USPS Mailman Doug Hughes Lands Helicopter At Capitol Building – Planned For Two Years (with video)…

Police arrested a man who steered his tiny, one-person helicopter onto the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, astonishing spring tourists and prompting a temporary lockdown of the Capitol Visitor Center.

It appears the 61-year-old pilot was carrying out a stunt to draw attention to Campaign Finance Reform. He had planned the event for two years and even made a video – SEE HERE – (also below) about his endeavors….. “Hey Mike, watch this

Doug Huges

FLORIDA – […] And just hours before Hughes landed in Washington, Hughes’ friend said he called a Secret Service agent to notify him of the possibility of the gyrocopter flight.

“He’s not a suicide bomber, he’s a patriot,” said Shanahan, 65, of Apollo Beach. The whole stunt centers around Hughes’ effort to change campaign finance laws, “or the lack thereof,” according to Shanahan.

About a year ago, Shanahan said, Hughes told him of the idea to deliver letters to legislators by gyrocopter. Not long after, they were both questioned by a Secret Service official in Florida, he said. Wednesday morning, Shanahan said, Hughes called his friend and said he was in Washington, ready to take off.

He passed along the website on which he would livestream his flight, but Shanahan, not adept with computers, could not find it.  (read more)

You think THIS is a coincidence ?

Hillary campaign finance

Nothing is EVER a coincidence when it comes to the Clintons.

My guess is a connected -and locally coordinated Florida- nutter in the campaign staff and Doug Hughes have talked.

….Just sayin’

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32 Responses to USPS Mailman Doug Hughes Lands Helicopter At Capitol Building – Planned For Two Years (with video)…

  1. czarowniczy says:

    And I can’t get the USPS to come yup my driveway…

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  2. MaryfromMarin says:

    Everything else aside, that’s American ingenuity and determination right there.


  3. kinthenorthwest says:

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or ???
    It does send a message of how poor our security in this nation is, not to mention the security at our facilities around the world.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Problem is that those Gyrocopters only need a short street to get airborne and they can fly low enough to totally avoid radar – there were some worries about Palestinian terrorists (better known as Friends of Barack) could use them to infiltrate Israel. If only the 535 persons in Congress would move around just a wee bit more they’d be harder targets to hit…

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  4. booger71 says:

    I have to agree with Sundance…I think it was staged. We will see if he actually gets convicted of anything. Breaching the airspace in DC is a pretty serious felony

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  5. sundance says:

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  6. Pat B. says:

    Hillary, like Obama, does the opposite of her intent. She said that to try to squelch anyone
    from negative comments about her super pac raising $2.5 billion so far. As far as the “stunt”,
    it’s considered terrorism and he will also have a stiff penalty for using the USPS logo on that
    craft in addition to endangering the lives of those kids at the Capitol, violating airspace, and
    probably a bunch of other charges. Seems like carrying a sign and getting on camera at
    Congress would have been a safer and saner idea.


  7. labrat says:

    I thought it was odd the other day when I heard RHC bring up campaign finance. I was like – yeah – chief big money fund raiser thinks this is the burning issue of our day? So this is their strategy?

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  8. This guy’s a moron! Apparently he thinks the first amendment says something to the effect, “I have 1st amendment rights but you companies don’t“…

    Now if someone had shot him down that would’ve been a bit of a shame but the entertainment value would’ve been huge…

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    • Angel Martin says:

      “Now if someone had shot him down that would’ve been a bit of a shame”

      he should consider himself extremely lucky that he was not shot. i have one site that lists the max payload of a gyro as 1200 lbs. 1000 pounds of semtex, wow.

      this joker was saved by the continued incompetence of the WH secret service detail, but if he had been IS…

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    • nimrodman says:

      juandos said: “Now if someone had shot him down …”

      He WAS almost shot down. Have a look:

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  9. aprilyn43 says:

    Obama has flung wide open our boarders so I say, take down the White House fence and let any and all who want roam “Everywhere”!

    It shouldn’t be a problem cause Obama’s usually on the gd coarse any way.
    And, fair is fair


  10. Lou says:

    well, I like this guy. who the hell spends 5 million dollars to get a job that pays less $300,000.00? Congressmen and Senators.
    I was in management before. you get 3 bids and sell the bid to associations that will pay you a kickback. it’s a scam every politician knows. I can’t stand Democrats or Republicans. they’re all crooks.

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  11. aliashubbatch says:

    I want that copter.


  12. Aslan's Girl says:

    So, is he one of those Leftists who are still sore over the Citizens United case at SCOTUS?

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  13. Dems B. Dcvrs says:

    Amazing, one American trespasses onto Capitol Lawn, and armed agents swarm in for arrest like Kennedy’s at open bar. But under Obama administration, hundreds of Illegal aliens trespass across our border and those Illegals get Red-carpet treatment, free medical care, driver’s licenses, and social security numbers.

    The Hughes’s landing is proof that those in Washington are Elitists. They believe their lives are more important than peons who sent them to Washington.

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  14. tgmccoy says:

    If it was some dude in his Cessna 152 that just brushed the no-fly restricted area he’d be hanging
    from the highest lampost. I wonder what the FAA thinks of this. They might not be so accommodating…
    I’m an instructor and commercial pilot. I hope he doesn’t get away with this…

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  15. sloth1963 says:

    Free Range gyrocopter pilot? Smithsonian needs to hang that one from the rafters. Reminds of Mathias Rust landing his plane near Red Square.

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  16. Definitely staged. That beard and voice are the beard and voice of a Red diaper baby. I’ve known dozens. The video editing is very professional. Also, I wonder if he is even a real postal carrier. Congresspeople don’t get paper letters any more due to the anthrax scare. What letters do come in go right to the basement for extra special handling. Or they used to anyway.

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    • Agreed. This is as phony as the average left-wing POTUS/FLOTUS heckler. If it had been a rightie, without Obama agenda sympathy, he’d have been busted 5 ways ftom Sunday, and his home “arsenal” of small game weapons spread out on banquet tables for prime time.


  17. justfactsplz says:

    This guy has probably lost his nice job and retirement and may face fail time but he certainly has guts. I have to admire the way he planned and handled it so as not to be confused with an act of terror. He was as cool as a cucumber.


  18. manickernel says:

    I don’t believe it was “staged”. I do feel this guy is really committed to a good cause. Read up on him before you cast judgement. That said, I would not put it beyond Hillary to take advantage of a “useful idiot”. She figures she can score points on campaign reform without risk as any legislation would go nowhere with a Republican congress. This would allow her to frame said representatives of our people as evil, greedy, conservatives…. rather than evil, greedy bi-partisan opportunists.


  19. If you are opposed to Citizens United you are in favor of the government banning books. Period.


  20. BigMamaTEA says:

    Go check out for yourself. This guy is The Civilist Papers :

    He links to 4-5 other established groups that he calls The democracy club. Apparently the Civilist Papers is himself and another guy upset with government corruption. All of these other groups he lists are independent of him, all equally upset US Citizen taxpayers, frustrated with DC lobbyists, corporate big bucks, revolving-door for Congressmen etc; but are each approaching a possible solution in different ways, and he would like for all to continue to do so, as all are like minded. Not party (all included), issue-free, except for the Congress/Executive corruption and lack of Principles of those we elect who work for US, NOT Special interests as it is now.

    I will investigate further and report back. I am looking for any and all possible means to right this ship w/o having to lock-n-load {even though last effort, it will not be removed from the table}

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  21. BigMamaTEA says:

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  22. manickernel says:

    When asked if the thought he was a patriot, he just said “No, I am a mailman”. 🙂


  23. Kiernan says:

    Good for him! I hope he only gets a smack on the fingers… He was doing the wrong thing for a very right reason, and no-one got hurt, except for the careers of a few security types…


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