Jessica Lane Chambers Murder Case – Day #124

It has been a while since anything was discussed about the brutal murder of 19-year-old Jessica Lane Chambers who was burned to death on December 6th 2014 and her murder remains unsolved.

However, lead investigator John Champion recently gave an interview to local media as shown below.

From the interview:

→ 00:43 Champion explains that since release of the timeline, and seeking public input into the missing hour (6:30pm to 7:3pm) not a single tip or lead was generated.
→ 02:00 Social Media has not had any impact on the case. All social media are reviewed for continued content, but still nothing of substance.
→ 03:30 Champion reveals Jessica was not home in the morning, but from approximately mid-day until approximately 5:00pm Jessica was home. At 7:13pm a call with mom, Lisa Daugherty, was unremarkable.
→ 04:45 Technology has been useful, but not expanded.
→ 05:45 Panola County has [criminal] issues that were previously known, but now with greater understanding.
→ 06:10 123+ people have been interviewed. *Note* Town has approximately 500 residents.
→ 07:01 Where was Jessica during call with her mom at 7:13pm?
→ 07:45 Several potential motives, but generally a normal teenager engaged in normal teenage activity.
→ 09:00 It’s a brutal crime which is “baffling” given the personal nature of the attack.
→ 10:00 USMS was on case within 24 hours. FBI within a week.
→ 11:00 Vehicle moved [Ali’s Gas Station by 9:30pm] was not, and is not, a problem. Very small crime scene easily investigated within an hour or two. So moving the vehicle within an hour claimed not an issue.
→ 13:00 First emergency call was to Sheriff who dispatched Fire Dept and Fire Dept. arrived on scene in 4 minutes from call. Call, caller, and call content considered evidence and details not going to be released.
→ 15:00 $54,000 reward remains available for any information leading to an arrest.

Otherwise an unremarkable update.

John Champion 2 4-7-15

However,…. when you think about this case there is a stark difference between this case and *most* unresolved or unsolved crimes of a similar nature.

EVERYTHING about this case is known by law enforcement. In most unsolved crimes there are actual aspects unknown which lead to the crime being unsolved. In this case they know everything about the crime:

They know where the crime took place. They were on scene within minutes of the crime taking place. They know everything about the victim. They hold absolute ownership of all physical evidence and have held custody of the evidence since the outset. They know how she was killed. They know when she was killed. They know where she was killed. The only unknown variable is who killed Jessica.

jessica chambers selfieAt 7:13pm she was on an uneventful call with her mom. Physical status was fine.
At 7:31pm she was at the physical location of the crime. Physical status unknown.
At 8:09pm a witness called in a fire.
At 8:13pm the fire department arrived. Physical status barely alive.

Jessica, and her vehicle, was doused with gasoline and set on fire presumably between 7:31pm and 8:09pm.

Due to the accelerant it would only have taken moments from the ignition of the fire to the full blaze identified by a witness. And the Fire Dept. arrived at 8:13pm to find her barely alive and severely burned.

How many people are in a social circle of a 19-year-old who lives in a community of around 500 people? Maybe two dozen? How hard would it be to identify and verify alibis for each of those two dozen?

By a process of elimination it becomes almost unbelievable that any investigative unit who have so much knowledge of the victim’s activities, and have such detailed information of her whereabouts, and who have such a small number of people to question, for a timeframe of such small construct, yet they cannot identify the perpetrator?

Just like the first day, on day #124 there is so much about this “investigation” which just doesn’t pass the common sense sniff test.

Jessica timeline 12-6-14


jessica chambers billboard

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517 Responses to Jessica Lane Chambers Murder Case – Day #124

  1. jakeandcrew says:

    Strange day in Panola County yesterday:

    4/17/2015 article concerning Jessica’s case from the Panolian:

    Roger Hentz and Annette Hill had been in the Panola County since around April 5th. Sheriff Darby insisted it had nothing to do with Jessica’s case. There were reports of someone OD-ing at their home or in their presence, and that was what they were in for.

    Then this article comes out, and it’s pretty clear that Darby is talking about Hentz and Hill, in regards to Jessica’s case. People start getting excited…maybe this is it, maybe they’ve found the killers. Some, however, see problems with what Darnb

    Sometime after 4 pm yesterday, Hentz and Hill post bond and are released.

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    • jakeandcrew says:

      I’m so sorry – that was a premature post! 🙂

      What I was trying to say – there are problems with what Darby is saying in that article. Something’s not right. Is he just trying to divert attention? Is he trying to push people that know something to come forward? There were those on the Mystery page that certainly seemed like they were advocating for that.

      Whatever is the case, no one was expecting Hentz and Hill to be released. What a coincidence – the article comes out on Friday morning, they’re released on Friday afternoon.


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  2. jewelsc6 says:

    HENTZ, Rodney M.
    COURTLAND – Rodney M. Hentz, 66, died Wednesday, April 19, 2006, at his residence.
    Services are today at 4 p.m. at Wells Funeral Home. Burial will be in Eureka Private Cemetery. Wells Funeral Home has charge.
    Hentz, born Jan. 20, 1940, to Mildred McCullar and the late Carl B. Hentz, was an active member of the First United Methodist Church in Batesville and retired as postmaster of Courtland Post Office after 35 years of service.
    Survivors, along with his mother, include his wife, Jean Land Hentz of Courtland; three daughters, Amy Hentz Franklin of Batesville, Abby Land Hentz of Southaven and Amber Hentz Moore of Courtland; one son, Rodney Glenn Hentz of Courtland and four grandchildren, Kristen and Phillip Hentz, John Forrest Franklin and Wesley Moore.
    The family asks that memorials be sent to Eureka Private Cemetery or First United Methodist Church in Batesville. Thought this was interesting..the late Rodney Hentz was married to Mcullar remember M&M was owned by Mcullars??!! The son also named rodney is married to April Hentz


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