Donald Trump Rally In Waterloo Iowa (10/07/15) Video…

Hat Tip Trump TV

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  1. R-C says:

    A few observations:

    Referring to his trade negotiators once in office: “Go back to your homes; relax; we’re going to do very well…VERY well…okay?” (This speaks to his innate confidence.)

    Referring to the Chinese trade imbalance: “Look I take my hat off…I’m not angry at them [China]. I’m angry at our leaders…” And later, “That’s not ‘free’ trade, that’s ‘dumb’ trade.” (Boom.)

    I won’t paraphrase, but Trump’s frank discussion of political donations was especially well-focused in this speech. He knows all the “usual donor tricks”–he’s done them all from the other side of the equation.

    Trump is so effective a public speaker–100% genuine; 100% straightforward; 100% honest. He connects with his audience on a personal level. It’s very refreshing to see that.

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    • PremAmerica says:

      You know what else is so much fun to listen to?

      Trump is talking about trade…. About Nabisco moving from Chicago to Mexico…. Suddenly in the middle of it, he takes a detour to defend the second amendment…. And seamlessly switches right back to where he left off talking about trade….

      He had this remarkable presence of mind that is so natural…. You can see why Trump is a man of such accomplishment.

      Politics aside it is sad, that in America today, Trump is the man that is ambushed and smeared and needs our defense. And it is people like Sanders whose entire life has been funded by other people’s money who are lauded by the media and popular culture…. Where did we go so wrong?

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    • kallibella says:

      Agree. He connects with people because he speaks frankly. When he said, “Political speak is all talk and no action,” he couldn’t have been more right and clear.
      The whole speech was very good and effective. Loved it when he said, “Bomb the hell out of them,” referring to ISIS. And I especially love and appreciate his sense of common sense in reference to the migrants Oevil and his ilk want to bring over to the US: “Probably not [referring to migrants being ISIS fighters]. But the word ‘probably’ is not acceptable.”
      He strikes me as extremely focused and knowledgeable and determined, which are all, in my opinion, aptitudes and characteristics of a successful business person. The political class, like when he mentioned how outside of her league Caroline Kennedy is negotiating with Japan, is wholly inept, wholly unqualified, wholly out of their league in the present world of diplomacy, trade, leadership, knowledge, understanding, determination and all the rest of the characteristics of leadership. And heck YES! let Mexico pay for the beautiful wall Trump is building for us!

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      • SharonKinDC says:

        His reply to a reporter in Scotland regarding Ukraine was spot on and is now confirmed. He said, where is Europe in this. He put the monkey where it belonged. Turns out, I just read an article that Ukraine is being told they’ll have to ‘get used’ to Putin. Merkel and Hollande aren’t interested in fighting for Crimea (purchased for Russia by Catherine the Great) and likely Donbass. While Nutland was caught admitting to fomenting a ‘color revolution’ in Ukraine, it seems to me, the US under BO has been helping all sorts of foreign interests. Not only the Sunni nations in the ME, but Europe. France and Italy were the ones pushing for Libya action. Of course, both have significant financial interests there. It’s time to stop ‘adopting’ geopolitical monkeys of other nations. Unlike the herd of candidates, Trump views these issues clearly and has the strength to avoid the ‘adoption’ process.

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  2. stillhopeful says:

    He just gets better and better!!!

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  3. Sentient says:

    His delivery is like Jackie Mason. I always liked Jacie Mason.

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    • Jett Black says:

      I’m betting Jackie Mason comes out for Trump at some point. He’s already described Carson as a guy who’s falling asleep and after retiring from his first job, has retired from his second while he’s still running. Fiorina he says is too smart and puts out such a flood of information, it’s overwhelming. So who does that leave?

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      • SharonKinDC says:

        I’m loving Brooklyn/Queens natives are supporting Trump: Icahn & Robert Davi endorsed. Mason, Guilani are highly supportive. There is a strong ‘class’ subtext to this battle. Boroughs v. Manhattan elite. It’s been this way Trump’s entire career and he’s repeatedly stated he ‘gets along’ better w/ the working class people. He really is the Billionaire underdog. Sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s the truth.

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  4. coeurdaleneman says:

    2009 to 2017 will be seen as “The Weenie Years.”

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  5. facebkwallflower says:

    Trump has balls, gotta say. He had someone on stage who is not even endorsing him yet. Looks like he gave the wrestler a hat and even though not gonna wear it cuz not committed to Trump, Trump invites him to tell the crowd that. Trump recognized people would want to see the guy regardless of who he votes for and let the crowd hear from the guy. That has to be a first. I mean, usually people have to sign in blood their allegience to a candidate before allowed in audience, let alone on stage with candidate. Class act. It is like Trump is saying, “you are my friend and I like you for you and am not embarrassed if not voting for me. I don’t hide my friends. ” Class act. Loyal. Respectful.

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    • parteagirl says:

      Great point. Can’t imagine Hillary doing the same thing. Trump’s authenticity is exposing a lot of faux out there by sheer contrast.

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    • andymilken says:

      That is so funny that you mentioned loyalty. The narrative is set for our “boy wonder” Sen Rubio and Jeb comparability. This guy is so smart and gets in front of everything. Playing chess against checkers. Good piece from Jeffrey Lord-

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    • andymilken says:

      BTW, Dan Gable is a living legend in Iowa. Very good guy.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      It is a winning, bold move. Even if the guy won’t wear the hat and isn’t (yet) backing Trump, that he’s THERE and is willing also to come up on stage is also a positive. Dan Gable at a minimum, will have a higher level of respect for Trump, which can translate into another positive: even if he doesn’t end up supporting Trump, he may well be reluctant to attack him on behalf of another candidate, simply because Trump treated him more than fairly.

      In sales, some operate simply on the transaction: close the deal. Others, look beyond the current transaction to winning potential future business, referrals and other support as a result of a good deal, rather than a merely a closed deal, which may be regretted by the purchaser. A purchaser who not only won’t deal again, but can function as an enemy.

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  6. dizzymissl says:

    Long, interesting article about Trump’s ground game:

    Secret sign-ups and TV foot soldiers: Donald Trump’s campaign is for real

    Analysis of campaign’s infrastructure reveals ‘massive’ effort to gather voter information that suggests the Republican’s run is anything but a sideshow

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  7. El_Flaco says:

    Liberal globalist billionaire Rupert Murdoch endorsed Ben Carson in a tweet, said he would make a great President. More proof that Carson is the establishment’s plan C.

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    • joshua says:

      I do not believe that Carson is anyone’s plan C….I think he is a detractor only from Trump….they do not have a plan C candidate ON THE STAGE right now….nada….none of them could WIN the election….and I think that they do not think that Hilliary can win the election either…..thus the frantic Joe Biden push….and Joe can easily be defeated by an articulate 6th grader. Carson would get destroyed by the left as an Oreo.


    • TheTorch says:

      I think it is the opposite – carson is an outsider in a number of ways. I think what murdoch is doing is trying to make it look like he is part of the establishment by supporting him. To damage carson’s outsider status.

      That could be the game plan here.


    • SharonKinDC says:

      Considering what most of the public thinks about Murdoch, it could be a negative for Carson!

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  8. southernsue says:

    love trump
    don’t agree with everything he says

    we really need a business man in the WH
    not more lawyers and junior senators

    i will vote for trump in the primaries and for prez
    i hope my instincts on trump are right

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  9. Lulu says:

    Meanwhile, what’s new on the JEB! (fundraising!) journey:

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  10. yheitman says:

    Donald Trump is the man for these times we live in. He has placed the welfare of our great nation above his own goals. He is driven to succeed and we will benefit from his leadership for years to come. Trump 2016. The rest are feeble by comparison.

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  11. TwoLaine says:

    Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen it yet! 🙂 Hold your nose for Farrow.


    How do millennials view Donald Trump?

    MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow explains whether Donald Trump appeals to millennial voters.–538588739826


  12. MfM says:

    If the Fire Marshall is really telling them they can’t have more people in the room, it’s fine for him to mention it… but he needs to be careful about constantly mentioning it. The one time it isn’t 100% accurate, the GOPe or the Democrats will parade out the FM and use it against him.


    • Josh says:

      The GOPe and the Democrats are going to slam Trump and lie about Trump regardless.

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    • lovely says:

      Eh. The FM doesn’t need to speak the words to Trump, the little signs up that state the room capacity to be in compliance with the law are really enough IMO.

      “Room Capacity 250”, 251 and the building owner gets a fine from the FM.


  13. giddyup says:

    Carson will end up giving his delegates to Bush. no doubt about it. he’s a skull and bones puppet. Carson seems to be a nice man but honestly he’s not qualified. Don’t be fooled by the elitists. Carly and Carson were part of the “plan”. Diversity in the R. party.

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  14. Josh says:

    TrumpTV. I didn’t know Trump had a TV. It would be fantastic if he would start a television channel that broadcast The Truth.

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  15. Doodahdaze says:

    The big hoax now is that Snarley and Farceon are not establishment candidates. Just look at their backgrounds. Absurd.

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  16. lovely says:

    Trump is writing a book in an approximately 5 week time frame? Holy days, every liberal nut job, every superior talking head, every RNC operative has got to be giddy with anticipation. Surely they must all be thinking that the vulgarian’s book will be just terrible and be the “end of Trump’s candidacy.”

    Something tells me that they will be sorely disappointed. Again 🙂

    Imagine the misquotes, partial quotes and outright lies that will be attributed to Trump once the book hits the bookshelf. Look for the art of contorting words coming to your small screen soon.

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  17. This made me LOL

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  18. joshua says:

    McCarthy JUST dropped out of the race for Speaker of the House…leaving that post potential in shambles….maybe just maybe the Elitist GOP are having BIG TIME problems…they are all up for re-election…..

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      Worst kept secret was his affair w/ Rep Elmers. I can’t prove it, but there seems a lot of people knew about it. Rep Jones obliquely warned anyone with a hidden scandal should drop out.

      It’s bad enough Congress bends over for donors. Don’t need blackmail material added to the mix w/ McCarthy.


  19. lovemyAmerica says:

    wow! just watched the speech. I had tears in my eyes at the end. Build that fence and fair trade cut the waste = JOBS. good jobs. I love Trump! can’t wait to read his new book.
    I don’t post here , you all are too smart for me, but want to thank you all for a really great education on how the RNC is working and how we can get our America back. I tell everyone about Conservative treehouse.

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    • liberty2828 says:

      Post away… everyone has something to contribute.

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    • Sharon says:

      Please feel free to post. We intend to have conversations and, as such, each of us participates according to what we do understand, what we have known, or what we’d like to know. Or, regardless of what we know, we might just talk about what we think!

      It’s kinda like stopping in at the old cafe in the little country town: almost everyone who comes in says something to somebody here and there.

      Yea, we do have some smart people but they’re always real nice about making the rest of us comfy! 😉

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    • justfactsplz says:

      You should post here. I once felt like you did. I have learned so much here and all of the smart people have been very kind to me and accepted me even though they are much smarter and more educated than I am. Welcome to the Treehouse. The conversation flows here like you were sitting on the front porch talking to neighbors and good friends.

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  20. This guy is plugged in and has good behind the scenes info…

    GOPe must really be panicking now! Let’s keep kicking the GOP in the nuts!!!

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  21. czarowniczy says:

    Republican, as in ‘those if us with a net-$$ worth of less than a small Central American country’ should have a ‘plan B’. I believe that our Plan B should be a clone of the progressive Plan A – civil disobedience, a tsunami of law suits, acting-out to attract press attention, all of that Alinskyish stuff the Parasitic Party uses to get the government to throw free stuff its way.
    Nixon was right – there was a ‘silent majority’ – now probably more of a ‘silent plurality’ – but you don’t need 51% to win that game. Just as a lot of conservatives were culturally trained to let the bulldozer roll over them rather than squeak, there’s a lot of liberal dross that just silently sits by the wayside waiting fr the passing gravy train to toss them a tidbit or two. I’m betting that there is a lot of conservatives who are worried any word or action against the status quo will get them labeled as racist, redneck (yahoo!), reactionary or whatever pejorative term the Left will use to try and scare them into marching over the cliff.
    People are getting antsy about the wholesale theft of America through metastatic immigration but are largely too nervous/afraid to say anything and by the time the bands of roving revolutionaries start pillaging the urbs and suburbs it may be too late to do much but issue pillows the victims can roll over and bite. At least if you’re active you can point to the advancing Vandals/vandals and say “I TOLD YOU SO!”.


  22. joshua says:

    regards the border wall…about 2000 miles, less parts with natural barriers. Israel’s multi level incredible wall system cost about $3 million per mile….that is land, road, cement, reinforced 7 feet below grade, ditch, and two massive fences with road way in middle…probably a fair construction cost…if ours were all 2000 miles, it would be about $6 billion, and that does not include the difficulty in going through three native Indian tribal lands and the Environmental Challenges from Peta and the Tree huggers….so this is not cheap, and Trump cannot create miracles….so this should be a fair estimate of what Mexico has to pay for if it falls on them….and their govt adamantly oppose a wall….we have spent tons and years and manpower designing and studying this thing already….surely we have enough to put the plans together immediately if anyone did a decent job in the past. Trump needs to begin to float some real numbers and comparisons and stop with the Great Wall of China story now…..start to bring this issue into focus…..and demand that the PETA and ENVIRONMENTALISTS either pay for the wall or make an economic only case for opposition.


    • Mike says:

      The wall is a national defense item during an active invasion. The correct answer is to put physical intervenors up against the wall for actively aiding a foreign invader…

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    • Jett Black says:

      And now you see why Trump favors Eminent Domain. What the last 30 years have shown is that the feds can do what they want to do, regardless of suits, protests, property rights, etc. It can be good or it can be bad, but if they’re competent and have an agenda, they can get things done. The fact that the last almost 7 years has been all bad doesn’t mean it has to be that way.

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      • Eskie Mom says:

        Great point. I suspect that the people who own any of that property- even the reservations, would put up much of a struggle. The enviros definitely would. They’ve gotten their hooks into Big Bend & Padre Island. Lake Amistad is going to be a challenge, maybe.


    • platypus says:

      There is one major environmental obstacle of which I am aware – the Tijuana River. It flows north into San Diego and is polluted (or was a few years back). It can’t be ignored and I don’t know what agreements cover it right now.


    • stobberdobber says:

      Are you forgetting that Trump keeps reminding us of our trade deficit with Mexico and the Nafta deal. He is a great negotiator remember?


  23. snaggletooths says:

    Great speech he is also in Las Vegas today having a event.

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  24. FireAm 85 says:

    At about the 21 minute mark he says ” he wants to plateau” referring to his poll numbers. That can be interpreted I guess a few different ways. Faux news can make a “soundbite” and full day story about that statement.


    • FireAm 85 says:

      It was an excellent speech, great crowd involvement,Trump is an outstanding public speaker. Hecklers have no chance with him at all. His statement about “plateauing” maybe was innocuous or does he probably have something up his sleeve? Intel on newer polling data, wanting to get people fired up?
      I’m very leery of these media tools, they have their orders.

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  25. nwtex says:

    Russian mayor invites Donald Trump to Crimea
    October 8 at 11:26 AM

    The mayor of Yalta, the historic seaside city on the Crimean coast, has welcomed Trump’s entry into the U.S presidential race. In a message posted on the city’s official Web site, Mayor Andrey Rostenko hailed Trump as “an extraordinary person.”

    “We are following the elections process in your country with great interest,” Rostenko wrote, addressing Trump, in a translation published by RT. “We like your election program and we like you as an extraordinary person.”

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    • wondering999 says:

      That’s interesting. A favorite cousin married a Ukrainian woman… whose family leans more towards Russian government in that area. They are outspoken if you make an opening to let them talk about it.

      That small family is only a tiny anecdotal sample, but I gather the Ukrainian government has been less than transparent, for starters. The conflict has been deadly for a lot of innocent people caught in the middle, and many homes have been destroyed. Would never want to experience that in my part of the world. I hope that the mess stops soon, and that everyone (Russian, Ukrainian, and diverse other people like the Chechens who got stuck in the middle of it) can go back to their communities and engage in more constructive activities.


  26. I am not a conservative, but I like him the most among conservative side…


  27. JRD says:

    Trump just tweeted about this site. This is too damn good especially if you are a Floridian.
    Marco “Amnesty” Rubio – Donor Class puppet

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  28. FireAm 85 says:

    Thirsty for Amnesty, Hysterical.
    This is not good for “disloyal,sweaty,amnesty,kid,clown”
    Go crying back to Rove…punk.

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  29. What?! How is Trump violating FEC rules with regard to this? The ‘smart set’ is going apoplectic.


  30. wondering999 says:

    Grateful that Trump remembered the six who died looking for Bergdahl.
    Here are their names… take a second to think of them and their families
    1. Clayton Bowen, 29, of San Antonio, Texas;
    2. Morris Walker, 23, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina
    3. Kurt Curtiss, 27, of Murray, Utah
    4. Darryn Andrews, 34, of Dallas, Texas
    5. Michael Murphrey, 25, of Snyder, Texas
    6. Matthew Martinek, 20, of DeKalb, Illinois

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  31. wondering999 says:

    Around 44:45 Trump talks about the difference between “Free Trade” and “Dumb Trade” where the USA loses out and our “trading partners” have huge tariffs against U.S. goods

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  32. Lulu says:

    GOP-E in Tears Over McCarthy House Speaker Bid Collapse; Angry Lib Peter King: “A Banana Republic”


  33. facebkwallflower says:

    Over at Chicks on the Right facebook page (which is public I believe) they are everything not Trump, but most know that. What I have noticed is professional trolls (seemingly) jump all over anyone’s sheet if they are against whatever candidate is the flavor of the article and call them trolls and tell them to stop trolling. This one is a good one to study comments. The thread bullies are all organized talking points for Ben Carson. It gives a good information is being dispersed to soldiers of “Operation Take Out Trump”. One of the reasons it looks organized is the comments in support of Carson are so……well…..basic and stupid. “Stupid” in a way that only libs think conservatives are and thus looks like trying to pass as “republican”. The comments are enlightening to know what the latest spin we need to refute is.

    Some comments:
    “Because unlike the politicians in the race, he is a doctor with morals to go along with his leadership skills as a department head for neurosurgery. Go Ben!!”

    “I love Ben Carson. Have done for over 20 years. ( I’m from Australia, I wish we could have a Ben Carson here).” Really, Australia heard of Ben Carson twenty years ago and most Americans only recently learned of him?

    “Cruz and Carson won’t trash the others in the field. They just have to let the dick heads like Paul fall by the wayside.” The article is about how kind Ben Carson is. Isn’t he the guy that lambasted Trump’s Christianity? Or the guy who sneaks in digs, without names like on “The View”, in a very nice “tone”? This comment is funny because he is for someone because they supposedly don’t name call and then name calls. Hilarious. This poster is not too up on the race; Paul dropping out won’t mean anything to anyone. He is practically polling in the negatives!

    “Classy for sure, but he’s so much more than that. He’s a role model…”

    I notice each day less and less opposing views on their fb page. The troll bullies are doing a good job. Just not worth most thinking people’s time when dialogue is not the goal, silencing is.


  34. JRD says:

    FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump Campaign Rally In Las Vegas

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  35. FireAm 85 says:

    Trump called out everyone, responded to the “gotcha” questions and kept pressing the movement. With his campaign ads ready to drop, Rove inc. is gonna be in palpable pain.
    That speech was awesome!

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  36. Jeb rips Rubio over his 2013 Syria vote:

    I have a feeling that Rove may be behind the new Rubio amnesty website…Is he putting chum in the water early?


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