U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Intends To Spend $100 Million To Defend Establishment GOPe In Primary…

We have continued to outline the influence of Wall Street through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, through K-Street lobbying, upon the GOPe politicians in Washington DC.  Today, Breitbart has an article highlighting the Chamber’s goal again in this election cycle to protect the establishment republicans and defeat conservative vulgarians. 

(Via Breitbart) While many conservatives celebrate the abrupt resignation of Speaker John Boehner, business groups backed by mega corporations are finalizing plans to neuter conservative lawmakers in 2016.

tom donohue

The U.S. Chamber will take the lead, planning to spend $100 million in 2016, a large portion of which will be devoted to defeat conservatives in Republican primaries.

Roll Call reports that “[s]ome of business’ top targets in 2016 will be right-wing, tea party candidates, the types that have bucked the corporate agenda in Congress.”

The $100 million the Chamber plans to spend this cycle is close to triple the amount the group spent in 2012, when President Obama was running for reelection. In 2014, when the Chamber launched its effort to attack conservatives in primaries, the group spent close to $70 million.

The evolution of the Chamber’s political spending goes a long way to explain the current dysfunction in Washington. The organization will devote $170 million to combat conservatives in primaries and support establishment Republicans in the general, but only around $30 million when Obama is running for reelection.

At the time business groups announced their heavy involvement in Republican primaries, Scott Reed, the Chamber’s top political consultant said, “[t]he need is now more than ever to elect people who understand the free market and not silliness.”  (read more)

Tom donohue 5

Another article from Roll Call HERE

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68 Responses to U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Intends To Spend $100 Million To Defend Establishment GOPe In Primary…

  1. Sentient says:

    Hope Trump starts to 1) explicitly campaign against this perfidy and 2) ready his own paid media for strategic battles.


    • R-C says:

      In CNN’s interview (Lemon) the other day, Trump laid it out succinctly:

      He expected to have spent about $100 million on TV advertising already; he has not paid a dime yet.

      This is because he has injected himself so far into the brains of his competitors and detractors, they literally can’t stop talking about him. Also, his name recognition is through the roof already, thanks to “The Apprentice”.

      Further, vast amounts of people LIKE Trump. He “connects” with his audience. He speaks TO people, rather than speaking AT them. (Can the nameless, faceless political hacks at the US Chamber of Horrors match that? I think not.)

      Free advertising! Nobody else has that advantage.

      The US Chamber of Horrors can spend and spend and spend–and still nobody will know or care who they are.

      In any case, it has been my experience that just about everybody ignores political ads anyway–TV viewers (I’m not one of them anymore) are bombarded with salvos of political ads, one after another, after another. Eyes roll; minds tune out; fingers reach for the remote. Sigh. Click.

      Hey, Chamber of Horrors: “Spend Your Millions. Good Luck With That”.


    • lvdancer says:

      We can help as well. Boycott your Chamber members and let them know why:


      • anthonydog says:

        Tweet…USA Chamber of Commerce and Tom Donaghue are ANTI-AMERICAN
        We The People say…YOU’re FIRED

        We need to tweet a campaign against those who are erasing AMERICA …and building “a New America” without her citizens.

        Ask Tom Donoghue why the only satellite office for the U S Chamber Of Commerce outside of this country is in DOHA, QATAR….Does the MUSLIM Brotherhood own him too?

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    • archer52 says:

      It is the COC intent to create a stable- and advantageous environment for themselves.

      It is our job to stop them.

      Let the games begin.

      Money will not buy an election this time around. And no matter what happens it won’t be Hillary or Jeb. Hillary is toast- Valerie Jarrett will see to that.

      Jeb- that dumb bas**rd, just cannot get out from under himself. He’s like Biden in training.

      Or like we say in his home state. “El mucho stupido grande ol’ Jeb-o’ la dummy-head-o.. (I don’t speak it, much)

      More accurately-

      ” Grande momma nino”

      I think he knows it is over. But as long as the money keeps rolling in, he’ll keep soldiering on, clearing the minefield so someone behind him can get in- like Rubio or Carly or Kasich or Huckabee.

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      • liberty2828 says:

        Yes “He’ll keep soldiering on”….. in his big boy pants.
        I can’t believe he really said that in response to Trump’s comment.
        Waiting for the Cartoon of him in his Big Boy Pants. Hahahaha

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    • We ALL must contribute to Donald Trump’s campaign! We, as a collective group of conservative patriots, are much wealthier than these assholes! We are NOT for sale and neither is our country!


      • Piper says:

        I’ve been sending him money, I figure it as an investment in my future! I know it’s peanuts to him, but I’m hoping it will boost his teams morale, that the “little people” are working hard for him too.

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  2. Garrison Hall says:

    Uniparty = Neo-Fascism All during WWII the Nazis paid royalties to GM for the German army trucks and tanks manufactured by the Adam Opel works. GM retained ownership of Opel throughout the war.

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  3. MD says:

    Let them commit their money, then unchain the Trumpinator on them , they will not only lose… they will be a lot lighter in the pocket…come general election time. There is not enough money to quell the cold anger.

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  4. NJF says:

    Despicable. Campaign financing needs a complete overhaul. Not that I know the answer. The problem is there always seems to be a way around the regulations. Nothing seems to be loophole proof.

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  5. Arkindole says:

    Time for well publicized boycotts of corporate brands, services, etc. using money trails to CoC.
    I bet you thought Cold Anger is just for low-life bipedal bottom dwelling parasites.

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    • Arkindole says:

      A short “HIT LIST” of CoC contributors to political action
      American Electrical Power
      Capital One
      Cummins (Diesel)
      CVS Caremark
      Deere & Company
      Dominion Resources
      Dow Chemical
      Noble Energy
      Prudential Financial
      Union Pacific
      Wellpoint and Yum! Brands

      Reynolds American

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      • CoffeeBreak says:


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      • Carol says:

        Thank you.
        The only one I use is CVS & I’ve been taking new prescriptions to Rite Aid. CVS was convenient because I used to work very late & they are open 24 hours & have a drive through.

        Rite Aid doesn’t have a drive through, but it’s much closer.


        • Arkindole says:

          Same here. I’m forced to use them because of the med plan.
          It’s a lot like PP supporters…I’ve have to search for other products.


      • Butch says:

        Ugghhh……….the only one on your list i use is ebay. Been a nice source of side income during a tight time in our household. Oh well……they will get a nice long very cold angry letter and a cancellation notice.

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  6. Stinky-Inky says:

    “Some of business’ top targets in 2016 will be right-wing, tea party candidates, the types that have bucked the corporate agenda in Congress by supporting government shutdowns, opposing an immigration overhaul and attempting to close the Export-Import Bank.”

    I think this might be very good news for Trump. Sounds like they are targeting sitting Congressmen and Senators. If there are conservatives up for reelection who have yet to endorse a Presidential candidate, they will have to declare their support for Trump if they want to keep their seats. Because having Trump come to their state and campaign with them may be their only chance of fighting this.

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  7. PatriotGalNC says:

    Every day we learn of the despicable ways the “establishment” seeks to contain us. Hell Hath No Fury as Cold Anger.

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  8. dizzymissl says:

    Trump this AM about his thoughts on the bombings and how he came to his conclusion about letting Putin do his thing:


    • PatriotKate says:

      What the warmongering Faux News people are not acknowledging is 1) O created and supports ISIS and they are CIA trained and backed (so Trump is accurate when he says we don’t know if these are good guys or not). The sole objective of O is to oust Assad, the only leader in the Middle East who has protected Christians in their country. Yet, he’s claimed we are fighting them while we “accidentally” drop weapons and supplies to them. 2) It’s all been purposely done to drive these terrorists into Western Europe to further the muslim invasion of the world, 3) The U.S. is ILLEGALLY in Syria (no UN mandate) – just like we were illegally in Libya and 4) Syria INVITED Russia in to help, which is why Russia was able to tell the U.S. to stand down and get out of the air space while they pummel ISIS.

      Interesting how Putin seems to be derailing the NWO plans in other parts of the world and Trump is derailing their plans here.

      It’s sad when we are cheering another country’s leader for ousting our country.

      It’s all about the Oil. Always has been. Always will be. Until the more than 6,000 patents for free energy are released from control of the Oligarchs.

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  9. PerryC says:

    This needs to be more than about Trump. We have got to take out at least a couple of the major RINO influences in the Senate. Even if all the other GOPe candidates win, if we could send, let’s say, McCain and Thune packing, that would be huge (or yuuuuuge!). Looking at the seats in play for 2016, McCain and Thune are by far the most noxious GOPe-ers seeking reelection.

    Maybe I’m naïve, but I really believe that losing the Senate, but expunging some of the garbage GOPe Senators, would be a better long-term proposition for Conservatives. As long as smug, smarmy, self-entitled bastards like McCain and Thune (and the rest of their ilk) remain in their seats, they will always be looking to undermine Trump/Cruz/Carson. We’ve got a good block of conservative voices in the House that need to find their footing, but it’s pretty likely that the House won’t switch parties this cycle, so the loss of the Senate wouldn’t be as big a deal if the House stays GOPe/conservative hybrid, and one of the outsiders wins the White House.

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    • stringy theory says:

      PerryC says “This needs to be more than about Trump.” I agree completely that we need to bring the war to the GOPe reps and senators. It might not matter to the CoC whether its jebito or shillary (or other GOPe hacks), but I don’t think that would be seen as a victory by the likes of McCain and Thune if they were sent packing. I’m prepared to give up the Senate since they’ve done exactly zero for our cause. I will therefore not only vote for Trump, but I will vote in the primary for any opponents my ROPe senator and rep. have, and then for the democrap in the general if they make it through the primary. I’m just that mad. I hope others will consider similar action. We can’t take this lying down. It is really a sad state of affairs that the once proud GOP has now been taken over by a bunch of mega-rich guys for purely monetary gain and the right to kick we the people. Despicable is too kind a word for the whole lot of them.

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    • Totally agree. Portman of Ohio is another. Voting record about the same as Lisa Murkowski, on the wrong side of just about every important vote, and carefully pretends to be concerned with the voters while basically keeping his profile low and real actions quiet. A huge number of TV ads were running this summer attacking his probable opponent (Strickland) attacking on the premise basis of jobs leaving the state to go to other states – nary a mention of jobs going out of the country. Gee? I wonder who funded that effort and whose agenda that served? Portman is a hopeless hypocrite who claims much that he is not. Ran pro-life internet ads about his 100% record without of course any follow up whatever – just a lying scoundrel.


      • PerryC says:

        Portman’s CR% is 53%, worse than Cornyn, who I wish we could get rid of this cycle.

        This whole isolating Ted Cruz thing has me livid. The Senate GOP is a gaggle of Mean Girls.


        • G says:

          We voted against Cornyn this last cycle…and will do so again…He is despicable and a McConnel crony…We used to hang horse thieves in Texas, maybe we should think about doing it to Politicians who screw us over ??


      • jeans2nd says:

        Check out Issues 2 & 3 in Ohio. Whether or not you support 3 (legalizing marijuana, and giving marijuana control to 10 monopolists), Issue 2 creates a non-elected board to redistrict every 2 years, controlled basically by the judiciary (all of whom are elected and party controlled) and again taking control away from the citizenry. http://www.ohio.com/editorial/editorials/no-on-issue-2-1.339927
        Read it carefully before you choose. Issue 2 can be used to nullify any result of Issue 3. Slick, huh? Portman was also involved in the Mississippi manipulations to elect Thad Cochran and defeat Chris McDaniel. Portman is a weasel.


    • zucccchini says:

      Don’t leave out the illustrious McConnell. His machine is soooo big here in KY that even though most intensely dislike him …he always wins. He must be rooted out with the rest.


  10. amjean says:

    Send $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $25.00; whatever you can afford monthly
    to Trump.

    Make sure you have skin in the game!

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  11. Ellie says:

    Are they confident that bombarding the airwaves with negative attack ads will work this time?


    • InterfaceGal says:

      Never, ever, in my 57 years, have I ever let a TV ad sway who I vote for. I have such a hard time believing people really are swayed by a TV ad.


      • zucccchini says:

        Low information voters….and I am surrounded by them, use name recognition to vote. They have absolutely no clue what the person stands for, they have not done their homework and will not. They feel that the act of voting let’s them off the hook of ‘doing their civic duty’. This is why name recognition is sooooo important and that is achieved through TV, billboard, and yard sign ads. The Chamber of Commerce monies will push that above all. They will roll out the most outlandish ads over and over on all channels hitting ALL demographics to repeat over and over that name ..BUSH, BUSH, BUSH or denigration of Trump, Carson or whoever is ahead of BUSH.. Believe me, those ads will be hard to overcome. It will be up to the scattered few to inform the low info crowd and you have no further to look than your own family, extended or otherwise. McConnell used lies and inference to win his reelection. The low info voter put him back in.


  12. Electric Head says:

    Bring it.


  13. hocuspocus13 says:

    The Silent Majority are tuned into their unscrupulous ways 😉


  14. Carol says:

    I would love it if they spent all that money & more & lose it!


  15. manickernel says:

    At least this is getting some media attention, and I would hope both Trump, Cruz and other conservatives make a MAJOR point of highlighting their fight with CoC. The CoC is for illegal immigration, the CoC is for bribery in government…. and against “for the people, by the people”.

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  16. Hmmmm

    If this isn’t the appropriate place to post this I apologize.

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  17. Angry Dumbo says:

    Money can’t buy you coat tails!

    Trump 2016

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  18. The CoC is really out their trying to coop Veteran groups Loyality with grants and fundraising I believe to keep them on the plantation for the GOPe

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  19. peachteachr says:

    We are done, done, done with the C of C. Go ahead; we remember Mississippi and are on to you and your selfish, un-American ways. No weapon you form against us shall prosper.

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  20. Southern Son says:

    My cold anger is warming back up. Don’t they know, pitch forks can be thrown?

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    • liberty2828 says:

      Good visual. Living in California can’t have a rifle in the gun rack in my truck. Maybe a pitchfork would be a nice look.


  21. Serpentor says:

    It’s Big Money vs The People.

    Which side will you be on?

    For me, all I know is that it’s getting cold around here, and I’m angry. 😉

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  22. emet says:

    Trump says he will send all the Syrian refugees back. He knows they will have ISIS operatives, and he knows there is no way to conduct a BI on someone whose true identity is unknown. When ISIS strikes here, from this bunch, the Administration will be hard put to cover it up.

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  23. Lulu says:


    Marco Rubio is winning praise for a response he gave to Black Lives Matter on Fox News in August that went unnoticed at the time, but resurfaced on Twitter Wednesday.(Snip)

    Added Vox: “Sen. Marco Rubio gave a surprisingly strong response to the issues raised by Black Lives Matter that showed he not only views racial disparities in the criminal justice system as a real issue, but actually understands the roots of the problem.”

    When asked to comment on the movement, Rubio calls it “a legitimate issue,” in the clip.

    “This is a legitimate issue,” Rubio says in the Fox News clip, when asked to comment on the movement. “It is a fact that in the African-American community around this country there has been, for a number of years now, a growing resentment toward the way law enforcement and the criminal justice system interacts with the community.”


    • I’m not surprised that Rubio is playing the “R” card to pander for votes. And (as seen upthread) he has also avoided casting a single vote to support GOP introduced legislation that calls for actually enforcing our immigration laws. Wonder why? /s

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  24. i cannot stress this enough: America is in real trouble, will cease to exist as we once knew her, if something is not done 2016 election. i believe what Obama has done has put America on the path of destruction, and at present we are ALREADY on that path — not yet at the point of no return but we are on that path, but we are close to the point of no return. Trump sees it and heeded the call, he has actually leave his own life of luxury and comfort to rise up and stand as a candidate for the presidency, to reverse our course before it is too late. He’s using his own money and will not take even a salary for the job. Trump having risen up caused us to realize there is still HOPE.

    when the engine on the car turns red and blinking it is time to fix it. but this chamber of commerce thinks it’s ok simply to open the hood and cut the wire to make the light stop flashing?

    we not only need to fight in the worldly sense, but we need to boldly go to the throne of Almighty God Himself. we need God’s help urgently. we cannot do it without His help. we don’t even have to explain to Him what is going on: HE KNOWS!!! but he doesn’t intrude. so please let us invite Him into fighting with us and for us. this is not about political parties, this is not about conservative or liberal or anything like that. America literally has been the victim of a coup d’etat.

    please pray and ask God to send his Heavenly Hosts, warring and mighty powerful angels to remove any and all wicked entities blocking the good of our country. personally i pray that Jeb Bush is taken OUT of the picture and that the JebMap is thwarted. we already see that Hillary has been taken out, albeit a slow process. these people of the chamber of GOPe are very wicked and evil men. They do not care about us nor about America, nor about anyone else in the world that this will affect. They are not citizens of USA but citizens of HELL. And that is why they do not feel any allegiance to us, the American people. God is a BIG God and we can ask for BIG things! PRAY PRAY PRAY! Ask BIG! God hears!

    Trump 2016!

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    • Piper says:

      I’m praying, I’m praying! Someone out there IS listening, thank you for your encouraging words and reminders. Nothing is going to move if we leave GOD out of the mix. That’s how we got into this mess to begin with. GOD Bless!


  25. and please let all of us of faith remember “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age,against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places”..Eph 6.12 This is the real enemy manifeste through the political realms.


  26. Rick says:

    So, 7 1/2 years ago when the Bloviator was talking about “fundamentally transforming” America, did you think we could “actually” end up where we are today?

    God help us!


  27. From Michael Brown (yes the one of Katrina fame)
    He’s not into Trump but is otherwise a good guy.


  28. flawesttexas says:

    Remember This….every candidate the CoC goes after is the Conservative one. Every candidate CoC does not attack…they support. Let’s hang the petard of the CoC around their candidates


  29. GREAT NEWS: the enemy is exposing themselves more and more and are in fear of Donald Trump over TPP! Which is probably why chamber of commerce GOPe is planning to spend $100 million dollars on slam ads against Trump! this all ties in with Sundance’s JEBMap and the trillions of dollars at stake for the establishment!

    “Morning Plum: Donald Trump is just getting started, Republicans”
    this article basically saying repubs and dems frantic Trump is going to blow their TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP TRADE DEAL (TPP) and think this is going to blow things wide open to the American people and a wrecking ball to their TPP! GO TRUMP!

    “I’m telling you, folks, if you think Donald Trump’s demagoguery on immigration has created problems for Republicans, just wait until he unveils his next act. If we get a Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, Trump may well roll out a whole new story about how Republicans and Democrats alike are conspiring with a shadowy cabal of international elites to help China and other foreign countries continue destroying the living standards of American workers.
    It turns out Republicans are very worried about this.”
    “… Even if agreement is reached this week, Congress will not debate and vote on it until late winter — in the heat of the states’ presidential nominating contests — because by law Mr. Obama cannot sign the deal without giving lawmakers 90 days’ notice.
    …it is the rhetoric of Mr. Trump, given his celebrity appeal, that has Republican leaders more worried that a toxic trade debate could threaten vulnerable Republicans in 2016.”



    • jeans2nd says:

      I thought the Dems were against TPP and is the one issue from which they broke with Obama? But again, was more for show it would seem, why am I not surprised. Thanks.


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