The Bloom Is Off The Ruse – Activist Shaun King’s Fake Background Claims Exposed….

Researchers here are aware that Shaun King is a complete fraud.  His, is a life-story based on lies, manipulations, theft and deception of the highest scope.  Apparently, Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller is digging in.

(Via The Daily Caller) Shaun King, the so-called “Facebook pastor” who has become one of the leading activists in the Black Lives Matter movement, has often told the story of a brutal, racially-motivated beating he suffered in 1995 as a sophomore at a rural Kentucky high school. King, 35, has related the story of the hate crime on his blogs and in his recent self-help book, seemingly to bolster his credibility as an activist and as a self-help guru.

shaun king busted

But King’s telling of the assault does not match up with a police report from the case. Details provided to The Daily Caller by the detective who investigated the incident, which occurred at Woodford County High School in Versailles on March 1, 1995, cast even more doubt on King’s claims.

While King has said that he was attacked by up to a dozen “racist” and “redneck” students, official records show that the altercation involved only one other student. And while King has claimed that he suffered a “brutal” beating that left him clinging to life, the police report characterized King’s injuries as “minor.”

At least two profiles written about King have asserted that the assault was one of Kentucky’s first registered hate crimes. But Keith Broughton, the former Versailles police detective, told TheDC that the case was never classified as a hate incident.

And none of the sources that keep track of hate crimes, such as the FBI, have records of one having occurred at the high school at that time.  (read much more)


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66 Responses to The Bloom Is Off The Ruse – Activist Shaun King’s Fake Background Claims Exposed….

  1. mazziflol says:

    Oh what a great day it will be, when he stumbles and bumps his head and cant play on the internet anymore.

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    • froggielegs says:

      Yep he has been in jail since last Monday. Not to worry though, he got donations to buy a new car. He was asking for 3k and up to the time he went to jail, he was only 430 dollars away from his goal.

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    • Putting those peeps in the Grey Bar Hilton won’t put an end to their shenanigans.In fact, it only bolsters them, because the incarcerations are turned into propaganda points that gather even more support from the lo-fo’s who donate to them.

      The way to end the rampage of the BLM crowd is to to exactly what was done to the KKK. SUE them into insolvency. Make it financially impossible for them to operate!

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  2. moogey says:

    And Bassem Masri is in jail. Driving without a license, got in an accident. His fault.

    What is the old saying? “Karma”

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  3. moogey says:

    “The bloom is off the ruse” – I do love a good wordsmith.

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  4. True Colors says:

    Shaun King with his parents. Both are white, obviously.

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  5. yakmaster2 says:

    Victimhood is so appealing to propogandist Lefties they’ll invent it just to promote themselves. Shaun King is another one of the new style of racist techno-profiteers.
    Twittering, blogging and bleeting.
    So move over Al, you’ve been getting lots of company on the race-baiting gravy train ever since the Trayvon Martin shooting was hyped by our ratings hungry media and turned into a hundred fashionable Causes and ‘non-profits.’ Now everybody wants their golden ticket to ride. As the old saying goes, “get it while the gettin’s good.”

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    • dginga says:

      This is probably why the “victims’ ” families get mad these days when hucksters like Sharpton and Jackson show up at the scenes of their crimes to shill for cash. Why should Sharpton and Jackson get that cash when the family of the alleged victim could be raking it all in?

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  6. froggielegs says:

    If you look at this video ( H/T Vickie Pate aka Re-Newsit)

    You will see that he is listed as a Freshman in the 1994 school year. There’s also a video of him in school as a Junior in the 1995 school year. How did he become a Sophomore in 1995 during this alleged beating? According to “O” magazine which he was in because Oprah gave him a scholarship to Morehouse, the beating happened in 1995 and he missed 2 years of school. Do High Schools in Kentucky go higher than Senior year cause in 95 he was a Junior? LOL

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  7. allhail2 says:

    I’d like to ask the guy who whooped his butt a few questions? 10-1, King constantly ran his mouth or picked on other kids and someone finally had enough of his BS.
    Maybe not, but I like my odds. He strikes me as the insecure, high school retard who mouths off to “establish” himself. There’s always one.

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  8. James F says:

    This is just as big, if not bigger than the Dolezal storry.

    Why is is it being ignored by most media?

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    • libby says:

      Well, #black LIES matter and thus the media doesnt want to expose the black lies that matter


    • Sentient says:

      She literally dyed her skin for years to pass as black. That’s why. He’s only affected the thin ‘stache and goatee common to black youths.


  9. Deadhead says:

    Redneck should be considered a racist term. It infers ignorant and low class behavior based on the color of skin.

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  10. Dean says:

    The above poster is 100% correct-why is this fraud’s story getting no ink!!

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  11. Amy says:

    I mean this, If I am ever in need of an internet investigator, I am going to hire you!
    LOL! You have that way of sorting through the bull shit.


  12. Phooey says:

    Dolezal was a loon in every way, but at least she seemed basically harmless.

    This guy is so much more vile and so much more of a phony when it comes to “the cause.” He’s a hustler, sitting behind a screen, crowdfunding his way through life, bullying anybody who questions anything he does, and generally making the world a nastier place.

    It will be so satisfying watching him crash and burn.

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    • allhail2 says:

      I agree. And I contend bullying his way through life is what the real high school story is. His “vicious attack” was probably at the hands of some good ol’ country boy tired of his garbage, and most likely done for the greater good of the school.

      Of course, I’ll laugh even harder if he was beat down by a no nonsense black girl he was trying to woo.


      • Mist'ears Mom says:

        They are both just as dangerous in their own special ways. Dolezal was trying to stir up trouble and animosity in northern Idaho and eastern WA with her false racial claims of being targeted by white supremacists. A fabricated bs fantasy she made up to get attention and give Coeur d’Alene a bad name. Years ago they had para militias/skinheads in N ID, they have worked hard to overcome this stigma and here along comes rachel dolezal with her lies. Targeting for division.
        This guy is the same promoting racial division by what ever means only on a much bigger stage jumping on the BLM crap. Both of them will do whatever it takes for their cause. The truth is a foreign language to them.


  13. Tkim says:

    Bless his pale little heart. Problem is that he knows his audience. He caters to the low IQ and/ or perpetually angry. He has caused violence and riots just by constructing his lies.

    In his bizarre head, lives both black and white are secondary to his narrative.

    This isn’t the balloon boy’s father lying for attention. This is a nut lying to create hate and mayhem.

    When he is called out I expect him to go the BGI route as it pulled the Tawana Brawley story. (There was an attempt to link the “rapist cops” to the Irish Republican Army and Queen Elizabeth. It got little traction but tellingly it wasn’t ridiculed as bizarre fiction. There are members of that New Angry Cat Party [hee] who probably armed themselves to stroll through Bensonhurst, looking for leprechauns to whack).

    Those at Daily Kos with firing brain cylinders better buy a hat and hold the heck on to it if they decide that Opie King is a liability.


    • The Fighting Man says:

      You have me laughing out loud here–‘New Angry Cat Party’! Then it morphs into: “New Angry Dark-Haired Kitteh Party”—“New Snarling, Spitting, Really, Really Angry Dark-Haired Kitteh Party….”


  14. Nanny G says:

    Considering how fact-light the whole ”black lives matter,” movement is, I wonder if this will hurt him.
    I mean, I still hear blacks claiming Cleopatra was black.
    I still hear that Michael Brown’s hands were up as he was shot in the back.
    I still hear so many lies and illogical claims coming from that group.
    It is as Dark Ages a belief system as is Islam’s up until today.


    • The Fighting Man says:

      My students always ask what race the Egyptians were, insisting they were sub-Saharan Africans. They also have to be disabused of the lie that Europeans “stole” sub-Saharan Egyptian African (say it with a straight face, now) culture and that’s why Africa is so impoverished. Glad I only teach part time. I’d be perpetually sick if I had to put up with the *&&%^ 24/7. I’ll keep my day job….


    • Les says:

      “…I still hear blacks claiming Cleopatra was black.”

      I’m a retired troll, but I still eff with people on youstupidtube about that. hahaha I think they don’t understand what “Hellenistic” means.

      I can’t name them in order, but I have flashbacks from Western Civ telling me the Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Turks (and a few more) ruled Egypt for thousands of years. I think the Nubians ruled it for like 75 years (and they didn’t really occupy and rule Egypt, they stayed home mostly). If you want to quantify black rule of a country IN Africa, it’s something like 75/3500. Reduce it and it looks even worse. haha


  15. aprilyn43 says:

    Look people, we’re telling a story here, recording the perfect history, “Facts .. Truth” are irrelevant, after all what do you want, “facts” or the correct political meme.
    Remember … History is written by the victors, and that “damn sure” is gonna be us!


  16. Krazy Kat says:

    One should never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Especially if one is raking in $$.


  17. mpmp2015 says:

    Shaun King is white. Another white person perpetrating as a black person. A complete fraud!!!


  18. John Galt says:

    I think I’m pretty much completely desensitized to leftist liars now. The list is very long.


    • Tkim says:

      But the best part is the Left talking heads telling us that we need to have a conversation so we can understand why a twenty year old Caucasian co-ed from Wellesley felt the need to live as a sixty year old Peruvian cacao farmer who helped transgendered llamas get veterinary surgery to live their truth.

      It’s beautiful, man. 🙂


  19. CrimsonSun says:

    I’ll ask the question where the “gruesome” photos came from then…I don’t like King, I think he’s a lying con man who bilked both Haiti children and Tamir Rice’s family out of money…but I’d like to know who is the beaten man in the photos.


  20. peachteachr says:

    First, I don’t think the story he is selling is true. What beating causes 2 spinal surgeries? Certainly none of the “knock out” white victims haven’t had spinal injuries; they have had serious facial and brain injuries. Why would Shaun’s beating be so different?
    When my daughter was in high school, she came home angry one day b/c the blacks were always ‘copping a feel’ when she was changing classes. I was going to the school to talk to the principal but she wouldn’t let me. She said it would be twice as bad for her if I caused problems. She graduated HS in the 90’s as well. I going to call BS on this BLM scam, too.


  21. moe ham head says:

    transracial lies matter


  22. flightattendentfailures says:

    Reblogged this on Police Lives (truly) Matter and commented:

    What a deceitful liar and con-man.
    Yes indeed “BlackLIESmatter”….


  23. Indiemex says:

    Hahaha! Regardless of his ethnicity, this guys white. Significantly lighter than this, “White Hispanic” So, I guess #somewhitelivesreallydomatterafterall!


  24. JunieG says:

    Another hate crime hoax. These people are so used to having unconditional uncritical support that they don’t comprehend that their claims can be verified or disproven, or that forensic or other evidence exists that contradicts their claims.

    They tell us that straight whites are the most dangerous animals on the planet – and yet, they have to fabricate crimes.


    • Tkim says:

      I’ll never forget that pinheaded snowflake who claimed the Baltimore cops just beat up her riot attending co-patriot and he was now black and blue.

      Seriously? Insta-bruises?

      Is there a Social Justice Fudge the Truth app? Some of these whippersnappers could use one. Look up the effects of pepper spray, for instance, before you whip up some fake tears and pour Red Bull on your Quicksilver tee. The adults are snatching ourselves bald headed over here.

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  25. Rachelle says:

    Notice how achieving ‘Victim Status’ has become so important in America. As a commodity being a ‘victim’ seems more useful than a college degree. Certainly it trumps a degree in ‘black studies’ or ‘gender studies’ or ‘?? studies’. Although those courses do teach you how to achieve the ultimate reward and become ‘A Victim!’ No wonder so many people are faking their ‘Victim’ status.


  26. carterzest says:


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  27. bob e says:

    looks like he was beaten badly by the ugly stick ..


  28. Millwright says:

    Of one thing I’m certain. The Obama Administration has seemingly managed to attract an extensive collection of con artists and scalawags’ whose blatant schemes may be the only true “transparency” it has delivered to the american public.


  29. This comment may make me a target, but I must make it. Most likely none of my words will matter because the internet is chock full of ignorance, but I’m going to give it a shot. My name is Willis Polk II and I am professionally known as Deacon of the rap group CunninLynguists. Google me. I’ve known Shaun almost my entire life. Not only is it true that Shaun is of mixed race, but it’s also true that he was beaten badly in high school by a mob of students. Beaten to within an inch of his life. Beaten to the point that he needed multiple spinal surgeries. How do I know this? Because I visited his bedside before and after each surgery and was his friend while he dealt with injuries that still plague him till this day. I grew up in Versailles, KY during a time when race relations were at an all time low. Altercations based on hate were happening on a daily and anybody from my generation that grew up in Versailles and has any self-awareness and common decency would tell you the same. The lengths that people are going to make Shaun out to be a fraud make me sick, but hey. It’s the world we live in. Shaun has had people questioning his race since he was in the 2nd or 3rd grade and obviously he’s probably going to have to deal with this question until the day he dies. The fact that people are actually questioning whether or not he was beaten by a gang of students while attending Woodford County High School blows my mind. The internet never ceases to amaze me.


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  36. Wogomon says:

    Pink Lives Matter! – Anyone see the video of this guy on the CNN story tonight? He is as pale and pink as a baby’s bottom!


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