The Baltimore Six Case – Open Discussion Thread…

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Open Discussion

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288 Responses to The Baltimore Six Case – Open Discussion Thread…

  1. doodahdaze says:

    OMG….I think there is going to be another Civil War. How it will eventually surface I do not know. I just do not see peaceful co-existance in the future. Uggghhhh!

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  2. Ziiggii says:

    Mr. Paul Gardner II was interviewed by WBAL early in the protest/riots


  3. FlatFoot says:

    I just discovered something about Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake today after someone commented how “pretty” she supposedly is “on the outside”, but so darn “ugly on the inside” — she’s availed herself of the Sharpton Diet and she’s had a whole heckuva lot of work done on herself over the last few years and ditched the hair-weaves for the wig she wears now…

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    • Les says:

      I her defense, she lost a bunch of weight and learned how to uncross her arms when speaking.


    • Wow! Great find! What a” meeshkite”


    • James F says:

      Definitely a nose job. That explains her unnatural, uncanny appearance that reminds people of Michael Jackson.


      • lorac says:

        I guess that hatred of whites is really self-hatred. She seems to be really trying to look as though she is of European ancestry…


        • John Galt says:

          “self-hatred” for which BGI blames whitey. Basically whitey made looters rob the hair weave stores.

          “He (Michael Jackson) knew, better than us, the obvious injustices of what being a black man at the very top meant, and subsequently, chose three children that reflected a self-image that he tried to recreate using his money and his wisdom.

          Black self-hatred, like any type of self-hatred is deadly serious! It’s not something for which one can fairly despise a character, particularly one so generous-hearted and full of love as Michael Jackson. It comes in many different extremes and the way with which it is dealt depends on the tools and skills we have at our disposal. Doubtlessly, it needs to be tackled: not with barefaced, self-righteous and hurtful criticism, but by exploring and later dismantling the factors that cause it.

          Despite Africans having made magnificent contributions as the founders of civilization, in the mind of nations around the world, and more importantly, in the minds of many black people, African history begins with the trans-Atlantic slave trade in the 17th century. This is essentially by design: the masters of imperialism, past and present, know well the destructive power of denying the historical greatness of a people – if you think you have never had anything, it is much harder to aspire for something. In this circumstance, the feeling is that you are starting from scratch, struggling to focus on your goals, without any definitive points of reference to define them.”


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  5. mweek says:

    Black spring coming, officers overcharged she will fail and blame the system


  6. rod serling says:

    The mayor of Baltimore prior to Ms. Rawlings-Blake was Ms. Sheila Dixon. Check her out on google or Wikipedia. She stepped down as Mayor after a plea deal (a huge fine and 500 hrs of community service) regarding mis-appropriations, gift cards for the needy and favors for developers (one of whom was a “boyfriend”). Allegedly, the boyfriend provided fur coats. That was in 2009.


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