Hillary’s Rebels Take More Egyptian Hostages….

Ansar al-Sharia was one of the benefactor al-Qaeda organizations in Libya 2011 who benefited from the weapons given by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.N Ambassador Susan Rice, and White House advisor Samantha Power. Clinton, Rice and Power convinced President Obama to intervene in Libya and support “the rebels”.

power-rice-rodham-clinton-2Samantha Power - Susan Rice - President Obama

The “rebels” were later admitted to be members of Ansar al-Sharia in the coastal region of Benghazi toward Derna, in Eastern Libya.  In the summer of 2011 this was one faction within what was called the ‘Libyan Islamic Fighting Group’ (LIFG).

After several years of turmoil and factional fighting, in 2014 the LIFG rebranded -and united- most of the Libya Islamist groups under the term “Libyan Dawn”. Libyan Dawn was the name used as the civil war raged and by mid-summer Tripoli came under Islamist control.

In December of 2014 Libyan Dawn, aka LIFG, aka Ansar al-Sharia, aka Hillary’s Rebels declared allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS). It was this group, now considered ISIS in Libya who executed the Coptic Christians last weekend.


Yes, Hillary’s “rebels” executed the Copt’s; and as Fox News’s Catherine Herridge reports, this group has now taken more Egyptian hostages:

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23 Responses to Hillary’s Rebels Take More Egyptian Hostages….

  1. RoyBaty says:

    23 Egyptian citizens or 23 Christians?

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  2. afghanvet18f says:

    A triumvirate of hags. All they need is a big kettle between them and some eye of newt. How do we explain to future generations why we allowed such power to be given to such treacherous skanks?

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  3. RJ says:

    It’s one thing to want a Cadillac, it’s another to know how to drive it.


  4. doodahdaze says:

    The Beest strikes again. Soon MSNBC will have to convert to a home shopping channel. They will have no way to spin the disasters without being taken away to padded cells by the men in the white coats, in straight jackets. Maddcow will complain because of the word straight as they drag her off the set. Tingles will be sent to shock therapy so he can really tingle.

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  5. beaujest says:

    These women will be known as “butchers” when history looks back at this tragedy!

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  6. FlatFoot says:

    Smart Power!

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  7. auscitizenmom says:

    “Hillary’s Rebels”. Yes, I like it. It needs to be put on a picture of said rebels doing something really awful and her smiling next to it with a bubble, “At this point, what difference does it make.?”.


  8. MILLS says:

    Even with such big ears. He seems to see nothing.


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