Donald Trump Gives Speech To Packed Audience In Tennessee – Saturday 10/3/15 (Video)…

HatTip TrumpTV  – Donald Trump was in Tennessee today for a campaign rally with massive crowds of supporters lined up in the rain for hours to attend the event.  Terrific enthusiasm, great crowd.

Check out the overflow who couldn’t fit in:


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88 Responses to Donald Trump Gives Speech To Packed Audience In Tennessee – Saturday 10/3/15 (Video)…

  1. videoviewer says:

    It was great! Wet, cold, terrific! My 9 yr old stood for outside in the overflow, listening to the whole talk and we had the fun of seeing Trump come out and talk to the overflow crowd after. I explained to him that I was going to use a word he didn’t normally hear me say but that it was appropriate and historically correct…then yelled loudly several times, “Give ’em hell, Donald!” ala “Give ’em hell, Harry!” from the ’48 election cycle. I feel there is a strong connection in what he is doing! And he said what the thought and did not hold back! Great crowd. Can only imagine what it would have been like without the rain! WOW! Love that he addressed Common Core, national security, world affairs, his position papers, how the other candidates are relating to each other and how dishonest the media can be. Great time and hope my son remembers such a neat experience.

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    • Love the report! Thanks!!! 🙂

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    • raiders1972 says:

      Nice post video viewer. I was there also. I was outside in the rain with the overflow crowd.
      I understand MSNBC, CNN and Fox are reporting 1,000 in attendance. Are they kidding?

      I met a soldier from Ft. Knox soldier. He said most of his fellow soldiers are supporting Trump. I talked to another person familiar with the armed forces who said most military members are supporting Trump.

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    • videoviewer says:

      He also talked about the school shooting and how idiotic gun free zones are and the difference it would have made had the school had armed teachers ready to protect the children. Trump’s defense of Christmas (v. “holiday greetings) was met with cheers. He was very specific in his criticism of the way we have dealt with the middle east, obama giving the enemy our withdrawal date and the US trading many guys for 1 deserter, for 2 examples. Since I read this blog I am familiar with the MSM manipulation of trump, polls and everything else. he had a funny story about appearing on one network that used another network’s poll v. their own since he was lower in the other network’s poll than in their very own poll. Common sense would say that they would use their own polls but they chose a different poll – only because it was a poll in which he was a little lower. Either it was NBC using CNN’s poll or visa versa. Great example and terrific evidence of the bias. Large number of seniors out today and very enthusiastic- standing in the rain for over an hour while he talked inside and then the time he talked outside. Impressed as it was hard on me and I am not yet to the senior level. Wide array of people, from children to elderly, families that rode their bikes over together, handicapped with wheelchairs and walkers (yes, in the cold rain and coming from way on down the street as the parking lot was full early!), hipsters (yes, Nashville has lots of them) and farmers in their pick up trucks and overalls (wearing them as their real clothes and not being ironic) to well to do women and men in their business suits. A number of families there together. Spoke with 1 mom at length who, while very supportive of Trump, was more than ready to go home but her 12 yr old daughter did not want to leave until it was over! Huge crowd in terrible weather and with very short notice. Really great.

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      • videoviewer says:

        sorry to have posted so much! read this blog every day and today was just very exciting for me. Real life v. reading online was fun. Same venue as Ted Cruze and no comparison in attendance or excitement. would be fun to see video &/or numbers comparison. The Senator did have excellent things to share and I feel that he is dedicated and sincere (although question some of his decisions as most readers here do) however, there is a huge difference in his appeal

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        • shelleybear66 says:

          Don’t be sorry! We love to hear your story of how it was today! Thanks! 🙂

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        • sundance says:

          Um, what are you apologizing for? Don’t be silly. Ground reports are the bestest !! 😀 😀 😀 We read every word.

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        • dizzymissl says:

          Are you kidding?? We’ll take as much as you want to give. We can never have enough Trump!

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        • rashamon says:

          video viewer, this is not the site to make apologies for enthusiasm! Thank you for detailing the response of the outdoor crowd as it’s difficult to judge when the cameras and mikes are set up to see and hear the candidate on the stage.

          As usual, Trump does without a teleprompter and, though slowly, manages to hit all the high points he has unveiled to date and then add some more details to boot.

          Warm up, have a toddy (let see, you’re in Tennessee, hmmmm) and add anything else that comes to mind.

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      • catmom says:

        Outstanding ground report! Fun to hear from someone who has experienced the excitement for our future POTUS!!

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      • raiders1972 says:

        Videoviewer, very good stuff you posted. I was one of those in a business suit, lol. I was very much impressed with the diversity of the crowd. I loved seeing some high and college students. Two young ladies near me were students at UT-Martin. That is quite a drive from Martin, Tennessee, to Franklin. I met a couple in line who drove from Winchester, Tennessee.

        Glad you mentioned the rain was cold. It was amazing how many people came out in the cold rain to see Mr. Trump.

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    • Doodahdaze says:


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    • facebkwallflower says:

      Love your report!

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    • WoW! You were there? How exciting :)))))))))))))))) Thanks for the on the ground report!

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  2. Rick says:

    Trump had a great time talking about his Concealed Carry license in TN speech. No doubt what he would do if he encounterd a perp….reminds of the scene where Taco says, “when you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk!! Trump shoots down all doubters…..the rest of the the GOPe are just talkers…


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  3. R-C says:

    Cue the ‘splodey-headed GOPe shills in 5…4…3…2…1…

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  4. joshua says:

    Trump’s Southern Strategy is the same as Trump’s Northern, Western, Southwestern, Midwestern, and East Coast Strategy. Become PRESIDENT and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

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    • R-C says:

      Joshua, your analysis is SPOT ON…and what does that mean?

      It means that Donald Trump is not pandering to “this” segment of America, or “that” segment. He doesn’t “tailor” his remarks to suit whoever he’s in front of on any particular occasion (are you listening, Jebito en Espanole?!?).

      Trump is about uplifting the ENTIRE nation and every lawful citizen therein.

      You’re looking at your next president, right there.

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    • ZurichMike says:

      Indeed, it’s a simple, but powerful message and strategy, infusing the electorate with enthusiasm and pride — two things that have been lacking for the last 8 years.

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  5. Give Fox’s Eric Bolling credit, he had Trump on the entire “CashinIn” show today, did a very enlightening interview:

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    • Thank you for posting the Trump interview on FOX Eric Bolling “CashinIn” show! I don’t have TV so this was a treat!

      Eric Bolling let Trump talk uninterrupted and Trump was great! I especially like when he points out that the refugees are YOUNG STRONG MEN and WHY AREN’T THEY FIGHTING FOR SYRIA? insinuating they are probably not even from Syria. really shocking that Trump is the only one bringing this to our attention.

      also excellent when Trump answered the question about leader and said it would be inappropriate to include himself in the list of leaders with Putin, Netanyahu, and Obama. I am quite sure all Trump detractors would’ve expected Trump to bloviate. Too bad they have misread what Trump is about. Sure, he may brag about his accomplishments and ability to create jobs, but he’s not a megalomaniac and his humble response proves that. I just love that about Trump.

      the video shows about 10 minutes of the 30 minute interview, but a great 10 minutes it was for me.
      Trump 2016!

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  6. marierogers says:

    46 minutes..non stop..what stamina!!!..hes a great me, who was the great orator in julius caesars time???

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  7. marierogers says:

    dont forget a spoof of the great one on SNL tonite!!!and shrillary live too! will they be kind to her or not?


  8. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Thump knows how to talk to the people, and he comes across as honest not like the the standard politician that never tells the truth. Exceptions are Ted Cruz and Ben Carson and a good portion of those the Tea Party got elected. We need a real man to do a mans job which is to get things done.

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    • videoviewer says:

      Totally agree! I was already saying this to several people. He really talks like he means it. It isn’t polished to cold perfection as a memorized speech but comes across as sincere, meaningful and what he really thinks. Loved hearing in person and thrilled to see in person so many others thinking and feeling the same thing I am!

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  9. Doodahdaze says:

    Quote of the day.
    “If Ben Carson is all that is standing between Trump and the nomination, it is over.”

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  10. Eskie Mom says:

    This was his Best. Crowd. Yet. Mr Trump just keeps getting better & better. If y’all can imagine harnessing- or motivating & driving, directing the energy in these crowds of people, this isn’t going to take that long at all. Can this nightmare really be about to end?

    This is FANTASTIC.

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  11. haypa2haypa2 says:

    Love the crowd reaction.

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  12. bob e says:

    thanks sundance for making all these speeches available to us tree dwellers.
    the donald was correct when he started talking about the spirit at his appearances
    revealing a sort of love . he’s right. it’s love of country which has been missing since vietnam.
    it’s the love of watching someone courageously putting it back together ..

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  13. kallibella says:

    I really liked what he read about the Second Amendment. He is very clear on it. I LOVED the hand gesture of the imaginary pulling his gun up!!!! The BEST!

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    • videoviewer says:

      his stance on the 2nd amendment is a clear differentiation from Carson as well as the any Dems. But making a clear choice between himself and Carson on this important issue. He emphasized not just his stance on the 2nd amendment but on its importance as a foundation to all of the others – not something often heard from someone running for a nation wide office. I do not agree with him on everything but I do agree with his stance on a number of issues – and these are Important issues!!! While he has a conservative leaning stance on social issues, he is running on Love of and Pride in the US, exceptionalism, advantageous trade agreements, economy, reduction of government, secure borders and national security. These do not just appeal to a corner of 1 party. They appeal to a broad spectrum of the American people. So many people want the USA and our fighting forces to be able to fight to win, want us to play to win in trade agreements and smile broadly when someone dares to stand up and say, “This is a Great country that has done Much Good in the world and is indeed a land of opportunity and hope – just as it is! It does not need to change to provide hope!” And many people are willing to vote for him because they have confidence that he will indeed accomplish these things and they can find a better match to their views after the economy is back and our country is safe. Priorities have changed after 8 years of hope ‘n change. Vietnam was mentioned today in conversations in the crowd. Comparisons to Reagan happen not as much due to policy positions (although there are similarities) but because of the energy and the faith in America, its people and its future.

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      • kallibella says:

        When I hear him speak, or see him during interviews, I get a strong sense that he loves America and that he is very competitive and loves to win. I want us to win again, that is I want America to win again. I am sick and tired of the political class talking all their empty rhetoric as if we are some kind of has-been country. I am tired of them constantly telling us that we can’t defend ourselves, or protect our borders, or have a better economy, or have great trade relations and so on. Our political class is just plain pathetic and I am sick and tired of them. I want America to be great again!

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  14. lecombatblog says:

    Trump is good – his focus on the attempt of the mefia (media mafia) rewriting the headlines of his front runner status in polls was spot on – next time I tweet a poll I will be adding the hashtag #TrumpLEADS. It’s time to diminish the “surging” narrative of the mefia.

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  15. facebkwallflower says:

    I loved his Syrian refugee points. He even said 200,000 is large enough to be an army. Then later tied into could be our Trojan Horse. He knows these are not refugees! I had just been in a conversation speculating that all these refugees, combined with other “refugees” brought in over the last couple of years while our eyes were close, could be getting ready to keep Obama in office. And guess what? America is NOT Europe. We will win against any such invasion! At least that is how it feels after listening to Mr. Trump.

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  16. Joan Kromphold says:

    He gave another speech today!! He never stops – I read he only sleeps 4 hours a night. Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2015 23:24:07 +0000 To:

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    • facebkwallflower says:

      His energy is higher because he already KNOWS what he thinks and is used to sharing openly, honestly, and freely in conversations and he treats “speeches” as conversations. Most candidates spend hours and hours going over speeches written by others, reading them and editing them and then more time rehearsing them and perfecting delivery, with lots of people coaching presentation. The Donald just gets up and shares his well-grounded and well-thought out opinions that are so familiar to him that they are convictions and convictions are easily reiterated and shared passionately. Thus, he does not have energy drained from his being from “working” at the job of speech preparation. And we benefit.

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      • JunieG says:

        I would add to this that he is having fun, as well as making this fun to participate in. I also believe that on another level, as he meets other Americans, regular folk, the evangelicals, etc, that he is loving it, embracing it, and discovering the other America, the folks he hasn’t experienced, with deep love. I have been complaining for years that our government, both parties, are totally out of touch with the reality of ordinary Americans, and along comes this really brilliant guy, who loves us, understands us, cares about us, respects us, who will lead with us with his intellect, strategic mind, and passion for achievement. I thank God for Mr Donald Trump , and pray that he be continued to be blessed.

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        • Athena the Warrior says:

          Trump definitely is making life fun again. I know this isn’t won yet. There are so many land mines and kamikaze dive bombers coming after Trump and us. Trump’s energy is making it fun and exciting to save our beloved country.

          It is an energy I wasn’t still existed at this level anymore.


      • EXACTLY… when you’re intentionally deceiving the people who elected you into power while trying not to offend the financiers it is difficult to speak one’s mind.

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    • Trump is a high energy guy!

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  17. Juan says:

    Nashville newspaper said “thousands” … lying msm says 1,000. They were probably feverishly looking for an empty seat to photograph & supply to Marco Polo to talk about an empty room.


  18. 0Hour1 says:

    them rand paul supporters get fuming over on the fox facebook page I said Trump and they lost it HA!

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  19. Thanks for posting this video of Trump in Tennessee! Another great rally!

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  20. Christine says:

    We got a whole lot of TRUMP in this speech! So great to watch the video on this site in particular, somehow it makes it even more exciting. His gun speech was fantastic. He was really “on” every second. Gotta love Trump! He’s just keeps getting better.

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  21. bpk1300 says:

    I wanted to find out how many were at this TN rally. On Gateway Pundit site, the crowd was 3k inside and over 1k outside. Gooooo Trumpinator Goooo. We in Alberta want that that pipeline built!!!! On a side note, our Prime Minister Harper is removing citizenship from anyone who is a Canadian citizen and becomes a jihadist. We are in the middle of an election here. We want America great again.

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  22. R-C says:

    OKAY!!!! Wow…that man Trump is a dynamo…simply amazing.

    As others have said, extremely high-energy. Pitch-perfect delivery. A fantastic speaker–organized and yet conversational–when he makes a digression to tell a story, he goes back to this original point without skipping a beat. Very few notes. I think if anyone set up a TelePrompter near him, he’d knock it over.

    Trump is GENUINE–he talks WITH his audience, rather than speechifying…or worse, lecturing like Obama.

    He clearly LOVES our country as much as I do. He is all about uplifting the ENTIRE nation, not just one “favored” segment or group.

    Trump has been a leader for so long he is the antithesis of Obama’s OJT presidency, which is ongoing to this day–Obama is still trying to figure it out in many ways. And Trump is clearly Obama’s opposite in vigor. Obama is LAZY–looking at his official calendar, you’d swear he was a part-timer.

    And, not one single candidate arrayed against Trump has anywhere near his “time in the saddle” of leadership. He’s so comfortable at the prospect of being president and making decisions that he almost comes off as flippant–but it’s not flippancy; it’s CONFIDENCE born of EXPERIENCE. This man is a well-proven chief executive already, right out of the box.

    Friends, we NEED this “larger than life” man in the Oval Office. Thank God for Donald Trump–with him, our nation has a chance…with anyone else in the chair? –It’s a toss-up.

    You’re looking at your next president right there.

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    • ZurichMike says:

      I just finished watching the whole speech and was about to post something along the lines of what you just wrote — couldn’t be better put! The one thing I would add is that he is very good at keeping to his stump speech and points, and weaving them in to the audience wherever he is speaking.

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  23. rhobin8301 says:

    I hope he comes back to Tennessee, the Vol nation would love to see him fill Neyland Stadium or Thompson Boling Arena with 100,000!!


  24. Toni Macy says:

    Yes, I too love this man…They say you can see the meaning of a man by his children….He as his true wealth with his children…any parent would love to have…They are the reflection of their parents..God bless Trump for having wonderful. caring children……….Now they attack his beautiful wife…no class these so-called reporters..The entire family belongs on Penn Ave!!!!!
    Take care and God bless your entire family………..


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  25. NCPatrick says:

    I read somewhere that Trump appearances are most similar to a CEO addressing his Board of Directors, bringing them up to date on how things are going, etc. and I really like that. Trump doesn’t talk to us as if we are idiotic pawns, but with respect and affection. Gosh, it’s been so long since we felt that sort of feeling from our “selected leaders” … this is very important to us all. Trump is unique in modern politics, and most of all it is so obvious that he loves our country every bit as much as we all do! It has shattered my heart to see Obama and his troops degrade and disrespect the greatest country ever. What a shame that the cowards in Congress removed the threat of impeachment from Obama and the endless list of criminals currently occupying the White House. The things Obama has been allowed to do shocked the spirit of this great nation, but nobody even tried very hard to stop him. That is the biggest scandal of these past 8 years .. that none of our elected reps did one stinking thing to tie the little dictator’s hands.


  26. stefanie says:

    Thank you Mr. Trump for remembering the amazing citizens of United States. I feel abandoned by the politicians that work for us!! We are going all the way……


  27. Jane says:

    What people do not ‘GET’ is that we,the silent majority, are SICK of politicians as usual..we want this country to be run like a business and NOT a welfare agency or charity. Trump is the only one that seems to understand that.


    • zucccchini says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with you but I am not setting my expectation so high that I discount that he IS from New York. There is no one, or will there ever be someone, that meets each of our criterion we consider perfect. Because Cruz is disliked, would he have a more difficult time working with Congress? Because Trump lacks the respect of most of those elites, would he also have to ‘do deals’ that we really do not want. We have to get rid of the McConnells, Kings, Ryans, Rubios, Grahams before the elected GOP President can do much of anything. They are all on the take. WE need to get the POTUS to back term limits for these seats that have turned into career endeavors for most.


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