Whoa – Reports That Teamsters Union Considering Donald Trump Endorsement….

It was obvious early this morning that something was up.  There was a tremor amid the Dark Force as Team Clinton came out with an announcement that she would support a change to ObamaCare that would kill the Cadillac tax on union healthcare plans.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets a supporter following her address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University in New Yorkjim hoffa jrtrump with hat

Obviously Hillary Clinton is trying to shore up support from various labor unions who are increasingly finding the Democrat positions at odds with middle America.

The decision by Hillary Clinton NOT TO support the Keystone Pipeline was a serious strike against her.  The decision to support the anti-American Trans-Pacific Trade deal was obviously additional blow.  In an effort to recover credibility Hillary Clinton is now stating she opposes the Cadillac Tax on union healthcare benefits.  However, it might be too little, too late.

According to Fox News insider reporting, the Teamsters Union voted behind closed doors today to withhold support from any presidential candidate until they can determine if Joe Biden will enter the race.  In addition, the Teamsters Union stated they were open to considering putting their support behind Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has a longstanding relationship with the Teamsters Union through his various business interests.   As a builder and developer the Teamsters have stated before they were always treated well by Donald Trump and his affiliates.

An alignment of the Teamster Union with Republicans has not been seen since the Reagan coalition was assembled in 1980 joining conservative Dems (Reagan Democrats or Blue Dogs), with pro-America growth Republicans.

After Reagan, the Teamsters have essentially voted in block with Democrats.  However, today President Jimmy Hoffa Jr. said he was open to considering alignment with Republican Candidate Donald Trump.

Candidate Donald Trump supports U.S. first pro-growth polices including: Keystone Pipeline, renegotiating NAFTA, withdrawal from the current Trans-Pacific Trade Deal, border security, immigration reform and renewed financial efforts targeted to boost the middle-class worker.  These are very favorable policy positions for the Teamsters Union.

An interesting development.

Could be YUGE !

donald trump smirk

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260 Responses to Whoa – Reports That Teamsters Union Considering Donald Trump Endorsement….

  1. jackphatz says:

    Deja-vu. Wasn’t it the Unions,with their ill-gotten basket full of dues who trotted off to Washington DC to curry favor with the politicians who had their hands held out? Unions take jobs away from non-union people, drive up the costs of everything. Haven’t we’ve reached that pinnacle already? Are we not attempting to stop this very type of influence peddling?


    • Millwright says:

      The unions face the same problem as does every other “influence buyer” . Too many in Congress and elsewhere in government sport “for rent” signs – until some one comes along with a better deal. Only those with control of all the purse strings can be assured of getting what they pay for. And the “red-headed stepchild” in all of this is the 90% of America still trying to play by the rules. Even if they don’t know what they are !

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    • Even the unions do not have enough money to buy Donald Trump, so you don’t have to worry about that with him.


  2. Jill says:

    Back in January, cross border trucking from Mexico was given the green light by Obama even though a pilot program was insufficient to conclude that all requirements were being met.
    A full report was made to Congress who really did not give a damn about the loss of more American jobs:


  3. disgustedwithjulison says:

    I still say that Trump should go for the Democrat nomination too….He could get another 90 days of free campaign attention and basically gut the Democrat establishment as he is doing to the Republican establishment.

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  4. Charlie says:

    I am a retired Teamster(Local 107, Phila., Pa.). I have voted Republican in every election, except for the two times that I voted for Frank Rizzo, a democrat. I wish that the Teamsters would swing over to the GOP, but I doubt it. Our dues go to the democrats for as long as I can remember.

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    • R-C says:

      Perhaps. But it seems to me that times are decidedly different now.

      Obama has nearly succeeded in ripping the fabric of our nation to shreds; his economy has us on the ropes; and ObamaCare is poised to flatten what’s left of our business structure in 2016. –And don’t forget: NAFTA has wreaked its intended havoc since its inception.

      Check out the business climate out there: small businesses can’t grow; large businesses are shipping jobs overseas at a dizzying clip; entrepreneurs can’t start new ventures, and millions of workers are…NOT working.

      The union hacks see this, too. And they see ONE candidate out there, talking for–and directly TO–“the little guy”. Donald Trump. Trump, who has undoubtedly employed thousands of union workers in order to get his buildings built. Trump, who despite the naysayers, clearly knows how to deal with people and get things done–and turn a profit doing it.

      This might be that once-in-a-lifetime event: a union boss voting republican.

      We’ll see…

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      • And the unions might just want to get in on this wall project down south…

        I bet they’re salivating at the possibilities! Trump could negotiate that deal so that it was done with good ol’ American union labor AND cheaper than the Gubmint thinks it would cost.


      • jeans2nd says:

        “ObamaCare is poised to flatten what’s left of our business structure in 2016…” ICD-10 goes into effect 1 Oct (think single-payer). Many more small businesses affected now as well. In Canada all medical coders are gov employees (think unions). The union’s dilemma, imo.


    • R-C says:

      Oh, and one more thought regarding union dues “going to the democrat”. Ponder this:

      Trump is not accepting huge donations to his campaign. (I heard him explain that he does accept small individual donations from folks who feel moved to get involved. He says he can’t refuse those checks; that those folks are sending him a gesture of support. But that’s not “big” corporate money, as the Teamsters and others dole out regularly.)

      My point: If Trump is not accepting major donations, the Teamsters wouldn’t have to MAKE any major donations. They keep their dues in the bank.

      If the Teamsters want to come over to OUR side of the equation, good on ’em–welcome aboard. If they think they’ll “buy” Donald Trump for quid pro quo later–good luck with that.

      And if the latter be their motive, they can keep their endorsement and take their chances with Shrillary, Bernie, or Biden. (Good luck with that, too!)

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    • J says:

      Charlie, we need people like you (even if you need to come out of retirement) to get involved in the Unions politics and try to flip them to Trump. The Union workers need to unite behind Trump. He’s against illegal immigration (hurts workers), against Mexico taking our trucking jobs (hurts teamsters), he’s against NAFTA, the TPP, etc.

      The unions are frankly INSANE if they don’t endorse Trump. They would be harming their own self-interests.


      • Charlie says:

        The politicians will have to change the labor laws, if you want to see any kind of change regarding unions becoming more reasonable. Jimmy Hoffa could arise from the dead and ask the rank and file to change, and it will remain the same. Entrenched power is a tough situation to overcome. If I wasn’t retired, then I couldn’t enjoy this website. Not UN-retiring.


        • The Boss says:

          Charlie – Do you think Teamsters leadership is actually responding to rank and file concerns over democrats? Or are they in self-preservation mode like the GOPe? Glad you’re with us.


  5. charliewalksonwater says:

    Never could understand why the unions were in bed so deeply with democrats other than the payola. Dems persued the anti-growth greenies votes, anti=growth big government supporters, illegals that took their jobs. The dems and EPA demands and OSHA etc rectal examiners chased jobs out of the country, and still the unions whored for their democrat politicians. Now that their members may be seeing fewer hours and lost jobs they may see one who can save them.

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  6. G. Jensen says:

    Unions for Trump! Great idea.

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  7. Doodahdaze says:

    Bill O’reily is an a**hole.

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  8. TexasRanger says:

    People and Organizations Endorsing Donald Trump For President Sep-2015

    State Legislators
    Nine New Hampshire State Representatives:
    Jenn Coffey (former),
    Fred Doucette,
    Lou Gargiulo (former),
    Werner Horn,
    Paula Johnson (former),
    Joe Pitre,
    Stephen Stepanek (Deputy Majority Leader),
    Dan Tamburello,
    Joshua Whitehouse.
    South Carolina State Senator:
    John Russell (former, also former rep, son of former Governor Donald S. Russell)
    South Carolina State Representative:
    James H. Merrill (former Majority Leader)
    Alabama State Representative:
    Ed Henry.

    Carl Icahn, billionaire activist investor
    Charles Kushner, real estate developer and co-owner of Kushner Properties
    Jared Kushner, businessman, co-owner of Kushner Properties, owner of The New York Observer, son-in-law of the candidate
    Willie Robertson, businessman, CEO of Duck Commander, star of Duck Dynasty
    Phil Ruffin, businessman and partner of Trump Hotel Las Vegas

    Celebrities, Commentators, and Activists
    Gary Busey, actor
    Ann Coulter, political commentator and writer
    Adam Curry, political commentator and former MTV VJ
    Mike Ditka, retired NFL coach and television commentator
    Lou Ferrigno, actor and bodybuilder
    Jim Gilchrist, leader and co-founder of the Minuteman Project
    Hulk Hogan, professional wrestler, actor, television personality, entrepreneur, and musician
    Corey Lewandowski, national director of voter registration of Americans for Prosperity
    Matt Light, retired NFL offensive tackle
    Ted Nugent, musician, singer-songwriter and political activist
    Terrell Owens, retired NFL wide receiver and television personality
    Trisha Paytas, YouTube personality and entertainer
    Dennis Rodman, retired professional basketball player and television personality
    Michael Savage, radio host (before Trump announced, Savage endorsed Ted Cruz and Rand Paul)
    Charlie Sheen, actor
    Ivana Trump, ex-wife of the candidate, socialite and former athlete and fashion model
    Herschel Walker, retired NFL running back
    Chuck Yeager, retired Air Force brigadier general and record-setting test pilot
    Source For Above: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endorsements_for_the_Republican_Party_presidential_primaries,_2016#Donald_Trump

    Power Couple Jay Z and Beyonce Carter Endorses Trump for President

    Rev. Franklin Graham Endorses Trump for President

    Sarah Palin Endorses Trump for President

    Zoltan Bathory Endorses Trump for President (Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist)

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  9. Sentient says:

    Sundance, have you read the comments from Jeb SuperPAC manager Murphy in Byron York’s latest column? http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/article/2572918. The unmitigated chutzpah is unbelievable. When the time comes for Trump to use paid media, I hope he does it with overwhelming force. I also hope his ad production work is kept top secret so that Murphy and Rove are totally blindsided. They totally underestimate Trump, IMO.

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    • dizzymissl says:

      What is his name?


    • R-C says:

      So far, Trump hasn’t had to use paid media. This is by design–this man knows how to get the most “bang for his buck”.

      He enjoys the ultimate “name recognition” based upon his domination of television as star of “The Apprentice”. No need to waste millions getting his name out there; he did that for about 14 years or so, on somebody else’s dime. In fact, they paid him millions to do it. This is no accident–he entered television on HIS terms; mastered that medium WHILE growing and maintaining his business empire; and he became a star on his own terms, doing what he does best: Being Donald. And folks ate it up; they LIKE Donald.

      On the campaign trail, Trump lives “rent-free” in the heads of all his detractors: fellow candidates; their sycophants, and hissing media opponents. The minute he opens his mouth, they hyperventilate and spout off–every bit of it more exposure for Trump.

      And Trump doesn’t waste a second of it–he capitalizes. So, I don’t imagine he will need to do very much wholesale advertising. He’s done a few spots–brilliant little snippets lasting 15 whole seconds each. “Less is more”, especially when the barbs are well-aimed.


  10. SharonKinDC says:

    Watched BOR rerun, and the idiot MeeAgain came on before I changed channel. Lead it to her show, with blood coming out of eyes, as she expressed her indignation that Trump was had a fab plan for ISIS but didn’t want to discuss. Then she was really PO’d he said let Putin deal with it. Had the idiot Mark Theissen on, a former speech writer, ‘military interrogator’ and author. He’s clearly of the McCain/Clinton neo-con faction. Megyn is so fecking stupid she doesn’t even realize which camp she’s allowed in to bash Trump. She’s self-destructing.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      Sent another tweet that most knew Russia building up in Syria for 1+ month. I think Trump knew and I think there were very good reasons he didn’t want to discuss it. Why on earth would he do anything to encourage those moronic hawks that would send our troops to the ME, AGAIN, for other nations interests?

      Frankly, I was surprised at the second debate how much saber rattling was going on. Delighted Trump had ZERO to do with that.

      Rant over. Probably have blood coming out of my wherever.

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  11. lexie2007 says:

    I think it would set a good example for the union to endorse Trump, given Trumps whole campaign is to help strengthen all Americans, the workers in general. Where is the patriotism of the Union. To stand with weak Republicans or a Hillary the liar, Bernie the psychopath that can’t take control of his microphone or Biden that has been the twin to Obama. Win! Win I would think. Reganese .


    • Well the article plainly said that the union wanted to know for sure whether Biden was in or out, and they are interested in talking to Trump.

      That tells me that they are plainly telling everyone who will listen that if Hildabeast is the nominee, they will endorse Trump.

      If Biteme is the nominee they might/will endorse him.


  12. racerxx says:

    I would LOVE to see the Unions start supporting Trump. The reality is Trump’s business savvy would be very good for their members as well as the rest of the country. How the Unions keeps supporting team D is beyond me.


    • Lulu says:

      Apologies to staff for that overlong, unbroken link. The article is worth a visit:

      The tangled web linking Sidney Blumenthal, CBS News, and a secret Clinton spy network starting to come to light


  13. imx007 says:

    I get to meet with Paul Ryan at a local “listening seesion” next week. I want to know what can I hammer him on with regards to TPP, he was a big proponent for it. Also going to bring up immigration and why there’s no budget, but would really like to put him on spot with TPP. Need some help here. Thanks.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Personally I would like to know why Ryan (or any GOP) would trust Obama with trade after Obama has proven himself duplicitous and untrustworthy over 7 years, as well as his party, not to mention a proven terrible dealmaker (see Iran). That makes no sense to me. I am sure there are other, better questions. Thanks.

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    • rashamon says:

      Oh, imx007, the list is so long! Obviously The Budget as in “where in the heck is it after these seven(?) years?” Why are Freddie and Fannie still messing around with the still messing around with the mortgage market, secured by taxpayers’ dollars, and leaving us open to another market plunge? Why no action on the debt ceiling? Who is paying for the MidEastern/African “refugees” — mostly male and between 18 and 50 — who Obama has invited to join the tattooed alien horde from South of our Border presently snacking on our credit card? For his information, Chicago has had over 100 shootings in the last TWO weeks in the Hispanic/Black neighborhoods.

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