UPDATE: Memphis Cop Shooter Tremaine Willbourn WANTED $10,000 Reward Via U.S. Marshals….

update-1 6:00 p.m.  Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong held a press conference at 6 p.m. today to update the search for the suspect who shot and killed Officer Sean Bolton. Here are the quick takeaways:

memphis august 1memphis august 2

  • · Suspect and driver fled the scene before officers could arrive
  • · Police say Officer Bolton apparently interrupted drug transaction; scale and marijuana found in the car
  • · Driver turn himself in, but he has since been released
  • · 29-year-old Tremaine Willbourn is the wanted individual. Police believe he is the shooter.
  • · Wilbourn was on supervised release for 121 month sentence for a bank robbery
  • · Memphis police say Wilbourn should be considered armed and dangerous
  • · $10,000 reward being offered by U.S. Marshals  (read more)
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95 Responses to UPDATE: Memphis Cop Shooter Tremaine Willbourn WANTED $10,000 Reward Via U.S. Marshals….

  1. bobNoxious says:

    The driver was RELEASED??!!??! Unbelievable.

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  2. canadacan says:

    1 year for robbing a bank?
    If I did that I’d get 20 years.

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    • DG says:

      Says 121 months… 10years gets supervised release?


    • Les says:

      I have looked for a few hours, that history is SCRUBBED. The only thing they couldn’t scrub was the stuff published by the gpo.gov. I think this might be him: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/granule/USCOURTS-tnwd-2_05-cr-20240/USCOURTS-tnwd-2_05-cr-20240-2/content-detail.html

      The address for the other perp, Mackey, is on the same street (might be the same address) as that listed on the lien document on that page (one of the pdf’s).

      Anybody else find anything?


    • Les says:

      He did 10 years, found this:

      “Wilbourn had just completed serving a 10-year sentence in federal prison for a 2005 bank robbery in Covington with his uncle Adam Mackey. Wilbourn was still on supervised release from the federal conviction at the time of Saturday’s shooting.

      He and his uncle pleaded guilty in February 2006 to the bank robbery and related firearms charges.”

      The gpo.gov document IS our guy with his uncle. Wonder how long they had been out of slammer?


    • RJ says:

      The argument with prison time is: Punishment or Rehabilitation? Then you get the screaming: We don’t have room for more prisoners! Down the line we learn from the parole officers: I’ve got too many cases to watch them closely!

      So, judges promote “wheelin ‘n dealin” to the max to lessen all the bitchin they encounter–through the district attorneys, when possible.

      Future solution: Implanting of “control devices” within prisoners offering 24/7 monitoring plus the ability to stop the person “dead in his/her tracks” if necessary.

      Till then, lock ‘n load!

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  3. jackphatz says:

    Do supervised releases include ankle bracelets, in home incarceration? What does supervised release mean? Who makes that decision?

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  4. so the perp is out walking the streets after an ARMED robbery beef…..why am i not f’n surprised.


  5. Lee Jan says:

    Catch and release. New and improved criminal justice mandate.

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    • DG says:

      In DC i just noticed a guy who robbed 3 women with a gun. One knew him from instagram. They found the gun prints on it.

      Plead to 1 armed robbery and unregistered firearm, from a triple armed robbery with gun.

      3 years suspended sentence.

      Coming to a community near you.

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  6. DG says:

    Can anyone find the bank robbery info? Did he serve any of that 121 months?


    • Les says:

      One article said: July 15, 2005 robbery of Friendship Bank in Covington (not sure if that is TN or MS or KY the other 30 states with a town by that name) and I still couldn’t find it. Some of these folks are way better at locating things, a treeper will find it.


  7. cclarke116 says:

    Hmmm… wonder why the report says “121 month” instead of “10 year” sentence? Absolutely disgraceful this thug was given a pass and allowed to walk the streets on “supervised” release when it’s crystal clear that he absolutely should have been serving hard time for armed bank robbery.


    • jackphatz says:

      Guess he seemed “ok” since he didn’t shoot anyone at that bank.


    • bobNoxious says:

      Bank robbery is a federal offense and prison, release, etc, it all handled by the Feds. The Feds sentence folks to terms calculated in months, not years, so the paper was probably just reporting what was found in the Feds database.


  8. patrickhenryrevisited says:

    This excerpt is from another article (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/08/02/memphis-police-officer-shot-and-killed-during-traffic-stop/?intcmp=trending).

    “The police director said that the White House has contacted the department and is aware of the incident.”

    Glaringly absent is the mention of any condolences!

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  9. archer52 says:

    The black guy did it?? Really? I didn’t see that coming.

    Figured Hasidic Jew. Got the locks right, so there is that.

    My buddy lives up there. I looked at the prior LEO deaths and none of them are pretty and all of them too frequent. I called him and asked him about Memphis. He’s former LEO. He just laughed and said its been a poophole for a long time.

    And he told me why.

    But we already knew.

    Chickens, roosts, home.

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  10. Phooey says:

    Makes me sick. This is the insanity that cops are dealing with in 2015. Armed criminal sociopaths who should just be taken out behind a barn and dispensed with are instead roaming the streets as domestic terrorists with impunity. Seems to me that the lowlifes are repeatedly beating the system that BLM claims is so unfair to blacks, and now they’re emboldened to take out any cop who dares try to protect the public from them.

    And it’s still all the cops’ fault when one of these predators rightfully eats a police bullet. How long will these brave men and women put up with this, when do they give in to the pleas of their loved ones and go find a different line of work? How long before the concept of local policing is history, and it is completely federalized? It will be little satisfaction at that point watching the brownshirts selectively squash the occasional street terrorist like Tremaine Willbourn who does something so heinous it demands action, when you know they can just as easily come for you later for having the wrong political leanings or reading the wrong blog.

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    • Burnt Toast says:

      “He was originally sentenced to 121 months — 10 years, one month — for the June 15, 2005 robbery, but it was unclear how much of that he served.”


      I am unclear, isn’t bank robbery a Federal offense? May explain Federal Marshall presence. Unclear maybe, just maybe, Barry’s son was released in 2009 time frame?


    • Mentalist says:

      Interesting quote from the article you posted…

      “Mayor A C Wharton said at Sunday’s press conference that he got a call of condolences from the White House.”

      And what about the family of the slain officer, Sean Bolton?


  11. TNman says:

    If 0 had a son….

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  12. True Colors says:



  13. Blase Blase says:

    Sorry, but this suspects life don’t matter

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  14. mpmp2015 says:

    His name is “Tremaine”. [Yes, I had to copy and paste it to my post, because I would spell it incorrectly.]

    I blame his parents for giving their son such a stupid as* name like “Tremaine”. No, it’s not some name that is derived from some West African name that has some association with the motherland of Africa. “Tremaine” is just some dumb name that is made up out of thin air after his parents smoked crack. It has no meaning, like most black names, it is unique, but anyone that sees the name would immediately identify it as black. So, it is uniquely black and uniquely stupid. It is the type of name that when an HR recruiter looks at, he/she would throw the resume in the trash can.

    If his name was Frederick Willbourn or Harold Willbourn, he would be a banker or an attorney. But no, his name is Tremaine, so he is criminal. With that name he had no chance…

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    • Blase Blase says:

      Ebonics in fine form

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    • Les says:

      I think Tremain is an old surname, not sure if it’s British or French, but I remember Johnny Tremain from childhood.

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      • joshua says:

        somehow….I suspect the perp NOR his “fambly peeps” never read Johnny Tremain the novel…….nor got the “inspiration” from the story of a young white boy, Johnny.

        Young Johnny Tremain, a silversmith’s apprentice with dreams of learning the trade and making his own way has a terrible injury accident which ends his hopes, he joins the emerging Sons Of Liberty. Journey back to the Boston Tea Party, the midnight ride of Paul Revere, and Lexington Green, where tyranny was vanquished by an idea – freedom for all!

        Sure enough…sounds like your typical life story of a budding New Black Panther Patriot.

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  15. auscitizenmom says:

    😯 I can’t believe it…………..he’s black.

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  16. moe ham head says:

    if obozo had a son

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  17. joshua says:

    one can only hope he resists arrest with a gun in his hand when they apprehend him with their guns drawn, loaded and cocked. LEO lives Matter.


  18. Jane Doe says:

    Evedently he wasn’t supervised very well!


  19. Tkim says:

    If the bullet had gone in the opposite direction Tremaine the pot dealer would be the subject of marches and rap songs and weeping hordes and angry talking heads. The hypocrisy is like a constant hum we have to shout to be heard over.

    Obama may have a cousin who looked like the slain officer. But when has he ever acknowledged his white half? Oh right. To throw his “racist” grandmother under the bus.

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  20. judyw says:

    “$10,000 reward offered by U. S. Marshalls” brings back memories of another reward offered just down the road in Panola County, MS. Is there a connection?

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  21. Does anyone find it unusual that the US Marshall’s office is offering a reward? They don’t normally do that for cop killers.


    • joshua says:

      I expect the family members of the perp along with DeRay McKesson and Malik Shabazzzz will start up a GoFund Me site to raise a COUNTER reward for hiding Tramain and to promote the meme “Snitches get Stitches”….hires a revenge shooter to take out anyone that turns the perp into police….jes sayin how it shakes in the hood nowdayz


  22. if he winds up being killed (by cops/SWAT) vs captured, the BGI will scream “they” didn’t do enough to take him alive no matter the takedown circumstances were….in the end he could go full tony montana and the BGI would still spin it as a “revenge” killing


    • doodahdaze says:

      This is caused by progressive multicultural liberalism. The problem is the destructive black culture. The prog justifies the culture. That there is the whole black problem in a nutshell. The premise is false. The black culture is an unmitigated disaster for blacks. Until it is changed things will just get worse for them. But at least it keeps them on the democrat plantation.


  23. Jersey Beach says:

    If only all 50 states would have Habitual offender laws whether for felony or misdemeanor, maybe a person with rap sheet a mile long would stay behind bars longer and could save the lives of our law enforcement and ordinary citizens alike. What a concept. :/

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    • JeremyR says:

      A better option in sentencing is that the judge must make a determination whether the person would be likely to rehabilitate in the time sentenced. I would set a maximum sentence of 20 years, and a max combined of 25. Therefore, if a person served a sentence of 20 on their first offense, the second would be limited to five years, but the judge would them need to determine if the criminal might slip agian. If it appears they are set on a life of crime, make it a short life and execute them in front of the assembled inmates of the nearest prison. maybe watching a fellow traveler do an air dance would bring home the point that a life of crime would be a very short one and encourage them to choose other means of making a living.
      My problem with the death sentence is that 90% of the people who deserve it end up getting light sentences.


  24. TREMAINE WILBOURN wants the NAAWP to pay him REWARD MONEY for turning himself in!

    After an extensive manhunt, the man who allegedly shot and killed a police officer over the weekend has surrendered, authorities announced Monday evening.

    Police said 29-year-old convicted bank robber Tremaine Wilbourn shot officer Sean Bolton, who stopped a drug deal, on Saturday night and then fled. Bolton was rushed to a nearby hospital where he died from his injuries.

    Wilbourn arrived with an attorney at a federal building in Memphis at 4:53 p.m. Monday and he turned himself in to the U.S. Marshal’s Office, Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong said at a news conference. He was taken to the Memphis Police Department’s homicide bureau for further investigation and will likely be arraigned Tuesday, Armstrong added.

    On Sunday night, police launched a manhunt for Wilbourn, who was considered “armed and dangerous” and announced $20,000 in reward money for information leading to his capture, according to Fox’s WHBQ-TV. Wilbourn was wanted on charges of first-degree murder in Bolton’s death.



    Follow U.S. on FACEBOOK: NAAWP



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