Overnight Baltimore Riot Watch Thread – Open Discussion – Will The Curfew Work?

sharpton march

Al Sharpton baltimore


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178 Responses to Overnight Baltimore Riot Watch Thread – Open Discussion – Will The Curfew Work?

  1. Vintage66 says:

    Mini riot in Ferguson tonight and still going

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  2. nimrodman says:

    The latest harangue? Whole Foods feeding police and National Guard in Baltimore.

    While schools are closed and “high need” kids can’t get free or reduced-price lunches, of course.

    God forbid anyone should point out that we (the taxpayers) already provide their parent (singular) with food stamps with which to feed them. You know, make a sandwich? Open a can of soup? That kinda thing?

    The endless, endless, entitled whining is simply beyond belief.

    Whole Foods & Five Guys come under fire for tone-deaf police stunt – Salon.com

    (posted in the Wed Open Thread as well, because it’s so frikken unbelievable)

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    • TKim says:

      The progs actually believe that it is wrong to feed overworked police officers a free meal, but ok if the people the cops are trying to police were to break in and loot the stores and restaurants from top to bottom. Justice is the modern word for freebies to him who bellyaches the loudest.


  3. jc says:

    If they announce a curfew and don’t enforce it they’re just reinforcing the belief that following the law is optional.

    So the police and NG get exhausted staying up all night controlling some major intersections with phalanxes and nabbing a handful of flagrant violators and then the investigation announcement on friday disappoints the locals and all hell breaks loose on the weekend.

    What kind of penalties will be imposed on curfew violators when rioters and arsonists get free reign? It’s upside down, felonies are ignored but ordinance violations are selectively enforced? I suspect anyone arrested get waved thru the local courts, Freddie had scores of criminal arrests but almost no jail time.


  4. lovely says:

    So turning Baltimore into a Military State worked for one night.

    What will happen tonight? What will happen in the long run? When will the US sheeple begin to ask for a permanent police state because the streets are unsafe without being militarized?

    It seems everything is going as planned as the agenda marches on.

    What a sad day in Amerika.

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  5. SoTired says:

    And then they made a “martyr” of the self-proclaimed community organizer Joseph Kent because he broke curfew and got arrested. Of course, they are screaming that he was “disappeared”….smh. What is going on in America?


  6. TKim says:

    The community leaders never acknowledge that in the cities and towns they insist are chock full of hordes of racists, there is never any pushback from those phantom people. The only defense is from the police and National Guard. There are no gangs of non blacks running amok and using violence. If Baltimore or Ferguson was populated by racists, where are they? Certainly thousands of people who hate blacks would take advantage of a lawless riot to kill or injure black people, right?

    Wonder why no one asks that questions. Probably got the same reason the most bizarre and obvious lie is never questioned by msm interviewers. A black woman claimed that when they were peacefully demonstrating, white people were screaming the N word at them and screaming “N lovers ” at the white protestors and trying to assault her and her son.

    Um, no one caught that on video? Um, could it be that that was a big fat lie? And honestly when was the last time you heard the term “N lover”? Good grief. Must have picked that up from the movie “Selma.”


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