Rape and Murder Trial in Danvers Massachusetts Begins This Week – Philip Chism Case…

update-1In October of 2013 a 14-year-old student named Philip Chism, beat, raped and murdered his teacher, Colleen Ritzer, his trial begins this week.  His defense is claiming the teacher used a “trigger word”.

phillip chisholm 2

At the time of the initial murder, the brutality of the attack created some intensely horrific potential headlines.  As a consequence the politically correct LEO and Massachusetts media, needed to avoid the uncomfortable racial aspect, and documented Chism as “white” with “dark complexion”.  Backstory HERE and HERE.

After his arrest, Chism was sent to a juvenile detention facility.  While at the juvie facility Chism stalked and attacked a female staff worker at the detention center.  As a consequence he was re-arrested (with additional charges pending) and removed to a high security prison without the possibility for bail. He is being tried as an adult.

Chism initially confessed to killing Ritzer, his algebra teacher, when being questioned by authorities.  However, the judge disallowed his confession based on the potential for him not understanding his right to remain silent.

His trial begins this week:

phillip chisholmMASSACHUSETTS – A teenage student whose trial in the murder of his teacher begins this week allegedly said “I became the teacher” to investigators after the 2013 slaying at his Massachusetts high school.

However, prosecutors won’t be allowed to tell the jury about the confession Philip Chism, then 14, allegedly gave to Danvers police. Judge David Lowy ruled that Chism did not fully understand his constitutional rights before he spoke to them.

In the videotaped interview after the attack, Chism told police that teacher Colleen Ritzer provoked the attack with a “trigger” word, which he would not disclose.

“After she insulted me, that’s when I became the teacher,” Chism said, according to a description Lowy gave in his written ruling.

Jury selection in the case is scheduled to begin Wednesday in Essex Superior Court in Salem.

The day of the October, 2013 murder, Ritzer had asked Chism, on of her 9th-grade algebra students, to stay after school. Hours later, the body of the popular 24-year-old teacher was found in nearby woods, partly covered by leaves. Authorities say she had been raped and her throat had been slit with a box cutter. Near her body was a note reading, “I hate you all.” (read more)

philip chismCriminal Complaint filed in 2013

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114 Responses to Rape and Murder Trial in Danvers Massachusetts Begins This Week – Philip Chism Case…

  1. Prothonotary Warbler says:

    Ucch… all this “racial sensitivity” crap.

    I don’t care what color the scumbag is, or what color his victim was. GIVE HIM THE CHAIR.

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    • Mike says:

      Gosh. Where’s Obama when his “sons” really need him ?


    • archer52 says:

      PC gets regular law abiding people killed. They put him in juvie, then he stalks another female, gets more charges and the judge finds a way to throw out his confession??

      Freaking liberals. Zombie food!

      I’m watching “Fear the walking dead” show. It is hard, because they are a liberal PC California dysfunctional family. I can’t watch the “woe is me” angst, and fast forward through that. By episode three I’m rooting for the zombies to eat them all and the show end.

      National review had a great article about TWD and how it is a conservative message. His take on it is simple. Liberals seeking utopia are doomed from the outset.


      “…When liberals watch the government collapse, they’re watching with their last trip to the DMV in mind, or their frustrating encounters with public schools, or — heaven forbid — any form of contact with the Department of Veterans Affairs. When they watch the utopias burn, they’re seeing the will to power in their own colleagues, the way that even like-minded people will so quickly turn on all but their closest friends (and sometimes even their closest friends) when they sense the possibility of personal advantage. When they roll their eyes at characters who can’t or won’t use guns, they’re . . . well, then they’re just using common sense. Even the editorial board of the Village Voice knows you don’t walk through a zombie herd without an assault rifle and — yes — a high-capacity magazine. It is said that the facts of life are conservative. And so are the facts of fiction — especially zombie fiction. So, if you can handle the gore, watch The Walking Dead unreservedly. You’ll find that its diverse cast is governed by an unseen code: Live by conservatism, die by liberalism, and the only way you give up your Smith & Wesson is if someone pries it from your rotting, zombified hand. …”

      Here we have liberals trying to smooth over what is going to get them all killed, the hugely dysfunctional black man. Just like in Oregon, where another black dysfunctional man killed people for a lot of reasons, including their religion.

      Where’s the manifesto? Because it won’t match the narrative. And we all know, those who hold the power controls the truth.

      Until the zombies come.

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    • Da Ebil YT says:

      “I don’t care what color the scumbag is”

      I keep hearing this sort of thing, and it sounds very “progressive” and nice, but. WHY do you not care what color the “scumbag” is? Or the victim? Why is it an aspect that every “bien pensant” feels he has to disavow any interest in? Is it somehow a priori irrelevant?


  2. ZurichMike says:

    Was the trigger word “boy” perhaps? As in “boys and girls, please take your seats”?

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    • ZurichMike says:

      Just read the entire original article. “Tennessee” seems to have been the trigger word. Parents had divorced and he moved to Boston. Whatever. Based on the security video, he stalked her, raped and murdered her, and then wheeled her body out of the building in a recycling bin.

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    • Agreed – although I suspect the conversation wasn’t quite that innocent. My guess….

      (1) He’s an overly hormonal 14 yo male with a crush on the teacher

      (2) He mistakenly hits on her when alone

      (3) She tries to deflect nicely, but summarizes the basic fact that she’s a grown woman and he’s still a boy

      (4) He reacts violently to the rejection, and in some ways to the word, but NOT because of race – because of his inability to deal with his adult attractions while being – as far as most of society is concerned – a kid.

      But any defense attorney who wants to WIN, rather than simply get justice for his client, is going to play the race card instead.

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      • rodney says:

        Normal !4 year old males don’t rape and murder their teacher.

        There is a reason why inner city schools resemble prisons. It’s the students.

        Look, a young female teacher or any teacher has no business being alone with inner city youth. They are violent and lack impulse control found in other people. Say the wrong word or look at them in the wrong way and you will get a beating or worse or they may not like you because you are a cracker or polar bear.

        What this monster did is typical, he came on to her because he thinks all women are meat, she said ‘no’ and probably freaked and he like his sort do when told ‘no’ is too into a rage and beat her brains in. Human life means nothing to them. Why do you think our inner cities are slaughter houses.

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        • canadacan says:

          Rodney you have got it exactly right.

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        • “Normal 14 year old males don’t rape and murder their teacher.”

          The prosecution needs to state this over and over in the opening, over and over in the summation, and prove it over and over during the trial. Say nothing about race. Just prove that he’s a sociopathic criminal.

          The defense is going to try to make it racial, so it can segue to “exused racial”. Don’t even let it go there. It’s criminal. If somebody wants to point out that such criminality is rampant in the black world – that’s for another time and place. Just convince the jury that normal 14-yo boys don’t do this, and he’ll go away for a loooong time.


    • Doodahdaze says:

      Does it rhyme with trigger?


  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    Hate Crime backed by Mental Issues

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  4. BobNoxious says:

    This kid is the embodiment of pure evil, but thanks to recent SCOTUS opinions he cannot be put to death or even given a sentence of life w/ no possibility of parole (saving the world certain heartache in the future) b/c he is under the age of 18. This case is a perfect example of why such all encompassing decisions, essentially taking the sentencing decision out of the hands of the jury or trial judge, should be frowned upon.

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    • Daniel says:

      Put me in a room with him.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Well then, we do what they do so often in the Orleans Parish court system: put him in juvie for a year or two until everyone forgets and moves on to the next thug-committed heinous murder, release him and ten try to convict and sentence him to state prison after he gets caught on an adult murder…or two…or three

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      • czarowniczy says:

        JunieG – you a New Orleanian or just an admirer of dysfunctional criminal justice systems? Or both…


      • Jett Black says:

        Or better yet, like when I was an ADA in Connick’s office, you just check with the coroner every day to see which of your multi-crime defendants’ files you can close with a death certificate. Happened roughly weekly during the 80’s–live by the sword, die by the sword, close @ 5 cases. When your section alone has over 200 active, every little bit helps. I heard that it’s getting like that again.


        • czarowniczy says:

          Or just annotate the police report with ‘NAT’.
          That ‘plea deal’ where we had ya cold on one crime and if you agreed to plea on a few unsolved ones we wouldn’t charge and also reduce the sentence on the one we gotcha on…
          Those ‘refusals’ also helped a lot too as did redefining the crime – it wasn’t auto theft, it was ‘unauthorized use of a movable’. That ‘negligent wounding’ came in handy too.


          • Jett Black says:

            Sounds like your conflating NoPD action with DA screening–very different standards and agendas at work. When I saw NAT on a police report, it almost always prompted a call to the officers involved and any identified vic–if “Needed Action was Taken” or “No Action Taken,” and that wasn’t well explained, I (and I think most, if not all of my colleagues) wanted to know why–if only for a good story.

            We charged what the facts provided by police and any witnesses who would cooperate would allow–no more, no less. There was a general understanding that we wouldn’t charge what we couldn’t win. That’s how limited resources were allocated, rather than by some BS manipulation from above, like <0 uses now to un-enforce critical laws.

            Plea deals and low-ball charging like you’re talking about were extremely rare and difficult to get approval for under Connick. I suspect they became rampant under “Empty Hat Racist” Jordan, but by then, I was down the road.


            • czarowniczy says:

              Not confusing,. more commenting on the acceptance. I know the various LEA groups in NOLA, and there were a gaggle, were notoriously bad at writing reports, 2nd only to actually investigating. I always wondered if the downgrading of crimes to avoid the FBI reports that would portray the real levels of crime in the city wasn’t a joint effort twixt NOPD and the DA’s office.
              Today the big news is that the thug who was charged with murdering a pizza delivery guy in the lower 9th (white vic/black shooter, vic left a wife and 3 kids) as DA won’t file unless NOPD can come up with a better case. Had enough to arrest but not prosecute.
              I started in 91 so I was on after you but the entire system was…what’s a kind word? The same thugs we’d bust would have sheets with twenty or so charges, many felonies, few prosecuted and few of the prosecutions amounting to more than a slap on the wrist. Thug that shot and killed one of our ex-deputies (defense: it was an accident) has a violent crime sheet that a Charmin roll would envy. Yeah, I know – that’s the judges.
              It’s all academic now – like Benny Grunch says: “(I)…ain’t dere no more”.

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    • NJF says:

      I hadn’t heard this. This Judge is an idiot. Look what he did while in juvie….what “trigger” did the woman there say?

      I hope some badass has taken him for their little B’boy.

      Absolute scum.

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      • ImpeachEmAll says:

        Such a nice teenager.

        Teen Held on $250K Bail on DYS Assault Charges

        Philip Chism is charged with attacking a female DYS worker while awaiting his trial in the death of Colleen Ritzer

        By Tim Jones

        A teenager charged with killing his teacher was arraigned in court Wednesday on charges stemming from an assault on a Department of Youth Services worker and was held on $250,000 bail.

        Prosecutors say 15-year-old Philip Chism assaulted a 29-year-old female staff member at the Metro Youth Services facility on Harvard Street in Dorchester, Massachusetts, on June 2. Co-workers allegedly heard her cries for help and broke up the assault after Chism followed her into the bathroom.

        According to prosecution, the victim suffered injuries to her head, neck, face and back. Her shirt had a hole in it as well. Chism was carrying a pencil with him, which was allegedly used as a weapon.

        The Danvers resident was charged with attempted murder by strangulation, assault with intent to murder, kidnapping, and two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Chism used a court-appointed lawyer.



  5. jackphatz says:

    He said: “After she insulted me, that’s when I became the teacher,” wouldn’t that show he had control over his emotions. He chose to act out violently. One very angry young man with mental issues. Probably a good thing he did not have a gun.

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  6. Sandra says:

    Someone in another forum says these two are his parents. I would say the sperm donor is definitely black.


     photo Stacy_Diana_zps63226f81.png

    Do any of these ferals come from intact families? Did the Aurora CO shooter have a father present?


  7. allhail2 says:

    What’s this “potentially” didn’t understand his right to remain silent crap?
    Do that to my wife and I’ll show you how you’re gonna remain silent. Punk A.. B….!

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  8. Juan says:

    Once again ……

    “You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Philip Chism.”

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    • Sandra says:

      This is what happens when you’re half white.

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      • DelAware says:

        More accurately, this is what happens when the political agenda of destroying western civilization and genome is advanced through propaganda for race mixing between whites and blacks.

        Meanwhile the liberals are all worrying about whether their arugula was grown in a needlessly complicated manner subject to their total control at every stage.


      • manickernel says:

        From the pics above he appears to have Black, White and Persian blood. Really though, all the stuff about race as it applies to him should not be the issue. It is an issue when the media goes to great lengths to obscure it or paint him as a White Supremacist.


      • canadacan says:



    • polk8dot says:

      …. and a ‘Gentle Math Scholar’ is born. {spit}


  9. Akela says:

    Probably a good thing he did not have a gun. Well, then it would be the NRA’s fault.

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    • NJF says:

      Maybe if he had a gun she wouldn’t have suffered such a violent, gruesome death.

      I hope he’s getting what he deserves in max security. He deserves to be raped, repeatedly every damn night IMO

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      • No, he deserves a fair trial, with decent legal representation and an opportunity to present whichever legal defense his attorney chooses. And, if convicted by a jury of his peers, he deserves whatever punishment is appropriate and prescribed by law. Nothing less, and certainly nothing more.

        Letting our emotions lower ourselves to the same level of those who commit these horrendous crimes is a price we should not be willing to pay.

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        • marierogers says:

          an eye for an eye etc sometimes we need to put ourselves in the victims and their families place!


          • Isn’t that exactly what the judge and jury are being asked to do? If this kid is guilty, as the evidence clearly seems to show, then he should be convicted and given a sentence that is appropriate by the judge and/or jury and not subjected to a lifetime of torture at the hands of his fellow inmates. That’s exactly why we have a system of “Justice” and not one of Revenge.

            IMO, the nature of his crime, compounded by the later attack on one of the females who were guarding him, makes the death penalty an appropriate sentence. Isn’t that enough?


    • joshua says:

      looks like he used a box cutter like the 9/11 airplane terrorist hijackers….maybe he has Muslim traits


  10. Serpentor says:

    I haven’t been able to go to Wendy’s ever since.


  11. Serpentor says:

    Oh and the trigger word excuse doesn’t work, it was 100% pre-meditated as he brought a kill kit to school that day IIRC.

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  12. allhail2 says:

    He’s black. Period


  13. I am george zimmerman says:

    Whats this trigger word defense? She can use every perjorative in the dictionary, call him the n word and make fun of his mom, he still has zero right to kill her. Is the defense suggesting otherwise? I really dont understand what point the defense is attempting to make.

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  14. NJF says:

    When I first heard about this case, it made my heart ache.

    Too bad he hasn’t had a pencil shoved into his carotid artery by his prison boyfriend, saving tax payers big bucks, and this poor woman’s family from reliving what this animal did.

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    • please let’s leave the noble animal kingdom out of this. animals do not rape. men do.
      anyone who’s ever been in PRISON know it is a living NIGHTMARE. just the screaming and loud noise and constant sounds like a scene out of hell. the guards, the other prisoners, the constant being on high alert for injury, death and rape, the shower room YIKES!!, the food, the smell, this kid will not have it easy in any way shape or form. and because he is not quite black and not quite white, he will NOT fit in. he will probably have to be put with the mentally challenged prisoners just to stay alive.
      Prison is a microcosm of HELL.

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    • Attorney says:



  15. rsmith1776 says:

    I am 100% positive there was NO trigger word.

    I will believe this murderous liar and post-murder slanderer the moment the cowardly murderers of World War II hero Delbert Belton (remember him? I do) produce the crack they claimed the quasi-nonagenarian hero was selling at night in a parking spot.

    The two claims have similar credibility to me.

    PS What’s the worst legal punishment this precocious monster can get? I hope at least 60 years??

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  16. kinthenorthwest says:

    I blame all these crimes on their families and the hate that their parents have instilled in them.

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  17. I am george zimmerman says:

    What is this trigger word nonsense? Is the defense suggesting he has a right to kill her over a word? She can call him the n word and make fun of his mom, he still has zero right to kill her.

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    • joshua says:

      just where did an ignorant 14 year old black kid learn the phrase “trigger word?”


      • stella says:

        Rather obviously, it was the defense attorneys who designed the defense, not the kid.


        • peachteachr says:

          I almost missed this post. I have heard of trigger words used in psychological interventions, most often for youths who have anger issues. In that sense, the trigger word is used to warn the youth that he is entering into an angry attitude and the “trigger word” is used to help calm the youth. Leave it to a defense attorney to completely reverse its purpose.

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    • John Galt says:

      “She can call him the n word and make fun of his mom, he still has zero right to kill her.”

      She might have said something really nasty, like “homework”.


  18. Garrison Hall says:

    A word about the “trigger word” phenomena. Basically, it’s vulgar psychological twaddle. The cognitive processes are far to complex for a single “trigger” to cause an otherwise normal human being to do something they wouldn’t normally do. Likewise normal people don’t just “snap” and do something untoward. Purposeful, intentional action directed by a conscious, aware human being is the result of a lifetime’s experience. People do bad things because they want to. It as simple as that.

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  19. mpmp2015 says:

    Where’s the white part of Chism? Can’t see it. Maybe bi-racial. Kinda reminds me of the liberal press describing George Zimmerman as a “White Hispanic.”

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  20. Prothonotary Warbler says:

    Liberals often talk about showing “compassion” for black criminals, because of the difficult circumstances they’ve faced due to their race.

    Well, guess what? The vast majority of their victims are also black. What about the difficult circumstances they’ve faced due to their race, and living among those black criminals?

    If we would just throw the book at violent criminals, regardless of race, that would be the best thing we could do for law-abiding black citizens, living in black neighborhoods, terrorized by black criminals.

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  21. yakmaster2 says:

    Trigger word, broken family, young age, blah blah blah.
    The subsequent pre-meditated assault on the female worker at his Juvie facility knocks those mitigating factors in the a$$!
    He’s a dangerous predator and woman hater. By rights, the jury in the Ritzer murder trial should hear about the second assault because of proximity and showing a pattern of behavior—unless Chism has to actually be convicted of this second assualt before it can be brought up in this first trial.

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  22. flawesttexas says:

    It is sick how so many media and public officials condone and encourage Black Male Thug Violence.

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  23. Ellie says:

    Vaguely remember this. Wasn’t the killer from an immigrant family who was in foster care? Broken marriages, broken families, broken lives, broken community, broken society, broken world.


  24. Lulu says:

    Called “a family in crisis” – November 2014 article:

    The marriage of his parents, Diana and Stacy Chism, was in constant turmoil, evidenced by a Complaint for Legal Separation in 2001 and two petitions for divorce, one in 2011 and a second in 2013.

    The divorce records are filled with damaging accusations, most of them leveled by the husband and denied by Diana Chism and her lawyer.

    Stacy Chism claimed Diana had “extreme episodes” of “deep depression” and at times would “rock back and forth” on the couch for five hours at a time. He claimed she had a history of “rage” and said she “verbally abused” their son Philip.

    In 2001, Diana and Stacy both signed a Permanent Parenting Plan stating the husband committed “physical abuse, sexual abuse, or a pattern of emotional abuse.” Diana claimed Stacy was “guilty of adultery.”

    The article goes on to say the family moved 8 times in the last 6 years, mostly without the father.



    • Stacy Chism claimed Diana had “extreme episodes” of “deep depression” and at times would “rock back and forth” on the couch for five hours at a time.

      Perhaps she was experiencing one of those

      “OMG What have I Done? My life is SO totally screwed up because the man that I allowed to impregnate me is a philandering abuser that I just can’t escape!” moments.

      THAT would be enough to induce “deep depression” in most women, I believe.

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  25. cali says:

    The trigger word used by the teacher was ‘Tennessee’ where he lived while his parents had a tumultuous marriage ending finally in divorce.
    He was beyond angry and moving to the east coast induced more anger. This teacher did nothing to deserve what this teenager did. Following her into the bathroom after school – captured on video – raping, beating and violating her before brutally killing her – was his release valve of rage. No excuse can explain this brutality caused by this teenager.
    Being asked to stay after school because he continuously doodled on his notebook and not paying attention or participating in this teachers teaching gave him the opportunity and pre-meditated murder.
    He left the bathroom alone – 12 minutes is all it took to brutalize and kill this teacher.

    He is the product of a dysfunctional family life and history of abuse witnessed during his parents tumultuous time together.
    His defense tries to paint this dangerous teenager as having mental issues. However – it is time to call his actions what he did by its name: pure evil!

    Evil exists and continues to cause murders, rape, beatings and hate. No matter what ‘excuses’ are used to give someone like him a defense in what he did.

    There are millions of people coming from all types of dysfunctional and violent backgrounds but they decide to be upstanding citizens. It is possible to overcome hardship having occurred while growing up and each one of us know someone who endured many violations and brutality. I also wager that some treepers background was that of hardship. Each of us makes choices in how we turn it around and live courageous lives without hurting anyone.

    This teenager is pure evil and no other explanation will do!

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    • MTeresa says:

      But God forbid the “analysts” in the media mention anything about a friggen dysfunctional family. It’s guns. It’s video game violence. It’s mental illness. Blah. Blah. Blah. All things they think can be regulated.

      How about the breakdown of the family? Oh can’t discuss that. That would mean shining the light on parents to take time and effort to raise a child responsibly, maybe to put their child’s welfare above their own lifestyle choices.

      Pure evil is right. Evil exists. To deny it puts everyone at risk.

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    • DelAware says:

      “This teenager is pure evil and no other explanation will do!”

      Well, you certainly ran on with explanation after explanation.

      He’s not evil and he’s not psychologically messed up/vulnerable and he’s not any of those Blank Slate Era Of Liberal Great Society fantasies.

      Degenerate people breed degenerate offspring. It is that simple. And nothing multiplies degeneracy in a civilized society like race mixing.


  26. Chip Bennett says:

    Trigger word?

    I wished she had used a trigger.

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  27. Dan Morgan says:

    The black grievance industry has suceeded in demonizing, and dehumanizing whites to the point that there are no longer the normal societal restraints that once existed.
    Many blacks see whites as an invasive species that needs to be exterminated.
    White liberals do not understand that their willingness to excuse away this behavior by blacks, only delays their own demise. When they are no longer of any use, they will be consumed by their own creation.

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  28. joshua says:

    do not stay after school to HELP black males kids in High School…when the school police and monitors are NOT THERE, you are in great danger. Forget trying to EDUCATE kids that doodle in their notebook during class…they are telling you that it is TOO LATE for them and to leave them alone. Teachers in High School CANNOT change what terrible parenting and culture have instilled in these kids….LIBERALS…wake up….SCHOOL is for EDUCATION…NOT FOR SOCIAL EXPERIMENTATION on fixing BROKEN kids.

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  29. Jett Black says:

    While the judge may deserve much of the venom being thrown around for throwing out the confession, sometimes judges seem to make those kind of extra-criminal-oriented rulings to eliminate a basis for an appeal. Prosecution has so much locked-up evidence on this perp, including video, the “kill kit” and I’m pretty sure I also recall dna, the confession is completely unnecessary and would just open the door to a lot of LEO-bashing by the defense. If it’s out, so should be any BS about how he was mistreated or deceived by LEOs. Makes for a nice, clean conviction that should easily stand up on appeal. It’s a long game, so it pays to think ahead.

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  30. cfb says:

    Oh look–Chism is a child of DIVORCE whose mother OF COURSE was given full custody by our very fair, very wise, very un-anti-male family court system. Just like adam lanza, dylan root, chris harper mercer. . .Well I’m, sure there’s no POSSIBLE connection to fem-centric DIVORCE, depriving a young boy of associating with his father and all these unfortunate incidents. And if there. . .GASP. . .there WERE, we certainly could NEVER talk about it because it would hurt the wrong people’s feewings. Nope. Hey look over there–a GUN!!

    24 year old girls should NOT be supervising 16 year old males. The don’t know how to talk to them, they don’t know how to act around them, they don’t understand male aggression. The whole thing is a terrible occurrence but if it teaches just one of these girls that real life is NOT a charlies angels movie and causes her to hold her tongue, it just might also save a life.

    And btw, the judge should’ve absolutely quashed that alleged confession just as the cops should’ve known he would.

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    • Sandra says:

      I know some fathers who have no interest in seeing their kids, unfortunately. Look at Chris Harper’s father, Adam Lanza’s father … and maybe Chism’s father was the same way.


  31. John Galt says:

    “Whats this trigger word defense?” The trigger word is secret. You Bet Your Life — playing for real.

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  32. freepetta says:

    That boy is lucky he’s not in Tennessee we would have sliced and diced him. The MSM are not serving anyone by changing the truth.


  33. Stephen says:

    He dindu nuthin, and that nasty ol’ trigger word caused him to do it.


  34. peachteachr says:

    I hope we keep this trial in our sight. It was a horrific act committed by a psychopath. Like pedophiles, there is not a treatment that is ever really successful and they almost never change.


  35. lastConservinIllinois? says:

    Obama will pardon him.


  36. Paul Dunphy says:

    Do not know; anything about his past, no Facebook, no old friends, no records of school or juvie.
    no mention of his life before he moved here 1 year before the slaughter. This monster did not just suddenly appear among us. Routine for a juvenile or routine for a cover up?


  37. Ed says:

    Well I feel for The family, I cannot help but feel a level of stupidity and an absolute effort to bury their heads in the sand of what really occurred here. There is an absolute effort by whites to pretend that this is not going on and is not related to blacks in any way shape or form. If you think it’s bad now just wait for a government screw up when I can’t pay EBT snap a welfare cards, then you’ll really see the shit hit the fan.


  38. Robbie Jay says:

    He looks so much like young Barry Ø. Same color, hair etc.


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