Oh My, Hillary on Camera: “potentially being investigated like that; why would I ever want to use email, can you imagine”…

The older media story essentially circled around Bill and Hillary Clinton falsifying the amount of donations given by a big time Democrat fundraiser. Essentially listing the political donation as a far lower donation than actually received.

The Clintons claimed they listed the amount the donor reported; the donor said bulls**t, claiming he gave and reported far more money than was listed on the mandatory disclosures. This put the donor in a position of legal risk because it could appear he falsified documents. The donor claims he reported the correct contribution, it was the Clintons who falsified the amount on the required campaign finance forms.

However, that’s not the important aspect as it relates to today’s headlines. Take the video to 03:40 and listen to what Hillary Clinton admits regarding her use of, and concern with, Email.

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56 Responses to Oh My, Hillary on Camera: “potentially being investigated like that; why would I ever want to use email, can you imagine”…

  1. kinthenorthwest says:

    Will make a bet they will still try to run her as a Democratic candidate. At least in the first few primaries.


    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      I think the Demos should run her, then Obola will do something too tank Hillary, then Bill “BJ” Clinton, will come unglued, and maybe expose Obola for what he is/done. This is the fight for the soulless Demo party. Im selling popcorn for that event when it happens.

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  2. s.c. says:

    Nice, but I think once again Rush is a step ahead of everyone on this. Why is the lib mainstream media going after her now? This is no worse than every other scandal the media has helped her dodge. They aren’t helping her this time, they are coming after her! And it looks like it’s either Warren or O’Malley, who don’t have Hillary’s negatives, are relatively unknown, this may not be a good thing.


  3. Ziiggii says:

    Who found this… did you SD? This is freaking gold plutonium!

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  4. cohibadad says:

    lol. Is Hillary sitting to the right of Stan Lee?


  5. justfactsplz says:

    Oh, the corruption runs so deep. This admission about the emails is valuable. No matter how many scandals come to light about Hillary, the msm will run cover. Then they will turn around and look for one grain of sand to bring down the Republican candidates. The mud is going to fly in this upcoming election, more than the usual.


  6. justfactsplz says:

    Gowdy is investigating the email situation in regards to Benghazi. S.D., does Trey have the above video? He needs it imo.


    • o says:

      Not only is Gowdy issuing subpoenas for all the emails, the AP is insisting on emails with regard to Huma emails to and from Egypt. Given that Huma is part of the Muslim Brotherhood this could get quite interesting. Perhaps Anthony Weiner is the most honest person in the cabal. LOL

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      • justfactsplz says:

        They absolutely need Huma’s emails. You know they contain questionable goings on. LOL about Weiner.


      • polk8dot says:

        ‘Perhaps Anthony Weiner is the most honest person in the cabal. LOL’

        You’re being way too generous. I don’t think there is a one whole honest person to be made of all the ‘honest pieces’ of the whole bunch. Perheaps least dirty might be a better fit. 😉


  7. Dixie Darling says:

    This is from the Fox daily email newsletter TODAY:

    “If you were one of the many, many people running the second presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, what is one thing you absolutely, positively, double-dog, by-jiminy would not want your candidate to be doing tonight? Other than perhaps hosting an event on electronic transparency for the exiled government of Libya, Clinton has found absolutely the worst place to be. She is going to attend a gala at a super-posh venue on Wall Street for her family foundation. Woof. Hitting what reportedly will be a glitzy event to raise more money from the global upper crust for a foundation at the center of a fundraising fiasco would be bad enough for the presumptive Democratic nominee even without the bizarre new and continually expanding scandal surrounding her private emails at the State Department. Prior to the new revelations, Clinton might have been able to blow off the press, schmooze with the .0001 percent and get back on the trail. But the revelations will turn tonight into a public embarrassment fitted like Versace gown for political attacks rather than a private indulgence.”


    • Dixie Darling says:

      And there’s more from that same newsletter:

      “One can’t blame Clinton for the bad timing. She certainly knew that dodging transparency and accountability measures would result in a scandal, but she couldn’t have known when. (When you are operating a “homebrew” server out of your house for official emails, you probably aren’t figuring it’s no big deal.) She must have imagined that she could ride out the bad press and that the disruption would be worth the advantages offered by secrecy and unaccountability. One cannot blame Clinton for the disastrous timing of this concatenation, but if she and her family can’t resist celebrating their Wall Street connections and big buckraking right now there is an evident lack of judgment at work. Through that lens, we get a better insight on why Clinton felt she could operate her own private email system when she worked for the government. Because she felt entitled to do so. As her campaign lumbers and lurches forward, we see entitlement at the core of many of Clinton’s problems. If there is not one of her many advisers who are able to convince Clinton that she must learn to live by the rules, this candidacy will be just as doomed as the last one.”


  8. CaptainCurnudgeon says:


    The perennially favorite HOTTIE-

    -Huma M Abedin

    H O T E Huma Abedin M


    IS The M for her Middle initial or Muslim Brotherhood


  9. bofh says:

    Apparently no one can locate the “Eric Hoteham” entity that, from what I’ve read, was used to register the domain CLINTONEMAIL.COM. Is it possible that Hoteham is a fiction? I may not be remembering this correctly, but I think that there’s a penalty for intentionally giving bogus registration information. I don’t recall if it’s criminal, or just a violation of TOS, but in either case, I think it could at least void the registration. That’d be a laugh if the domain name goes up for grabs.

    Actually, why would the Clintoons risk anything of the sort rather than just using one of the many “ID Cloaking” options that are available for a few bucks more for domain registrations? Noobs?


  10. lnvaderzee says:

    It’s a rope-a-dope game. They have been flaunting us with Hillary ’16, and all of our attention is on her, dumbfounded at why they are even trying. She fails at everything she does, is nothing but a career politician, and is covered in scandals left and right. At the last minute, they will pull the rug from under us and the MSM will be talking about how absolutely amazing Elizabeth Warren is.

    Either that or they realize that Hillary is really the only option they have, and the MSM is starting to take notice how far they are disconnected from the people as their ratings plummet.


  11. Sure, Hillary Clinton has a nasty history with crucial documents going missing — she is the only first lady in American history fingerprinted by the FBI, and the FBI found missing documents with her fingerprints on them in the White House personal quarters. But the media SuperFriends quickly activated to protect Hillary. Glenn Thrush of Politico tweeted that Hillary must have relied on incompetent staffers and lawyers. Ron Fournier of National Journal tut-tutted that this made her “no better” than Republicans. Of course, the media also ignored Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman handing millions to the Clinton charity just before Hillary’s big run.


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  12. lastConservinIllinois? says:

    Every time she opens her putrid, rancid trap she vindicates my instant hatred for her from the first moment I saw/heard she and her equally despicable husband.

    I remember it like it was yesterday, they were on my television, taking me for a fool while lying to me, babbling on about a “vast right wing conspiracy” and my all time fave “I smoked, but I did not inhale”.

    Has there been anyone, prior to the current Preezy, who lowered the bar any further than these 2 ass-clowns?

    Enough. already. with the Hillbilly Perv Pres and his cackling-cankled-witch-skank-thieving-PoS of a “woman”.

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  13. o says:

    Well, there is always Joe Biden to run for president. aaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh


  14. waltherppk says:

    A federal felony criminal warrant should issue for Hillary Clinton, and she should be arrested and charged with a felony, and perp walked for the cameras where she can claim her arrest is the result of a vast right wing conspiracy or blame it on an internet video and ask what difference does it make. Bill can comfort Hillary by being Clintonian or Clintonesque and saying well anybody could say what Hillary did with the e-mail thing is a felony or maybe it is not a felony, it just really depends on what their definition of “is” is.

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  15. doodahdaze says:

    You have to admit. Ya gotta love Rushbo. It is THE WAR ON A WOMAN by the left.


  16. doodahdaze says:

    Doo Dah Sez. IMO they know the Beest is unelectable.

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  17. doodahdaze says:

    Allow me to answer the Beest’s question. “Don’t you want to see a woman president?”

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    • doodahdaze says:

      In fact right about now I rather see John Wayne. But all vestige of him leading a calvary charge have been wiped out from the internet. So. Net Newtraility strikes again.


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