Armed Women and Mothers Drive Back Boko Haram Attack…

These villagers refused to be the next victims of religious genocide – they fought back and won – unlike the recent village where 2,500 were killed.

AFRICA – Several Nigerian media outlets have been reporting on local women in the villages of Attagara and Kawuri in Borno State who recently disarmed nearly a dozen Boko Haram terrorists. The notorious pseudo-Islamic terror groups tried to attack the Attagara and Kawuri communities over the weekend but the insurgents were instantly repelled by a group of armed women.

boko haram mothers

The Attagara and Kawuri villages in Gwoza and Bama Local Government Areas of Borno State resisted the attack using an array of local talismans and, of course, their assault weapons came in handy as well.

Almost immediately, the community rallied round to apprehend the insurgents. At least three of the terrorists managed to flee, but community members say that seven were arrested and executed.

Local residents said that the initial attack happened when the terrorists that the villagers described as Boko Haram came into town on motorcycles. Stories are already building up in the aftermath of the victory, as some locals claim that the men were paralyzed by local talismans protecting the initial women who the men encountered.

The initial women were said to have then gone to their local militia which included a number of armed women, who promptly raced to the scene, repelled and executed the attackers. (read more)


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76 Responses to Armed Women and Mothers Drive Back Boko Haram Attack…

  1. Sharon says:

    Well done. Can you imagine how frightened Kerry and bambi would be of such women? And not amazons – just women who chose not to die.

    Add: I think it’s noteworthy that they don’t look arrogant and tough. They simply look glad to be alive. Glad that they were able to take care of the problem.

    The execution of the attackers is a nice touch – they don’t have to worry about them coming back. Unlike the terrorists at Guantanamo who live to fight another day and another day and another day. I wonder if some of these villagers could serve as advisors to….

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  2. ar10308 says:

    You may want to check the date on that article. It says it is from May 27, 2014.


    • Sharon says:

      It’s still a pick-me-up AFAIC.

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      • ar10308 says:

        It is interesting that you consider it a pick-me-up. Throughout when a group or tribe has to have women doing the defense or war-fighting of the tribe, it means the tribe is at a level of desparation that is soon followed by annihilation or enslavement.


        • ar10308 says:

          *Throughout history


          • serena says:

            Throughout when a group or tribe has to have women doing the defense or war-fighting of the tribe, it means the tribe is at a level of desparation that is soon followed by annihilation or enslavement.

            and who’s THE historian ? you ?
            it’s not the stone age,women have picked up a rifle or 2 before, and in many nations it’s the WOMEN breaking their arses to begin with.

            women are merciless-ask any man .
            desperate ? LOL merely seeing threats to their families. bringing us right back ti “merciless”.

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        • Sharon says:

          I am gladdened that they succeeded.

          I guess it doesn’t matter because by now, then, they have either been annihilated or enslaved.

          Since that is the case, I should not have had any appreciation for their momentary courageous success since it was pointless.


      • justfactsplz says:

        And a very good choice for a pick-me up I might add.

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    • stella says:

      May 27 is my birthday. I’ll consider it a present, as it is a wonderful story and is, as Sharon said, a pick-me-up.

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    • Murse says:

      Which raises the question as to why this wasn’t plastered all over the news. I never heard of this victory. The progs can’t have women taking matters into their own hands. An armed populace does not need permission to survive.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Proggies don’t like self-defense by the People. It’s….. so….. uncontrolled.

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        • dcwusmc says:

          I LOVE IT!!! You and Murse totally GET IT! I am a Marine, now retired, and I can tell you YOU, be you man, woman or child, are ALWAYS your own first line of defense. Always, no matter WHAT smoke grabbing politicians or kick-spittle cops and police chiefs try to blow up yer skirts.

          Learning to shoot is a life-saving skill EVERYONE needs. There’s a poster now going around from one group of gun-grabbers that shows a woman with a pointed gun, and saying that “rape doesn’t deserve the death penalty. Let the police do their job.”

          How many of the womenfolks here would subscribe to that sort of bull-bleep? I’m really curious. I KNOW I want my wife, my daughters-in-law and my granddaughters to be able to protect themselves. My son believes that, also. My stepson lives in a blue state with massively awful anti-gun laws. High crime, too, for some reason.


      • RoyBaty says:

        The media didn’t want to make the terrorists mad after getting beaten up by a bunch of women. When James Taylor sang “You’ve Got a Friend” to the French, the media is became more courageous.


  3. czarowniczy says:

    Starting to see a pattern here, ladies?

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Yeah, well, it may have helped that the men were scared to death that they were going to be killed by a woman and wouldn’t get to their 72 virgins.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Yep, the brave Kurdish women come to mind. American women need to know how to defend their own families imo.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        Why do that, it’s the government’s job-right?

        But seriously folks, can’t say how many meetings we went to where women were hounding the city and state governments to do more on women’s safety and violence issues when the key to it all was in their hands. Those police talking heads, councilpersons and state legislators will defend their wives, daughters, mothers, etc, but to think they have even an iota’s level of concern in protecting the female constituents on the street’s dangerous folly.
        Point: how many women with protective orders have you hard about being killed?

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        • justfactsplz says:

          Protective orders are pretty much useless. They will even cut off ankle monitors to get to their victims. Women need to know how to protect themselves.

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          • auscitizenmom says:

            Yes, it appears pretty much that protective orders are good for saying “she had a protective order against him” after they find her dead.

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          • Pam says:

            Yes, women need to know how to protect themselves. But what the hell has happened to the supposed inborn instinct of men as protectors and defenders of females and children? Many of we women may be mama grizzlies in our hearts. Some women are strong enough to possibly equal the physical abilities of men. But most are not.

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            • dcwusmc says:

              Which is why you need to buy a firearm YOU CAN SAFELY USE AND CONTROL, lots of Ammo and membership at a good range with a GREAT instructor. Marines would be best, or legitimate spec ops troops, as they really learn small arms. Lots of folks CLAIM to be Marines or Navy SEALS or other special operations types but lie a LOT! You need to be as sure as possible they’re the real deal.


  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Holy Cow! Take that, you sniveling, whining demoncrat American feminists.

    “resisted the attack using an array of local talismans” I want me one of those. 😯

    “their assault weapons came in handy as well.” 🙂

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  5. Aslan's Girl says:

    Awesome story! How did these women get their weapons? Is it legal in Nigeria to own these? If so, BIG kudos to Nigeria for recognizing that owning weapons is a basic human right!

    These women are “Minute Moms”, ready at a minute’s notice. Again, awesome!

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  6. joanfoster says:

    You Go Girls!! And to think they didn’t need a washed up l970s folk singer to sing “You’ve Got A Friend”.

    Maybe Hillary had one thing right, it does take a village. Proud of these women warriors.

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  7. John Galt says:


    Boko Haram follows Sharia law and is therefore not “pseudo” but rather “authentic”. In fact, Boko Haram’s main objective is to establish Sharia law in Nigeria.

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  8. thefirstab says:

    Pseudo -false, pretender (free
    So, I guess these brave women were defending themselves for nothing, as in pseudo-killed. Or “pseudo-Islamic” means the attackers were not REAL Islamics, as in posers?
    Who wrote this. Al-Baghdadi’s PR dept?

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    • John Galt says:

      A Muslim speaks the truth:

      “The original texts that form an inseparable part of true Islam and inspire the ongoing crimes committed in its name are also guilty. This will be true as long as there is no central authority to reorganize the relationship between the Islamic text, as a piece of history, and the necessities of the present day, in the same way the Qur’anic text itself acclimatized as the ayahs were gradually sent down, with some new rulings replacing older ones.”

      i.e. Civilize the Quran

      “Nothing can insult Islam and Muslims as much as such crimes, and yet we still make do with saying that they do not represent true Islam, without providing a clear description of what true Islam is, beginning with our religious schools, some of which are factories for crime, to our constitutions which are rigged with the mines of Islamic jurisprudence and Sharia law.

      Nothing insults Islam more than the Charlie Hebdo massacre, which says, from the belly of true Islam itself: Those of us who love the Prophet most are our greatest criminals.”

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  9. Les says:

    Love me some people who form militias and fight their own battles. You can change the world that way. And you don’t have to wait for the UN to meet on it.

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    • elvischupacabra says:

      Wait… could that be one of those things that The Founders envisioned when they added the Second Amendment? You know, empowered people, Bearing Arms against murder, mayhem and tyranny? Wow! [forehead slap] What a concept!

      Yes, Lefties! People DO need assault weapons for self-defense!!

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  10. Guns; the first solution for the problem of Satan’s ‘religion’ on earth. Start with guns, and more importantly, with those willing to actually use them. Primitive islamic pigs understand only one thing…and if the world collectively brings (not likely) to their doors that violence that they understand and desire, only then would we see the flood of Satan’s frightened little lemmings start to diminish.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Islamists don’t respect weakness or half-measures. Any of our troops who served in the sandbox can affirm.

      In the 700’s Charles Martel crushed the advancing Islamists first at Toulouse and most famously at Tours/Poitiers. It was after repulsing the muslims at Toulouse that he realized the need for a professional, standing army. It was this commitment to a professional, full time military that allowed him to so decisively crush the muslims at Tours, much to their shock.

      Fast forward almost 1,000 years and again Europe and the West had become soft and complacent. The muslims began harassing the west initially with the Siege of Vienna in 1529. The next 150 years were “shark bumps”, culminating in the decisive victory over the muslims at Vienna in 1683, securing Europe from Islamic oppression.

      There have been more “shark bumps” with Islam in the intervening historical period. In 1815, the US military was finally unleashed and allowed to fight the Barbary Pirates with the intent to win. Decatur crushed them and forced the Beys and Deys to capitulate without any leeway. It also ended the enslavement of whites by the North Africans.

      So, it looks like it’s getting to be “that time again”, where Islamists sense a softness in the West that they can exploit. They see their modern day control of Toulouse, where Martel first repeled them but the French have ceded, as a signal to continue to press their cause. There have been shark bumps as each successive terror attacks continues on the refinement of past experiences.

      It won’t end until we decisively decide to crush Islam and its adherents without any apology. That includes our “homegrown” muslims and prison converts.

      Islam is evil. Islam is totalarianism. Islam is the antithesis of freedom and individual liberty.

      No quarter. Fix Bayonets.

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  11. partyzantski says:

    The spike bayonets on the AK47s that they carry…. those are from Chinese arsenals. The underfolders I can’t make out much.


    • elvischupacabra says:

      I have an old Czech-made AK that has one of the fold-away bayonets, but it looks like something added when it was in service. The Hungarian guy who converted it to semi told me that he got it like that as surplus.


  12. CrankyinAZ says:

    Good for them… This is the ONLY way to deal with those ——- !!!!! Kill them! This should have been front page news everywhere!


  13. elvischupacabra says:

    From the article: Mamman Yakubu, a youth that participated in the resistance, said that they killed the terrorists because Boko Haram members never talk when interrogated, and they did not want to risk any of them getting away.

    Beats the cost of prison or GITMO!

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  14. Power to the sisters!

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  15. Wayno says:

    Let’s get these Christian women some real weapons. enough of this BS. Time to start fighting back. Maybe the Crusades wasn’t such a bad idea.

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  16. stibbs says:

    Jst a matter of not rolling over to the muslim horde.


  17. AM says:

    A group of women standing up and stopping aggression with weapons. You won’t see any comments backing up these actions from the White House. Obamas leading from behind politics are getting people killed all over the globe. If the terrorist don’t have anything to fear, they will just keep killing. These women stood up against evil and won.

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  18. gwsjr425 says:

    But but but….guns don’t save lives.


  19. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Rifles speak louder than James Taylor CD’s. 😈

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  21. Leslie says:

    You go girls! Kick their bloody butts!


  22. John L says:

    “But the She – Bear thus accosted rends the peasant tooth and nail
    for the female of the species is more deadly than the male.” Rudyard Kiplingjj

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  23. Roy says:

    The women in the photograph look grim and serious, as to be expected. They embody the words of Charlie Hebdo’s editor Stephane Charbonnier, “I prefer to die standing up than live on my knees.”

    How tenuous and exhausting their very existence. I hope they are still alive.

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  24. dcwusmc says:

    Reblogged this on dcwusmc and commented:
    These women are so great… Words fail me. Almost! I am so very impressed by their bravery and GRIT. And determination.And so.many other superlative attributes.


  25. Bruce says:

    These ladies are legends. We should put them in charge instead of the appeaser politicians. Way to go ladies!


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