More Evidence Surfaces – White House Trying To Interfere With, and Manipulate, Israel Elections…

Two weeks ago we shared the story of the former national field director for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, Jeremy Bird, being involved in an opposition effort to remove Benjamin Netanyahu from office.   This past weekend both Vice-President Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry met with the benefactor of that effort, Isaac Herzog.

A week after finding the Jeremy Bird agenda we discovered that Netanyahu called the White House prior to accepting the congressional invite.  However, the White House never returned his call;  apparently because the Obama Administration was  constructing an adverse political narrative to hold against both him and the GOP in congress.

The agenda is brutally obvious, the White House is trying to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu.

John Kerry and Isaac Herzog(Israel Today) Is the Obama Administration interfering in Israel’s upcoming elections? Recent statements and moves by America’s leaders sure would seem to suggest so.

Last week, both Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry announced they would not be in attendance when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a joint session of the US Senate dedicated to the threat of a nuclear Iran.

The White House has been furious with Netanyahu over the planned appearance, which Obama officials insist had breached protocol by being organized without their approval and involvement.

Just days after letting everyone know they wouldn’t be on hand to greet and listen to Netanyahu, both Biden and Kerry met with Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog on the sidelines of a security conference in Munich, Germany on Saturday. And this just a month before Israel’s March 17 elections.  (read more)


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23 Responses to More Evidence Surfaces – White House Trying To Interfere With, and Manipulate, Israel Elections…

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  2. conservalicious says:

    Every time I see that picture of Obama poking his finger into Bibi I can feel my blood pressure rise, ugh.

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  3. beaujest says:

    “Hitler” in a business suit !


  4. Well hey…..look at the bright side. Maybe this will open the door for other countries to diddle in the 2016 U. S. election and keep Hiltlary on the hot seat and out of the Queen’s chair. We all know she ain’t a favorite over thar……

    I believe that BiBi’s people will remain loyal. The US doesn’t have any clout in Israel. Obie has seen to that. Wouldn’t it be great if a gigantic crowd showed up in front of the capitol to show support and welcome him on the day BiBi is suppose to speak! If it wasn’t a twelve hour roundtrip drive for one hour of satisfaction, I’d do it.

    O/T but I got a call today from the Republican party wanting me to renew my membership. Before I finished, the lady hung up on me.

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  5. TKim says:

    We have to admit, we have quite the guy in the White House. He is ready to spout his oily opinion on the actions of one cop in Missouri, kiss the behind of a professor who forgot his keys, insult millions of American Christians at a prayer breakfast while scheming to “keep it real up in the Israeli elections.”

    He does this while jetting constantly to Hollywood or inviting rappers and pop stars to the White House and also maintaining a bromance with the epitome of stupid and evil men who propagate a communist and revolutionary agenda while calling himself “Reverend Al.”

    If he announced tomorrow that he wanted to repeal the 2nd amendment immediately, outlaw the flag and implement a curfew for all white people the MSM would collectively wring their hands and try to explain that these actions by a POTUS are unprecedented and no doubt illegal but how do we say that in a non racist way?

    God we are appealing to your great mercy. Please save us from this grievous two term mistake, give all decent Americans the strength and non flagging determination to elect a president who follows You, knows You, and worships You and not himself.

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  6. lovelyd24 says:

    Who to believe on Iran: Obama or Netanyahu?

    This is why Obama and his fellow ideologues are throwing a tantrum over Netanyahu’s speech.

    God bless Netanyahu and confound his enemies.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      WHO indeed!!

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    • doodahdaze says:

      It seems to me here are a few things. First…sanctions of any sort are not going to stop Iran from developing nukes. Second…Obama will never take military action to stop them. I think unless Israel attacks and takes them out that Iran will for sure get nukes. Obama is just piddling around and buying time for Iran. Israel save yourself, Obama will not help you and will probably hurt you.


      • Crystal says:

        Bibi has said that Iran doesn’t need nukes to take out Israel; they have missiles that could do that. The nukes are for the US as Iran has vowed to attack us.


  7. jason says:

    In Herzog’s own description to Channel 10 News, the episode represents “a complete boycott [of Netanyahu]. Even if that’s not stated, that’s the story.”


  8. lovemygirl says:

    Obama has joined the bdi occupy this and that crowd


  9. Serious Question: I was under the impression that it was not the POTUS & Co. place to be interfering in in the affairs of other nations in an attempt to overthrow a government or depose a leader unless they are a direct threat to the USA and there is a law against that. Am I wrong?


  10. 2+2 says:

    Dubya set a precedent when he overthrew Saddam. Al Quaeda, not Saddam, was the immediate threat, and Iraq wasn’t their sole base of operations. Hillary followed up with Libya.
    Russia and China are sleeping giants, and will fight over the spoils of the coming fiasco. JMO.


  11. Tom Ward says:

    Maybe Barry poked the PM hoping some of BIBI’s courage would rub of on him,,,naw, I don’t believe that, either. The gesture was just another condescending expression by Professor Obama. BO is an “in” guy –INcompetent, INsincere, INcorrect, INane, and definitely INto himself !


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