FEMA Denies Baltimore Request For Disaster Aid To Cover Riot Expenses – Baltimore Mayor Plans To Appeal…

Well, well, well – what do you know, FEMA gets it right.  The taxpayers are spared from having to bail out Baltimore’s inept leadership.   Almost immediately: “the wheels on the bus go whaa – whaa – whaa”…  Up next: “FEMA is racist”.

baltimore mayor faceBALTIMORE – The Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied a state request for disaster aid to cover the costs associated with the rioting and unrest that broke out in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray.

W. Craig Fugate, FEMA’s administrator, wrote in a June 12 letter to Gov. Larry Hogan that federal disaster aid was “not appropriate” for such an event.

“Therefore, I must inform you that your request for a major disaster declaration is denied,” Fugate wrote.

Spokeswoman Erin Montgomery said Friday that the Hogan administration “is reviewing FEMA’s response and will make a determination about the appropriate next steps, including a possible appeal.”

[…] Howard Libit, a spokesman for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, said Friday that the city is working on an appeal.

“We’re told we have 30 days to appeal,” he said. “We’re working with the federal delegation and Obama administration officials to assess what we might do to become eligible for reimbursement.”

Henry J. Raymond, Baltimore’s finance director, said in May that the city was covering the costs from its rainy-day fund but hoped for federal reimbursement of up to 75 percent of the costs. (read more)

baltimore hs police firebaltimore hs fire 2

baltimore hs primarybaltimore hs cvs

baltimore mayor selfie w tweet

[…] “we also gave those who wished to destroy, space to do that as well”…

Official Seal of Democratic Party

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86 Responses to FEMA Denies Baltimore Request For Disaster Aid To Cover Riot Expenses – Baltimore Mayor Plans To Appeal…

  1. booger71 says:

    Maybe when Barry gets back from playing golf and begging for money, he will give Fema a call and get Baltimore a few billion.

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    • lourdes says:

      That first photo of her she look really dumb either that or somebody just copped a feel of a pair of neuticles.


    • 2x4x8 says:

      Barry didn’t bailout Detroit, let it go bankrupt, riots aren’t some form of natural disaster, if the Chicago Cubs win the World Series will FEMA get the bill?

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      • jello333 says:

        Umm… if the Cubs win, we’re ALL in trouble. 😦 I’m sure you know it’s one of the Signs of the End Times… right?

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        • 2x4x8 says:

          Tom Ricketts; the owner, has been making improvements with the approval of the mayor and neighbors, said: “I want to apologize in advance for the riot when the Cubs win the World Series”, which he promised as part of the “improvements”, Cubs are doing great but never going to beat St Louis for the division

          the Blackhawks parade/rally over 60,000 at Soldier Field, very little mischief after winning game

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    • If Barry does not the President Obama will when she gets back from her European trek with the girls.


  2. Rhea Salacia Volans says:

    Good! I might sound mean, but they should have thought of this BEFORE they gave people “space to destroy.” What sane public official give people space to do that!? Let Baltimore pay for it. They let it happen, they encouraged and allowed it. I don’t want to have to bail them out.

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  3. Aslan's Girl says:

    Heh. This was a case of “man-caused disaster”, er, maybe that should be “woman-caused disaster”.

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    • smiley says:

      maybe FEMA knows if they were to assist one town (Baltimore), there are HOW MANY OTHER TOWNS with similar “disasters” that will also start begging for FEMA’s help..??
      don’t open that door..
      where will it end?
      give an inch. take miles.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Heh, Maybe Mosby can write the appeal for Blake… I am actually glad that they are not awarding them any money for the disaster they created. However they were operating to create a disaster with the expectation of Federal money. Someone in the administration must have assured them they would get paid. My dollars would be on an Obama override and the FEMA decision only gives Obama a chance to come in as the “hero” to save the day.

      If they do get money it sets a bad precedent as politicians will line up to create their own disaster areas and redirect the money to campaign doners.


  4. Sharon says:

    Just can’t help herself. Scramble through the regulations and find a way to re-imagine their situation…..“Just tell us what to do to get it. We wantz it! It’s ours!”

    She doesn’t know that she’s exposing her lack of character since self-awareness is not part of her skill set.

    She’s the little kid who covers their eyes and then says “You can’t see me.”

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    • Menagerie says:

      I seriously doubt she would grasp what lack or character means. Or see that lack as a problem. Character these days seems to be equivalent to being “urban cool” whatever that is.

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  5. Ziiggii says:

    “the wheels on the bus go whaa – whaa – whaa”…


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  6. 1hear2learn says:

    Maybe if appeal fails, they’ll have hissy fit and spill the beans on ValJar? That could be fun, no?


  7. Great news! Now stand by for the next series if destruction over the proper decision made by FEMA, well, one can hope anyway.. Oh, to the first above pic, she needs to leave the lips alone.. Just to large already! Geez..


    • Mentalist says:

      No,she just has an affinity for makeup and frequent visits to the salon she she became mayor (if you look at pictures when she was a councilwoman you can see the difference). The running joke around town is that she gave those who wished to destroy, space to do that as well – except for the MAC Cosmetics, Ulta Beauty, and LUSH stores.

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  8. Be Ge says:

    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other — President John Adams.

    Certain people, from King Hammurapi to Harry (G-d rest him in peace) Lee did know some of these others better than American Founding Fathers. Caning with 4-ft rattan sticks and forced labor in a debt prison are far more adaequate ways of treating givers of “space to destroy” vs any alternative available here in the US according to the current laws.


  9. Mentalist says:

    Well, for the last couple of days she’s been feuding with Gov. Hogan over her attempt to screw the owners of liquor stores that were looted during the riots. She basically told them that in order to receive aid they had to stop selling liquor (and sell groceries) or relocate to another area. The governor strongly disagrees with her attempt to screw them over. Never mind that these liquor stores are legally licensed under grandfathering provision under city ordinances that date back to the 1970’s, and the owners probably have a good lawsuit if they choose to pursue one.



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    • TwoLaine says:

      Who the h311 does she think she is?

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      • Mentalist says:

        This is a woman who went from a shoo-in to be re-elected as mayor before the riots to a very vulnerable incumbent who has people considering running against her (which includes her predecessor, Sheila Dixon, who was forced to resign as mayor over improprieties involving gift cards from Best Buy for needy children – and no I’m not making this up). At this point, she has chosen to go Coleman Young (former Mayor of Detroit who used racial identity politics to stay in office) in an attempt to save her political career.


        • Col.(R) Ken says:

          Coleman Young used the “Curly” effect. Goggle that term, it’s the Mayor of Boston, 1916, the effect is structuring a permanent voting block. By which you rob one class of people to provide for another. Great Poly Sci thesis. Enjoy.


          • Amity says:

            The Curley Effect was my first thought as well. The end result of said attempted robbery is generally to impoverish the people who voted for the guy.

            The part that puzzles me about the Curley Effect is that people keep voting from the guy who destroyed their own city! More evidence that envy is ultimately suicidal.

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      • Lou says:

        I think she believes she is G-d.


  10. Horsesoldier says:

    More popcorn please…
    Embrace the suck mayor!

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  11. Amity says:

    Surprised, but I greatly approve.

    Wonder if it’ll last.

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    • Kitty Smith says:

      I doubt it. I think the reason it was denied is because Hogan, a Republican, asked for it. The Dems must punish the people for voting in a Republican.

      Blake will win the appeal and get the money, which she will control. Then she will run for governor next term against Hogan and prattle on about how she accomplished what he couldn’t or wouldn’t because he doesn’t care blah blah.. There is no doubt in my mind that the denial of the FEMA request was all pre-arranged as part of helping her with a political play.

      Does anybody want to give me some odds that the liquor store owners she’s trying to squeeze out aren’t Republicans?


  12. TwoLaine says:

    Thank You Lord! 🙂
    This needs to be splashed all over the National news! Americans should know what these pimps are up to immediately.


  13. Jersey Beach says:

    President “two snaps in a circle” 😉 will have this approved immediately!


    • art tart says:

      Jersey Beach ~ yup. Obama will squeeze FEMA who is already busy w/ the Flooding in many states that was caused by mother nature, not thugs/criminals/street pharamicist & those looting for the hell of it.


    • fred says:

      This is like the trade deal. They make it look like it won’t be approved and start the kabuki program for the audience then miraculously come through with a deal. He won’t let his handy work go un paid.


  14. VegasGuy says:

    I am sure she (Ms. Rollin’ Black) thought this out using her “critical Black thought process.”
    FEMA aid is for localities that were impacted by “natural disasters”. Since, in her mind (as well as EVERYONE elses) Blacks ARE a “natural disaster”, she can’t figure out why FEMA denied the request……

    FEMA is racist, no question there…Won’t “help out a Bro”. The city was burned, looted, and rioted upon because 3 incompetent Police Officers, who were racist, had the audacity to arrest a felon. And, on the “orders” of the SA. to boot. That IS a natural occurrence is it not…?

    Sure hope she didn’t spend in excess of “replacement value” thinking an unlimited slush fund was coming her way….Totally Blind sided.

    Nothing like “strong Black women” in charge of an Administration. Instead of getting SH!t done, it becomes a case of Sh!t happens…..And she still has that “deer in the headlights” look……LOL

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  15. True Colors says:

    The relief money doesn’t matter. It’s just property, right?


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  16. Sandra says:

    Her appeal will contain a threat to “burn this b*tch down” if she doesn’t get the disaster money.

    FEMA should be looked at as a type of insurance. You don’t get an insurance payout if you light your own house on fire.

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  17. Sandra says:

    TWO CVS stores were destroyed ?? http://time.com/3849673/cvs-health-baltimore-riots-stores/

    The two stores, located at 2509 Pennsylvania Avenue and 2560 West Franklin Street, were destroyed last Monday during riots


  18. jello333 says:

    Hey! I’m on my way to GoFundMe! Gonna start a fundraising drive to help out Mayor Stephanie and her “protester” buddies. If FEMA won’t open their wallets… well, it’s up to us! Let’s do this! Who’s with me?


  19. Just Tea says:

    “We’re told we have 30 days to appeal,” he said. “We’re working with the federal delegation and Obama administration officials to assess what we might do to become eligible for reimbursement.”

    I don’t see how Obama will be able to help. This Mayor encouraged the rioting.

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  20. Dixie says:

    Compare Baltimore to Charleston and see the irony. In Baltimore they are condemning 6 people for the death of a black man and they tried to burn the city down, while in Charleston some are offering forgiveness to the white man who killed 9 blacks and so far no destruction of any kind. I am totally impressed by the blacks’ show of respect for the dead, may they rest in peace. I hope they can continue to hold it together.

    Liked by 4 people

    • fred says:

      The difference you see is people who believe in God and try hard to live by it. What a difference from crack head gang punks screaming burn it down. God works mysteriously and these people are showing the world the difference between liars and race baiters and paid provocateurs sent to cause unrest and destruction. What a lesson here of good and evil. What a story…. people not seeking revenge and offering forgiveness. I feel so much better to see this and pray the world will see the difference. And the lady who became the vessel and found the guy another story made for a great book.
      As far as the haters and inciters…. when you poke at the devil long enough he comes and sometimes he comes for you.

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      • jello333 says:

        At least up to this point, I’m willing to agree… the people we’re seeing seem to be a different breed than what we’re used to. HOWEVER, if “Reverend” Al comes there and they welcome him with open arms, and allow him to start speaking for them… well that’s when my respect for them will be gone.


  21. Dixie, I’ve been thinking about the contrast all day. Among the many, many ironies: it was a White man who killed the Black people; a White police chief who headed the intense investigation; a White woman to spotted and reported the killer to what looked like all-White police departments; a White mayor, who despite his advanced years stayed on top of the entire situation and handled it with grace and intelligence; and a non-Black governor who tied the whole thing up with sensitivity and understanding. The Black citizens have clearly felt the love and appreciated the leadership’s ability to keep order BEFORE anything got started.
    I hope I’m not speaking too soon.

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    • Amity says:

      I hope things stay peaceful in Charleston as well. And I think the odds are pretty good it’ll be okay. In light of what the families of the victims said today, rioting would be outright disrespectful.

      Plus I don’t think any of the Usual Suspects will encourage it — rioting because some nut job killed a bunch of people does not make the same political statement as rioting over “police brutality.”

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  22. Millwright says:

    A FEMA payout would be extremely unpopular in Congress. And the president already has serious credibility issues within his own party. All the ‘red state’ constituents, (and a lot of the blue state ones too) would see the yawning fiscal chasm of an endless cycle of constantly rebuilding ghettos, (old or new) whenever the BGI unleashes its maniacal hordes. Recall how the “Great Society” constructs that replaced old working-class neighborhoods, took to become “high-rise ghettos” ? (These headline failures of social engineering eyesores have since been largely torn down.)


  23. lovely says:

    The appeal for a FEMA payout because they destroyed their own city reminds me of the Mendez brothers appeal for mercy because they were “orphans” after they killed their parents.

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  24. nivico says:

    I’m a tad bit confused…

    Baltimore acknowledges that it can afford to pay for the damages itself out of its rainy-day fund, so why are they hitting up FEMA?

    What they’re really asking FEMA to do, then, is replenish their coffers… and since that isn’t what FEMA is for, the city in so many words admits that it plans to work the system and appeal FEMA’s denial with some convoluted way of “becoming eligible for reimbursement” with the help of the Obama administration?


    • pspsst says:

      Sparky has no interest in paying for Baltimore rebuilding after black rioting. He’d sooner shuttle the money somehow for his own agenda and share among his Muslim sponsors. There has to be somet’ing in it for him. Blacks are just his political pawns to repay muslim roots for putting him the white house. That blacks voted for him he absorbs as a must do out of their duty to him as blackface. He owes them nothing except letting them rage in pursuit of unhappyness.

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    • Noneatall says:

      You are right on target. They have admitted it is to replenish their rainy day fund. The key word in FEMA is Emergency. The fact that they were able to pay for it at all would make them ineligible for the funds. Someone in an earlier comment mentioned that it was denied because it came through a republican governor. I have never heard of an application for assistance coming through anyone but the state, except for the District of Columbia. They are their own little corrupt dynasty. It is an extremely tedious application to make and very few on the local government level would have the expertise, especially a City of Baltimore employee.


      • OP says:

        FEMA isn’t going to throw good money after bad…FEMA knows that Mosby’s case will fall flat on its face, and the city will burn again…


  25. Carter Burger says:

    Give them a few days, when nobody is paying attention, and FEMA will slip them a few hundred million dollars under the table.


  26. TyrannyOfEvilMen says:

    Ironic, since the Democratic Party paid for the rent-a-mobs through the defunked ACORN coalition.

    I guess Obama hates even black Americans.

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  27. Mike Hunt says:

    Maybe she should have thought about all of this before she “gave those who wished to destroy space to do that”.
    If I did this kind of thing in my own house, I’d be convicted of insurance fraud.


  28. MZAZ says:

    GOOD. Let that IDIOT MAYOR pay. She is the one who gave the OKAY to destroy Boston.


  29. shipley130 says:

    Space to destroy…the final frontier.


    • Janie M. says:

      I’m strange but sometimes, when I see a phrase, my mind goes to an accompanying tune. So…a mighty fine song by the Trammps comes to mind:

      To my surprise, one hundred stories high
      People getting loose y’all, getting down on the roof
      Folks are screaming, out of control
      It was so entertaining when the boogie started to explode
      I heard somebody say

      (Burn baby burn) disco inferno
      (Burn baby burn) burn that mother down
      (Burn baby burn) disco inferno
      (Burn baby burn) burn that mother down


  30. Lou Lou says:

    The expression on the mayors face says it all: uhhhhhh Duh


  31. JoeSnow says:

    Sorry, but when you give rioters and looters “space to destroy”, the taxpayers aren’t responsible for that. YOU are.


  32. Sickofit says:

    The picture of this mayor smiling as she takes a photo of a burning police vehicle says it all.


  33. clayusmcret says:

    What did the mayor tell the police? Oh yeah, “Stand down FEMA.”


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