*UPDATE* “The Passenger” – The Walter Scott Vehicle Is A Curious Concern To Scott Scheme Team Narrative – Updated With Incident Reports From Responding Officers (Sans Slager)….

Last night on CNN with Anderson Cooper, Scott Family Attorney Chris Stewart stated they didn’t know who the passenger was with Walter Scott when he was pulled over. However, he also said they (attorneys, Julison and Scheme Team) were quickly searching for him.

walter scott - passenger 1

Against the backdrop that Walter Scott fled after giving up his Driver’s License, thereby easily identifying his personage, an obvious issue is: what was more risky to him than staying in an innocuous traffic stop and being processed/cited? Something not passing the sniff test.

The family (Ryan Julison – spokesman) narrative to explain the motive for fleeing is to claim warrants for outstanding unpaid child support. However, as the Associated Press reports, there was no outstanding warrant to fill that meme.

[…] Court records show that Walter L. Scott was almost $7,500 behind in child support at the time he was shot and killed by a police officer, but no bench warrant had been issued for him. (link)

So Ryan Julison wants to sell a motive that doesn’t exist. Curiousor and curiousor.

Walter Scott claims in the Dash-Cam video that he just purchased the vehicle on Friday and was going to get the “paperwork” processed on Monday. However, according to the Daily Mail, and quoting his co-worker, he put new wheels on it the week prior. So he didn’t just purchase it….

Further Julison narrative expansion has Walter Scott buying it from a neighbor. Yet with 24/7 coverage and a fleet of reporters, no-one appears interested to locate this “neighbor”…. for the “personal impact” angle…..

According to the Daily Mail Scott was on the phone with his Mother during the entire police stop. Yet the family doesn’t know who the passenger was?

Walter scott passenger 2

What is it about this vehicle, and more importantly this “passenger”, which is creating such anxiety?   What’s the risk to the Julison narrative such that extensive lengths would be taken to obfuscate the subject?

(HatTip Diwataman for the AP video)

Obviously the police know who the passenger was, he was processed and later released.  It is also rather incredulous to believe the family and Julison don’t know who he is.

Like the aforementioned neighbor, the one who sold the car to Walter Scott, the media don’t seem too interested in the passenger.

Knowing there was NOT an outstanding warrant, what would motivate Walter Scott to such an extent that even knowing his Driver’s License was in the hands of a police officer he would choose to run?

He’s not an emotional teenager, he’s a fully matriculated adult man of 50 years.

Not only did he choose to run, he chose to fight the officer in a physical struggle, escalating to the struggle over a deployed taser, all in an effort to evade a police officer who didn’t appear remotely concerned about anything other than the vehicle status.

What gives? What was his real motivation for running, fighting, seeking escape?

THE GAP – “What’s missing is what happens from the time the two men run out of the frame of dashboard video to the time picked up in a bystander’s cellphone video a few hundred yards away. The cellphone footage starts with Scott getting to his feet and running away, then Slager firing eight shots at the man’s back.

“It is possible for something to happen in that gap to significantly raise the officer’s perception of risk,” Seth Stoughton, a former police officer and criminal law professor at the University of South Carolina.”  (link)

walter scott map 1

update-1Responding officers Initial Incident Reports – Sans Officer Slager:

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417 Responses to *UPDATE* “The Passenger” – The Walter Scott Vehicle Is A Curious Concern To Scott Scheme Team Narrative – Updated With Incident Reports From Responding Officers (Sans Slager)….

  1. ray says:

    When did Scott change his shirt?
    When he gets out of the car, he’s wearing a striped shirt. In the next video he has on a solid aqua colored shirt.


  2. 7delta says:

    While looking around for info on Black Live Matter’s Mr. D’Baha (not exactly an old Charleston name) I ran across a facebook magazine that seems to be updating protests, etc.


    Interestingly enough, a post on April 8 (at 6:26 pm) states “#BlackLivesMatter demanding an independent prosecutor.”

    I’ve not found much associated with Muhiyidin Moye D’Baha other than his role with #BLM regarding the Scott incident. I did find his name associated with a community group, “Tricounty Cradle to Career, High School Graduation Network Partners–Building from the Block Up”, that appears to be to help people succeed through all levels of education into their career. I also found an old newspaper article from 2011 about a series of arson in the area where a man named Moye Muhiyidin and his roommate were apparent victims in 2006 of an arsonist setting their apartment on fire. He was also involved in a Hands up, Don’t Shoot March #BLM in Dec. of 2014 in Charleston.

    I found the name Muhiyidin is associated with some Iranian mullah-type person from back in the day and supposedly means “revivifier of religion”. We all know what Baha is.

    I found a news report from a local TV station that said the #BLM rally drew around 50 people. Another said ‘hundreds’. Could be two separate rallies.

    Moye Muhiyidin shows up in this article. It says he graduated from Academic Magnet in 2004.


    The Revenel Bridge protest was apparently shut down/canceled


    Article on a statement by the Fraternal Order of Police


    Article on the crackdown on crime in the area, which has dramatically dropped crime, but some people aren’t happy.


    Lastly, I found a link to a Charleston area production company that Moye’s name came up with that makes the bold statement that “yes, black lives matter, but all lives matter.” Just one perspective on possibly how the The Scheme Team’s message is being received.


    Muhiyidin Moye D’Baha doesn’t seem to have much available background. Makes me wonder if he’s changed his name (convert?), since there are 3 variations so far. I do find his involvement interesting considering what was discovered about the outside Islamic influence in Ferguson. So far, by searching all 3 name variations, I’ve not connected him directly to the Scheme Team.


    • Sandra says:

      I posted this elsewhere but can’t find it. I think his real name is Muhiyidin Moye. Full name Muhiyidin El-amin Ibn Moye. Appears to be college educated, but I think his parents were in trouble with the law in the past. Maybe the parents were imports from some other country and Muhiyidin was born here in the US?


  3. coeurdaleneman says:

    Isn’t this boiling down to the prosecutor having to demonstrate that Scott didn’t pose a harm to the public, and that Slager was acting unreasonably?

    I wasn’t at the scene where Slager was tussling with Scott. Only he, Scott, and a bystander knew what went down. Only Slager knows how Scott was acting … wild-eyed, crazy, cool, or otherwise. You, I, and the prosecutor were not there. But it is up to the prosecutor to convince that Scott was a skeered-but-harmless.

    To me, that is a pretty tough chore, given how screwy and desperate that Scott behaved.

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    • VegasGuy says:

      Total agreement there. I pointed out earlier that Slager never acutally had Scott in custody at any point. Therefore, there was no accurate or reasonable determination, at the instant, that Scott was armed or unarmed at tha time. That alone will be a major defense point, and very difficult for the prosecution to overcome as to the state of mind of Slager at the instant.

      A PO assauted by a non-compliant & combative suspect, who was able to outfight the PO, and gain control of the PO weapon.

      Both the video & the witness attest to a physical struggle with complete non-compliance & combativeness by Scott. Analyse of the video lends credence to Slager reasonably believing Scott did indeed take control of the Taser.

      The case has to outliine the totality of the event beginning at the traffic stop. It is going to be a very high bar to eliminate reasonable doubt when each individual aspect is presented, regardless of from which perspective, prosecutor or defense. The prosecution will focus on the actual shooting element as the unjustified act. But, a skilled defense will demonstrate the increasing danger, perceived or otherwise, leading to state of mind of Slager, as each individual action proceeded throughout the overall incident.

      Certainly, jury instructions will have to include Police discretion regarding actions allowable when dealiing with a fleeing felon.

      IMO, this will never reach a murder conviction. Reasonable actions lead to reasonable doubt wheb viewed in totality.

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      • Chip Bennett says:

        What would have been Slager’s probable cause to believe that Scott was armed?

        In fact, I would go so far as to say that a struggle over the TASER (much less, an attempt to take it) would be a pretty good reason to believe that Scott was not armed.


  4. gonewiththewind says:

    It seems likely that Slager could be convicted of manslaughter but not murder. Looking closely at the video of the altercation in the first second or two I can clearly see Slager’s left hand holding Scott’s forearm and slager’s right hand going for his gun. It is at that time I see the taser being dislodged from someone’s grip and fall to the ground. So who had the taser? That could only be Scott unless Slager has three arms.

    I am reminded of the Miriam Carey shooting. Clearly just as much “murder” as the Scott shooting. Was anyone charged with murder in that? Why not? I don’t think that Carey was even involved in fighting an officer and taking his weapon from him yet she was shot and no murder charges. Why?


  5. nivico says:

    On the surface, Tennessee v. Garner would seem to be the controlling case law in the matter.


    There are distinct differences and dissimilarities here. In Garner, the officer shot and killed a suspected burglar in the back from a distance as he was climbing over a fence. There was no physical altercation between the officer and the suspect, and for all intents and purposes, the officer didn’t even know that the person he was shooting at was in fact the burglar (though he had reasonable suspicion to believe it was). The officer had just arrived on the scene and was ONLY trying to prevent a mere suspect in a non-violent crime from getting away.

    Slager, on the other hand, shot a known perpetrator with whom he had only a split second before been in a physical fight with over the officer’s weapon (taser). There was no doubt that Scott was the individual who he had just pulled over or that he was the individual who had, from the officer’s perspective, just attacked him and tried to disarm him. The officer’s urgent call to dispatch that Scott had his taser is also considered an ‘excited utterance’ and supports the officer’s state of mind that he believed in that moment that the perpetrator had his weapon.

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    • Serpentor says:

      “The officer’s urgent call to dispatch that Scott had his taser”

      He had time to call dispatch during the altercation? I had not heard this before.


      • art tart says:

        Serpentor ~ Sundance posted some of the officers incident reports which they write “Slager said the suspect had his taser.” We are waiting to see what Slager actually wrote in his report, is it different than what he said in his call to dispatch?


      • BertDilbert says:

        He also called for backup and later to speed up response.


    • Chip Bennett says:

      In many states, a home invader is considered inherently violent and prima facie evidence of risk to life or great bodily harm, justifying the occupants to use deadly force in self-defense. Thus, Garner would have been considered as dangerous as, or moreso than, Scott.


  6. Sandra says:

    I thought Al Sharpton was told to stay away. USA Today says he’s going to speak at a memorial service in North Charleston on Sunday.


    Vomit-inducing picture of new t-shirt design included in the article.


  7. art tart says:

    Much has been stated about if there was an “active” warrant & Sundance shared w/us there wasn’t an active warrant. I haven’t seen the ages of Scott’s kids posted, if they have, I missed it but here are the ages of Scott’s kids.

    Scott’s relatives said he stayed close to his four children – a 24-year-old daughter and three sons, ages 22, 20 and 16.


    This article too says the child support was $ 18,000.00, but I think that’s incorrect. I think back support was $ 7,500.00 & there not an active warrant.


  8. Acharka says:

    Thank God we have websites like this that look into the “other side of the story!” If you just follow the mainstream media,and those who feed into a one-sided agenda-based narrative, you would immediately just look to blame the white officer involved and look for sentencing him to death, if you could. However, things are often not as simple as they may appear to be… which is why we need to examine results of further research and investigation. Of course, those with biased agendas and those who follow their emotions rather than their heads will not be convinced no matter how compelling the evidence may turn out to be. However, reasonable people will look for where the evidence leads and ultimately accept it.

    It is possible, of course, that the police officer is guilty, although whether he set out purposely to kill Scott or lost control with anger turning to rage is yet to be determined. People can easily forget that police officers are human, too. These men and women representing the law feel anger, frustration, have egos, and even require counseling at times for trauma, job burn-out, and other challenges. Dealing with graphic sights sometimes even more horrific and graphic than anything one could imagine as well as other violence, resistances, and injustices that can ultimately affect entire families as well as innocent little children and other very vulnerable populations would take a cumulative toll on any caring, responsible human being over time.

    But in the end, nothing is ever 100% one party’s fault, regardless of whether they are guilty of wrongdoing or not. For example, the first of a number of fundamental lessons that any one can take from these patterns of police killings of black men by white policemen-is that anyone actually-whether black or white, Asian or a member of another race-is going to have problems and place themselves in dangerous situations if they refuse to comply with a police officer’s directive, try to flee, get into a fight, or attempt to take an officer’s weapon. The law is not perfect or right in every case, but if a citizen does not respect it from the start, they have a very weak to no foundation upon which to work toward a responsible or positive outcome.

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  9. Bill says:

    The thing about this that troubles me most, is unmentioned.

    The governmedia/BGI narrative is being used to encourage criminals to resist arrest and run from law enforcement, and to encourage law enforcement to let them.

    Undermining the authority of our law enforcement creates further unrest and increased danger, while further contributing to the destabilization of our already-under-assault social fabric.

    Allowing, enabling and encouraging criminal behavior, from embracing illegal invaders (let’s call it what it is….the onslaught of unskilled, uneducated, unambitious immigrants is warfare. Social and economic warfare, but warfare just the same.) to pushing the narrative that our law enforcement is the enemy, is demoralizing to anyone who loves what our nation was, and could be again. This is a clear tactic of the Obama administration–demonizing and demoralizing those who still love America.

    These things are all related….importing poverty/welfare/entitlement mentality across the Mexican border….destroying innovation and hope by dumbing down education via Common Core (except the children of the elite…the elite would never allow their children to be lobotomized with common core)….Obamacare redistribution of healthcare, taking good healthcare from the hardworking and worthy and giving it to those who contribute nothing….tacitly and/or overtly endorsing violence and rioting….this disparate impact nonsense (laws have a disparate impact on criminals…duh)….alienating our friends around the globe….licking the asses of our enemies….trading terrorists to get back a traitor….constant assaults on freedoms of speech and religion….demanding freedom of religious expression for all religions except Christianity..demonizing American culture and American symbols while aggrandizing ALL OTHER cultures (especially the ones who hate us most)…..babbling about empathy for people who would kill us all without hesitation….endorsing nuclear arms development by (perhaps) our worst enemy…cultivating the culture of victimization and entitlement….consistently mind-f#cking us by saying one thing and doing the opposite…doing something bad/illegal and then insisting they did not do it….consistently redefining terms so that the meaning is the opposite of what the actual words mean. These things happening at warp speed and in concert, is not unplanned. This is an orchestrated assault on American culture, under the shield of political correctness. Call me a tinfoil-hat-wearing fool, but look at what we are allowing to happen.

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    • Bill says:

      He did, after all, promise to fundamentally transform America.

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    • Serpentor says:

      Bolstering your argument is the fact that Walter Scott advocated for George Zimmerman to be killed. This tells me that, on some level, Walter Scott was absorbing BGI narratives and that may have influenced his subsequent decisions to flee, fight, and grab Slager’s weapon. In other words, Julison and the rest of the BGI have gotten people killed due to retaliation thrill attacks and in how Blacks view and interpret their interactions with law enforcement.

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    • Les says:

      This is a reasoned, logical, and intelligent analysis of related issues. Some will call it hate because they don’t have anything of value to add and they see themselves reflected in the criticism.

      I read an article yesterday about Southern California Edison firing Americans to hire H-1B immigrant workers and forcing the displaced Americans to train the new folks or be fired and not receive a severance. This is relevant because these loony groups ONLY focus on color and alternate sexuality and they don’t see how they are going to starve themselves because of it. If people of color claim to break rules/laws because they can’t get work, how do they plan to get work when we can easily import better workers who don’t complain or commit crimes?

      People who can’t control their own behavior and be successful in their own lives should not be allowed to make policy for the rest of us. It doesn’t make sense in any universe.


    • BertDilbert says:

      It is government’s desire to have many issues for you to chase around and be focused on. Otherwise your attention might turn it’s focus on government and government certainly does not want you looking into what they are doing. Enjoy the show.

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      • Frank Reynolds says:

        A disconcerting percentage of the populace isn’t interested in the corrupt show, clearly evident by abysmal voter turnout. The sideshows are simply alternative viewing to those also captivated by “reality” TV.


    • Pat B. says:

      Well said!


    • Jen says:

      Bill – I could not have said this better myself! Succinct and exacting! I wish there were more like you, and am heartened to know there are still some logical, well spoken folks left in this country. God – to have a neighbor like you! We could wear tinfoil hats together!


  10. Don’t know if anyone caught this detail but the witness Gwen Nichols said the struggle began by the gate.

    So this puts the start of the fight/struggle/Hustle&Tussle approximately 100 yards away from where the video picks up where we see Slager and Scott face to face still engaged and where Slager ultimately stands pulling his weapon within 1 second of the end of that struggle.

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    • kathyca says:

      Hey, DMan, I think we agreed on this before, but which way would you say Scott is running in the video. Toward or away from the megapawn and how do you know?


      • He ran SW away from the long building which is an abandon Suzuki dealership. We know because of the video itself and the location. Technically he was running directly towards Phuong Vietnamese Cuisine which is next to Geralds Tires which is Mega Pawn.

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    • coeurdaleneman says:

      This witness is not sympathetic to Slager. Her comments interpreting Scott reacting to his capture “What do you want?’ or ‘What did I do?” do not ring true.

      Scott knew full well why he ran and why the cop gave chase. Scott was a older guy and a POS skilled in the ways of the world. And he wouldn’t have asked those type of silly (paraphrased) questions. So that the witness Gwen is not being unbiased with her remarks.

      Which makes her of immense value to the defense. She is unsympathetic to the cop, yet willing to place the second encounter far from the third encounter. Exactly how many encounters does a POS get?


  11. Phae says:

    “”After the storm comes the calm”.
    RIP Mr. Scott. This have been very tragic but your dead wasn’t in vain. This will mark a place in our history… nobody have the right to take the live away of each other. LESS HATE MORE LOVE.#justice# WeallOneRace”


  12. Sarah says:

    What I want to know is- was the Mercedes stolen?


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  14. carmend101 says:

    This looks all more stranger the minute, when Al Sharpton and his ilk get involved you know that Walter Scott’ s family are lying …


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