Nevada State Polling Shows Donald Trump Crushing Field – Including Massive Support From Latinos…

Washington, D.C., July 16, 2015 – One America News Network, “OAN”, a credible source for 24/7 national and international news, released today its most recent 2016 Republican and Democratic Presidential Polling Results for Nevada conducted by Gravis Marketing.

Trump poll Nevada

The results show that GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has a commanding lead of 27.7%, with recently announced Presidential Candidate Scott Walker in second with 15%. In third is Ben Carson with 7.8% with Jeb Bush a point behind at 6.8%. Marco Rubio rounds out the top five with 5.4%. Undecided voters remain high at just over 20%.

With polled Hispanics, Presidential Candidate Trump received 31.4%, higher than his overall performance of 27.7%. The only other Presidential Candidate to receive double digit support by Hispanics is Scott Walker with 11.4%. (read more)

Trump Campaign Website HERE

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30 Responses to Nevada State Polling Shows Donald Trump Crushing Field – Including Massive Support From Latinos…

  1. I’m very encouraged by the poll results that show Trump leads—by a wide margin—among Hispanics, even if most Hispanics will probably vote Dem in the general election.


    • georgiafl says:

      Interesting the Hispanics also liked Scott ‘right to work’ Walker.

      That must stick in some Democrat and LaRaza craws.

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    • Lea says:

      I believe that legal immigrants are as threatened by the illegal immigrants as anyone else. They went through all the hard work to become American Citizens. They pay taxes like the rest of us now. With all the illegals crossing our boarders being supported by tapping government resources (food , housing, health care and on and on………), legal immigrants’ tax dollars are in the mix too. My guess is they are as concerned as the rest of us about the violence and drugs the illegals bring with them. So, other than Trump, what candidate has thought of them? I can see a large portion of them hitching themselves to his wagon.

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      • Monroe says:

        The legal immigrants left their country to get away from the criminal element found mixed in with the illegal immigrants.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        They’ve all been upset about it for a long, long time.

        They Know the Truth. Trump spoke the Truth. And That is why he’s rising. He is not afraid to tell the Truth. He offer real world solutions, and the know how to get things done.

        I will take a Truther over a Liar, any second of any day.

        Thankfully, he has also exposed ALL of the Liars for everyone to see.
        Two shots in one.
        Is it 5 yet? 😉


    • Teddi says:

      That is a huge element if true on Hispanics.
      They might surprise you at election time – people (all) want opportunity and Trumps best represents America returning to the land of opportunity.


  2. conservalicious says:

    Yahoo! Gooooooo Donald!

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  3. Be Ge says:

    American citizen, holders of employment-permissive visas and greencards (aka legal permanent residents) of Latin American origin are probably not very happy about huge influx of illegals aka competition against “dumping” rates. Very logical. For one thing, Latino folks do not have this idiocy common among red-black-n-green-back-to-Africa/BLM Negro crowds — you know, “we should all think the same” (e.g., voting Obolo 95%). Some Latinos would go with Dems, some with the GOP — just like everybody else. Those with the GOP like Donald Trump — why would this be surprising?

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    • John Galt says:

      I find it surprising that unions support illegal alien workers, NAFTA and free trade with Asia. Good luck competing with $150 per month Hanoi labor.

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      • racerxx says:

        Yes this confounds me as well. You have to wonder if the Unions really do have different masters, or are content being on the 1st class decks of a sinking ship. If I was in a union the last thing I’d want to see is my union being complicit with an influx of cheap labor competing against me.


      • Sentient says:

        I have no doubt that if Trump were the nominee, he’d have no trouble being more popular among union voters than Trumka. Trump would kick Trumka’s butt.

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      • crazy says:

        More workers = more union dues = more democrat votes.


  4. Alfred E. Neuman says:

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.


  5. Millwright says:

    Trump’s lead with hispanic voters only ‘surprises’ progressives and their GOP fellow travelers. Latino voters are far more sophisticated than these groups – including GOP mavens – credit them with being. The runaway torrent of illegals (aka “undocumented individuals” ) are perceived as threatening jobs, opportunity, and (increasingly ) the safety of all legal latino immigrants. It also impacts other ethnicities, too. And I believe Trump recognizes their realities and concerns far better than most others in the GOP lineup. And, fortunately, the Democrats are still ‘doing their business’ at the same old stand with the same old pitch. Nothing. I believe, will turn off those aspiring to the american dream and ethos more quickly.

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    • joanfoster says:

      The most impassioned speeches from this week-end at the Trump fest in Phoenix were the many Hispanics who spoke of being victims of crimes committed by illegals. Hopefully, these messages will be repeated during the primary season and Hispanic voters will again see clear evidence of how this lack of immigration policy and control is affecting their security and way of life. This is the issue that Trump must drive home. All other candidates appear to treat the Hispanic vote as just another arm of the welfare state.

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      • TheFightingMan says:

        Agree. Can you imagine the horror these fine US citizens of Chicano/Latino heritage suffer at the hands of illegal aliens from south of the border? My heart goes out to them the same as it does to the hard-working black folk who play by the rules. It is so unfair to these worthy citizens. United with them, I stand. The Lord has our backs.

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  6. jackphatz says:

    I’d love to know how that 20.4% unsure is leaning.

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  7. AllOrNothing says:

    Trump for President! By the way…I’m a naturalized United States Citizen…born in Mexico. Viva America!

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  8. justfactsplz says:

    Hot diggidy dog! I’m sick of the “I’m smarter than you” crowd on Fox taunting that Trump won’t win the Hispanic Vote. Just watch him!

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  9. keebler AC says:

    Tom Cotton for VP!

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Not sure about VP, but definitely in a Defense spot. Definitely on the Trump Team.

      I signed his petition and Love his Thank You splash page. Like Trump, he is well aware of his popularity:

      Women For Cotton
      Farmers For Cotton
      Seniors For Cotton
      Vets For Tom

      Think of Just these people in your corner.

      Most of them, like Trump, are CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s…. People who sit down at the dining room table at night (maybe), and try to balance the checkbook(s), many business and personal. They get it. They deal with it every day!


    • TwoLaine says:

      Immigration puts hold on aliens after officer’s car flips off road
      Published: 12/31/2006 at 9:47 PM

      “A sheriff’s deputy in Georgia was killed on his way to work this morning in a traffic crash with two suspected illegal aliens.

      Deputy Loren Lilly, who had been with the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office for 18 years, was pronounced dead at the scene after his Honda Accord flipped several times after being struck by a Ford Taurus.”


      SO Many to even count.


  10. keebler AC says:

    His views align with Trump a whole lot. Very bright and said to be a real wonk in Congress. Whatever that means. I think it’s good. He surprises interviewers.

    Prayers ya’ll! I can’t seem to pray enough. Must find time…….more time…..

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  11. keebler AC says:

    Trump’s stock is going up! :

    Fifty seven percent of Republicans see Trump favorably, versus 40 percent who do not.

    The sampling also discovered that most voters still view the New York business mogul negatively.

    Approximately 61 percent view Trump negatively, pollsters found, compared with 33 percent who do not.

    Those results still show that Trump’s stock is rising, the Post said on Wednesday. He initially earned a 16 percent favorable rating, the newspaper noted, with 71 percent viewing him unfavorably, upon launching his campaign in June.

    (This is only in one month)

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  12. Lea says:

    Guess they finally decided to go to the source to hear what Trump has to say instead of relying on the MSM’s reports of lies and half sentences. Bet it was a ‘WOW’ moment for them!


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