Jessica Lane Chambers – Crime Scene Prior To FBI Arrival

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2352 Herron Road, Courtland, Mississippi –  Click all pictures to enlarge and explore

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Jessica Chambers invest 11

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696 Responses to Jessica Lane Chambers – Crime Scene Prior To FBI Arrival

  1. sidneyaneres says:

    they made a mistake,

    Jessica lived(s)


  2. DK says:

    I think the feds should offer up the CCTV hard drive images to find the ‘potentially’ missing gas station segments. dd images and/or forensic images of the CCTV hard drives – they have it, what is the risk of letting others look at that? I bet there are some folks who would love to take a crack at those unallocated clusters.


  3. sidneyaneres says:

    D.A. says they’ve collected all the evidence available at the scene of #JessicaChambers death

    above which is from 0hari anon dude, with a link to channel 13 with a text saying the above from the story

    sounds like it is closed to me,

    is this false?

    pointing to false info?

    heck I am struggling old man, help me out here.


  4. sundance says:

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    • dizzymissl says:

      The guy who tweeted that has 25k followers. That’s good!


    • WAYNE HANSEN says:

      Makes me more sick everytime I read that famous line above…got a feeling we will be hearing it again in a loosely based movie. That right there would get a jurys ear I would think then you have to prove how she was not involved if I am sitting there. Heck I am guessing most of us would be disqualified immediately but I hope that does not mean they cant put together a jury hopefully in Jackson or something like that.


  5. Mimikast says:

    One thing that hasn’t been brought up is who were here acquatances from her new job.
    Maybe she was going to get a bite to eat with someone and they called her
    and asked her to pick up cigarettes. Her mom said she didn’t smoke.
    She meets up with this person and things go wrong.
    Now he has to get out of this situation b/c he raped her
    against her will.
    Knocks her out and might have his vehicle close by with gasoline.
    Then sets her car on fire.
    This was a raged filled crime.
    Someone who was spurned and rejected,
    JMO but nothing has been said about people from her new job or who she might have
    Met there.


    • BitterC says:

      “her momsaid she didn’t smoke”. We see her in the video at M&M smoking something and putting it out on the ground and into her pocket before she goes back into store. Was she stealth smoker or mom was out of touch?


    • WAYNE HANSEN says:

      I just don’t get the sense of any of that with her “old” friends showing all kinds of signs of what you said. Rumor about Roscoe being rejected and her arguing with Roscoe?at a party?. Plus all that would make Sha Sha a massive liar or whoever told her. Why would her or this individual cover for some other group by implicating her crowd with assault, rape, and murder and if all that is a lie…then why isn’t she sitting until we get an answer what she is covering up or who told her and so on. But again, new job…not impossible but I would think hard to have unrequited love interest already from her new job..and if an individual has a fuse that quick they should have already looked into everyone that crossed or crosses paths with her and seen that. The quick fuses I know of are all over the crowd we are keyed in on to include pretty much everyone that was at the M&M that night.


  6. sidneyaneres says:

    That is a big boy to be in a Kia Rio,



  7. StormyeyesC says:

    “To the person that done this: They’re coming for you. They’re working day and night, day and night, away from their own families,” Ben Chambers said.


  8. sidneyaneres says:

    to be honest I stopped reading right here,

    Jessica Chambers’ father said Wednesday he wants whoever killed his daughter in solitary confinement

    uh huh


    • WAYNE HANSEN says:

      I could paint a picture pretty good with words of what I want done (and I never met her)…but I would probably get banned from here…lets just say I am an eye for eye type of guy.


  9. JenNJ says:

    Has anyone seen the Facebook post by Latrice – the gas can guy’s wife – of December 5th? I don’t know if anyone had verified this as legit or not. If it is, WOW. Here is the link:


  10. SCKid40 says:

    The front end of that car did not hit anything, maybe touched or slightly bumped but not hit. The hood and fenders are in line and there is no damage on the front of the hood. There’s no damage to front fenders.I wrecked a small car very similar to a kia a few years. My right front tire blew out on a very similar road and I just barely glanced off of an oak tree which totaled my car at just 25 miles an hours at the time of contact… Note picture outlined:

    The back looks like she might have backed into something, or someone gave her a slight bump. looking at the picture of the car on the rollback The trunk lid and the back fenders are not in line. Which would come from the trunk lid being pushed slightly forward a little.

    I don’t think the gas tank exploded for a couple reasons. One is in the picture of the car on rollback, the muffler looks unharmed. like no fire has touched it. Another reason is there’s still some rubber lift on the right rear wheel.

    Also after alot of looking at photos, I located the cell phone back in one of the pictures. If you look closely, you can see the round edge of the snap on back cover that holds the batter in. This cover is very similar to my cell phone back cover. There’s other things I located, and other things I didn’t mark, as I’m not sure what they are at this time. You’ll have enlarge picture:


  11. Tempest says:

    Front Drivers Tire is missing in photos.

    This is pure speculation – but I am theorizing an attempt at redneck tire mounting backfired at this point.


  12. Clyde says:

    Did the car explode, and if it didn’t was the gas tank drained to confirm the quantity of fuel in the tank.


    • vin1vid1vic1 says:

      Clyde~ Sure looked like Jessica was putting a cigarette out right before she entered the store. Her mother allegedly said she didn’t smoke. (well, mother’s don’t always know about that, she could have smoke socially or experimenting outside the house) So the cigarettes she was supposed to have purchased- what was the brand? Ali didn’t say much about the cigarettes. The legal age for buying them in MS is 18. Did he check her ID? He admitted she was “a little girl” in one of his interviews. Just minor points but sometimes it supports something larger.

      How much gas does the Khia tank hold? I have driven a Khia and it sure gets good gas mileage. Looks like the tank holds around 11.9 gals.$14 worth of gas at around $2.20/gal is a little over 6 gal. plus what was already in the car. This car should get around 20mpg.(estimating) There is info out there on that vehicle. Not knowing the year of the auto I am guessing 2005-2009.
      Back to the gas tank exploding. I read somewhere that it didn’t. So what part of the car was close to the big pine tree that was being fueled to scorch that tree? The carburetor/fuel injector had a gas feed line from the tank with some fuel coming from the tank. I keep thinking that whoever called in the 911 call must have called right after the car was lit. The FDP said to have responded within 10 minutes or less.That might account for the tank not exploding.And if the fire spread to the tree and shrubs and a wind blowing that direction kept it from the fuel tank which is in the rear of the vehicle.

      Think like you that she was driven to that location after having something happen at another place. That car is not very heavy. It took little to push it up that incline. The dent in the trunk could have occurred then or she could have been run off the road somewhere else. Despite, saying that, something happened to the back of the car after she left the gas station. With ATF and FBI involved they have a good idea on those details. Someone posted that the gas itself and other accelerants have specific identification markers and they can even tell where the gas came from. That will be a whole new evidence, but if gasoline was used to help fuel the fire,there is one gas station that services just about that entire neighborhood .M&M..That muddies the water.

      Please don’t respond to my post Read only. I am getting too many posts in my inbox and don’t have time to read all them now. Thanks. The truth will come out.

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  13. Clyde says:

    She probably gets her head injury when she brings the smokes to whomever, two people drive her car and another to this remote location and they burn her and the car to cover it all up.


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