Day #28 – Jessica Lane Chambers – Open Discussion/Research Thread

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For What It’s Worth – Here is some ground conversation that is essentially unsourced yet widely, and generally, believed to be accurate.

♦  Ben Chambers was considered “an inmate” for a period while working as mechanic at Panola County Sheriff’s Department (dates of disposition unknown)

♦  In April of 2014 the “abusive boyfriend”, continually cited by people who were familiar with the social circle of Jessica Chambers, had first name of “Eric”.

♦  Someone named “Roscoe”, or at least going by the name “Roscoe”, had (recently?) proposed to Jessica and been turned down.

♦ Charlotte Wilkerson used to work at a place called the Skyline Motel located at 200 Highway #51, Batesville, MS – as a room cleaner. The Motel is known locally to be a place frequented by those within the business of prostitution. A review via Bing Maps shows the Skyline Motel approximately a mile North from the location of M&M First Stop Gas Station.

Charlotte Wilkerson

And here is additional information which can be used by LEO. Charlotte Wilkerson, aka “Auntie Sha-Sha”, had a conversation with another person (unnamed but solidly verified).

During that conversation Wilkerson stated what she already confirmed during a TV interview, that Jessica went to “a party“. (Willing or unwilling travel unknown).

However, unstated in the TV interview, but stated in the conversation being shared, was that Jessica was “raped by 4 males” at this party.  The names given were: Eric, Roscoe, Bryan, Robert. However due to pronunciations, cultural use of odd nicknames, etc. these might be “real names” or they could be “street names”.

Two of the four, are rumored to have left “the party” with Jessica: “Eric and Roscoe”.

The above information does not come from anyone with a vested interest in the outcome. Nor does the source surface within the social circles of the people previously outlined, discussed or encountered during any research that we are aware of.

We will be back checking through prior research to insure there is no ulterior motive or connection to players, in the names presented.  However, on it’s face – and given the lack of association and vested interest – this information appears to be solid and reconcilable information given when contrast against all the prevailing possibilities floated.

Authorities have been notified of the CCTV possibility for the Skyline Motel.

Additional note – Earlier someone posted a link to rather alarming pictures which appear to show a young girl presented in a very sexual manner, along with the phrase: “this is one of my 3 new batches“.  It would be interesting to identify if the room outlined and pictured matches the décor of the Skyline Motel.

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  1. Lanlog1989 says:

    I think there is a lot more to this story than we are seeing. My number 1 question is why we’re the U.S. Marshall’s on the case the next day? I have family in LE and DEA, I read quite a bit of crime stuff… I’m pretty sure the marshall’s office doesn’t get involved in the murder of a young lady. Plus, how did they get there so fast? I’m from a small town and I assure you, there’s something fishy about all this.
    Number 2 question… is it confirmed that the parents identified Jessica?
    Number 3 question… Why on earth would they allow the tow truck to stop at the convient store?
    Last question…. I’m not a genius but fire burns rather quickly with accelerant… So whoever did it had to have another vehicle there to leave or they went through the woods.


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