BOOM – Univision Reluctantly Reports Donald Trump Leading With Latino Republicans….

Donald Trump previously said: “I will win the Hispanic vote in this election“.

Guess what?  He’s right.

trump univison

In a Public Policy Polling survey, Trump leads with 34% of Hispanic voters, surpassing Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.   What makes this poll even more delicious, is that it had to be reported on Univision:

ROGELIO MORA TAGLE, CORRESPONDENT: And it’s that upon launching his campaign, Trump said among other things that the people who emigrate from Mexico bring to the United States drugs, crime and are rapists. Those comments, for 55% of those polled, are insulting and racist, and out of place in a presidential campaign.

But despite the negative numbers, among those polled there is also a percentage that believes the controversy generated by Donald Trump has helped bring to the table a very important topic: immigration. That’s what 29% believe, while another 14% believe Donald Trump had the courage to say what he thinks. (link)

That popping sound you’re hearing is the rapid noise of media and punditry ‘splodey heads.

Trump banner 2


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143 Responses to BOOM – Univision Reluctantly Reports Donald Trump Leading With Latino Republicans….

  1. sounds good to me! put some people in the congress and senate that will help and do something for the American people stop the bickering between parties your job is to make America strong represent the people of this country…remember that! So start doing your job! Trump says he will get the job done…We need someone like him…Watch your back Donald there are many that do not want change in your arena .


  2. marierogers says:

    mustve been a bitter pill to swallow!!!!


  3. That’s because the media misquoted Trump. He never said emigrates from Mexico were criminals, he said illegals from Mexico. Let’s face it, that’s what the word illegal means–law-breaker. Those coming here illegally usually did so because they can’t come legally being drug lords, gang members, or rapists. Those coming legally, none of us (including Trump) have a problem with at all. Hispanics had to work hard to come the legal way, why should criminals get away with it then be rewarded free medical and college?


  4. June Willinda says:

    I think if other candidates and of course the media would stop dropping the word “illegal” when discussing immigration issues the number would increase even more. Legal immigrants are the backbone of this nation and are not the same nor should they be discussed the same way as illegals. Does it really make sense in this day and age to allow influxes of undocumented people into this country or any other country. Without some sort of documentation we have no idea where they are from or what kind of background they have.


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