Donald Trump EXTENDS Lead In Post-Debate National Fox News Poll…..

(Via Bluto) The repeated MEDIA Talking Point:

*Trump has peaked. He’ll slowly fall off and quit. He’s finished….

The Evolution of the MEDIA:

*He won’t run
*He’s not serious
*He has funny hair, we hate funny hair
*Bankruptcy!!! OH NOES! (pretend it’s not legal, mmmkay?)
*He won’t file his candidacy papers
*He’s never held public office. He can’t win.
*He won’t connect with the voters
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Univision
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Nascar
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Macy’s
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to ESPN
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to McCain
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize on demand, period.

*He’ll never poll well. He’s finished.
*He’ll never lead in the polls. He’s finished.
*He’ll never file his financials. He’s finished.
*He’s offended all veterans. He’s finished.
*He thinks raping his wife is dandy. He’s finished.
*Some contrived, bizzaro crap about breastfeeding. WTF?
*He’s against Amnesty. He’s finished.
*He’s for Amnesty. He’s finished.
*Just scream Amnesty…it’ll dazzle everybody
*He doesn’t really want to be President. He’s finished.
*He said stuff about blood! OMG OMG! He’s finished!
*He’ll be exposed in the debates and fail miserably. He’s finished.
*Frank Luntz said Trump has collapsed. He’s finished.
*Redstate claims he won’t make it to Iowa. He’s finished.
*George Will says Trump can’t sit down to tea & talk to voters. Finished!
*He’s offended all women. He’s finished.
*He’s just a carnival barker. He’s finished.
*He won’t last,he’s done after tomorrow… week…err…next month
*He can’t defeat Bush, He’s finished.
*He can’t beat Hillary ,it’s already been decided
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Megyn Kelly
*He falsely claimed he’s Batman. He’s Finished.
*He insulted Mexicans again by beating up poor Jorge Ramos
*He’s not a REAL conservative (in Spanish!), He’s finished.
*He won’t sign the Pledge. He’s a jerk. He’s finished.
*He DID sign the Pledge. He’s a jerk.. He’s finished.
*He thinks Candidates should speak English! OH THE HORROR! Finished.
*He failed the Hugh Hewitt Trivia Quiz of Crap
*Foreign policy is much more important than immigration. Trump is finished.
*His 5 second comment re: Syrian Refugees = Detailed Amnesty Policy!
*He joked about Carly’s face! OMG OMG OMG. He’s finished!
*He won’t apologize to Carly. He’s Finished.
*He won’t apologize to Carson. He’s Finished.
*He can’t win without the Evangelicals. He’s Finished.
*Bobby Jindal called him names. He’s Finished.
*Ben Carson questions Trump’s faith. OMG! He’s finished.
*The country wants a Minister not a CEO. He’s Finished!
*Scott Walker drops out. This is bad for Trump. He’s finished!,
*Greg Gutfield thinks Trump is a clown. He’s Finished!
*His poll numbers are down. He’s still in the lead. He’s Finished!
*Trump won’t give us details. He’s finished!
*Trump releases 2nd Amend policy details. Ignore it! He’s finished!
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to all Muslims.
*Carly won the debate. His poll numbers are down. He’s finished!
*Trump fatigue is upon the electorate. He’s Finished!
*Some random dude said “Obama is a Muslim”. It’s Trump’s fault. He’s finished.
*Trump MUST apologize for random “Obama is a Muslim” dude
*He’s finished if he won’t apologize to Jeb!s wife

Trump rally texas 2trump rally texas 3trump rally texas 4

trump founding father

Hey Karl Rove Hey, Karl Rove

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116 Responses to Donald Trump EXTENDS Lead In Post-Debate National Fox News Poll…..

  1. belle says:

    Trump defies the odds! Gotta love this guy. Trump 2016! ❤️

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  2. Heimdall says:


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  3. Heimdall says:

    Trump 26% first choice. Trump 12% second choice.

    Combined, he is nearly 40%.

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  4. Doodahdaze says:

    Even in the BNN…Bush Newz Network… AKA FOX… own poll, he wins.

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    • stringy theory says:

      I suppose they will continue to cite the phony CNN poll just like NBC avoided their own poll. It’s clear to me Trump is here to stay and his followers won’t be going home as per all the idiot MSM pundits.


  5. hocuspocus13 says:

    ✌ Love Mr Trump ✌

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  6. rhobin8301 says:

    ….and these are some of the many reasons I have become a Trumpeteer! Oh yes, and that part about making America great again. GO TRUMP!!

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  7. ascomanni says:

    The appeal of Trump in a nut shell: Working class whites are pissed off and ready to riot and Trump gives them a voice.


    • stella says:

      Working class people of ALL colors.

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      • Mist'ears Mom says:

        After the SC rally hopefully I think many more will be on board. People are starting to wake-up those that want to work can’t, jobs are being given to non-Americans (illegals, green carders, refugees) by the boatload ahead of our own. Our nanny state is screwing the Americans without jobs and those with jobs taxing them to death. The American people not in the know are starting to figure it out. yay!
        Those on the fence need educating on the real facts of what our government is doing to them by bringing in hundreds of thousands of refugees and illegals. What are blind eye to Mexico and our open border is doing to them taking jobs and creating addicts and crime. The Donald is educating them with these facts. It’s about time! Trump 2016!

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      • Trump appeals to all demographics! He’s FINISHED!

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Yes, of all races, creeds, and colors.

        Last month riding the bus, a “white” bus driver was yakking on and on to an out of town African-American lady who was here starting welding school. He was pointing out the section we were going though had once been a large black business district……

        I thought he might be patronizing her, and maybe the young lady did too. Because out of the blue – with no related talk, – the young African-American lady blurts out loudly:
        “Trump is going to be the next president!’

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  8. MTeresa says:

    And since Macy’s dropped his products, I still have not set foot in a Macy’s store or purchased anything online. Somehow, that brings me some small satisfaction and has been my own simple way of supporting Mr. Trump (the only guy running as a R with cajones that I’ve seen in a long time).

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  9. Ziiggii says:

    Not to be out done by Fox this from Citizens United….

    A post-debate poll from Citizens United — provided exclusively to Breitbart News — finds that GOP frontrunner Donald Trump remains the clear favorite in the field, with almost 31 percent of the vote.

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    • RUN! It’s the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man!

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      These info cards are AWESOME. Have been tweeting! Hope Murdoch et al end up really butt hurt in 2016. Since FoxNews split from the production side, I’d love the FN stock to tank & Icahn/Trump pick it up on the cheap 😉

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      • Paul T says:

        Sharon I agree with you- would love to see Trump//Icahn get together and take that liberal bunch at Fox to the woodshed! Mabe they can get Rove to be their shoe shine boy!
        He’s nothing but a puppet anyway. Been saying since the beginning Murdoch and Ayles give bonuses to any of their puppets that take shots at Trump.

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        • SharonKinDC says:

          I really, really hope there is an appreciable drop off in numbers for Fox. Last time, it wasn’t as clean of a break, and many were tuning in for the first time due to the outrage factor w/ a 24M audience.

          This is different. Here’s to a nice drop!

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        • marla1 says:

          Why anyone even listens to the moronic stuttering Carol Rove is beyond understanding! Bill O ‘Rilley never lets the old fool finish because no one cares what he says!!


      • skipper1961 says:

        If Mr.Icahn, and Mr . Trump were to acquire Pox News, . . three words….BUY!BUY!BUY!!!

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    • fred says:

      I’m sure by now you have heard Rich Lowrey said on Meygans show that Fiorina cut off Trumps balls. Yes that’s right . Now it’s a full war.


      • CoffeeBreak says:

        Criminy, that’s just nasty. I usually look for the source to confirm what I read but I’m just going to take your word for it on this one. I feel like I’m already in silverback gorilla mode- not sure viewing it would lower my blood pressure any.

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      • stringy theory says:

        Rich Lowry is just another of the panty waist pundits at National Review who had never done anything that really stemmed the march of the progs. He is nothing more than a GOPe shill. Ditto Goldberg and the rest.

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        • Eskyman says:

          Years ago I subscribed to NRO. Nowadays I leave comments telling them why I won’t be subscribing ever again, with the reasons.

          A lot of their best, and most conservative, writers have been fired: Ann Coulter (just after 9/11), John Derbyshire, and Mark Steyn among them. They’re GOPe to the core at NRO.

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    • Chi towndemrevenuestream says:

      that picture makes me want to punch something …him …

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    • i saw this graphic on trump twitter page! is perfect to retweet, i will do. gosh Hurl Rove looks really like angry porky pig!


  10. I wonder at what point the pundits realize the normal rules of what governs a candidacy apply to this candidate. Hopefully never.

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  11. Do not apply, that should say.

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  12. smiley says:

    Trump sets his OWN agenda.
    He leads.
    while others whine and drop out and have tantrums.

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  13. FiftycalTX says:

    Rove figures that his “compassionate conservative” strategy worked once, it will work again. He just won’t acknowledge that it will be in a galaxy far, far away. Trump may not be a conservative, but he IS the weapon of choice.

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  14. Glen Sprigg says:

    I figured out tonight why so many anti-Trump people insult and berate us. It’s simple: they have spent literally decades being put down, insulted, berated, etc. by the Democrats and the media. They suffer from extreme Stockholm Syndrome. They just desperately want to be liked, so they take all the insults to heart and beg forgiveness from their oppressors. Naturally, they figure that treating us the same way that they have been treated will cause us to do the same as them. Unfortunately for them, then can’t grasp the simple concept that we are not like them; we are not subservient, desperate to be liked. We cannot be beaten down, we cannot be stopped, we cannot be threatened, we cannot be intimidated. The GOPe will not win, because they don’t know how.

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    • regedit says:

      Well said -You mean like we are bullies or something…


    • conservativehippie says:

      like your psychoanalysis. very good.


    • ssupsky says:

      That was a good analysis. I would also add that they lack the cognitive skills to direct their lives and look to be led around. They fear that having independence would show them out to be what they actually are…sheeple.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Glen Sprigg- maybe.
      Also: the longer a game is in place, the more the players get it “wired;” figure out how to win. Like we figured out the patterns in those old video games and then would zip through mastered levels up to the level we had not yet mastered.

      Getting elected to Congress has become a fairly recognized science, and all players have moved to very similar strategies.

      Unfortunately, Negative Campaigning is a powerful tactic. It has two things working for it.

      It solidifies party identity – by making each of us feel like we are in the “in-group,” and so we don;t need to be critical of our own party – cuz we are “good” and they are “bad.”

      To sustain the faithful, you merely need to feed them this good/bad view, rather than issues, evidence, etc.

      Negative Campaiging also drives DOWN voter turn-out overall; the voters get confused, and also get turned off by this immature behavior.

      So you get your core to vote, the opposition gets their core, so much is predictable, and your side ONLY has to capture a modest group of generally unpredictable votes – not hordes of them. When both sides look at this possibility, it is kind of a prisoner’s dilemma: if one drops to the low road, it behooves the other to also, and merely suspecting one side to go low makes it wise to go low also.

      One problem with H. Ross Perot was he stayed at some nerdy high-road level, and never got down and dirty – he never threw any elbows.

      Trump’s campaign is similar to Perot, BUT Trump is throwing elbows with the other pols.


  15. This is the best overview of the past months I have seen. I love are the best.Trump just keeps blowing them up and are the

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  16. Bluto says:

    Wow! I’m honored. Thank you for posting “The List” Sundance.

    By the way, I add to that list a few times a week. I can see no end in sight and I can only dimly imagine what it will look like months from now. Additionally, after having many people pestering me, I finally emailed it to Trump’s Campaign HQ – merely with the hopes they’ll get a good laugh.

    Taken in it’s totality, it’s a glaring example of how furiously desperate the media & the GOPe has become. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. Ah…..who am I kidding, it’s STILL laughable!

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  17. Mickey Mouse to Tokyo Rove….



  18. redlegleader says:

    Wow, here I am at 9:26p EDT 9/23 watching Megyn confirm all of the above and, with her merry band of Rovettes (from the band, Karl & the Rovettes) I just cannot believe what I’m watching. I can only say that Sundance is sooooooooooooooooooooo right. Pay attention, folks!


  19. PerryC says:

    Good grief, Fox News is becoming shameless like the rest of the MSM. The lead on their website is that Trump HOLDS lead, but Fiorina, Rubio gain ground. You have to go into the article to find out that Trump actually increased his percentage, that Carson gained 6 percentage points, and that his total equals Rubio and Fiorina combined.

    The political establishment and MSM propaganda machine is out of control.

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  20. Haha

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  21. Carol says:

    The GOPe created Trump by lying to US all the time. I know Trump is not conservative and I don’t care. I want someone in the WH that will fight for the U.S. and not against us, like the current occupant.

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    • dsp says:

      Out of curiosity , in what areas do you feel like Trump isn’t conservative? His immigration and gun control positions are conservative to the core. His economic ideas are close to Pat Buchanan’s, and Pat is very conservative. Trump is the real conservative here.

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      • IntoTheFray says:

        True dsp, it amazes me how, even though people don’t think they are, they ARE brainwashed. It is what the MSM and GOPe depend on. If they tell a lie often enough, ie., Trumps not Conservative, and just keep repeating it ad nausium, people somehow can’t help repeating it. I saw this with the bashing of Sarah Palin and was stunned and disappointed. I’m seeing it now with Trump as well.
        To those who find themselves doing this, STOP WATCHING THE MSM, WHICH NOW INCLUDES FOX NEWS AND READING THE LIBERAL BLOGS! They are doing you no favors. Do your own research and figure out what is going on for yourself. Don’t just repeat what you hear, KNOW what you are saying and have the FACTS to back it up.


      • wanthetruth says:

        Dsp, I agree. It bewilders me. Where is this evidence or even any show of his non-conservativism? Is it because he’s rich that they overlook everything else? It’s even more confusing because listening to him on Oprah, Larry King, and other videos of 20-30 years ago – and before – he’s consistent with what he says today.

        He held a different view towards abortion many years ago, but many people have changed their minds on that. As science has brought not only the truth, but the reality of the fetus being a whole person from conception, it’s become a matter of conscience to admit this truth. Seeing those CMP cold-blooded videos, it’s not only conscience but heart and soul also on the line. But I digress.

        Trump has stated his disgust and wish to defund PP if abortion is any part of it. He’s put forth his 2A plan – where and what else are all these not-a-conserative traits or thoughts of his? Just don’t get it.

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  22. Bill says:

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

    Mahatma Gandhi

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  23. catmom says:

    Epic rant Sundance! Amazing Trump!! He was spectacular with Tim Scott today. OMG. He just keeps getting better and better.


  24. dsp says:

    8 years of Obama combined with 8 years of 100 percent betrayal by the GOP seems to have made a lot of people wiser. Go Trump!

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  25. Southern Son says:

    At some point, the dam must break. This Kaos is what the elites created, thinking they would have enough fingers to Control it. OctoRove is streached out. Sundance, you the Man! It is very satisfying yet a little frightening what they may do. But, we will still, Endeavor to Persevere!


  26. RINOKiller says:

    Been following the Treehouse!

    The B is full of trolls, and I like the news on this site!

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  27. RINOKiller says:

    What’s up Bluto?

    Too troll infested at the other place!


  28. Helen says:

    I wonder what the FEC would think about Rove and Fox in concert to fix the election. Why would that be legal?


    • fred says:

      everyone is going to look a little closer after Lowry said Carly cut off Trumps balls on live TV on Meygans show… Whoaaaa boy here come the fireworks……


    • catmom says:

      I have thought that also.


    • IntoTheFray says:

      Sadly, the FEC is a corrupt agency of a corrupt government. Nothing will happen to a liberal station or program saying Fiorina cut off Trumps gonads It benefits the corrupt government.
      Now, if a conservative station or program said that Palin cut off Obama’s…Oh wait, he has none, never mind…. 😉


  29. s.c. says:

    Trump should be all over this, along with the Clockboy scam, somebody right now needs to be ridiculing the hell out of Barry he really is making quite an ass of himself, don’t miss the opportunity


  30. Suzy Kiprien says:

    Quite the impressive list. And it’s not over yet. I noticed they aren’t using the word ‘finished’ as much as they used to. Good job.


  31. dsp says:


    There was an image here and vulgar wording upon it. It has been deleted by Admin /SD *WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE* !!


  32. kathyca says:

    Funniest/truist list evah! omg, LOVELOVELOVE this! ❤


  33. ctdar says:

    Hahahahaha love the sharpie!!! Should we play the dead pool… anybody want to lay wages, who’s next Jindal?


  34. kathyca says:

    Does anyone have a link to the actual poll. Every link I follow takes me to the Pope poll :[


  35. Ziiggii says:

    Ok someone fill me in: is this the current front page of the New York magazine?

    Someone seems to have take to heart that picture from the Iran Deal Rally where it looked like Trump was Washington on the Potomac River about to beat the Red Coats on Christmas Day! Wish it was in black and whit and done with some painting effect photoshop style!
    {Guinness guys} Brilliant!


  36. R-C says:

    With a hat-tip to the Bluto who brilliantly posts to this site, and in response to the GOPe’s constant and frankly tedious anti-Trump “He’s finished!” rants, I want to bring up the words of another “Bluto”–“Senator Bluto Blutarski”, one-time member of Animal House:

    “Over? Did you say, ‘over’? Nothing is over until WE decide it is!”

    Seems to be apt in this case; the GOPe spreads their “Trump is finished!” wishful thinking every time Trump opens his mouth, while Trump continues to answer in the best possible way: by trouncing the GOPe in poll after poll after poll after poll. After poll.

    (With a full 78 percent of the poll respondents utterly rejecting the GOPe’s favorites, perhaps one day real soon they’ll finally figure out that they’re in deep trouble this election cycle. But I doubt it.)

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    • Ziiggii says:

      One of my favorite scenes

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    • Bluto says:

      Thanks R-C. I appreciate the kind words. You sir, get it and understand where I’m coming from re: Animal House reset.

      Funny thing is, the attitudes & nastiness isn’t confined to just the MSM. You might find it interesting that yours truly, Bluto, was banned several weeks ago from the “conservative” site “The Right Scoop” for using the same type of humor you see here at the Treehouse. No foul language was used. No threats. Just snark & poking fun at lock-step thinking. In fact a few excerpts from this very list were actually deleted and removed, for what reason I have no idea.

      The upright & button-down society has no use for clowns & rabble-rousers like Bluto or Trump. We are hated. And I’m okay with that.

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      • stringy theory says:

        Bluto, here’s another one for your collection. It comes from some idiot blogger for “Unread State” called Leon Wolfe: His story carries this heading: “It’s Time to Start the Dead Pool on Trump’s Lead.” It seems he and the rest of the deadbeats who post there have convinced themselves Trump has peaked and is on the way down. I think they’re victims of Trump Derangement Syndrome.


  37. waynestrick says:

    Trump said that is taking over the Internet. He is finished!


  38. F.D.R. in Hell says:

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  39. The thing that the haters don’t seem to get is that Trump never uses profanity nor vulgarity and never words with sexual overtones. So Rich Lowry is trying to be like Trump but he just doesn’t get it and thinks yelling out sexually vulgar profanity is the same as when Trump calls someone a moron or a slob. TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS! What Rich Lowry said, and I am not kidding when I say this: I find it so vulgar and repulsive, gutter mouth and I would say that no matter WHO said it. Such ugly talk belongs in a bar with drunks, NOT on TV.

    The idiots on FOX seem to equate any insult as being equal. Trump’s insults are clean really. But Lowry seemed to be getting sexually charged using that profanity. I am literally thoroughly DISGUSTED with the perverted things Lowry said. I twittered to FOX and to MURDOCK. And posted the porn pics of Megyn Kelly to FOX and Trump too. I want to know what is going on over at FOX? Trailer Trash Porn gutter mouth TV? Really words cannot convey how wrong what they are doing and will all come back to haunt THEM.

    Trump is very smart man, he usually only insults very clean words, but always are TRUE and always in rebuttal. Rich Lowry, on the other hand, was an attack unprovoked. He’s going down and I have no doubt he will be apologizing to Trump one day.

    Folks, it’s getting ugly out there. Please pop over to twitter to drop a line of support to counteract all the haters if you have a chance.

    Trump 2016!

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  40. Ellie says:

    Make no mistake, this is a deliberate attempt to call Trump out, to provoke. They are playing a very dangerous game. Soon, they will become so desperate, they’ll carpet bomb the Airwaves with totally false, outrageous, untrue accusations about him. This is psychological warfare. It’s done to create doubt, fear and hopelessness in the electorate. We mustn’t fall victim to it.

    The days ahead will be dark and the road uphill. We need to continue to march forward! And don’t look back! TRUMP 2016! With a great leader, America can achieve great things!

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  41. marla1 says:

    Trump 2016 and Ben Carson or Rubio as vice president!!


  42. tiger184 says:

    One could wonder why the candidates with less than 5% are still “in the race”.
    We could assume they like spending other people’s money. ie: their foolish campaign donors.
    Or, perhaps they simply like being in front of cameras? Saves the selfie stick pics I suppose…


    • stringy theory says:

      They’re spending pac money donated by millionaires and billionaires to buy them. You might want to read some of Sundance’s background material on the role of these splitters. You will discover they’re not in the race because they think they can win.

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  43. Lou Ferigno says:

    It’s been said that Trump is not a radical totalitarian ideologue – just a man that loves USA. This said by a guy that once play golf with Trump, a man named Rush Limbaugh. So Trump would be better than BJ Bill Clinton, Bush I or II, Better than Obama and Carter. So Trump will be on par with Reagan or in that ball park.

    Also, better to have Trump talking about illegal aliens and USA recent failures than to have McConnell and Boehner lie to us, also best to make a constrast to corrupt current Admin.

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  44. gawainthestout says:

    Love it! Posting a link to it on


  45. e.g.g. says:

    I was in an online discussion about Fiorino. The man who likes Fiorino said she did a decent job at HP, can’t judge her by HP, blah blah blah. Trump had many bankruptcies, brash, typical MSM line on Trump.

    I asked the man how it is alright for Fiorino to fire 30,000 American employees at HP, then turn around and hire over 30,000 workers in various foreign countries. Justify it. And justify why failed CEO’s, especially those that don’t care about American workers and ruin their lives, walk away with $100 million for doing a lousy job, which is what Fiorino got. Why is poor performance rewarded?
    It is no different than the politicians wanting to pay black criminals and muslims a monthly salary to NOT commit crime and rape and murder.
    I was met with silence.

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  46. Patricia says:

    Your article about Trump vs. the Decepticons was positively brilliant! Truer words have yet to be spoken!
    Donald J . TRUMP, 2016!!!


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