Tickets Sold Out For Trump Dallas Rally – Team RomBush Prepares GOPe Death Star…

Deep inside the bowels of the GOPe machine, the Death Star formerly controlled by Romney – now Bush, the storm troopers are working diligently to charge the Vorlon Ray and prepare to eliminate Planet Trump.

Romney Vaderkarl rove emporer

[…]  an army of former aides and advisers from Romney’s long political career — are arrayed among a host of Republican presidential campaigns. But, through no concerted effort, they are curiously aligned once again in common cause, a stem-to-stern effort that has united old comrades even as they nominally play for different teams: stopping Donald Trump.

[…]  “It would be ironic if it wasn’t like every single person in the political wing who can stare more than five seconds into the future wasn’t mortified or petrified at the prospect of Trump being the nominee,” said Florida-based GOP strategist Rick Wilson who called a Trump nomination “an existential threat” to the party.

[…]  Trump is, in a sense, the anti-Mitt. And he is leading, by no small margin, the would-be heirs to Romney’s throne as sovereign of the party’s moderate, establishment, country-club wing.

[…]  Jeb Bush appears to have garnered the most former Romney hands, including longtime advisers Beth Myers and Peter Flaherty; his top 2012 New Hampshire and Iowa strategists Rich Killion and David Kochel; and Mike Murphy, a veteran GOP consultant with longstanding ties to both Romney and Bush who is leading a super PAC backing Bush. His campaign manager, Danny Diaz, was a senior adviser to Romney in 2012.

[…]  Henry Barbour, a Mississippi-based GOP strategist who helped write the party’s post-mortem on the 2012 campaign, pointed to an interview Trump gave last week with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt

[…]  “Romney’s the one candidate who, if he was on the stage with Donald, he would bulldoze him,” said Scott Reed, senior political strategist at the US Chamber of Commerce

[…]  “Not only would Donald Trump not win the White House next year, he’s also doing a great deal of harm to the Republican Party”

[…] “I think you’re going to see more concerted efforts against him in the future,” said Rick Wilson, the Florida-based strategist. “A very broad and decentralized movement coming from a surprisingly diverse set of different buckets of Republican voters and communities” is, he said, beginning to mobilize financial efforts to take out Trump. (link)


Meanwhile the Rebel Alliance is organizing, coordinating, rallying and preparing to mount the assault….

[…]  Well, there are no tickets left for the Republican presidential front-runner’s rally at the American Airlines Center. So it’s certain that thousands of North Texans will jam into the place to hear Trump’s stump speech. The AAC holds about 20,000, but it’s unclear if that number of tickets were distributed. (link)

trump crosses


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186 Responses to Tickets Sold Out For Trump Dallas Rally – Team RomBush Prepares GOPe Death Star…

  1. judyw says:

    Say whatever you want about Donald Trump, you have to give him credit for knowing how to manufacture massive amounts of free media.

    The entertaining showman has racked up more than $50 million in “earned media” in the few short months since he announced his campaign for president, according to an analysis conducted by Conservative Intel.

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    • s.c. says:

      I think much of that, along with the smarts, is the fact that Trump actually has charisma and personality, and you (and the networks) look forward to his announced TV appearances in a way you just couldn’t with Romney or Bush or McCain.

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    • stringy theory says:

      Nice find Judy. Thanks for sharing.

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    • imkittymyers says:

      And every time he comments on one of the Repubs, who slimed him first, he gives them FREE PR worth its weight in gold. When Jindal saw how much press Carly got, he let loose on Trump. Loved Trump’s response: (paraphrasing) “I don’t comment on those who are polling below 3 digits.’

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  2. moe2004 says:

    I’m not afraid of them, they did such a good job getting Romney elected.

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  3. JRD says:


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  4. It amazes me to no end how a man for the people can be so put upon. I’m ashamed of all of our political parties. I’m glad I chose to change my registration to independent and wish the ‘Don’ could have run under that ticket. Though I know he can’t without making it harder to win, I think he’s just as independent of all the vile ugly phew that is being issued from both parties. He is for the people. I only hope the people will stand and be for him.

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  5. texan59 says:

    “Trump is, in a sense, the anti-Mitt. And he is leading, by no small margin, the would-be heirs to Romney’s throne”

    Pray tell, just exactly what throne is it that Romney’s sitting on?

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  6. Pedro says:

    Unbelievable that this is the norm for selecting a nominee while using the American ppl.

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    • Murse says:

      I am not worried about Carson. He will carry some of the black evangelicals but the average black, like the average white, appreciates and admires people that can get big things done. The more I hear Carson talk the less I see him being able to get the Reps in Congress to bend to his will. Trump can do that and would be willing to call them out as opposing “making America great again.”

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      • joanfoster says:

        The people in Congress would love nothing better than a Ben Carson. They would smash him like Italians dancing in a barrel of freshly picked grapes. His comments tonight on Fox re Ferguson were nauseating to say the least, i.e, Ferguson could happen in any town in American, people just need to talk and get to know each other, etc. There was absolutely no support for law enforcement nor the requirement for blacks to not resort to criminality when life doesn’t go their way. The most likely difference over the long haul between him and Obama is Obama cannot perform brain surgery although I am certain he thinks he can. There is a reason Carson speaks so tentatively and that is to make certain that he doesn’t expose the typical black world view.

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      • Gazill says:

        You know, I like Carson a lot, enjoy listening to him. But something I could not fully put a finger on lurked in the back of my head that he would not cut it as Pres. All I could say is he seemed too nice and soft spoken. Your penultimate sentence rings loud, and defines what that lurking concern is. I have that concern with Trump, because (with the exception of Obama and the R Congress), the President cannot “force” Congress to his will. Trump can be loud, but the ilk of Boehner and McConnell will do what they want. Just we know Trump won’t take it quietly.


      • redlegleader says:

        If you saw the interview after his “listening tour” of Ferguson and weren’t appalled, then you weren’t listening. He may be really, really smart, but is displaying zero common sense.

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    • gainny says:

      From”Black lives matter” to . . . “All black lives matter.” Thanks, Doc.

      Also at the Guardian: Maybe this is why Trump said Carson was an “okay” doctor. He operated on one woman three times before finally reviewing her MRI. (This article was published in May. Today was the first I knew about it.)


  7. Reality Wins says:

    Wonder if he’ll talk about The Wall? Hey Donald, here is a better plan…

    1. We elect Trump.
    2. Trump sends all of his construction companies down to the border.
    3. They build a non-stop row of multi-story apartments along the entire border.
    4. We inform all Section 8 recipients that they now have to move to the border if they want continued taxpayer provided housing.
    5. We inform all Section 8 recipients that if any illegal immigrant crosses the border that they will be held accountable, lose their housing, and be told “Go find lodging in Mexico.”
    6. The Section 8 people now begin a giant game of “Red Rover, Red Rover, Just Try And Let Juan Get Across The Border” in which Juan doesn’t stand a chance.

    1. Communities rid themselves of all low income housing and the people that come with them.
    2. Crime across America plummets to that of the Scandinavian nations.
    3. Elimination of most Police Departments or send them to the border.
    4. Elimination of the Border Patrol as they are now redundant.
    5. Elimination of all government bureaucrats who push papers around because of illegals.
    6. Lower taxes due to elimination of above.

    Then we duplicate the same process on the Canadian border sending all the liberals who can’t find work because of their useless degree in Black Studies, Hispanic Studies, Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, Pottery Making, etc, etc.

    Are you on board?

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  8. Arkindole says:

    Yep, Romney (and handlers) really kicked butt during the debates with Ø–the force is strong with that bunch.
    We have the special decoder ring.
    Give Rove a Sharpie for the white board–that will keep him busy for a while.

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  9. Artist says:

    I laugh at them as I witness their arrows fall short and their guns misfire! In spite of all their sniping and grousing and whining, Trump is the only candidate who routinely tells Americans how much he loves us, how wonderful, fabulous, beautiful this one or that one is. He means it and in our hearts and souls we know we are all those things and are happyhappyhappy to have someone tell us that…and not how we should be ashamed of ourselves an our country!
    Trump 2016!

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    • Judgy says:

      Precisely! A message that can TRULY appeal to EVERYONE!!

      Meanwhile, in RINO-land, Rick Perry is STILL talking on my T.V.–berating us about not being nice enough to minorities, and warning us about “celebrity candidates”.

      Dude…..we don’t WANT to listen to you. Hint: That’s WHY you’re giving a “throwing-in-the-towel” speech! For the love of all that’s holy, stop pontificating, and SHUT UP!

      Go Trump! Save us all all from pious dorks like this!

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      • 2x4x8 says:


        …… and then there are 4 ( Santorum, Jindal, Graham, Pataki ) at the kiddie stage

        placing bets on who will be the next to fold

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      • gulfbreeze says:

        “Meanwhile, in RINO-land, Rick Perry is STILL talking on my T.V.–berating us about not being nice enough to minorities, and warning us about “celebrity candidates”

        Still looks like Perry can’t remember more than 2 things, then…..

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      • Lulu says:

        Interested in Perry at first, I got to the point where I couldn’t stand the sound of his voice.

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        • fred says:

          After today watching them all lie how they tried to stop the Iran deal… I can’t look at any of them nor hear their voices. The entire GOP except for 3 or 4 are completely dead to me. I see no hope in trying to fix that party or stay in it. I’m gone forever. So here I am out floating… where will I land.

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          • lorac says:

            But it’s worse than that – all these problems won’t be fixed by fixing the republican party. The problems are integral to our political system – they’re ALL working for someone other than us. They want us to think problems are partisan, but IMO that’s just to distract us from seeing it’s US against all of THEM – the political class. Not just the elite but the millions who work in DC who stay employed even when the political party in power changes.


    • lorac says:

      I read an article today that complained that Trump was “just being clever by knowing what Americans care about to get supporters” (not exact words).

      How far we have fallen when someone wanting to address what AMERICA cares about is considered odd or a shyster.


  10. 1hear2learn says:

    I soooo hope Trumps numbers go up even more after this pathetic faux “face” controversy. So tired of hearing he has reached his ceiling, and how sad it would be if he wins nomination with only 1/3 of the Republican voters.. Uh… that was THEIR plan for the Jebster all along.

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    • Judgy says:

      “Facegate” is incredibly embarrassing. My dad fought in World War Two. MY generation, unfortunately, is dumb enough to get two days of 24/7 news coverage out of a privately made personal comment cited in an obviously biased, has-been publication that has been PROVEN not to check their research.

      Go Trump! How fun to BE there!! He should maybe start a “Trump Rally Dating App”. Wouldn’t that be a GREAT way to say that’s how you met your spouse?? 😀

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  11. 1hear2learn says:

    Just heard on CNN that Perry has suspended his race for President! Trump 2016!!!

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  12. Ellie says:

    The establishment seesTrump as an existential threat. The’ve got it all wrong. From where I sit, the establishment and the meddling consultant class are an existential threat to America’s borders, language, culture and economic stability and sovereignty. And, what they are doing almost feels like a conspiracy to throw an election. They are conspiring against the will of the people. Criminals in suits. Let’s call it what it is.

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    • stringy theory says:

      Ellie, what a great comment. I definitely resonate with what you say.

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    • Trump is a threat to the Republican party’s current inhabitants and hangers-on. I think that’s what the RINO meant to say.

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      • boutis says:

        They were taken over by globalists. This is on the downswing and the European invasion will hit it even more added to China’s implosion. It is a disaster and only benefits oligarchs and their hirelings.


    • poot says:

      What they are doing, what they have set up and want to keep is actually treason. Flat out liars, criminals, running a huge Ponzi scheme while fleecing America and its people.

      When this country was founded, they would have certainly been tried and executed for the actions that they are imposing on this great nation.

      The only “crazy” I see is that they have been put up with for so long.

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      • Ellie says:

        Great comment poot. My sentiments exactly! There are NO patriots in the political class. Not a one. They must face the hard, cold reality of what they have done and why they are being invited to leave. They must go and quickly. The hour is late.

        At another time in history, these politicians would have resigned in shame, putting the integrity of the nation before their own self interest, power and influence. Say what you will about Richard Nixon, but in the end he did the right and decent thing by resigning. It was a selfless act and done for the good of the country. What we have now is a totally different breed. They hang on to their power by their fingernails, refusing to step aside. It’s pathetic to watch, really. They know no ethics, no love of country, no common good. I call them a corrupt criminal class. And they have the absolute nerve to criticize Trump’s lack of conservative credentials. Sell outs!

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    • El Torito says:

      I’ll bet the majority of them have already sent Trump their resumes.


  13. wizzum says:

    I agree with Wilson, Trump is an an existential threat to the Republican Party. The sooner it is razed to the ground and rebuilt anew with patriots and men of integrity the better.

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    • lorac says:

      But remember, Trump wants to make America great again. If he means it, as I feel he does, then he’s also an existential threat to the democratic party, as well. To the extent that both parties are really a uni-party, it’s imperative they both get razed.


  14. stringy theory says:

    OMG, the pantheon of GOPe consultant losers are joining forces to try and stump Trump. I guess that’s more fun than trying to keep their candidates from flatlining altogether. Trump must be shaking in his boots at the thought of former Mitt guys coming after him.

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  15. beaujest says:

    A Trump win will send all of these coat hangers back to the closet they came from !

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  16. Athena the Warrior says:

    Bye bye splitter Perry, take wacko Jindal with ya!

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  17. screwauger says:

    Did anyone catch Beach Ball Becks apology and subsequent “midnight manifesto” that he feels it might be time for him to leave the media and public life. He wrapped the whole thing around his belief that the vulgarians wanting/electing Trump (and the non spoken inevitability of same) just causes the realization that he’s not able to get his message out! LOL Of course that’s my interpretation only. Unreal how this Trumpeteering is rocking the nation to it’s core. Do they really fear losing their place at the feeding trough that much!! huh!

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  18. sundance says:


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  19. Lulu says:

    After weeks of predictions that he would drop out, Perry has finally done so.

    Bad advisers, ridiculous mistakes including going after Trump’s remarks about McCain. Talk about an exercise in futility. Then the other day he pulled that smarty pants cliche and muffed it, saying that “Even a broken clock is right once a day…” After which he launched into a loud, angry, rude, shout-over trying to make his point with Gretchen Carlson, of all people. She had asked him a simple question.

    Frayed nerves? Desperation? Displaced anger?

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  20. Mister B says:

    It absolutely astounds me that the only Republican Candidate that has actually created new Republican in more than 2 decades is the one under attack. Obviously the people who consider themselves the leaders of the GOP do not care about anything their voters care about. It is these so-called leaders and the over-processed, over-refined & over-priced and Completely packaged candidates that are doing the damage. They have had 8 years to come up with a candidate that can win and all they do is shove Jeb!bama Bush because THE CORRUPT CLUB inside the GOP wants to keep the power inside the club.

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  21. sundance says:

    That leaves only 3 people in the little debate.

    Trump should announce he’s going to take Perry’s place in the earlier debate and then watch ‘splodey heads. LOL ….

    He could bring ratings to the earlier show and introduce Jim Gilmore ! 😀

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    • Go chill with the kiddos? Sounds like a plan. Genius.

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    • boutis says:

      The little debate. LOL. The total polling is like 2% for all three. It should be a ratings bonanza. It will be Jindal, Graham, and Pataki. I think Gilmore was disqualified since polling came up with a negative (some kind of anomalies I’m sure) percentage.

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    • Black Knight says:

      Trump could pull this off by announcing to America that he felt a “duty as the leading candidate to relegitimize the second debate with his participation” and a “commitment to support America’s veterans by cutting a deal with CNN to contribute all revenue from the second debate to our vets”. He could argue how CNN’s acquiescence to Fiorina’s demands had unjustly de legitimized the junior debate, and they needed to make things right. He could help CNN brass appreciate that anything less would brand them in America’s eyes as both unpatriotic and unfair.

      Ponder the ways this would accrue to his benefit…


  22. sundance says:

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  23. hocuspocus13 says:

    A little honesty goes a long way 🇺🇸

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  24. Rick Wilson is a Rubiobot. His entire Twitter feed consists of trashing Trump & praising Rubio.

    I for one can’t wait to see Trump deliver a necessary smackdown in Dallas!

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  25. I’m sorry for posting this here but Perry just suspended his campaign

    How does this fit into the GOPe construct that you’ve brilliantly outlined?


  26. Athena the Warrior says:

    Perry non-stop attack on Trump yet Trump sent this:

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  27. sundance says:

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  28. nwtex says:

    Re the SO Dallas rally………….. 🙂

    Dallas Mavericks owned by Mark Cuban , who has spoken in support of Trump.

    Cuban said he had no doubt Trump would “kill it” at the Dallas rally, saying “there is nothing more Texan than being confident and entrepreneurial

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  29. conservalicious says:

    It appears that Trump has not changed his views very much in the last 28 years putting the lie to the meme that he is a phony Johnny come lately.

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  30. s.c. says:

    So is this the beginning of the new kinder, gentler Trump?
    And would that be a good thing, or not? I don’t want him to act fake and cautious, but….I don’t want to see him shoot himself in the foot.


    • TwoLaine says:

      s,c, You’re the person I was going looking for next. Way up top of comments here, there is a link to an article called “Trump’s Earned Media Value is HUGE”. You mentioned on another story that you’ve been a little confused about everyone’s nicknames, abbreviations, etc.

      I didn’t get a chance to respond earlier, but this article actually has the content that explains why I personally won’t GENERALLY use real names. There are some people that I just don’t want to give any social media or internet mentions to. All mentions are tracked, and as an example with TRUMP, I want him to get lots of mentions so I’ll say TRUMP whenever I feel like it!. Shrillary however, deserves nothing from me. Plus, she can’t send her goons after me when she doesn’t approve of what I say.

      Some people I don’t trust, and these people who can’t find their own emails in 2 years, can find me much easier if I use their real names. They have to hire much smarter people if they want to get search terms that include all of our pet names for them.

      I know that might not help much, but like another poster said. Just ask. We generally don’t bite. 😉

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      • Judgy says:

        I can’t believe I never considered that happening, dooooyyyy! I just genuinely LIKE calling President Selfie, “President Selfie”, etc. Glad to find this out–them “tracking” us is easy to forget sometimes……..

        Thanks, Two! You always post the most, & most INFORMATIVE links! And your personal story touched me. If we ever got to pick a few Treepers we’d get to meet in “real life”, you’d be on my list!

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        • TwoLaine says:

          Wow Judgy, your words leave me almost speechless, and definitely in happy tears. They are like a big hug, and I needed that. Last week marked yet another anniversary of the death of my sweet mother, who died of a broken heart thanks to the rise of gangs in our country. I wish I could tell the whole story here, but with the current political climate, I just find it hard to trust anyone, and especially with those gang members being back on the streets again. I have been betrayed by too many already. PTSD comes in many forms.

          I started attending Church (The Treehouse) the day after GZ was acquitted. It has been such a blessing for me to find like minded citizens, truly intelligent people to share with, and to help try to right some of the injustices in our country, if, and while we can. I am passionate about Saving Our Great Country for my children and grandchildren, whether they know, or care.

          While we may never meet in real life, I think I will recognize all of you when I see you in heaven.

          Much ❤ and Hugs to you too!


    • manickernel says:

      He needs to aggregate the support from other candidates, not piss them off. Except Bush, he can piss on Bush supporters.


    • So is this the beginning of the new kinder, gentler Trump?

      Based on what, not kicking Perry when he’s down? What would be served by doing that? Trump won that battle. No need to waste any ammo where it isn’t needed.

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    • Athena the Warrior says:

      Trump was classy and Perry was a classless loser.


  31. TwoLaine says:

    Meanwhile, McConnell just threw his hands in the air, says they fought the good fight on the Iran Deal, time to move on. Also says he is not shutting down the gubt because American are overwhelmingly against it. I didn’t get a vote, did any of you? I’m guessing that it’s the gubt employees that voted, and as usual we got zilch, as usual.


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    • Juan says:

      McConnell & Boehner as usual have their lunch eaten by the pipsqueak Reid & Pelosi. This cannot continue. Time to let them know … NO MORE !

      For the benefit of YEB! followers …. that’s NO MAS !

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    • 1hear2learn says:

      Yeah I just heard him say something like it’s an exercise in futility… so yeah, just give up… THAT’s what we are looking for, that’s the ticket! He also had nerve to say something to the effect, unfortunately what Ted and I want is just not possible. Yeah, I’m so sure that is what the turtle wanted. What a douche bag.

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    • rashamon says:

      TwoLaine: “I’m guessing that it’s the gubt employees that voted, and as usual we got zilch, as usual.”

      That’s ’cause there’s more gubt employees than there are citizens who are paying for them!


  32. emet says:

    Bishop Romney would bulldoze Mr. Trump on stage? More likely he would try to convert him.

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  33. Maybe it has to do with the Rolling Stone article in which he’s portrayed as a killer and one who never forgets offenses. Could it be he’s playing it down to calm the sea?


  34. Tea For All says:

    Carson is a phony, and I don’t trust him. He is bought and pain for by the GOP. Whereis all the chatter about Jindal,s verbiage on Trump. Everyone is allowed to attack trump, but he is not allowed to counter attack. It is just beginning…..Remember what they did to Palin

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  35. TwoLaine says:

    PM Trump Bump.
    4.12M Twitter Followers.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      That’s a BIG ONE for me. 3.12M is when I began watching it rise, and he hasn’t missed a day. Some days he hits double bumps, and sometimes, triples too. I started watching somewhere around 7/7-7/10-ish, so it took him about a month to get earn a cool million followers.

      Woot! Woot!

      Something else I find interesting about this, is he only Follows 42, and has only Favorited 50.

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  36. Romney bulldozing trump. In Mitts dreams only. oh, and Karl roves.

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    • JRD says:

      Right, just like Romney bulldozed Candy Crowley.

      Team Romney were incompetent buffoons who made plenty of money for losing.

      Seriously, is anyone afraid of these derelict political “insultants”? LOL

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  37. 1hear2learn says:

    I also don’t think the media gets that Americans support the perceived under dog, and we don’t like seeing any one get picked on/bullied except out enemies. The more I think about it, I think their attack strategy is going to completely backfire on them. Trump may seem a bully to those in his firing line, however i don’t consider punching back being a bully – i call it standing up for yourself! I could give two flicks about the iCarly face comment as she drew first blood and was probably on Fox complaining about Trump picking on poor little Megyn when Trump saw her on his plane on TV that evening after his rally

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  38. any other dallas area treeps manage to get tix for the speech?


  39. There are other forces at work to engineer a Bush-Clinton faceoff where they’re certain Hillary Clinton will win….the political elite and Wall Street puppet masters!

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  40. What about the early debate. There are five slots and Perry was in the center. What now CNN? Only 4? And if Lindsey or Bobby drop out what will happen? Anyone have thoughts on this?


  41. zephyrbreeze says:

    It’s a movement. I don’t see how they stop it.

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    • Sandra says:

      I think they’re only chance is to play games with delegates, and that will be outrageous.

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      • Sandra says:

        Aw heck, I typed “they’re” and I mean “their”.


        • Judgy says:

          I love that you took a sec to correct it! Yes, I’m an admitted geek, but when we see now that people are even confusing “to”, and “too” on a daily basis, I think it says something very positive about your views on culture that you went back & identified the correct spelling–so kudos from this nerd!! 🙂

          (Btw, please feel free to correct ANYTHING I may post incorrectly! My spelling is generally okay, but I seem to have forgotten SO MUCH about punctuation, and I don’t always catch myself!).


  42. JunieG says:

    […] “Romney’s the one candidate who, if he was on the stage with Donald, he would bulldoze him,” said Scott Reed, senior political strategist at the US Chamber of Commerce.

    Is he saying Romney will bulldoze Donald Trump? Surely he means, Trump will bulldoze Romney.

    It is breathtaking how out of touch they are with normal Americans.

    So if Romney enters the race, when people see them side by side, they will go for the bozo who lost to Obama? You can’t make this stuff up. It’s madness.


  43. Dan Morgan says:

    Don’t know how much there is to fear from a bunch of GOP strategist that couldn’t bring home a winner in 08′ or 2012.
    These folks are so incredibly tone deaf towards the conservative base, that it has to be intentional.
    If that is the case, the GOP can kiss 2016 goodbye.


  44. jake says:

    You do realize that the two Supreme Court Decisions this summer keeping Obamacare and making gay marriage the law of the land, both began life in Massachusetts under Governor Mitt Romney less than ten years ago. He created Romneycare, that was the prototype for federalizing healthcare as Obamacare and when the Massachusetts state supreme court ruled gay marriage legal Romney could have fought back by invoking an older statute, but decided not to. So, when the Supreme Court handed down those rulings this summer I thought of Mitt Romney and how obscene that he was our republican presidential nominee in 2014.


  45. NJF says:

    Trump belong televised right now f on Ohio.


    “Trump Gives Jimmy Fallon Best Friday Ratings in 18 Months –


  46. angie says:

    Romney would bulldoze Trump? This must be the joke of the day! Romney couldn’t bulldoze a flea from a dog.

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  47. nwtex says:

    Don’t know just how active this thread is at this hour but will drop this off here and hope y’all will take a peek. Oh, maybe it was posted elsewhere anyway.
    From the Dallas Morning News:
    Last week Dallas County Republican Party Chairman Wade Emmert predicted the Sept. 14 rally would be a must-see event for many Republicans, Democrats and Independents

    And per the right scoop:
    Re the Dallas event:
    Apparently some of these tickets are being sold on EBAY


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