Baltimore CVS Arson Suspect Identified and On The Run – “Raymon Carter” ATFE Requesting Help / Information…

WASHINGTON – Federal investigators have identified the man they believe is responsible for the burning of a CVS Pharmacy during riots that broke out following the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore this spring.

CVS arsonist - baltimore

Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are looking for Raymon Carter, 24, and have obtained a warrant for his arrest. Carter faces a federal arson charge for intentionally setting a fire at the CVS at Pennsylvania and North avenues in Baltimore.

Investigators released surveillance images of Carter in May hoping that the public could help identify him along with other responsible for setting fires at other locations. Multiple phone calls to the ATF’s tip line identified the man in the photos from the CVS at 2509 Pennsylvania Avenue as Carter, says Special Agent David Cheplak with the Baltimore field office.

If Carter is convicted he could face five to 20 years in prison, Cheplak says.

Carter is described as 5-foot-8 and weighs about 180 pounds Investigators would not say where Carter lives, according to the ATF.

Investigators have not yet arrested Carter and are asking for the public’s help locating him. Anyone with information about Carter’s whereabouts is asked to call 1-888-ATF-FIRE (283-3473). (link)

baltimore hs cvs


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49 Responses to Baltimore CVS Arson Suspect Identified and On The Run – “Raymon Carter” ATFE Requesting Help / Information…

  1. Les says:

    What is up with his head? I think I know what they mean by “ook” now. lol

    And what about the guy who cut the fire hose? Did he ever get arrested?


  2. doodahdaze says:

    I would check the SPLC headquarters

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  3. Mentalist says:

    Mugshots = previous record. And knowing what I know about the criminal justice system in the state of Maryland, I would not be surprised if he has an extensive criminal record with little if any time actually spent behind bars.

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    • libby says:

      Disparate impact => black privelege


      • waltherppk says:

        Now let’s all keep in mind what SCOTUS has said about disparate impact, long ago made into a nursery rhyme, so even a child can understand, Eenie, meenie, minie mo ……..


    • Stamp says:

      Indeed ie: Freddie Gray with some 22 priors, and that DV perp in Balto county who was shot while performing his 18th wife beating at a residence he was court ordered to stay away from.


      • Mentalist says:

        I would add to that one of the members of the Bloods gang who strangled, raped , and burned a 16-year-old City High School student in her home during a burglary who was released from a Baltimore County jail just 5 days prior for another burglary. The Maryland judicial system, don’t you just love it?


        • Greetings from Baltimore County–lots of gang activity here in the formerly safe-ish “rabbit hills,” including Bloods, Crips, MS 13 and Black Guerilla Fams. Have had people come to PTA meetings for Balto. Co. public schools in gang colors….


          • Mentalist says:

            I don’t doubt it. Things started going downhill years ago when city residents used their relative’s home address to send their children to schools out in the county. Brought nothing but drug-dealing, gang-banging, fights, etc. and practically destroyed once goods schools like Randallstown, Woodlawn, Parkville, etc. I understand they cracked down on this practice today, but it doesn’t help that the schools are being run by a unqualified, incompetent buffoon like Dallas Dance.


    • archer52 says:

      In the nineties it was far worse. I nicknamed juvenile court as “A day at the Zoo”. It was a huge “contained riot” INSIDE the court with gang banger defendants turning and mugging with their posse of gang supporters in the galley, a sign at the door saying “family members only” obviously being totally ignored.

      Repeat offenders openly laughed and mocked the whole process. And then the lawyers were just poking each other and goofing, all the while the judge glared helplessly, while the victims sat horrified and afraid.

      As I waited my turn, a young black male, dark skinned, tall and thin, his head adorned with a ratty afro, his eyes half closed with boredom and disrespect, stood next to his frumpy old man public defender, while the lawyer argued this kid’s situation was the fault of the State not having enough programs.

      The victim, a frail looking, gray haired, elderly white woman in her seventies, stood meekly to one side. The young black man had stolen her only source of transportation, her Cadillac, took it on a joy ride and crashed it. She was on foot. No way to get to church or a doctor or a grocery store. And that black kid did not care.

      The judge looked down from on high and said that he would sentence the young black man to more probation, made no attempt to address the woman or make her whole for damages. The kid smiled, the woman was shocked and confused and the frumpy PD closed his thick manila file and nodded. Game goes on and on.

      You know how many arrests that kid had? Forty-three. And he was seventeen.

      Right then, I decided any justice would be dispensed by the police. No offender had respect for court or jail. Courts were toothless, and jail is where all their friends were!

      Lucky for me, our new Chief showed up, and he had no more patience for bad guys than I did. After that, with his leadership, our department’s officers put the hammer down and we became to be known as “the Wall” by the criminal element in the surrounding area. Our crime plummeted.

      Oh, on a side note, the judge stuck with this duty was a liberal. His “don’t give a sh*t attitude” changed when his house was burglarized around Christmas, his vehicle stolen and burned, and his gifts to his wife- including a very expensive diamond bracelet- were taken. I was in court after that event. It was a very different experience and hilarious.

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      • DG says:

        Any chance you remember judges name?

        Also he has 15 entries at least in the maryland court case search. Mostly drugs. I see an assault and a domestic violence and paternity case as well.


        • archer52 says:

          No, sadly.

          But the case was hilarious. The kids who did it didn’t realize they had broken into a judge’s home. They ransacked it, took xmas presents and his truck. They drove around their neighborhood giving away gifts to skanky girls, including I think a five grand tennis bracelet. Everybody knew who did it.

          Then when the SO got the case, their command was “Forget all the rules and arrest someone!” The kids burned the truck and tried to hide evidence. But it didn’t matter, they suffered the wrath of the system. They were just dumb.

          When they got to court, their attorneys told them to shut up and take the plea deal, ANY plea deal! Nobody complained, no “rights were violated” stuff. Just quick justice. (yes, all animals are equal, just some animals are more equal than others.)

          Now the best part was when the judge returned to the bench. I was in court, same old stuff, people laughing, people horsing around, attorneys not paying attention.

          I was sitting in the back watching the judge. I noticed he wasn’t look at the attorney in front of him, pleading his poor unfortunate client’s case. Momma didn’t love him, his shoes were too tight,..whatever. The whole time the judge is staring a hole in the back of the courtroom, not looking at either attorney or the defendant. The attorney finished and the judge looked down and said in a quietly cold voice, “Are you done?” The attorney mumbled something, wilting under the judge’s glare. “Uh, yes your honor?”

          The judge swung his gavel down BAM!! “GUILTY!!” And hammered the kid.

          Suddenly, and I kid you not, the court went dead quiet. Everybody stopped and turned to look at the judge. Defense attorneys when white. ASA attorneys were suddenly besieged with defense attorneys deciding that trial may not be the best option at the moment, and it was an open bazaar of plea deals.

          I was grinning from ear to ear. My guys plead out too.

          There is some truth to the old saying the difference between a liberal and conservative is a liberal is a conservative that hasn’t been robbed yet.

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      • canadacan says:

        I’m getting an education


  4. Stamp says:

    Catch and released this homie HOW many times?

    He has to have relatives.

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  5. archer52 says:

    Surprised the ATF is working so hard. Good for them. And it shows that “snitches get stitches” works, unless you offer some cash. Then it’s “Sorry homie, I need a new Samsung Galaxy S6!”

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  6. TNman says:

    Feds are looking for him to make sure he doesn’t miss his presidential freedom medal award ceremony in the rose garden next to the gay flag wh. If 0 had a son….


  7. hebejg says:

    the only thing left on the shelves by the time he set the fire was suntan lotion and Father’s day cards.


  8. Tracer Round says:

    CVS needs to sue the Mayor & the City for “willful neglect” in their failure to protect their property.

    Mayor: “It’s just property.”


    • Les says:

      Reminder: She’s the secretary of the DNC

      This is the NEW ACORN:

      “But many on the DNC strongly resisted the forced removal of longtime activist Alice Travis Germond as DNC secretary. Highly popular with the membership, Germond, who calls the roll of the states at presidential nominating conventions, is only the third person to hold that job since 1944. In order to tighten its control of the DNC, the White House wanted to replace her with Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the mayor of Baltimore, who has no experience in national politics.

      Angered by the handling of the leadership change by Patrick Gaspard, a former Obama organizer who serves as the party’s executive director, DNC members tried to postpone election of the secretary until the fall. A clearly flustered Schultz, after halting the proceedings and huddling offstage with Germond, returned to announce that Germond had agreed to become secretary emeritus of the party and an at-large DNC member. With that, the slate of officers, including Rawlings-Blake, was approved.

      The unexpected drama came only days after President Obama announced creation of his new national advocacy operation, Organizing for Action, widely seen as undermining the DNC’s already weakened status as a political organization.”


    • Davis Miller says:

      “It’s just property” but the funny thing is blacks are the most materialistic group out there. “It’s just property” if it doesn’t belong to them. else, they will put a bullet in your head for a couple rubber pieces glued together in a sweatshop in china that costs them $5 to make, aka shoes.

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  9. Rachelle says:

    I wonder if he did something else to annoy the feds. Hard to believe this DOJ would bother a black guy over a little thing like burning down a few buildings. Now if he were white . . . . But he isn’t, and blacks believe they have–and may actually have–a license and space to destroy.


  10. Will says:

    Uh-oh, not good news for the movement. What on earth could have motivated this action? Potential for leaks?


  11. John Galt says:

    This is so not fair. Mayor “deer in the headlights” gave him Queen’s X. Now the Feds turn around and deny disaster money and go after Dindu Nuffins.

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  12. peachteachr says:

    You have to love the ATF. They are looking for him but won’t say where he is.


  13. moe ham head says:

    check the local jails
    i hear thats where he hangs out


  14. has anyone seen this?
    found this on #blackliesmatters


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  15. James F says:

    Will Michael Moore and Shaun King give him a cash reward by paying his bail?


  16. LEO says:

    I know this is off topic on this thread, but I hope that Sundance will do an article about this.

    We’ve made it pretty clear our policy about “off topic” posts on threads, especially when it is done to try and pressure us into covering something that “you” feel is important.

    Sometimes Admins will go off topic on a thread, but that is our perogative.

    I’ve deleted your off topic comment and placed you in moderation as it appears you are unable or unwilling to respect our house rules.

    -Admin YTZ


  17. bofh says:

    So I; wondering: WHY did Carter torch the CVS? Did it just seem like a fun thing to do? Was he angry because all of the good stuff he wanted had already been taken? Or was it planned, and did someone (like who?) pay him in some manner to do it?


    • lorac says:

      But setting things (or people) on fire is popular with some in this group. Maybe it was cleaned out when he started the fire, because he wanted to give his fellow criminals time to get out of danger….


  18. ZurichMike says:

    Those two photos look like two different guys to me.


  19. oldnorthstate says:

    Can’t be a lot of room for frontal lobe development in a “haid” like Raymon’s.


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