Eric Holder Announces Decision of Federal Investigation of Mike Brown Shooting, and Ferguson, Will Be Complete Prior to Leaving Office…

holder and obamaAG Eric Holder spoke before the National Press Club today and stated the civil rights investigation into the shooting of Mike Brown and the larger issues with Ferguson Police Department will be completed prior to his leaving office.

However, no mention of the insufferable FBI investigation for George Zimmerman that has been dragging on for years.  Apparently Holder is planning to allow the threat of FBI investigation to follow Zimmerman as the Attorney General seeks to clear his desk of the other highly visible cases.

Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch is anticipated to be confirmed in the next few weeks unless more GOP Senators raise objections which, at this point seems unlikely. Eric Holder said he is “confident” that decisions on both Brown and Ferguson will be ready and announced before Lynch is confirmed by the Senate.

Holder also said he believes there should be a moratorium on the death penalty pending a Supreme Court review for the drug protocol used in lethal injections. He asked states to delay executions until the Supreme Court review is complete.

According to the Saint Louis Dispatch Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said he believes Eric Holder tainted the Justice Department’s investigation of Ferguson early on, and quotes Jackson as saying:

“The public should be skeptical of the integrity of the investigation given that the ultimate boss in that department has gone public with his conclusion prior to the investigation being completed.” (link)

potus and Holder president obama and eric holder

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51 Responses to Eric Holder Announces Decision of Federal Investigation of Mike Brown Shooting, and Ferguson, Will Be Complete Prior to Leaving Office…

  1. doodahdaze says:

    Ongoing DOJ investigations are nothing more than witness protection programs.

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    • smiley says:

      (I wonder if he really has a law degree.)

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      • kinthenorthwest says:

        Probably got it the same way Obama and Michelle got theirs

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        • ThankYou,Treepers says:

          Yes, solely by reason of membership in the one and only privileged class to exist here since 1776 – the Affirmative Action privileged class.

          But where both Barky & Mooch are disgustingly dimwitted spoiled brats and obvious Affirmative Action props, Holder is a real disappointment to those who hoped for so much better from him based on his apparent sincerity as a man.

          He seems so genuine in some ways (politically ambitious light skin guy working in D.C. approaches pretty lady, early in dialogue is cornered into sheepishly admitting he’s so black nerdy that he not only has season tickets for the slow-paced uncool suburban Washington Bullets but actually attends most all the home games and cheers, she then practically informs him he just hit the romantic and black status lotteries simultaneously in that the Bullet’s All Star guard is her nephew two years her junior and her oldest sister was one of the two first black students at the U of Alabama whom George Wallace personally attempted to bar with his own body, an event so iconic in American history the nation has seen it replayed countless times with Forrest Gump present) he engenders interpersonal goodwill.

          But the closed-minded race hate he’s deployed from his high office spurs in response to his challenge to speak frankly about race the need to call him out for what he has shown himself to be:

          Eric “High Yellow ‘Ho’e” Holder, turned out by The First Gay President for use in whatever way the petrodollar paying muslim customers demand.

          Your boy ‘Eddie Munster’ said “Only in America”, High Yellow ‘Ho’e Holder, then you let yourself get turned out to treasonous prostitution against the nation which gave your people everything like never before.

          So shake it while you walk that street, Sweet Thang. You’ve now let those Arab muslims buy & sell y’all on both sides of the Atlantic, even after the white Christian family man emancipated y’all here. Those Arabs must be makin’ it reeeal good to ya, just like you like it.

          Speakin’ to ya in language your buddy Sharpton insists y’all can understand, ya know.

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  2. justfactsplz says:

    Holder will punish the Ferguson Police Department because of the Chief releasing the strong armed robbery video to the public. There will be a recommendation to over haul the police department of Ferguson imo. At least Darren Wilson will be cleared of any hate crime.

    Meanwhile the persecution of George Zimmerman, his family, and witnesses will continue to appease the BGI. I only hope recent developments will hold people accountable who are responsible of the railroading of George Zimmerman and that the case against him too will be closed.

    The new AG will carry on business the same way as Holder so we can expect continued corruption of our Justice System. Nothing will happen to the IRS.

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    • art tart says:

      justfactsplz ~ well said. Holder will recommend many AA officers are hired as he has already complained of the racial make-up of the department being predominately white. It won’t matter if an AA scores lower on the Officer’s exam, it’s not about hiring the most capable/intelligent/qualified to serve/protect Ferguson, for Holder it’s about hiring more blacks regardless of who is best qualified.

      It’s laughable that Holder thought he had enough influence to get Officer Wilson indicted for Big Mike’s death, at the end of the day, a thug is a thug is a thug. imo, Holder will leave GZ’s case open to appease Crump/BGI, he knows they can’t charge GZ but he can continue to cause stress harassment for GZ, it’s ironic that should be criminal but business as usual for the corrupt DOJ.

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      • annieoakley says:

        Sybrina is ‘speaking at Colorado State University on Feb.19 2015. Feb 19 7pm Sybrina Fulton, Mother of Trayvon Martin Lory Student Center


        • dginga says:

          Sounds like the students at Colorado State will get to see firsthand what an illiterate idiot that woman is. Wonder how much they are paying her to be there? She certainly is trying to parlay her 15 minutes of fame into as many $$$ as she can. But the real jackpot will be if Holder finds ANYTHING wrong in the Ferguson Police Department (and you know he will, ’cause that’s what he’s looking for) she and her attorneys, who happen to be very good friends (you might say “butt buddies” ) with Holder and Obama will jump on it as a reason to sue, and the city will settle early for big bucks. The whole thing is disgusting and racist, and could all have been avoided if she hadn’t have raised her son to be a worthless thug.


      • justfactsplz says:

        Never before have we had such corruption in so many agencies and branches of our government at one time as we do now.

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        • peachteachr says:

          I so agree. The thing I can’t quite figure out is if it is by plan or just so corrupt that the whole government is falling in upon itself. I lean toward the latter.
          I don’t believe that Lynch can do as much damage as Holder. We have to remember his role in the Clinton’s pardons for sale program as he was leaving office. So Holder took the AG office with a lot of experience with illegal activities.

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        • smiley says:

          agreed, JFP….maybe that’s due to MB influence ?
          his idea of “justice” is mob justice…burning looting rioting…antagonizing.
          he’s anti-gun ownership, anti-police, pro-racial tension…chaos in our cities…”hate” propaganda…hypocritical “tolerance”….sounds a little like the ME.


      • 2x4x8 says:

        the problem with getting more AA police is not the exam, its so many with a criminal record (police fight crime-they are the criminal)

        maybe George Zimmerman needs something to follow him around (DOJ investigation) wondering what he would be like should he not be under investigation


      • DizzleDazzle says:

        If the infamous SAT and ACT college exams are bias and cannot predict how well a student performs in college, what make you think an administered test will predict how well an officer will perform, on duty? We needs officers to identify better with blacks in hopes of reducing cop vs citizens murder rates. Qualification only goes so far. Physicians are well qualified, but the death rate of people dying of disease is still insurmountable. Lawyers are well qualified, but there is still a high number of crimes and legal issues. Hopefully, you catch my drift. Stop being so concerned about being critical that you begin to sound ignorant.


        • The SAT and ACT are good predictors. They weed out those who are unable to do college level work. The correlation between scores and GPAs of admitted students is not a measure of the validity of the test. You’d have to admit all students and then look at who flunks out and who doesn’t.

          A better measure is to look at the success of those with low scores who get admitted. For a while UC Berkeley was admitting low scoring AA students. They were not performing well and were flunking out at a high rate. When they stopped letting the low scorers in the drop out rate improved.


        • art tart says:

          DizzleDazzle ~ “Stop being so concerned about being critical that you begin to sound ignorant.” I get your drift, & you sound ignorant, no need insulting others when making a poor argument..

          Are you suggesting those that test lower on a LE Officer’s exam might “do better reducing cop vs citizens murder rates” or perform better? That would ONLY be speculation on your part since there is no such test in place at this time that could predict how well an officer could perform on duty NOR is there even a test on how well one scores on a drivers test & the driver they become.

          Just as testing is in place for the most qualified medical students to be admitted to med school, surely you aren’t suggesting that those that score lower on Medical admittance testing should be admitted would save more lives, LOL, that would clearly be “ignorant!”


        • jason says:

          we need people (and programs) better able to restore law and order. For every ‘citizen’ killed with an officer involved, there are 40 killed by another citizen. And of those citizens with officers involved, the overwhelming majority are justified (ie NOT MURDERS).

          Dumbing down the qualifications on some whim that criminals will be so enamored by the pigmentation of their local law enforcement they’ll forgo committing crimes is ignorant, but maybe I’m being overly critical….

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        • TKim says:

          Sadly, DizzleDazzle there are many unqualified doctors, lawyers (teachers, engineers…) because of a little something called Affirmative Action. If police officers need to identify with those with whom they make most contact, then shouldn’t they hire cops with gang affiliation, drug addiction, mental health issues, very low IQ’s and sociopathy?

          To insist on more black cops insinuates that most of the citizens being arrested are black. I hate to sound both “critical” and “ignorant” or even what you call “bias” but you sound a bit racist ole bean.

          And as an aside, there are two groups among SAT and ACT takers: those who prepare, and those who take it cold and usually whine about the score. Prep sessions are your friend.


      • jason says:

        Ferg (and/or? STL PD) are already offering finding/referral bonuses for AA recruits. Whether the recommendation ever is released publically, it’s clear that agenda.. err, idea, is being pushed to the local PDs


    • kinthenorthwest says:

      DC/Obama/Sharpton want the chief gone so BAD

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      • justfactsplz says:

        I know and he did absolutely nothing wrong. The way he handled it kept the Scheme Team from being as successful as they were during the Zimmerman railroading.

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    • Roy says:

      With a sigh, I’m afraid I agree. Lynch’s probable confirmation is our assurance this disaster will continue.


  3. BitterC says:

    Holder also ordered a 90 day review to determine if any employees can be charged criminally or civilly over the financial crisis of what, 7yrs ago?? He also said it would be up to Loretta to decide whether to pursue. What on earth is he uo to now?

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    • BertDilbert says:

      They are probably exempt from prosecution due to statue of limitations. Run out the clock Holder.


    • You mean the financial crisis that was Bush’s fault? So that would make the employees Bush’s employees? I have my doubt any of the people that were in SEC or Treasury will be scrutinized – those folks are all too well connected.


  4. zephyrbreeze says:

    I look at that smug photo and I’m furious with Republicans for not holding Holder accountable for Fast and Furious and many other scandals. That shame is on Republicans.

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  5. Coast says:

    And God said “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

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  6. kinthenorthwest says:

    A bit off topic but they are trying to Bring Holder over here for the Pasco Shooting…
    They are trying to say it was a racist shooting.


  7. peachteachr says:

    Perhaps way in the past a president has blamed “the press” for his hardships. I seem to remember that Andrew Jackson and the press didn’t get along well, but I’m no great historian. I do know that an administration has never singled out a network like this one has done to Fox. It is such a juvenile thing to do. It seems to me that this whole administration is stuck in some sort of middle school angst and cannot advance beyond those 13 year old behaviors.

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  8. Brett says:

    I have said this before, but it is no worse for having been used…holder (as well as obama and his administration) is putrid, corrupt, lying filth.

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  9. czarowniczy says:

    When the DoJ has something solid and in-hand they jump to the media instantly, they know that the public’s interest level declines rapidly if they are hit with speculation and no juicy results to chew on. On the other hand, if the DoJ delays, extends the investigation and does everything it can to draaaaaaag out the discovery process it means they don’t really have any steak to go with that sizzle leaving them with the options of: (a) going to court with a basket of fluff and trying to bankrupt the subject with endless proceedings, (b) manufacturing something out of whole cloth, or (c) passing the case on off to someone else as, in another of my favorite government axioms: ‘ An action passed is an action completed’. Maybe Holder got the word to lipstick up this pig and put it on stage before his replacement has to clean up Holder’s debris or maybe the BGI is still looking for a ritual sacrifice as a show of Obama fealty to The Cause.
    Let ’em rush this as they did the post-Katrina NOPD lynchings they tried – they’ll have the opportunity to repent at leisure just as they did with the NOPD cases. They jes ain’t as good as previous DoJ folk when it comes to ginning up witch burnings.


  10. HarleyQuinn says:

    Here is some info about why Gov. Nixon changed the plan about having the National Guard in place in Ferguson.

    Media is speculating that it was retaliation/payback for Chief Jackson refusing to step down. About time.


    • Holy cow. What a truly weak CYA excuse from the Governor:

      You didnt want to have a Kent State situation. You certainly didnt want to have a situation where Guardsmen who had only been there a few hours, who had not been used to the very kinetic atmosphere of people throwing things, screaming things at the very front tip of that spear. That was the plan. I think it has prevented loss of life.’

      Kent State, seriously? In no freaking way could that have evolved into a Kent State situation. That screaming mob was no bunch of college students. And what law enforcement officer is equipped to take in stride what the local LEOs had to tolerate that night without the presence of a stronger force? And how insulting to the Guardsmen’s professionalism when Guardsmen are good enough to be sent to the Middle East?

      Yeah. Payback for Jackson not resigning. Thanks for the link.


  11. gena says:

    Gee, I wonder is $ybrina is paying for her trip with her, HOA money? She surely spends a lot on those fake eyelashes!

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  12. Les says:

    Good article about Loretta Lynch:

    She’s in bed with corporate criminals and drug cartels. Nice.


  13. moogey says:

    The article states that Loretta Lynch will probably be confirmed. However, Loretta Lynch is connected to the corruption at HSBC. If I remember correctly, Ms. Lynch was contacted about investigating the fraud, but she and her DA’s office declined to follow up. The vote on her appointment has been postponed while this is being looked into.

    There are many talented people who could take the Attorney General’s position, and Congress does not have to confirm the first appointee that comes along. The fact that this one has questionable ethics and stated in her hearings that she would follow the President’s Amnesty Regulations as opposed to following the Law, tells me that she is politician first, activist second and lawyer third. Socialist First – America Last. I would imagine that undercutting law enforcement would continue at the same or greater pace as it did with Holder.

    On a personal note – I find it disgusting that a race baiting administration would actually appoint someone with the name “Lynch”. What do you think when you hear the word? I can very easily imagine Law Enforcement calling the Gov’t intrusions in their departments as “Lynchings.” And if I can imagine it, I can only guess at how quickly MSM might coin “lynching” as their new “divisive” tactic to be used against certain Conservative/Christian segments of society.

    My only fear is: Holder will never go away.


  14. bob e says:

    they got kwame kilpatric didn’t they ?? heh heh ..

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  15. TKim says:

    Bless his heart (as we say in the south) every time Holder opens his mouth he sounds like a green as grass public defender on his first case. Of course Benjamin Crump sounds like the cab driver who drove Holder to the courthouse. So there’s that.


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