Jessica Lane Chambers Day #14 – Mississippi Burning – Open Discussion/Research Thread…

In an effort to focus some of the prior analysis, and with an understanding that this specific event has a community aspect different from traditional research, it is important to understand the social elements prior to looking at the psychology of the event itself.

With that we’re going to widen the scope while narrowing the focus. Let’s start with the social elements, aided by a friend of the treehouse’s endeavors, and exposing a little of myself in the process.

jessica chambers angel image

While many are seeking justice for Jessica, it is also part of the larger objective to insure that Jessica’s death was not in vain – and for her name not to be forgotten.

Toward that effort, first it is important to say thank you for working to keep Jessica’s story in the public consciousness.   Simultaneously her story reflects upon on a much bigger picture, a dark and seemingly corrupt County.   We begin today by first sharing some information and data assembled around Panola County, Mississippi.

In order to understand how everything ties together, you have to look at Panola County as a “Whole”.   Standing back and reviewing historical media we find that “small town, big corruption” is not just limited to Courtland, but also extends outward through Como, Sardis, Batesville, and Pope – all located within Panola County, MS.

There is obviously a racial divide between black and white, and of course some citizens of both races carry prejudice.   As each generation replaces the prior, the specific racial division closes a bit more.

Amid the regional community, the most visible time people of color and Caucasians socialize occurs at sporting events: i.e. football games, basketball games et al.  There you will find the whole realm of the larger society represented.  Poor black, poor white, wealthy black, wealthy white, rednecks, thugs, criminal gangs, and illicit drugs.

Yes, there are criminal gangs in Panola County and from what we have uncovered, they mostly appear engaged in the criminal drug culture and residential burglary cases.  Most of the gang violence is usually solved quickly, due to talk within the communities.

It is this “talk” that the local authority rely upon.

Because many of you are dedicated researchers.  I would suggest you read this Mississippi gang analysis.

[When you notice my prolonged forum absence this is the type of analytical reading that I first engage to establish the framework of my personal understanding toward the local elements being outlined… /SD]:

The arrest of James D Willie, 28, of Sardis Mississippi was achieved through the fundamental understandings within the Mississippi Gang Analysis.  “D Willie” was known as the highway killer.

For our ongoing efforts it’s important to note, and more important to accept, that four specific aspects exist in Panola County as they relate to the murder of Jessica Lane Chambers:

♦  Criminal activity  ♦  Organized crime  ♦  Gangs ♦  Public Corruption.

The appearances of corruption are as much as part of the understanding this crime, as the victim herself.

When an outside agency, such as the FBI, enters the county the outsiders have already assembled the dossier of “alternate elements/subjects” who are included within the historical briefs; they do not walk in blind.

The most visible to identify corruption generally starts with local officials and their private sector accomplices (campaign contributors).   So for the sake of understanding the hierarchy looks something like the Panola County Board Election Commissioners, and then trickles down to the Sheriff’s Department(s), each towns’ Mayor, the water board, each Police Chief and Fire Chief, the county Judges, and finally the Lawyers for both the City and County.

Seeking first to understand their individual stake in the larger structure is a key element in understanding the motives behind the people you will a.) meet, or see in media, and,  b.) be receiving information from via statements in the media.

From the streets up through the courts and law enforcement you will find elements embedded within these network who want their share of the “proverbial” economic pie.

Any outside entity, who is not within the closed-circle that forms “local interests” will be looked upon with caution – prying eyes are a risk.

Money laundering through cars (sales, confiscations, etc.)  land deals and store front real estate (think gas stations) transactions, not to mention direct/indirect bribes, contract kickbacks, grant fund fraud, and embezzlement all appear as part of the dynamic generally not understood by the law-abiding public within the area of review.

Mississippi law enforcement, more specifically the various Mississippi Sheriff’s Departments express an outward appearance of “I am the Law”.    It is from within this structure of superiority and untouchability you will find those same parties seemingly messing around all day trying to generate revenue from engagement with gangs, while simultaneously being paid by tax dollars.

Within these various sketchy constituencies, it should be no wonder there is so much crime, since the chances of getting caught are low; the chances of being seriously punished even lower.

The prosecutorial flaws occur party due to inept or lazy Sheriff and investigative processes such as: not taking fingerprints, not following up on incident reports filed on felony theft of vehicles/property, and the general non interest of the assigned investigators.

Does this help explain the burned, unsecured car of Jessica Chambers removed from the crime scene and transported without a chain of custody for the evidence?  It should.

It is systemic LEO malaise, and a mix of willful blindness, in favor of just continuing a process of enrichment.

What this systemic process breeds is criminal investigative laziness, and ridiculously flawed processes of criminal investigation.   Investigative effort is reduced to, and replaced by, “word on the street will tell us“.

Does that sound familiar?  It should.

jessica 7 DA John Champion

What a surprise.

Simultaneously, the criminal elements who engage the enforcement authority within this network know the routine and more importantly know how to work the self-interest of the authority to their advantage – if they become the subject of any known investigation.

Panola County – An agent with the Bureau of Narcotics testified that enforcement officials had targeted the area  where the drug transaction took place, referred to as the King Street area, because of prior complaints of drug activity. (link)

This is part of the reason you see someone like Sheriff Darby desperately wanting to see any external spotlights turned off his county.   Sunlight is a risk – and each of you are beginning to notice what those closed-county Mississippi risks entail.

Then you have the racial divides within the Panola Sheriff’s department itself (Ben Chambers is the poster boy), a former sheriff who kills himself at his girlfriend’s house, and the current Sheriff Darby who arrested the Como Chief of Police (link).

What you find is a reflection of power where the present sheriff is part the root cause of the problem.  There was an interim sheriff of color before Darby, and unlike Darby he did not seem to see color as a filter for law enforcement – the department did not appear to favor his disposition.

There is also a general sense that if Darby were not the current Sheriff the person or persons in question around the Jessica Lane Chambers murder would already be in jail.

Johnny lee buttsIn the past few years under Darby’s tenure there have been several white on black crimes that seem to receive minimal press.  Beyond the Johnny Lee Butts case, those include the Sheriff employee indicted for rape, and another for molestation charges.

The Panola County and private sector accomplices (campaign contributors) appear to be engaged in what would traditionally be considered financial crimes, voter fraud, bank fraud and land fraud.

If someone could dedicate a lot of time to the courthouse they could easily find court records where land is being taken from poor white and black citizens through land grabs.

For example there are reports of an individual in “Como” who buys foreclosed and tax sale land frequently; he then turns around and sales the land for a cash price.   Remember all foreclosure enforcements and tax sale enforcements are done through the Sheriffs office, that’s Darby.  And here is an interesting part in this example – the entity never has his lawyer file a deed of trust at the courthouse in the new owner’s name.  It would appear from looking at the records this is done to allow him to borrow against the land at any given time – apparently unknown to the land owner.

Throughout the system people are losing everything they have because the judicial system, the enforcement system, and the political system are seemingly corrupt and do not work.  See HERE and also See HERE  Again, this is part of the reason all of the operators within the aforementioned systems work to keeping eyes away from the structural aspects of their governing structures.

Socially, if you review feeds and footage, it’s actually quite surprising the amount of traffic you will see on these rural Panola county roads.  Culturally it’s the destination like driving around on back roads drinking and getting high which is “the party”.

December 6th was also “deer season”, replete with hunters spot lighting, which is illegal, and hunters with ATV’s most always seen carrying a gas can in the back of their four-wheel drive trucks and off road equipment.  These are elements which frame the next aspect.

ask the right questions

As much as you are now aware of the players amid the local community, it is important to highlight two distinct aspects to light from an investigative perspective.

Hopefully you understand now why the local LEO is not capable of undertaking a comprehensive and thorough CSI level investigation.  It’s just not part of their hand-me-down training model, which relies upon the “community fessing up”.

The criminal act.

Here you must separate two motives.  • The motive for the crime, and • the motive for the evidence.  Two totally separate aspects.

The motive for the crime is what most people think about when they hear the term “motive”.  It is well known, because is the part most often important/emphasized in the courtroom.   However, for our research it is irrelevant.

We need to focus on the “motive of the evidence”.   Within that paradigm shift you will make progress.

Questions like:  Why did he/they burn her body?  Why did he/they choose 2352 Herron Road as the location to burn the body?  These are motive questions about known evidence, not motive for the intent of the crime itself.

To answer them you must think of two psychological reasons for action taken during crime:

1.) The action upon the evidence is part of the crime itself.  Meaning, the behavior, and the decisions deployed which are reflected in that behavior, are part of the original act of perpetrating the crime.

2.) The action upon the evidence was part of FEAR.  Or part of an action taken to cover-up  or hide the crime itself.

To do this you must think of everything associated with the crime as “evidence”, including Jessica Chambers herself.

Why did Jessica drive south?  You already know it was not to clean her car, and you know it was not to get something to eat, both of which are eliminated by looking at the geography.   This means she was driving south to go to a place.  You don’t go to “a place” as a static concept – you go to places to associate with “people“.

The location of her body being burned does not portend the crime scene as part of the initial act.  Why?  Because despite it’s seemingly isolated location it is still not quiet enough, or desolate enough, to be sure no-one would see or hear.

That means the final destination was a selected venue based on a continuance of the criminal event. In short a place to work on the #2 element of covering up the crime itself.

The final destination is rarely sheer happenstance.  Criminals do not engage “the fear” aspect of the crime in locations they are not familiar with.  Hence, in the Hannah Graham case we stated the body hiding (the fear aspect) would be located in a place where Jesse Matthew was familiar – it was.

Working backwards on the same thought process, we don’t know the suspect(s), but we do know the “familiar place“.   2352 Herron Road (Main Street) would be familiar to the suspect.  That narrows the possible subjects.

Jessica Chambers was moved to “the familiar place” to engage the cover-up aspect.  And given the nature of the event choice, we can know the suspect did not plan to be in the familiar place long.  We know this again because of the potential for discovery during the event.  This was a quick dispatch – with the suspect believing they had an established amount of safe time to do their horrible work.

This understanding also lends to more than one suspect.  Because an individual would be challenged in attaining safe distance from the risk event given an established amount of perceived safe time. Unless one very specific element were in place.

♦  And this is key, the “unless” is ONLY: unless the individual worked alone because the specific escape route destination from the “fear location”, to their safety location, were close enough to travel, innocuously, undetected and alone.

Considering this final bullet point: we can zero in to a specific subject and either rule out, or rule as possible, his engagement:

Eric Bibbs 1

Eric Bibbs 2

eric bibbs 3

This is perhaps the only physical location of a currently identified subject who “could have” worked alone.

This is also a location where a suspect was interviewed by police, based on neighborhood questioning of someone with the name “Eric”, “Derrick”, or “Jerrick”.  Fortunately, the media followed up and interviewed someone there.

However, the question remains: did they interview the correct occupant?

There is speculation floating that the individual in the interview above, Eric Bibbs, is actually the “father” of another person who should have been the subject of interest and was missed. Further speculation claims “intentionally missed” because of the “status” of the occupant.

This should be easy enough to disprove, or affirm.

It would seem impossible for “Tavian Bibbs” (Facebook under name “Tae Migo Bibbs” and address was under “Ke’eric”) to have been dating Jessica Chambers and his father, who was interviewed, not to know her – as claimed in the interview.

No-one here is saying this guy did anything. We are only looking at the claim made by ( ) that the resident of this house was, at the time of her death,  Jessica Chambers boyfriend – and also the cousin of Bryan Rudd.

So let’s see what we can do to clear this up, before moving forward – and remove the cloud that has been placed upon this residence.

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546 Responses to Jessica Lane Chambers Day #14 – Mississippi Burning – Open Discussion/Research Thread…

  1. White Hat JD says:

    Maybe she was able to talk after all. I found a woman who was raped and burned on a deserted road and could still talk.


    • harrypara says:

      Very easily could be more than one witness. That’s possible because I read the fire dept was cleaning up from another call. That means a crew would not have to wait as volunteers straggle in, the full crew were most likely already on the truck from the previous call.


      • JamesG says:

        harrypara………………..i do not believe they had more than one call at that time. I believe whoever made the 911 call was the murderer, or definitely knows who it is. In a tiny community like that……………….its impossible for somebody there to not know something. Its not even a town………………..its considered a community. I know the concept because i spent basically my whole life in a tiny community like that. Trust me that somebody knows who did it. And if it really is her own father who wont say anything, then God help him. Extremely extremely sad if thats the truth……………..but hey, its the deep south:-) Once again, it wouldnt surprise me one bit………as sad as that would be.


        • vin1vid1vic1 says:

          The DA Champion said at a news update a few days ago that “we know what happened to Jessica”.. So if they know what happened, they know who the perp/s are. All the doubletalk they are throwing out may be biding their time until after Christmas. Remember the world is still spinning in Panola County while the focus of the internet examines and speculates. This would be a perfect opportunity to flush the gang out of the county if that is their intention. Somehow I don’t think it’s that simple.It’s kind of like Joe Peschi said in the movie JFK: It’s an enigma wrapped up in a mystery. Doubt that a jail where inmates are taking leave and taking pics of themselves smoking a joint with their illegal cellphones is secret knowledge. So leads me to the question if select inmates are out at night doing more than conjugal visits. And Ben Chambers busted for manufacturing meth and running a chop shop working for the sheriff afterwards.. Therein lies a deeper mystery. He obviously was cut a deal of some kind. Chop shop running stolen cars. Good mechanics are in demand everywhere but the sheriff’s office must like his mechanic work.

          This is why he is silent. Some one’s holding something over him. Or he is eaten up with guilt. You don’t buck power people in little towns when you are planning on staying there. And is he on some type probation or parole?


    • angie says:

      I wonder what degree burns Jessica suffered. We know she was burned over 98% of her body but if a large enough quantity of gasoline was poured down Jessica’s throat, that would have killed her.
      “Inhaling or swallowing large amounts of gasoline can cause death. The levels of gasoline that killed people are about 10,000-20,000 ppm when breathed in and about 12 ounces when swallowed.”.

      Liked by 1 person

      • vin1vid1vic1 says:

        Either way, this was a horrible death. It’s been reported according to what her daddy Ben said was told by doctors that lighter fluid was what was forced into her throat and nose. He is a mechanic and should be well familiar with the difference between lighter fluid and gasoline. What type lighter fluid? Was it the kind used to light charcoal, the kind for cigarette lighters, or some type starter fluid for cars? His words were “lighter fluid”. Also reported that Jessica died enroute to the hospital, although there are conflicting times on that as well. In any scenario, this amounts to torture and cruelty beyond belief. It does not appear that her daddy was at the hospital. Her mother has said that she was there along with someone else(her aunt?). Where was Ben?


        • angie says:

          Of course Jessica died a horrible death. I didn’t mean to imply otherwise.
          Jessica’s mother said that she and her sister were with Jessica when she took her last breath. Ben was at The Med too. He said the waiting seemed to be forever and he talked to the doctor who told him(Ben) that accelerant was poured down Jessica’s throat.


  2. JamesG says:

    Obviously, the three priority names right now are Bryan Rudd, Eric Bibbs, and the mysterious Derrick Jaxn, if thats even his real name. Ive been reading many social media post, and this person sounds like he could be a possible suspect. His posts make it sound like he’s very demented, and full of himself……………………almost like hes proud of the way jessica died, and that hes a jealous psychopath. Are they investigating him? I havent heard much on his name. Which leads to my other question : Why dont LEO simply go after the name that jessica told them?? Which just happens to be ‘derrick’ or ‘eric’. They are supposedly depending on her cell phone, or small town talk to find the killer……….well why not just investigate the name that she told them??!!! Oh yeah, i forgot, they wont tell us what that name is. Maybe they are checking it out, and i apologize if im wrong. Im just mentioning the news that we know. I grew up in the south, so it wouldnt surprise me one bit if there is a huge cover up going on. And ur right ANON 0hour1……….it seems like the corruption in that area is beyond anything we could ever dream. And extremely sad where we’re headed if Gods justice is not served in this country. God bless u jessica chambers. God is just, and they will be found and held accountable. Might take a while because of whatever bs……………but i swear to u they will be found. We love you sister, and glad ur in a better place.


    • sundaybu says:

      Who is Derrick Jaxn? This is the first I’ve heard of him. I don’t see any local MS Derrick Jaxn’s. When did we learn about him? I swear this town must have 100 Derrick, Eric, Jerrick, and another 100 that rhyme.


      • JamesG says:

        Yeah im sure they do rhyme. Are u from memphis? And yes you are right……………..courtland cant have that many derricks!!!! Or jerricks!!!!!! Or erics!!!! Afterall, its only about 500 people. But seriously cletus, i never said that this person had to live in courtland………………like u so make it sound. Dont worry my friend!!!!!!! Justice will be served soon enough.


      • Derrick Jaxn is some sort of black writer who posts a lot of dating advice on Facebook, along with occasional videos of white cops/black subjects.


    • harrypara says:

      I don’t think you can ignore the females as suspects either. Ditto on everything else you said. I’m hopeful they will be found too, 500 people is to small a town to keep a secret this big. imo someone will talk.


      • JamesG says:

        Yes sir, i truly believe its only a matter of time b4 somebody talks…………….even if they dont live in the cozy town of courtland. And you are right my friend about the females possibly involved. You know the old saying– ‘aint nothin like a woman scorned’. Ive seen it myself, and this is, in my opinion, not only a case of hate, but mainly of pure jealousy. The girl just happened to be white, and so she paid for that.


  3. Alaskagurl says:

    I wanna know who purchased Jessica’s car for her. She had been in shelter and didn’t purchase/receive a car until she started her work at Goody’s so, how’d she come up with the funds for the car?


    • JamesG says:

      Alaskagurl, i think theres an obvious couple answers for the car. 1–her mom or dad got it for her. 2–the gang related members bought it for her. Theres several ways she could have gotten the car. Hell, she could have got it out of the dump yard for all we know. I guess LEO will find that out………..if it even matters.


    • vin1vid1vic1 says:

      Her daddy Ben Chambers is a mechanic. Easy to get cars. It was not brand new.


  4. sunny1 says:

    An old bit of wisdom might apply “A dog will not defecate where he sleeps”
    The fact that Jessica was dumped near Travion’s doorstep so to speak tells me that she was a warning to him, not a victim of his doing.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lyla Dahl says:

    Okay. If Travion was her current boyfriend that would explain why she was going that direction. She was leaving the gang and the gang (Satan) didn’t want to lose her, so they decided to lay in wait for her and kill her. They (Satan/gang) wanted to pull Travian into the crime. Travian needs to be questioned by investigators as to what he knows–but ultimately will the whole crime be swept under the rug because of corruption? Keep praying….it’s the only way we will get Justice for Jessica!


  6. SthrnProud says:

    OP — where do you reside? Anywhere in Mississippi or are you just speculating on the racial divides down here?


  7. jakeandcrew says:

    I couldn’t figure out why in the world Eric “I’Break Spines” had pictures of purses on his Facebook page. He’s selling them, for sure – but it still seemed odd…

    Here’s the answer:

    “LAPD Say Gangs Making More Money Selling Bootleg CD’s, DVD’s, Sneakers Purses Than Drugs!”


  8. pspinach says:

    Roscoe sounds like Travo. Fire chief had trouble hearing Jessica, and she had trouble speaking no doubt. Lip and tongue consonants would have been difficult, and the ‘t’ and ‘v’ in T-ra-v-o would have turned out sounding like ‘silent T’ – r – a – ‘sc’ – o.


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