New Hampshire “Obama is a Muslim questioner” nut case.

More later…

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212 Responses to CNN Tracks Down Latino Trump Supporter To Question Her About Las Vegas Event…

  1. e.g.g. says:

    Sorry for another comment.

    I watched Trump bring the woman on stage with him. It was obvious it was not pre arranged, or she is a very good actress. She was so excited. She reminded me of contestants on the Price Is Right……..overwhelmed with emotion and excitement at being chosen….. that can’t be faked.

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    • Hispanic women, Are very passionate. The way they react to things. My family call me crazy, sometimes because the way I respond to them. People from Cuba Puerto Rico Central and South America. We are different from the Mexican women. That’s why people is reacting to her enthusiasm for Trump. I don’t see anything wrong, the way she is reacting. I’m the same way! I probably


    • skyborn78 says:

      Tried to watch. The video has been terminated is all I can get. guess they thought it was a mistake???


  2. Beluji Foster says:

    my hart is so moved with hope for America,finely!


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