The Walter Scott Shooting Backstory Begins To Surface – A Newer, Bolder, Julison Strategy….

julison 1When the Walter Scott Scheme Team looks back on what tripped them up in 2015 they’ll be able to point to one decision, hiring Ryan Julison.

Without Julison appearing – the Walter Scott story would have slipped under the radar; it would perhaps have appeared natural, without screenplay.

But as soon as Julison is identified, and for those who know immediately what to look for, you see the guiding hand of the Producer/Director.

If I write “Skittles and Ice Tea” and you know what that means, you know Ryan Julison.
If I write “White-Hispanic” and you know what that means, you know Ryan Julison.

You might not know who he is, but you have mentally purchased his products.

Because Ryan Julison is the guy who arrives at the request of the Black Grievance Industry advocates, and quickly frames the optics, narratives and memes to place the deepest possible “hooks” (<– his word) into the public psyche. Julison guides who goes where, when, and who does what.

julison 4

Here he is coordinating Team Trayvon, in Sanford 2012, the NAACP, Al Sharpton etc. along with the New Black Panthers and Scheme Team lawyers.

julison 2

Here he is again at the office of Martin Family Attorney Natalie Jackson as he was selling faux witnesses. Julison is exceptional at witness construction, it is, well, his forte.

julison 3

Witness Feidin Santana (video guy) and Witness Gwen Nichols (“tussle time” gap filler) are screenplay narratives currently being controlled by Ryan Julison.

When Walter Scott shooting video witness, Feidin Santana, arrived on Matt Lauer’s couch yesterday it was because Ryan Julison put him there.

At the end of the New York media day when Feidin Santana was being debriefed by Walter Scott family attorneys and Scheme Team players, it’s because Julison is debriefing the strategy and scripting what’s next for today.

How They Come Together – For this 2015 performance video witness Santana has an attorney to watch over him, the lawyer is Todd Rutherford. Todd Rutherford and Ryan Julison are connected to this story by Benjamin Crump. (Example Connection Story Here)

EVOLVING – The Scheme Team know the visibility of Crump in Ferguson worked against their interests because we were on to them. So for the 2015 program they are trying to pull it off with Crump staying behind the stage curtain.

south carolina 2We should pause at this moment to state we hold no opinion as to the actual shooting itself. For us, just like for you, the initial video of Officer Slager shooting Walter Scott is alarming. It certainly seems like Slager shoots Scott for no reason. Perhaps Slager should have just let Scott run away. Perhaps he should have chased him. That’s the initial reaction. That’s our initial reaction.

But just like Julison himself, there’s much, much more to events than just that video.

When you understand how much more there is to know – you’ll understand why Julison was needed.

♦ If you believe Officer Michael Slager was “planting evidence” – You are being influenced by Julison, just like the 2012 Iced-Tea which never existed.

♦ If you believe there is a discrepancy between Officer Slager’s incident report and the video of witness Feidin Santana – You are being influenced by Julison, just like the “white-Hispanic” racial descriptive which never existed before March 2012.

♦ If you already believe the North Charleston police never gave medical aid to Walter Scott – you are purchasing narrative goods sold by Ryan Julison.

  • Slager was not planting evidence – he knew he was on video
  • No-one has read Slager’s incident report – it’s never been released
  • and the police did CPR within a minute.

walter scott aid

Yes, that’s the police giving CPR to Walter Scott as Slager is following protocol and turning over his firearm and the retrieved taser to the scene responder.  Julison’s screenplay doesn’t hold up if you learn these facts. Nor does his narrative advance if you begin to question the production.

TROUBLE FOR JULISON – Julison’s current priority is the passenger in Walter Scott’s vehicle.  [Well, actually Walter Scott’s neighbors vehicle – Scott didn’t own the vehicle].  As Scott family attorney Chris Stewart said yesterday they are urgently searching for the passenger of the vehicle who was with Scott when he was pulled over.

This is a priority because Julison needs to ensure Mr. Mystery Passenger does not do anything, or say anything, which will hurt the production.  He will be put under extreme community pressure to comply with the selected story.

Secondly, the Dash Cam video was/is a problem for Julison because it shows a remarkable length of time from Scott running away, to the time Santana started recording him fighting with Officer Slager.

That long fight -we know is at least 1 min 45 sec- is a risk to the narrative.

walter scott map 1

That long fight makes Scott a violent fleeing felon in the eyes of the law.  That long fight provides the justification for use of deadly force against a “violent fleeing felon“.  That long fight is why you don’t hear the full dash-cam video/audio from beginning to end without MSM edits.

Enter witness Gwen Nicols to give the “tussle” story.  Downplaying the fight from a matter of life and death with a taser being deployed, and felony resistance etc., and making it more of a “tussle” – sounds like a pillow fight.

“Tussle” is the tell word for this shooting event like “iced tea” was for 2012 and Trayvon Martin.  Listen for it.   When you hear it, you know the orator is selling the Julison production.

walter scott tazer

Witness Feidin Santana will trip up if he keeps talking – Julison knows this too.  Don’t expect too much more Santana after the next 24 hours.

On Wednesday night Santana had his first slip up when he told a Chris Hayes interviewer that he went to the police station to fill out a report. Julison quickly put the nix on that and Santana reversed himself for Matt Lauer the next morning saying he never went to the Police Station.

walter scott witness

Obviously Julison knows police stations have CCTV video, and if you claim to have walked in there to fill out a report, well, it might just be checked out for accuracy.  Obviously controlling avoiding such slips is what Santana’s attorney Todd Rutherford is being paid for.

Close call.

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473 Responses to The Walter Scott Shooting Backstory Begins To Surface – A Newer, Bolder, Julison Strategy….

  1. maggiemoowho says:

    After the officer shot Scott, he handcuffed him(he was clearly still alive) so I’m guessing he went back to get his taser in case he needed it or maybe it was the taser holster with an extra cartridge attached, the holster could have flew off and that holster may have been the kind that carries an extra taser cartridge. If the officer knew Scott was still alive, then it makes perfect sense that he would want his taser near by. He probably tossed it on the ground when he saw that his back up arrived and wouldn’t need the taser after all. I do not think the Officer was planting any evidence. He made a call or radioed something in near the tree before tossing the object to the ground. Why would he plant something infront of another officer, (an african american officer I might add) and also why pick the object back up if he were planting it. Also, the officer also knew he was being filmed so planting evidence makes zero sense to me.

    Here is a very clear, zoomed in video. Much easier to see objects.

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      Sorry, I think my Ipad may have had something to do with me seeing this clearer and zoomed in.


    • QuadGMoto says:

      I wish they had stabilized it too.

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    • Serpentor says:

      I’m somewhat confident that the “planting” meme was just more Julison machination. Let’s wait until Slager can actually say what he was doing there.

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      • Slager couldn’t say that Scott took his gun so he substituted the taser. Then he had to plant it near the body to back up his claim.

        It’s really not that difficult to understand.


        • Phae says:

          But then he picked it up again before any other officers got there…


          • QuadGMoto says:

            The body of the Taser is apparently what went flying behind Slager at the beginning of the video. He didn’t pick it up from there until after he cuffed Scott. The second officer arrived by Scott before Slager returned from picking it up.

            IMHO, the most likely scenario is that after he returned to Scott’s body, he dropped the Taser at his feet to do something else with his hands (cleaning them?) then picked up the Taser and holstered it. Because the second officer was already there, “planting it” was out of the question.

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        • maggiemoowho says:

          You don’t plant something in front of another cop and a witness who is videotaping the event and if you are going to plant an object, it would help to leave it behind, not pick it back up. The Officer did not plant anything.

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        • lovemygirl says:

          Are you a troll? They explained above why there was no “planting” yet you seem to adamantly repeat “planted” with zero proof, why?


        • sundance says:

          “planted” Here’s another perspective. With pics.

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          • DT says:

            Two things to note about that take. I think it erroneously identifies Scott’s cap as the taser. The taser tumbles back farther and lands in the grass just off the path, what’s between Scott’s feet is his cap.
            The other thing, is whatever the officer is dropping by Scott is very oddly shaped in the screen cap. It doesn’t look like the taser body. When it’s in his hand it does, but when its falling it looks really skinny and like it has too many angles. It’s puzzling.

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          • Chip Bennett says:

            Alternate theory, that ties in with the “made a horrendously bad decision to shoot a fleeing felon in the back” theory: Slager made another horrendously bad decision to move the TASER, but shortly thereafter realized what a bad decision that was and how it would implicate him, and picked it up and holstered it, so that he could say that he merely moved it to secure it.

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            • jason says:

              I have a feeling that’s probably a good possibility. I truly think he believed Scott still had his taser, then noticed it was on the ground behind him. Panic set in and he made an unwise choice. Still, until we hear his reasoning for his actions, it’s all kind of wasted speculation.


              • DT says:

                I am leaning towards securing the taser after realizing it wasn’t with Scott and dealing with the adrenaline dump, its after-effects and outright shock clouding his judgement on moving it and not deciding the proper move to make with it.


          • Brigid says:

            CTL posted that days ago, with blown up still shots showing the officer re-holstering the taser.


    • Cleary, he was not dead????


      • maggiemoowho says:

        Nope he wasn’t dead, watch the video, he is moving his head and the officer is giving him instruction. Guy was still moving. I would have went back and grabbed my taser also, the officer doesn’t know the extent of Scotts injuries or if he has drugs in his system. Some people on drugs can have superior strenth. Scott was still moving when he was cuffed.

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    • Representative Press says:

      NBC points out that Slager picks the object back up again after he dropped it by Scott’s body.

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    • Robin says:

      How can someone have CPR given when the subject is face down with his arms handcuffed behind his back?


      • Brigid says:

        Also, CPR is not appropriate for gunshots wound, you would be pushing the blood out of the body, especially hits to the torso, so I hope the officer was NOT doing CPR. You can tourniquet a leg or arm wound, not shots to the back.


  2. BobNoxious says:

    NBC and others are contradicting the AP report; they say Scott had a warrant out for failing to pay over $18k in child support.


  3. skeptiktank says:

    Just to clear something up, the officer is NOT administering CPR in the freeze-frame posted above. Scott is clearly laying face down at that time with his hands cuffed on top of his back. He might have been checking for a pulse, but no CPR was performed in the video that I saw.

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    • manickernel says:

      Agree…but how would one perform CPR on a patient with holes in their back? If you roll them over and do chest compression it would just pump blood out of them. I imagine for all involved doing CPR was not really considered feasible or useful.

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      • skeptiktank says:

        I was an EMT for several years, and I doubt I would have performed CPR on him. If he has a bullet in his heart, and is clearly dead, there is no need to do CPR. It would have been just for show. Having said that, it looked to me like these officers had no clue what to do. Medical is not something they are highly trained in, and they tend to be stand offish when confronted with it. I know the feeling. I was a fireman who had medical forced on me.


    • CPR, no CPR, … any action taken, not taken would have been twisted to be “wrong” —- CPR on a dead guy would be ebidens tampering


      • DT says:

        CPR on a live person would be contraindicated. The suspect moves his head a fair amount up to a certain point then Slager takes his pulse.


        • canadacan says:

          I didn’t see any attempted CPR on the videos I saw the officer looking for a pulse in Scotts neck


          • jason says:

            aid was rendered at the end of the of the NYT video and vimeo vid from Wapo. It’s not even clear if he had stopped breathing and/or had no pulse up to that point. Seems like a very trivial detail to get caught up over but I’m sure it’ll be a primary storyline just like the 4.5 hours for Brown was 😦

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    • Serpentor says:

      CPR is just more Julison distraction mechanism. Whether the police dealt with Scott after he was shot in the proper manner is a separate issue altogether than if the shooting was legal. This is typical of the BGI. They conflate and throw several complaints together to really inflame and agitate.

      Liked by 3 people

      • jason says:

        yes… all of the same tell-tale signs and people buying it “hook” line and sinker.
        No CPR = laid in road uncovered for 4.5 hours
        Fiancee/soon to be married = college bound
        “Lied” in his police report = Wilson didn’t know Brown had robbed a store
        +more to come

        Feeling sick to my stomach knowing how it’ll play out and so few will take time to actually pay attention to anything that isn’t spoon fed from the media.

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        Eats, shoots, and leaves.

        “Whether the police dealt with Scott, after he was shot, in the proper manner is a separate issue altogether.”
        “after Scott was shot, whether the police dealt with him in the proper manner is a separate issue altogether.”


        • Serpentor says:

          Yes, I worded that comment poorly and used lousy punctuation. I meant to say that the issue of whether or not the shooting was legal is separate from the question of proper medical attention after the shooting. Just like it’s a separate issue of whether or not the stop itself was legal, or if the officer actually attempted to “plant ebidence,” etc. Of course, what the BGI likes to do is take all these issues and then stack them on top of each other as if the officer massively failed on every single thing. From what I can tell, the only issue that will be up for debate when the time comes is if the shooting was legal or not, and I don’t know what the answer will be. Arguments can be made both ways, which is what CTH is discussing.


  4. maggiemoowho says:

    Al Sharpton’s NAN VP, Nelson Rivers, is a North Charleston Pastor. Sharpton should be camping out soon.


  5. Plain Jane says:

    This pretty much sums up my thoughts, and I’m surprised it is in a Yahoo story.

    “What’s missing is what happens from the time the two men run out of the frame of dashboard video to the time picked up in a bystander’s cellphone video a few hundred yards away. The cellphone footage starts with Scott getting to his feet and running away, then Slager firing eight shots at the man’s back.

    “It is possible for something to happen in that gap to significantly raise the officer’s perception of risk,” Seth Stoughton, a former police officer and criminal law professor at the University of South Carolina.”

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    • John Galt says:

      Just a little “tussle”. Ryan Julison has that covered.


    • Elspeth says:

      These are the holes the story that Julison, Crump (from behind the scenes) et al, will work to fill with their backstory. It will take two years to unravel their lies and by that time, the American people will have been sold these lies.


  6. Phae says:

    On this page is some court information for Walter Lamer Scott. (The WIKI about the shooting is saying Lamer is his middle name.) 6 cases come up. 4 common please and 2 traffic.


    • Phae says:

      His two traffic offenses were for no proof of insurance and no registration.

      No proof of insurance in Case # 37788BK:

      Scott, Walter Lamer 2520-NO PROOF OF INSURANCE 2520-Miscellaneous / Traffic offenses under magistrate jurisdiction only (use only where no specific code) 01/25/2000

      No registration!: Case #: 37787BK

      Scott, Walter Lamer 2073-OPERATE VEH ON HWY W/O REGIS./ 2073-Traffic / Operating vehicle on highway without registration and license due to delinquency 01/25/2000


  7. jason says:

    for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet, they’re going all-in for ‘just another racist’. I expect Holder and Zero to weigh in soon enough:

    EXCLUSIVE – My brother was NOT stopped because of his tail light: Grief-stricken brother says Walter Scott died because of South Carolina cops’ system of ‘racial profiling’


  8. Moishe Pipik says:

    It’s amazing how the press tries to advance their agenda. From the Boston Herald:

    NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. — Less than two months before he was killed, Walter Lamer Scott turned 50 and wanted everyone around him to join in the celebration.

    It was February, and Scott’s family had taken him to dinner at a Japanese steakhouse. As waiters and other staff gathered around to sing “Happy Birthday,” Scott jumped up on the table and started dancing.

    “He had everybody in the restaurant laughing,” Rodney Scott said of his older brother. “That’s the kind of person he was.”

    Walter Scott had much to celebrate: His job as a warehouse forklift operator, which had begun as temporary work over the holidays, was going so well his boss was determined to keep him as a permanent hire. And he had popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, who had agreed to become Scott’s third wife.

    But Scott also had a problem that kept him looking over his shoulder: The father of four had fallen behind, again, on his child support payments. Failure to pay can mean jail time in South Carolina, and Scott had been locked up three times since 2008.

    His family suspects it was Scott’s fear of returning to jail that led him to run during a traffic stop last Saturday.

    See! It’s not his fault! He just “fell behind” on his child support and didn’t want to go to jail for the fourth time since 2008.

    If he had used the money that he bought the Mercedes with to pay his child support and rode the bus, none of this would have happened.


  9. sundance says:

    Good article to read. A couple of days old, however still has some good perspective and insight

    I had totally forgotten about Charleston Thug Life. They have historically done a great job of assembling information on local crime associated with Black Bike Week and other incidents in the region.

    I’m sure they’ll have more details and follow-ups because this is right in their back yard.

    They (CTL) will also know Scarlett Wilson very well:

    Liked by 3 people

    • Plain Jane says:

      Wowza! I realized the videos floating around were altered, but not how severely altered.
      “What the media fails to show you are the images of the officer picking up and holstering the Taser at about the 2:00 minute mark.” Quote under a frame, from your first link.


  10. Representative Press says:

    I saw some people insisting that there was no tussle but here are two witnesses that says these was (this isn’t to justify the shooting, only to point out that witnesses do say there was a physical altercation: Gwen Nichols said, “before what you saw on the video tape, there was like a little tussle over there.”
    When asked by NBC report if there was a struggle, Feidin Santana said “There was. They were down on the floor before I started recording.”

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Pingback: Who is Running the Show | Charleston Thug Life

  12. jc says:

    Tussle was a term used to describe BIG MIKE attacking officer Wilson, I believe a few witnesses (claimed witnesses) used that term


  13. Michroc says:

    How were they doing CPR on him face down on the ground?


  14. P. norwood says:

    Appreciate what you are doing with revealing more of the truth and being journalist/media with a moral conscience and integrity. Would like to receive updates. Thanks


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